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Trains Slovakia


Slovakia, Bratislava, double decker train ride from Vajnory to Hlavná Stanica

- recorded with Sony a7III (firmware 3.01), Sony FE 24mm F1.4 GM, Pilotfly Adventurer, Pilotfly ZA-1, Sony ECM-XYST1M

October 2019

Driver's Eye View Štrbské Pleso to Starý Smokovec (Slovakia)

Having made the run from Starý Smokovec to Štrbské Pleso our driver runs round his train ready for the return trip to Starý Smokovec. Join the driver in the cab of this beautifully restored Tatra electric railway “Comet” and its vintage train for a trip along the highly scenic railway line between Štrbské Pleso and Starý Smokovec.

Track gauge - 1,000 mm (3 ft 3 3⁄8 in) - Original video taken on 6th July 2018. Tour organised by RTC.

Driver’s Eye View - Čierny Hron Railway (Slovakia) – Šánske to Čierny Balog

The Čierny Hron Railway is a narrow gauge railway in the Slovak Ore Mountains, originally built to transport wood from the forests in the area. Today it is delightful tourist railway running through pretty countryside and traditional villages. The driver kindly allowed me attach a camera to the front of his engine, a diminutive little 0-6-0WT well tank locomotive originating from a Budapest company in 1909.
To learn more about this fascinating railway in its heyday please click on this link and select “translate” to read it in English -

Track gauge 760 mm (2 ft 5 15⁄16 in) - Original video taken on
30th June 2018. Tour organised by RTC (Railway Touring Company).

Slovakia, double decker train ride from Bratislava-Nové Mesto to Bratislava–Vajnory

- recorded with Sony a7III (firmware 3.01), Sony FE 24mm F1.4 GM, Pilotfly Adventurer, Pilotfly ZA-1, Sony ECM-XYST1M

October 2019

Trains Slovakia

Trains Slovakia

(TRAIN) TRIP REPORT | Gorgeous Service! ツ | Bratislava to Poprad | ZSSK Intercity

Train Trip Report on the Bratislava to Kosice line (stopping in Poprad-Tatry) on the ZSSK Intercity, the Slovak National Train Company on a very cold winter day.

From time to time, I love to make some trips by train, especially when the service onboard is good enough. On the ZSSK Intercity, it's a pleasure to travel. It's just amazing the quality of their restaurant service with their own kitchen onboard. The service is better than in many restaurants I've been to.

Have you ever travelled by train in Centre-Europe? Perhaps in Slovakia as well? How was the experience? Read you in the comments!


· Company: ZSSK (Železničná Spoločnosť Slovensko)
· Train: Intercity
· Train number: IC521
- Departure: Bratislava - Hlavna Stanica
- Arrival: Poprad-Tatry
· Departure platform: 4
· Recorded with SAMSUNG GALAXY S9+ (in UHD 4K).

- Masked Raven by Vexento in NCS



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TRAIN TRIP REPORT | The Slovak Classic ツ | Košice to Bratislava | ZSSK Rychlik

Train Trip Report on the ZSSK Rychlik from Košice to Bratislava on a nice spring afternoon, which was my first trip after 3 months without travelling due to the COVID outbreak.

It was an absolutely different way of travelling but, actually, I felt very safe and comfortable. Everybody was respecting rules and distance. The services onboard the train were almost non-existent.

Have you ever travelled with ZSSK? How was your experience? Read you in the comments!


· Company: ZSSK
· Train number: R612
- Departure: Košice
- Arrival: Bratislava Hlavná Stanica
· Departure Platform: 04
· Seat: -
· Recorded with SAMSUNG GALAXY S9+ (in UHD 4K).

- Masked Raver by Vexento in NCS:



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ZSSK Review! What to expect from trains in Slovakia!

A trip aboard the Slovakian national operator, ZSSK, from Košice to Bratislava in first class!

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Date of Travel: 7 September 2020
Class of Travel: 1st Class
Rolling Stock: Simens Vectron/ Various Coaches
Cost of Ticket: €23.40 (£21.40, $27.21)*
Origin: Košice, Slovakia
Destination: Bratislava Hlavná Stanica, Slovakia
*Currency conversions correct as of 25/09/2020

Menu (only available in Slovak):

Slovak Railways 2018

Taken all over Slovakia during 2018. It is an interesting railway network with some truly breathtaking routes and lines. The locos are a good mix of former Czechoslovakia builds dating from the mid 1960s right up to the newest locos hauling passenger trains between the main cities. Rolling stock pretty much covers this period also.

Loco List:
ZSSK Cargo 131 004-4; ZSSK 162 006-1; ZSSK 757 011-2; CD 150 225-1; ZSSK 350 015-4; ZSSK 383 104-7; ZSSK 383 101-3; ZSSK Cargo 125 824-3/5 & 816 3/5 - these are the broad gauge locos that haul iron ore from Ukraine to Kosice steel works dating from 1960s; ZSSK 362 014-3; KDS (RegioJet) 750 096-0; ZSSK 754 073-5

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Driver's Eye View - Plešivec to Muráň - (Slovakia)

Our fascinating railway adventure through Southern Slovakia from Tisovec to Kosice including little used branch lines, continues with a trip from Plešivec to Muráň. Freight originates at number of industrial sidings along the route although the final leg to Muráň looked as though it had not seen a train for many months. The line passes through pretty countryside with mountains beckoning on the horizon for much of the final leg of the journey. Ride in the cab to enjoy the views normally only available to the driver.

Track gauge 1,435 mm (4 ft 8 1⁄2 in) – Original video taken on 2nd July 2018. Tour organised by RTC.

Map at 00:16 by Peter Pogány - licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 4.0 International

ZSSK - Rails in Eastern Slovakia May 2017 Part 1

Part 1 of my visit to Slovakia including:
1. An hour spent at Vydrnik, east of Poprad.
2. The scenic line between Dedinky and Telgart including Telgart viaduct and the spiral tunnel at Telgart Penzion.
3. Freight on the branch line between Dobsina and Roznava and on to Plesivec.
4. Scenes between Brezno and Banska Bystrica.

Hope you enjoy it.

Between Čadca and Třinec - Rail border Slovakia / Czech Republic

crossing with EuroCity Train Regiojet EC 1010 Kosice - Praha hl.n.; the border is crossed at 3:09
Státní hranice Slovenska - Českou republikou; železniční hranice mezi Českou republikou a Slovenskem

Berlin - Košice - Prešov on Direct Train in Slovak Sleeping Car and First Class Seating Car

European Rail Travel during the Coronavirus Pandemic of 2020 - part 4
From: Berlin Hauptbahnhof, Germany
To: Hlavná Stanica Prešov, Slovakia
Travelling on: a direct train without having to change the trains (passengers could stay on the same direct train)

Train No. 1: EuroCity Berliner EC 175 Berlin - Prague
Train No. 2: EuroCity Metropolitan Slovenská strela EC 283 Prague - Bratislava
Train No. 3: Regionalný Rýchlik Pressburg RR 873 Bratislava - Nové Zámky
Train No. 4: Rýchlik Poľana R 801 Nové Zámky - Prešov

Route via: Dresden Hbf, Bad Schandau, Děčín, Ústí nad Labem, Praha-Holešovice, Praha hl.n., Pardubice, Brno hl.n., Břeclav, Kuty, Bratislava, Nové Zámky, Zvolen os. st., Lučenec, Fiľakovo, Rožňava, Košice, Kysak
Through Car/Sleeping Car: EC 283 Praha hl.n. - Prešov (shunting in Prague and Nové Zámky)
Travel Class: Single Sleeping Car compartment
Sleeping Car No: 380
Berth No: 31 (lower berth)
Car operator: Wagon Slovakia Kosice, a.s.
Sleeping Car surcharge: EUR 42 (Single)
Scheduled travel time: 18 hours and 26 minutes
Departure from Berlin Hbf: 13:16 CET
Arrival in Prešov: 07:42 CET
Travel season: August 2020
Train operators: Deutsche Bahn (DB Fernverkehr), České dráhy (ČD), Žeľezničná spoločnosť Slovensko (ZSSK)
Electric Locomotive Berlin - Praha hl.n.: ČD Vectron 193 296-1 (built by Siemens)
Electric Locomotive Praha hl.n - Nové Zámky: ZSSK 350 012-1 (built by Škoda Plzeň)
Electric Locomotive Nové Zámky - Zvolen: ZSSK 350
Diesel Locomotive Zvolen - Košice: ZSSK 757 007-0 (built by ČKD/Praha)
Electric Locomotive Košice - Prešov: ZSSK 363 137-1 (built by Škoda Plzeň)

Slovakia to Austria on the train

Slovakia to Austria on the train

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Budapest to Bratislava by Train - Travel to Slovakia

In today's vlog we travel from Budapest to Bratislava by train through Hungary and Slovakia. If you plan to travel to Slovakia, train is the best way to get around, since it's so affordable. This wasn't the most picturesque train journey through Europe, but capturing some of the towns and people going about their normal life while travelling on the train was fun. Hope you enjoyed the video.


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ZSSK Eastern Slovakia May 2017 Part 2

Part 2 includes the start of the standard gauge rack (currently out of use) at Pohronska Polhora. Also scenes around Horna Stubna. Look out for the double headed military train and the 'Grumpy' convoy.

Trams, Trains and Boats of Britislava (Slovakia)

With time on my hands before embarking on our evening Danube dinner cruise I took the opportunity to explore the town, including riding the trams and spending time watching trains at Central station. I saw a number of different types of tram in operation, but it was the trains that really captured my eye, most were locomotive hauled. There were plenty of different locomotives in a range of liveries, including the very stylish ZSSK: 240 Laminátka (Laminate lady) electric locomotives built 1967–69 by the Škoda Works. Finally we made our way to the Danube where our boat was waiting to take us on a very pleasant cruise into Austria past castles and attractive river bank towns and villages.
For more information about the trams, please click on this link -
For more information about locomotives, please click on this link -

Filmed 28th & 29th June 2018

Some of the locomotives seen at central station – 240.081-0, 350.014-7, 263.012-7, 242.557-7, 363.137-1, 240.089-3, European Locomotive Leasing 193.216, 350.018-8, 240.123-0, 812.030-9, 380.016-6, 242.557-7, 240.115-6, 230.024-7,240.013-3, 263.005-1, 361.110-0, 498.104,

Music - Track - Composer - Source 00.00 & 02.15 - ES_Happy Grasshoppers Theme 2 - Martin Klem - 10.15 - ES_Afterhours - Martin Klem - 13.52 - ES_Lighter Shade Of Love - Stefan Netsman - 15.10 - ES_Easy In The Neighbourhood 13 - Johan Hynynen - 16.48 - ES_Namasti - Johan Hynynen -

Slovakia: ZSSK Slovakian railways diesel hauled passenger and freight trains at Zvolen mesto station

Slovakia: ZSSK Slovakian railways diesel hauled passenger and freight trains at Zvolen mesto station.

Clip 1 shows a class 751 'Grumpy' diesel locomotive hauling a northbound freight train towards Banska Bystrica. Recorded 15th July 2010.

Clip 2 (from 0:41) shows a class 754 diesel locomotive hauling a southbound passenger train from the Banska Bystrica direction towards the main station in Zvolen, Zvolen osobna stanica. Recorded 14th July 2010.
Zvolen osobná railway station (Slovak: Zvolen osobná stanica) is the main passenger station serving the town of Zvolen in central Slovakia. The station is named osobná stanica (passenger station) to differentiate it from Zvolen nákladná stanica, a large freight terminal a short distance east, which is also served by some local stopping trains. Zvolen mesto is located nearer to the town centre.

Two railways were built in 1871-1872, and Zvolen became an important railway hub and important industrial centre. The replica armored train Hurban is displayed close to the station.
Railways of Slovak Republic (Železnice Slovenskej republiky, ŽSR) is the state-owned railway infrastructure company in Slovakia.

The company was established in 1993 as the successor of the Československé státní drahy in Slovakia. Until 1996 it had formal and since then a de facto monopoly on railroad transportation in the country.

In 2002 a law divided the company: ŽSR was left with infrastructure maintenance, and transport was moved into company Železničná spoločnosť, a. s. (ZSSK). In 2005 this new company was further split into Železničná spoločnosť Slovensko, a. s. (ZSSK) providing passenger services and Železničná spoločnosť Cargo Slovakia, a. s. (ZSSK Cargo / ZSCS)[2] providing freight services.

ŽSR provides transportation and services that correspond to the interests of state transport policy and market requirements, including related activities
Zvolen is a town in central Slovakia, situated on the confluence of Hron and Slatina rivers, close to Banská Bystrica. With its ancient castle, the town has a historical center, which represents the seat of an okres (Zvolen District).

Zvolen has been inhabited since the Paleolithic. In the 9th century, a Slavic settlement (today the Môťová neighborhood) became a regional center of what is now central Slovakia. Zvolen remained the capital of Zólyom county until the 1760s. In the 11th and 12th centuries, one of the largest medieval castles in Europe, Pustý hrad, was constructed. The town, originally built under the castle, lay on an important trade route (Via Magna) from Buda to Kraków. Zvolen was granted town privileges by King Béla IV in the 1230s - as one of the first towns in the Kingdom of Hungary. The privileges were confirmed on December 28, 1243, after the original document was destroyed in war. Later, King Louis I the Great built a new castle, which became a popular hunting resort of the Hungarian kings. The future queen regnant Mary of Hungary and emperor Sigismund celebrated their wedding there in 1385.

In 1848-49, Ľudovít Štúr was a member of the Diet, with Zvolen as his constituency. In 1871-1872, two new railways were built and Zvolen became an important railroad hub and important industrial center. Zvolen played an important role during the Slovak National Uprising. Two of its armored trains, which were made in the local railway manufactory, Hurban and Štefánik can be seen near the Zvolen castle.

Zvolen is an important railroad, an important road hub and has a large timber factory and a technical university. An airport in nearby Sliač offers direct flights to Prague. The town square was modernized in 2002 and local businesses are popular with tourists. In wintertime an ice rink is constructed in the center and festive celebrations run throughout December.
Zvolen District (okres Zvolen) is a district in the Banská Bystrica Region of central Slovakia. Until 1918, most of the present-day district belonged to the Zvolen county, apart from Lešť in the south-west which was part of the county of Gemer a Malohont.
The Banská Bystrica Region (Slovak: Banskobystrický kraj) is one of the Slovak regions in the country of Slovakia in Europe. It is the largest of all Slovak regions by area. It was established in 1923 and from 1996 exists in its present borders. Banská Bystrica region consists of 514 municipalities, from which 24 have a status of towns. Administrative center is its seat Banská Bystrica, the largest district town. Another important towns are Zvolen and Brezno.
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Čierny Hron Railway (Slovakia) - Čierny Balog to Vydrovo

The Čierny Hron Railway was once a network of 132km built to extract timber from the forests covering the Slovak Ore Mountains. Today a dedicated group of volunteers have restored passenger trains over part of the original route including the steeply graded line in the Vydrovská valley, featured in this video.

To learn more about this fascinating railway in its heyday please click on this link and select “translate” to read it in English -

Track gauge 760 mm (2 ft 5 15⁄16 in) - Original video taken on 30th June 2018. Tour organised by
RTC (Railway Touring Company).

Narrow Gauge Train in Slovakia - TREŽ (I)

Trenčianske Teplice Electrical Railway (Trenčianskoteplická elektrická železnica - TREŽ) around Trenčianska Teplá and Trenčianske Teplice stations. This DC 950V electrified line is 5,4 km long, 760 mm gauge and is in operation since 1909.
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