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Travelling Again During Corona (Covid-19). Can You Guess Where I am?


Malaysia: Update on Travel Restrictions & MM2H Applications

Keith Hockton gives us a brief update on COVID, travel restrictions, and MM2H applications in Malaysia.

MM2H visa holders, if they decide to leave, now have to produce a letter from Malaysian Immigration, a letter from MOTAC ( Ministry of Tourism, Arts and Culture Malaysia), and a letter from the Malaysian embassy or consulate in the country of where you are based 24 hours before you travel. The message here is clear, do not travel internationally if you do not have to.

Malaysia will stay closed to international tourists until the end of the year. More info here:

Alter Domus Website:

Or learn more about Malaysia here:

How Did I Get Back to the #Philippines During the Covid-19 #Quarantine and #Travel Restrictions?

If you have a Filipino spouse and/or Filipino minor children in the Philippines, you are now able to apply for a visa. I'll tell you how I got back to the Philippines along with a bunch of #TravelTips. This video is about 1.5 hours long. Here's the blog post you can follow along with:

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People are so afraid of dying that they're scared to live. - Quote from some ancient smart dude. Or, maybe it came from my Blackjack dealer at the casino. Can't remember.

#lifestyle #travel #Covid19

Everything You Need to Know About Hawaii During COVID-19 and When Can We Visit Again?

Since so many people want to know what’s going on in Hawaii these days, when the islands will open to tourists and what it’s like to live there during a quarantine, I asked Hawaii guru Nathan Kam if he wanted to sit down for a virtual chat. He obliged and you can watch the interview here!

Visiting an Empty Prague Without Tourists, Czech Republic ????????

I start a new post lockdown trip in Prague, capital of the Czech Republic (without the usual tourist crowds).

House at the Big Boot:
Google Maps Location:

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Coronavirus: Tourism and Social Distancing - BBC Travel Show

This week, The Travel Show visits Margate in Kent, a seaside town attempting to adopt social distancing measures in the hope it will be able to welcome tourists back this summer. Lucy Hedges tries out some of the gadgets that claim to keep you safe in these hygiene-aware times; and the show visits Australia’s Bondi Beach as it fully reopens following lockdown, to find out how the crowds will be managed at one of the world’s most famous surfing spots.

Travelling Again During Corona (Covid-19). Can You Guess Where I am?

After over three months at home during the Coronavirus (Covid-19) outbreak, I'm now travelling again in June. Can you guess where I am?

Allo Squero:
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Travelling Again During Corona (Covid-19). Flying from London to Italy


After 4 months of no travel and shielding from the world, literally shielding since some of our family members have been told by the NHS to shield! We are now off to explore 2 weeks on the road in ITALY. We won't be retuning to the UK either!

We booked with Wizz Air and let from Luton Airport landing in Malpensa.

Travel VLOG 011 | #WizzAir #Italy #Travel




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We are Alex & James. Originally from the UK, but also citizens of Australia after living there for 5 years. When we left the UK in 2014, we quickly caught the #travelbug and began making memories through video and photo. Our Instagram is where this all began for us @twosometravellers but our love for video is where we really love sharing our adventures.

In 2014 we left the UK to go travelling.
In 2015 we moved to AUSTRALIA.
In 2016 we got engaged in HAWAII.
In 2018 we got married in the PHILIPPINES.
In 2019, we decided to chase our dreams! We quit our jobs, sold our belongings and booked a one day ticket to Asia.

We’re so thankful to be able to live something we love every day and share with you all our previous and upcoming adventures! :)

A+J x

I’m Travelling as a Tourist During COVID-19. Here’s Why.

Covid-19 travel is a touchy subject. It's July 2020 and the pandemic is still a real concern for many around the world. Early this month, the EU has reopened to tourism despite COVID-19 for select nations. This means non-essential travellers can enter Europe, without self quarantine, and without isolation upon arrival. This is big news.

As a Canadian, I can take advantage of this opportunity. But the question is, should I?
In this video we talk about safetly, flying during the pandemic, and why I'm deciding to start travel the world again in 2020.

I'd love to hear your opinion. Let's Chat in the comments.

To watch the other episodes on Covid-19 Travel, click here:

#FearlessandFar #Covid19 #Travel

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Chase Your Fears ????

How to Travel During COVID ????

In this video, I share the 5-step process to start traveling again during COVID. It all boils down to desire. If your desire is strong enough, you will find the way.

Resource (as promised in the video):

Travel Destinations to visit after Covid-19? Where to TRAVEL?

Travel Destinations to visit after Covid-19? Where to TRAVEL?

Are you looking for a travel destination? Wondering where you want to explore? In this video, you will have 8 inspirational travel destination where you can travel.

Participants YouTubers Channel Link (in order):

#travel #destination #adventure

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Traveling to Resorts In The Age of Covid-19 (Coronavirus)

From Travel Tips and Trip Reports to Travel Top Fives...we’re all about vacations and travel!

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Is It Safe To Travel Right Now During Covid-19?

I'm debating on weather I should travel to Las Vegas during the pandemic. Would you travel right now? Let me know in the comments below!

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When Can I TRAVEL Internationally Again? Is Travel SAFE?

When I can travel internationally again? Is travelling possible after coronavirus and is traveling now even safe? Questions like this are starting to take form, so let's explore when can we travel internationally again after covid 19.

If you're considering travelling internationally again after covid 19, I would love to hear about your experience in the comment section. I flew from Colombia to USA in April and it was a subdued, yet tense flight since we were traveling internationally during the coronavirus pandemic.

Are you taking travelling internationally again lightly? Travelling after the covid 19 pandemic is likely to be a hotly discussed topic with a range of opinions.

If you think I missed the mark on this one, let's have a conversation about travelling internationally again after the coronavirus pandemic.

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Wondering what it's like to travel by plane right now? Let's find out as I take you with me onboard my Delta flight to experience the new safety precautions and procedures...

The travel ban is still in place, but we are able to travel without quarantine within the USA. Our Delta flight has additional precautions to keep passengers safe, including limited in-flight service, new social distance on-boarding processes, and expanded airplane cleaning.

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How will we travel after the Covid-19 crisis? [Pandemic Vlog 01]

We will all travel again one day, but how and at what cost? What will be the safety measure implemented to make our trip safer?

In this vlog, I found some interesting news articles that talks about the subject.

Enjoy the vlog and stay safe :)


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The TRUTH About YouTube Analytics and Covid-19 | The Travel Industry

The TRUTH About YouTube Analytics and Covid-19 | The Travel Industry

Today's video is looking at the effect that the Coronavirus has had on the Travel Content Creator industry and what we can do to help. We'll be looking at my Analytics and comparing them to before the outbreak and now, and how they have changed.

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With the news of coronavirus, it's time to talk travel health. I'm sharing my tips on how to prevent illness while flying and traveling.

How has coronavirus impacted your travel plans? Share with us below!
????Next Vlog: Social Distancing in San Diego

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Coronavirus Update: How Serious Is it for Travel Youtubers?

In this Coronavirus update video we're going to explain how seriously the virus affects travel vlog Youtubers like ourselves. Obviously we aren't in Italy, Spain, France, or China, but we're having to take extra measures and consider where to go next.

We understand the seriousness of this disease and aren't going to endanger others by our travels if local governments deem it a risk -- so stay tuned and we'll see where we go from here. But for now, I guess we're Coronavirus bloggers or Coronavirus travel vloggers until things get back to normal. We'll let you know what we see and our plan moving forward!

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FLYING During the PANDEMIC | SYDNEY to BALI Travel Day

Join us on our BALI Travel Day as we were FLYING during the PANDEMIC from Sydney to Bali, right after COVID 19 was declared a pandemic.

Back in Mid March 2020, right after Covid 19 was declared a pandemic, we made one last attempt to save a year plus of planning and felt comfortable continuing on and traveling to Bali for the first time as there were few cases of Covid 19 confirmed in Bali at that point.

Thanks for watching our vlog on traveling to Bali during the Pandemic.

Our Full Chapter 1 Playlist:

The first part of our Bali Tour during the Coronavirus Pandemic:

BALI During the Coronavirus Part 2:

FLYING Home During the PANDEMIC:


Hi, we are Gökçe and Steve, a married Turkish and American full time travel couple. We left behind our New York City office jobs and our home to experience the world and all its wonderful cultures.

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The big question at the moment is when can a potential expat or expat travel to the Philippines.
No one has a definite answer. But as the situation is expected to improve airlines are already preparing themselves to fly to minimise their loss. Let's have a look together how it will affect our way of travelling and our chance to travel to the Philippines and other parts of the world in the near future.

Enhanced Community Quarantine.
Travel to the Philippines, expats in the Philippines, coronavirus.
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I have just reached the age limit to receive my pension and decided to have a go to retire to South East Asia. I took the jump and will show you how things are progressing so we can hopefully all learn from it.

In this channel we would like to offer ideas or some kind of inspiration to those who wishes to retire in a country that could give a more comfortable lifestyle with its lower cost of living and a more attractive environment. Whether you are single, a couple, young or old and wishes to get away from an unhappy life or only dream about it, come and join us to share our adventures and how we are doing it.
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