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USAG Kwajalein Atoll - A Place Like No Other || Aerial Highlights


USAG Kwajalein Atoll - A Place Like No Other || Aerial Highlights

USAG-KA is located in the Marshall Islands in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. While being key for US national security, its remoteness and location allow for many unique times in your not-so-typical 9-5pm job. Please enjoy some of the memories that I have collected over the past couple years while living on this amazing two-mile-long piece of coral.

All drone shots of Kwaj were taken before the Army drone ban (pre-summer 2017).

Inseguire Il Sole Chasing The Sun
by Giulio Cercato

DJI Phantom 4
DJI Mavic Pro 2

Kwajalein Atoll Drone Highlights

Beautiful footage of Kwajalein atoll. I am happy to have captured the footage I have during my stay here. Still want to capture as much of the magic of this place as possible.

I finally managed to upload this video with slight variations from the one I uploaded last year on vimeo. This was my first drone video made on island and is still my favorite. Hoping for more opportunities to create more Kwaj highlights, but we will see. Adventure may take me elsewhere. Love the people here and the island! Best of luck to everyone leaving (and staying)! Kwaj is shaped like a boomerang for a never know.

All footage of Kwajalein Island was filmed pre-Army ban on DJI and drones. Dragonfly Superyacht was filmed up by Bigej Islands where there is good kitesurfing but tons of flies (should have mentioned that to you Shaun).

Filmed with a Phantom 4 with PolarPro ND filter
Music is Shape of You (BKAYE Remix)

#kwajalein #marshallislands Day tour in Kwajalein

Hello mga beshie! Welcome to my little world!
One week bago kmi umalis ng Kwaj nag ikot-ikot muna kmi kasama ng mga beshies.

Here's another tour in Marshall Islands

The Kwaj Current - Episode 3

The Kwaj Current is a bi-weekly television show produced by the U.S. Army Garrison Kwajalein Atoll Public Affairs Office. USAG-KA is located in the Republic of the Marshall Islands, and is home of the Ronald Reagan Ballistic Missile Defense Test Site and Space Fence. Episode #3 was broadcast on American Forces Network Kwajalein in May 2018.

The Kwaj Current - Episode 26

Horrible Landing in Kwajalein

Our pilot sucked. 7/8/13

The Kwaj Current - Episode 38

The Kwaj Current - Episode 42

USAF STS visit United States Garrison Kwajalien Atoll for a parachute test jump. MWR has their annual Shaving Cream Social, and locals remember those who served on Veteran's Day.

Bikini Atoll, The Marshall Islands

Lost somewhere in the ocean, this island looks like a paradise, doesn’t it? But Bikini Atoll was actually home to numerous nuclear testing programs that turned the picturesque island of Bikini into a radioactive wasteland. The inhabitants were forced to abandon their homes, and even today this remains hazardous for living organisms: the abnormally high level of radiation recorded here can cause cancer.

Between 1946 and 1958, 23 nuclear devices were detonated by the United States at seven test sites located on the reef, inside the atoll, in the air, or underwater.

In 1996, the Bikini Council authorized diving operations as a means to generate income for Bikini islanders currently and upon their eventual return. The tours, limited to fewer than a dozen experienced divers a week, cost more than US$5000 and include detailed histories of the nuclear tests.

Subsribe on Happy Traveler -

AFN Pacific Magazine - Featuring U.S. Army Garrison Kwajalein Atoll

This video was produced by reporter Zoe Stagg, and broadcast on American Forces Network (AFN) Pacific in February 2016. The 10 minute video discusses the history and mission of U.S. Army Garrison Kwajalein Atoll, and its unique community and remote island lifestyle. For more, Like and Follow our Official Facebook page at

Kwajalein: One Last Time

After sadly moving away from Kwajalein, I got one last chance to visit my island for two weeks.

The Kwaj Current - Episode 27

MARSHALL ISLANDS Top 23 Tourist Places | Marshall Islands Tourism

Marshall Islands (Things to do - Places to Visit) - MARSHALL ISLANDS Top Tourist Places
Country in Oceania

The Marshall Islands are a sprawling chain of volcanic islands and coral atolls in the central Pacific Ocean, between Hawaii and the Philippines.

In the northwest, Bikini Atoll’s largely undisturbed waters, used as a ship graveyard after World War II, are now a popular wreck dive site. Near Majuro Atoll, which holds the islands' capital and largest settlement, the coral reef at Kalalin Pass teems with marine life.

MARSHALL ISLANDS Top 23 Tourist Places | Marshall Islands Tourism

Things to do in MARSHALL ISLANDS - Places to Visit in the Marshall Islands

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MARSHALL ISLANDS Top 23 Tourist Places - Marshall Islands, Oceania

The Kwaj Current - Episode 43

Kwajalein Bakery now selling pizza.
Hobby Shop has their annual open house.
And AFN staff visit Ebeye to talk about the Island Memorial Chapel School Scholarship Program (IMCSSP) with employees of Berry Aviation.

Silverland, Sharks, and Camping in Kwajalein Atoll

Spontaneous trip to Torrutj Island. It’s a small little sliver of paradise just a few islands up from Kwajalein. Perfect time relaxing with good friends. Cannot wait for next time.

The square-rigger is the Silverland from the Netherlands on their 10 year trip cruising and kitesurfing the world. Check out their page here:

All footage taken on DJI Mavic Pro 2 and iPhone 6s with Watershot Housing.

If there is anything more you’d like to see of Kwajalein let me know in the comments :)

Please do not download and use the video without first contacting me.

Music on Eneko Island Marshall Islands August 2019

The Kwaj Current - Episode 28

The Kwaj Current- Episode 30

Episode 30 Content:
Memorial Day Ceremony
Beach Bash
USO Show
Volunteer Recognition

The Kwaj Current - Episode 22

The Kwaj Current - Episode 33



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