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Unique St. Maarten - Best Air France A340 Landings from different spots


Fly to ST MAARTEN in the Cockpit of the AIR FRANCE Airbus A340!

In the cockpit of the Airbus A340-300 with the Air France pilots for a flight from Paris CDG to the beautiful St Maarten and back! INFO

Wet Arrival !!! JOON (Air France) A340-300 arrival @ St Maarten Princess Juliana Int'l Airport

This is the only footage i caught of this bird while in SXM during my short time on the island, sadly i did not get the departure due to heavy rain that day which almost brought me and my equipment which got a good bit of wet to a halt..... but i tried my best to hang in the rain :) !!!!! This bird was operating for its parent Air France which now flies an A330 on the route.

Joon S.A.S. is a French airline based at Paris' Charles de Gaulle Airport. It is a subsidiary of France's flag carrier, Air France.
Founded July 2017

Commenced operations 1 December 2017
Hubs Charles de Gaulle Airport
Alliance SkyTeam (affiliate)
Fleet size 15
Destinations 11
Parent company Air France
Headquarters Paris, France
Key people Jean-Michel Mathieu (CEO)[2]

Air France A340 landing on St Maarten Maho Beach



JET BLUE A320 , N503JB ,
25-01-2017 .

AirFrance Airbus 340 SXM in 4K

Landing over the beach of the Airbus 340 in St Marteen Princess Juliana Airport

Approach and landing Princess Julianna Airport - Air France A340

After having departed from Charles de Gaulle Airport, Paris, we flew over 7,000kms across the Atlantic and my excitement grew as we started our descent into St Maarten. This video shows our approach, landing and taxi at Princess Julianna Airport.

VERY CLOSE LANDING! Maho Beach, St. Maarten - January 2015

© 2015

St. Martin Airport Sunset Beach Air France A340 Landing June 3rd, 2017 Flight 498

St. Martin Airport Sunset Beach Air France A340 Landing June 3rd, 2017 Flight 498. Floating off shore at St Maarten. CDG to SXM. St. Juliana Airport

PlaneSpotting: Sint Maarten Landing - Airbus A340 - Air France (1080p)

Maho Beach / St. Maarten
Air France Airbus A 340

St. Maarten Landings and departures - 2019

Arrivals and departures to and from SXM between 31.03-02.04. 2019

Air France A340 landing at St Maarten

Visit for Car Hire from Princess Julianna Airport.

Amazing clip of Air France Airbus A340 landing at St Maarten Airport over Maho Beach! Crazy close to the Beach

Huge Plane Blowing People On The Beach in Saint Martin SXM (Jet Blast)

Short video of Jet plane blowing people at one of the most dangerous beach in the Caribbean.

This video was shooted at Princess Juliana International Airport in Saint Martin.

St.Maarten 2013 / 70 !!! very best Landing-Starts-747-400- A 340 take off-best jet blast

St.Maarten 2013 / 70 !!! very best Landing-Starts-747-400- A340 take off-best Jet blast

CLOSE CALL at Maho Beach with live ATC. Princess Juliana, St Maarten (UnEdited)

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Please read!! I've got some requests to make an Unedited version of the Crazy, Scary, Insanely low Amerijet Boeing 727 landing at Princess Juliana on the 10th of Dec 2013. It was a real near death experience for me and with out a doubt the scariest shot I've ever got. I hope you'll like it! = )

And don't forget to guess the sound at the end!! I'll go threw all the guesses in my last 2 videos tomorrow + the last Guess aircraft type competition. So there should be an update of the guess aircraft type scoring list soon.

Saint Martin - Atterrissage raté Airbus A 340 Air France.Plage de Mao Bay, airport Princess juliana

Atterrissage d'un Airbus A340 à Princess Juliana International Airport à Saint Martin (sxm, sin marteen). Vidéo réalisée sur Maho Beach le 10 avril 2015.L'avion arrive à 14h20mais tout ne va pas se passer comme prévu. Spectaculaire et impressionnant

Maho Beach St Maarten - Extreme take-off and landing!

Maho Beach is a unique experience. A tropical beach with some great snorkelling, combined with plane spotters paradise. But it isn't just about spotting is ducking to avoid them, or holding on to the fence to stop being blown away! Maho is an unbelievable experience - one for the bucket list I am sure!

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Extremely Low Airplane Landing at St Maarten Airport (VERY DANGEROUS)

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Air France A340 Airbus landing at Princess Juliana St. Maarten (SXM) by jonfromqueens

St. Maarten Airport Landings And Take Offs

Airplane landings and take offs occur right next to the beach everyday at the Princess Juliana international airport. Located at Maho Beach in St. Martin or Sint Maarten you can watch airplanes land really close to the shore. Also, some people like to stand against the fence when the big 747 planes take off!

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St Maarten Air France A340 Weds 20th 2013

My first visit to this spot great atmosphere