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Trans Euro Trail - Norway - Day 8


Trans Euro Trail - Norway - Day 8

Part of Track 1 of the Norwegian Trans Euro Trail (TET), which was the end of our journey on TET Sweden and Norway. You can find the trail on the website

Trans Euro Trail - TET norway section 1 August 2018

Saturday 11.08.2018 I head out to do TET norway section 1 from north to the swedish border. 1700 km round trip in 4 days. Thanks to the linesman for making the route.

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Trans Euro Trail - Sweden - Day 1

First episode (Day 1) of our ride up the Swedish and Norwegian Trans Euro Trail. The purpose of the trip was to test our abilities to drive off road fully loaded with bags as for a long journey...

Trans Euro Trail - Sweden - Day 5

Day 5 on the Swedish part of the Trans Euro Trail. We went from Hökensås to Tivedsbadet covering part of track 3 of the downloaded gpx files from the site

Trans Euro Trail - Sweden - Day 6 and 7

The video covers the end of track 3 and most of track 4 of the Swedish Trans Euro Trail from

Alone in Morocco - A Motorcycle Dream Journey to Africa

One day I noticed that I have never seen a night sky without light pollution. So I looked at a light pollution map where the next spots with naturally dark skies are to be found. Well, I did not want to go to Syria ... and also in Norway it will not work in summer. The task was clear: drive to Morocco in the Atlas mountains when the perseid meteors shower down.

It was a great adventure and Morocco has shown its best side. The Moroccans are super hospitable, curious and will not let anyone down. A gas station attendant invited me to his home overnight, in the thunderstorm with landslides strangers offered me a roof over their heads and in the Rifbergen strangers gave me something for a nice evening ... Thank you Morocco for this adventure!

Trans Euro Trail - Sweden - Day 4

Day 4 on the Swedish part of the Trans Euro Trail. We went from Isaberg to Hökensås covering the end of track 2 and the beginning of track 3 of the downloaded gpx files from the site

Motorcycle Trip to Mongolia, Part 1, Germany and Poland

Motorcycle Trip to Mongolia. It was 35 days long and we did a little above 18,000km. We have crossed 7 countries: Germany, Poland, Ukraine, Russia, Mongolia, Latvia and Lithuania. We had double entry Russian and single Mongolian Visas for 30 days period. The tires we have used are two rear TKC 80 for my Tenere and only one front. On Dima's bike Kenda 270. We have no major technical problems, not even punctures. Everything went really well.

About the video:

This time I decided to make something different. To show you the trip as it was. No hard edition, no special effects, no music. I want to share with you everything I saw, my thoughts, feelings and comments on the road.

Some days are bored, some are interesting, but this is how it was.
I promise a long and detailed video with a lot of useful information for travellers with a lot of practical advices. It is not super action movie. If you need so, I am sure you will find in Youtube more then enough.

Some of you will like it, some not, but this is the only way to show you what exactly a long motorcycle trip means.

How long the film will be - I don't know, but I will try to upload as a minimum two series (20 min) per week.

Enjoy it!

Motorcycle gear, recommend from me, you can see in
my website:

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Trans Euro Trail - Sweden - Day 2

Day 2 of our trip along the Swedish Trans Euro Trail (TET) going almost to the end of the 2nd track. It was a great joy for us in a steady pace to travel along the track. More to come...

Exploring The Baltic with our BMW GS 1200 ADV - Day 8

Exploring the counties of the Baltic sea... Poland - Lithuania - Latvia - Estonia and all between ...

Visit our page for The Photo Album

TET Sweden leg nr 4 Part 8

Boring (raw) video, from Laxå to north of Kristinehamn.

Latvian Trans Euro Trail (TET) location around Kolka. Sony FDR-X3000 BMW R1200GS. 4K

One sunshine autumn day, timing was right.

Enjoy the rest of the world by

Trans Euro Trail - The Balkan Trails | FHD

A mototrcycle offroad adventure through the European countries.

TET Latvia section Riga-Milzkalne-Kolka on two big and heavy adventure bikes 08.2018.

TET Norway Section 1 Snippet 1

Autumn ride on a bit of section 1, TET Norway.

Trans Euro Trail (TET) 2018 - Slowenia, Croatia, Bosnia & Herzegowina

Amacing motorbike offroad adventure in July 2018 through the Balkan Countries

Packing the bike for the swedish TET to Northcape

#Makeitlite #keepitlight. Driving to northcape on my KTM. This video show how i back for a 2-3 weeks light trip on the swedish TET. taking the trans euro trail through sweden, finland and norway.

Motorcykel gennem Norge, Sverige og Danmark

Erfaringer fra en motorcykeltur rundt om Kattegat og Skagerak.

TET Norway South 01


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