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Traveling Guatemala Tikal & Hot Spring Waterfalls OVERLAND TRAVEL SAGA Ep. 42


TRAVELLING YOGI VLOG 4: Ancient Maya - Tikal, Guatemala

What does ancient Mayan culture have to do with us today? As we continue to excavate the complex ruins of lifetimes ago, we are no doubt uncovering many layers of our own collective existence, and raising deeper questions. What have we buried? What is left unseen as we stagger towards new stratospheres? And what are we offering?

Tikal National Park, in the northern jungles of Guatemala, boasts one of the crowning jewels of ancient Maya civilization - the city & ceremonial site of Tikal, settled as early as 900 B.C., and then later abandoned for reasons yet unknown. With soaring temples that invite us to ascend, and earthen structures that conjure up the underworld... If these spaces could speak, what would they say?


MUSIC: ‘Ancient Wisdom' & ‘Winged Heart’ by Darren Austin Hall



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Ancient Mayan Cities of Guatemala Uncovered | Tikal, Yaxha, and Ixpanpajul

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Join expert guide Marlon Diaz and I as we explore the Peten region of Guatemala. Marlon shares with me the history of the Mayan civilization and the sites of Ixpanpajul National Park, Tikal & Yaxha, and Monkey Island.


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Guide to visiting Flores & Tikal Guatemala (2019) Mayan Ruins

In this episode we stay on in the picturesque town of Flores in Guatemala and share with you our experience of visiting the Mayan site of Tikal.

Flores is a small and beautiful town located on and island in a lake. The island is easily accessible as it is connected to .the mainland by a bridge. We show you all the island. Flores is a meca for tourist arriving in Guatemala from Belize or as a final stop before heading to Belize and is the main place that tourists stay to visit the Mayan Ruins of Tikal.

We took a day tour to the Mayan Ruins of Tikal, which are located approximate one and a half hours drive from Flores. A site filled with mystery - make sure you have a guided tour as the guides are very knowledgable and without them you would be walking around the ruins and tikal without learning anything about the Mayan history or way of life - they're also great for spotting and pointing our wildlife on the way.

We recommend visiting Tikal early in the morning as by 11am the weather is very hot and nearly 40 degrees celsius. We left at 4.30am and there is a tour that leaves around 3am if you want to watch the sun rise over the ruins.

Thanks for watching

Travel vlog #217 | Flores and Tikal | Country #16/195

If you're planning a trip to Guatemala or Central America then be sure to see the playlists for more tips.

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Now until end June 2019 - backpacking Central America

In January 2020 we are setting off on the ultimate vanlife road trip. We are going to drive around the world in our campervan Trudy. This is a trip of a lifeline and the good news is we are going to share all of it with you - from the planning to the adventure so make sure you subscribe and hit the bell icon to make sure you come with us on this life changing trip !

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In case you don't know us - let us introduce ourselves - we are Chris (48) & Marianne (51). We are a married travel couple. We recently quit our jobs and sold our belongings to travel full time.

After more than 22 years of marriage we are still best friends

The aim is we are going to step foot in every country in the world before we die - or die trying !. We are currently also planning an epic around the world road trip. So stayed tuned for more clips as we TREAD the Globe in either Trudy the TREAD camper van or armed with our backpacks!

We will share with you our adventure and will post regular vlogs and videos of our full time travels showing the best the world has to offer and hopefully inspire you to travel more.

Currently we are backpacking our way around Guatemala and over the months will be continuing to explore and sharing the rest of Central America.

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The Guatemala Travel Guide | Antigua, Tikal, & Lake Atitlan

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Guatemala has many incredible places to visit and things to do. After living there for a month, these are my top picks of what to do in Tikal, Antigua, and Lake Atitlan.

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Travel Guide to Guatemala

Find out a little more about one of Latin America's most fascinating and colourful destination in this short guide to Guatemala.

A country of extreme diversity with breathtaking landscapes of volcanos and lakes, bustling markets, vibrant colonial towns and world-class heritage sites, but above all, its a country of colour.

Find out more:

Traveling to Guatemala

Traveling to Guatemala

This video is the beginning of our Guatemala Adventures! On a spur of the moment decision we decided to go live on the shores of Lake Atitlan in the Guatemalan Highlands. It's a place with a beautiful culture, amazing wildlife and towering volcanoes. Guatemala is known as the Land of Eternal Spring because of it's amazing climate, with temperatures always comfortable. When a great deal on plane tickets showed up, we couldn't pass up the opportunity. What better place to have some awesome adventures!

At the beginning of this video you'll get a small taste of some of the wonders of Guatemala, but this is the story of traveling to Guatemala! Make sure to subscribe to catch all of our Guatemala adventures!

For anyone keeping track, this video will mark the first instance of us not numbering our adventures anymore. Our last set of videos (adventures 34, 35, and 36) took place in South Dakota while we were touring the United States. From South Dakota we continued to travel the states for many months and the backlog of adventure videos to edit just piled up. There are some 15 videos still sitting in the queue. Instead of staying in order, we decided to just jump straight to our current destination in Guatemala, and to retroactively post the other videos as time allows. They'll all make it up eventually...but if it appears that we are skipping around the globe, that's not quite the case. Follow us on Instagram and Facebook to see where we are at currently in our travels, and to connect! We love talking travel, and making new friends!

#guatemala #travel #travelvlog

11 Minutes of Guatemala Part 1 of 2 February 2020 San Pedro On Atitlan Lake

This video took place in February 2020 on my recent trip to Guatemala with a ministry group called Unbound.

An 11-Minute drive through San Pedro, Guatemala which lies on Atitlan Lake.

This video is part 1 of 2.

Travel From Flores to Semuc Champey _007

I hop a shuttle and cruise from Flores to Semuc Champey in Guatemala. There are some really amazing views!

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Tikal, the forgotten Mayan City: Guatemala Pt 2

This was the third day from my September 2017 trip to Guatemala. Tikal is an ancient Mayan city hidden in the jungles of Central America. I caught a dawn bus from Hostel Amigos in Flores and headed to Tikal. Got to explore the wildlife, the majestic Mayan ruins and temples of Tikal National Park all day. It was paradise for a history-nerd. :)

Waikiki by Deep Chills

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Panajachel/Lac Atitlan : suivez nous au Guatemala (Vlog 2)

Bonjour, ceci est le deuxième vlog sur notre voyage en Amérique Centrale et plus précisément au Guatemala. Le premier vlog parlait d'Antigua Guatemala. Celui ci vous entraine à la découverte d'un lieu très particulier et de villages uniquement accessibles en bateau.

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A Tourist's Guide to Tikal and Flores, Guatemala

From Belize, I fly Tropic Air (as the only passenger) to Flores, Guatemala, gateway to the Tikal Ruins. After landing, I transfer to the jungle, staying at the Jaguar Inn.

Then next day, I take a trip around the ruins.

Then I head back down to Flores Island for the night.

BEST Places to Visit in Guatemala | Is Guatemala Safe to Travel?

Looking for the best places to visit in Guatemela?!

Look no further as this short 6 min vid will take you to the top 3 places to visit in Guatemala and answer the question everyone seems to be asking these days: Is Guatemala Safe to Travel?

Packed inside you'll find tons of tips and tricks to do tons of adventure travel activities that include the Acatenango hike (next to an active volcano!), exploring the Tikal Guatemala Mayan ruins, and much more!

Tune in and enjoy!

Check out the rest of my videos for more on Latin American travel and how to travel cheap in Latin America along the gringo trail!




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Backpacking Guatemala | SOLO FEMALE TRAVELER | Ep. 34 | Flores & Tikal

Our backpacking adventure continued from Belize (San Ignacio) to Guatemala. We crossed the border to Guatemala from Belize and got a shuttle to the island of Flores. Flores is a cute little island where most backpackers stop while visiting the world famous Maya pyramids of Tikal - the top thing to do & top attraction to see in Guatemala, for sure. We stayed in the legendary Los Amigos hostel - a backpacker hub where most traveler hatch before doing one of the Tikal tours. The hostel is one of the most nicely decorated hostels I've ever stayed at, so it is a must see ! We did the Early Bird tour to Tikal as we heard that the Sunrise + Sunset tours were BS - as you won't be able to see neither of them anyways.

Solo female backpacker's travel documentary on Mexico, Central America & South America. Showing how to travel cheap in Latin America through hitchhiking, Couchsurfing and WorkAway. Adventure started in April 2017 - Hey! Let's Go Get Lost!

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Heading into Flores, Guatemala was exciting but in a much different form than I had envisioned. I had read about Flores, Guatemala prior to going, and it looked beautiful so I was exciting about getting there, however I did not expect that I would be doing it alone.

Before I departed San Ignacio for Flores, I had to say goodbye to not only Steve, but Winston as well. They had to return to Mexico to sort out some unfinished business and I would be moving on through Guatemala, and the rest of the trip myself. I crossed into Guatemala at the very simple, very straight forward border crossing of Melchor de Mencos and I was in Guatemala without enough time to say goodbye to Belize. Now, from here to Flores, Guatemala, was also straight forward. Had a driver flag me down, ask me to if I was going to Flores, when I gave him the affirmative, he waved that he too was going to Flores, and I was the first one on the bus.

San Ignacio Video:

We sat in the border town in Guatemala for about 30 minutes to gather other people, and then headed off towards Flores. You get dropped off on the other side of the bridge from the actual town of Flores and must get a Tuk-Tuk or taxi over the bridge to the center of Flores.

I had built Flores up in my head a little and it was more beautiful than I expected. Surrounded by water and sitting like a dot, in a massive lake, which, given the location of Flores, you cannot truly appreciate until you view a map.

I checked into a hostel, pulled out my camera and pressed record to show YOU a little of Flores, Guatemala.

-Flores, Guatemala
-Flores Guatemala Hotels




GUATEMALA TRAVEL | Top 3 Things To Do in Flores, Guatemala

Whether you are going to travel Guatemala from the north, or the south, make sure to visit Flores Guatemala! There are a lot of things to do in Flores, Guatemala and the surrounding areas.

Top 5 Things To Do, Belize:
Arriving in Flores, Guatemala:

List of Things to do in Flores Guatemala | Guatemala Travel Tips

Number 3 Thing To Do in Flores Guatemala: Walk, Eat Sunset. One of the best things to do in Flores Guatemala was to walk around the town, eat at many different places including my favourite home restaurant on the back side of the island of Flores and then watch the sunset.

Number 2 Thing To Do in Flores Guatemala: Get a boat, or do a boat tour, and enjoy Lake Peten. A huge lake, with Flores as just a little needle head. Much more of the lake to see than simply your view from the center of Flores, Guatemala.

Number 1 Thing To Do in Flores Guatemala: Tikal Ruins! Very famous ruins about 1 hour from Flores and a reason that a lot of people travel Guatemala.

Subscribe for more top 5 things to do videos and top 3 things to do videos and more videos from Flores Guatemala, Travel Guatemala, Central America and beyond!

Video about the things to do in flores guatemala, and Guatemala travel tips.

-Guatemala Travel & Things to do, Flores, Guatemala

Guatemala | Travel Film | Tikal

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While on a family trip to Belize, we took a day trip into Guatemala to explore Tikal!

Blog of trip:

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Guatemala - 10 Things That Shock Tourists in Guatemala

What to see and do in Guatemala is only the beginning. The fun culture shocks when we travel are some of the things that make travel great. So whether you are heading to the Mayan Ruins of Tikal, the UNESCO World Heritage city of Antigua, the capital of Guatemala City, or off to hike one of the volcanoes, there is plenty to surprise travelers when they visit Guatemala.
Filmed at Tikal, Guatemala
Copyright Mark Wolters 2019

#guatemala #travel #cultureshock

What to Know Before You Visit Guatemala

What Not to Do in Nicaragua

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TIKAL, GUATEMALA | Walking Tour, How to Get There and Where to Stay (Flores too!) | TRAVEL VLOG

Welcome to TIKAL, GUATEMALA! These are Guatemala's most famous Mayan ruins and this trip was easily the best part of my three weeks spent in Guatemala.

Should you take a bus or fly? Do you book a hotel in Flores or stay inside the park? What should you expect inside Tikal national park? I answer all of these questions and more in this video.



You should also read my Top 5 Tips before visiting Tikal,

Before Tikal, I was in San Pedro, on Lake Atitlan, learning Spanish, meeting new friends, and hiking volcanoes. You can watch that video here,

I tell stories; my own and others. I quit a stable job at one of the largest companies in the world to travel across Central America to take a risk on myself.


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Holy Week (Semana Santa) in Antigua, Guatemala
Utila and Lake Yajoa, Honduras
Granada, Ometepe, El Castillo and San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua



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Exploring TIKAL, The Most Impressive Mayan Ruins In Guatemala

The EPIC view of Tikal really took our breath away. We spent the day exploring the most beautiful Maya ruins in Guatemala. Tikal National Park is home to over 60.000 buildings of which only a fraction has been excavated. The temples are situated in the middle of the jungle. The surroundings really give it an impressive atmosphere. As we were walking in the jungle between the temples, we came across a bunch of wildlife, which was a really cool extra. We highly recommend to visit Tikal, as it is such an amazing site to explore. You can hire a guide at the entrance to give you a tour. We recommend staying on the beautiful island of Flores, where you can easily book a tour to visit the temples of Tikal.

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Guatemala: Tikal Temple 4 Sunrise Tour in 4K ancient Mayan Ruins in Jungle of Central America

Guatemala: Tikal Temple 4 Sunrise Tour in the ancient Mayan Ruins in the Jungle of Central America

Our last stop in Guatemala was the Unesco world heritage site and Mayan Ruins of Tikal which is a national park. Visiting Tikal for the sunrise tour can be tricky because you need to buy your tickets before at the main gate which does not open until later in the morning. If you don't buy them ahead of time, you will not be admitted. You can also buy them at various banks around the country ahead of time.
We got up and hurriedly walked about 20 minutes from the Tikal Inn which was one of two accommodations inside the park. Along the way we dodged harmless tarantulas using our headlamps and flashlights. We climbed the long stairs in the dark to the top of Temple IV which faces eastward and listened to the sounds of the jungle provided by a variety of birds and prehistoric sounding howler monkeys. The dawn can often be cloudy so be aware that you may not actually see the rising sun. After the sun had risen, we tromped back down the stairway and had a brief guided tour of the complex which included the Mundo Perdido and the accropolis with the jaguar temple and stellas. We headed back to the Tikal Inn which had a pool and restaurant for the rest of the afternoon to catch up on our sleep watch spider monkeys and birds as we rested for our trip to Belize the next day.
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TravelingMel (talent) and TravelingFilmmaker (filmmaker) are social media influencers who have dedicated themselves to living a life of full time family travel and worldschooling. They left their home in Montana to explore the world with their two boys so that they could raise better world citizens and have a few adventures along the way. We love nature, the outdoors, learning new things in interesting places, and Kiki Riki.

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