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Train Ride from Los Angeles to San Francisco


Train Ride from Los Angeles to San Francisco

Traveling from Los Angeles to San Francisco for the New Year’s celebration 2016. Watch the 10 hours ride on the train in around 10 minutes. For those train lovers ;)

Train Ride From LA to San Francisco on Amtrak-Coast Starlight

We took the Amtrak COAST STARLIGHT train from Los Angeles to San Francisco in a ROOMETTE Car. Our ticket included both lunch and dinner so in addition to our full review of our trip, we'll also be enjoying dinner inside the dining car.

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We Tried An Overnight Bus Hotel From Los Angeles To San Francisco

Cabin is a bus with sleeping pods that goes from LA to SF in one night


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Aerial view of San Francisco city skyline and Bay Bridge at sunrise
TawaMedia/Getty Images
Downtown Los Angeles at Sunset - Aerial Shot
halbergman/Getty Images

Train Ride from Los Angeles to San Francisco

Traveling from Los Angeles to San Francisco for the New Year’s celebration 2016. Watch the 10 hours ride on the train in around 10 minutes. For those train lovers ;)

Riding Amtrak's Coast Starlight, Los Angeles To Santa Barbara

A Grand West Coast Train Adventure, en route daily between Los Angeles and Seattle, the Coast Starlight train passes through Santa Barbara, the San Francisco Bay Area, Sacramento and Portland. Widely regarded as one of the most spectacular of all train routes, the Coast Starlight links the greatest cities on the West Coast. The scenery along the Coast Starlight route is unsurpassed. The dramatic snow-covered peaks of the Cascade Range and Mount Shasta, lush forests, fertile valleys and long stretches of Pacific Ocean shoreline provide a stunning backdrop for your journey.

From Los Angeles to San Francisco

This is my third and last video from California trip. What you can see and what you can visit when driving between Los Angeles and San Francisco within 2 days? There are many places to choose from, it just depends on how many days you reserved for this journey. We drove from Los Angeles, via Malibu, Mussel Shoals, Carpinteria, Santa Barbara to Cambria. Overnight in Cambria directly at the coastline was awesome. I fully recommend to everybody! Next day we stopped in San Simeon with its Hearst Castle driving further on Cambrillo Hwy heading to San Francisco via Big Sur, Bixby Creek Bridge (one of the most photographed bridges in CA) and Monterey. All those spots you might see in this video. Enjoy!

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Amtrak's Coast Starlight: Los Angeles to Seattle

Climb aboard Amtrak's Coast Starlight for a trip through some of the most spectacular scenery in the western United States. We'll follow the train on its 1,377 mile long journey from Los Angeles, California to Seattle, Washington along the Pacific Ocean, through river valleys, and up over forested mountain ranges. Along the way, we'll make a few brief side trips to some notable landmarks. The Coast Starlight is one of Amtrak's premiere long distance passenger trains and this video gives you just about the most complete coverage of the train you can find anywhere. Don't miss your ticket for the Coast Starlight! All aboard!

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Train Ride from Los Angeles to San Francisco USA | Traveling by Train

Travel from Los Angeles to San Francisco. Watch the 10 hours ride on the train in around 10 minutes. For those train lovers.
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Coast Starlight Train Adventure: Los Angeles to Sacramento | Most Scenic Train in America?!

Climb aboard Amtrak's Coast Starlight train with Niki and me as we adventure along one of the USA's most spectacularly scenic train rides. It's 1,377 mile long journey from Los Angeles, California to Seattle, Washington along the Pacific Ocean - I get off in Sacramento, but Niki takes the whole 30+ hour train ride through to Seattle! The Coast Starlight is one of Amtrak's premiere long distance passenger trains - all aboard for my first but hopefully not last train adventure vlog!

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Hello my friends!! It´s so great to see you again. Join me in this wonderful trip from the city of Los Angeles to San Diego with Amtrak.

I tried Amtrak´s business class in the Pacific Surfliner. A very confortable double-decker train.

The trip took 3 hours and the departure time was at 8.20 in the morning.

Cameras used: GoPro Hero 7 Black + iPhone 7 Plus

Amtrak Train Ride From Los Angeles To San Diego

Did you know that you could take Amtrak from Los Angeles to San Diego instead of sitting in traffic? Watch video for our experience taking Amtrak with kids from Los Angeles to San Diego. #sponsored

TRIP REPORT - Amtrak California Zephyr, Chicago to San Francisco

I have a few Amtrak long distance trains under my belt now. And I have to say, this was by far the most impressive yet. The scenery on this route is absolutely outstanding. If you want to see what the experience is like before you drop a few hundred on a sleeping accommodation or commit to spending 51 hours on a train, hopefully this video helps :)

To my loyal viewers, thanks so much for your continued support. This is the most ambitious trip I've taken on for the sake of YouTube, and without the warm reception you give me on every video and the extra income, these trips just couldn't happen.

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Ride in Amtrak's Great Dome Train San Diego to Los Angeles Union Station

August 5th 2017 My wife Gail & I got to experience riding in Amtrak's 1955 Historic Great Dome Car from San Diego to Los Angeles Union Station. You can check out information on The Great Dome by clicking on Amtrak's blog website that I listed below.

Passing the time on the road from LA to San Francisco

Whether you're sleeping, using the WiFi or doing calisthenics at a rest stop, Damon and Jo are ready to show you how to pass the time while on the road.
Want to see more of Damon and Jo? Check them out here:

Seattle, WA to Los Angeles, CA - Trainhopping The I-5 Corridor

This video depicts a journey of over a thousand miles by train on the I-5 Corridor. Shown in this video are the BNSF & UP Seattle Subdivisions as well as the UP Brooklyn, Cascade, Black Butte, Valley, and Fresno Subdivisions.

Amtrak Coast Starlight, in a Sleeper Car Bedroom

The overnight 14 Coast Starlight (Amtrak) from Los Angeles to Seattle.
--3 states
--1,377 miles
--36 hours
--29 stops (a few afford a chance for some fresh air, for a few minutes)
--incalculable jaw drops at the beauty seen from along the ocean coastline to the snowy mountain ranges and backdoor views of towns and cities.

I can't recommend this enough! What an experience! What a way to see the country! The whole ride was smooth, quiet, and tranquil. Whether you enjoy a book in the glass-domed car while sipping on some coffee, or nurse a beer through the passing majesty outside your window, you are rocked gently into a relaxation that is unlike any other. The staff was ever ready to accommodate needs and/or wants. Guest speakers rode along, regaling passengers with tales of the flora, fauna, and history of the areas. Fellow passengers were in equal states of awe and wonder, evidenced by the acknowledging head tilts complete with twinkling eyes and hearty grins. Childhood fancy was stirred together with an aged appreciation and I found that though we were moving northward, time had stood still.

Note: Yes...I have since learned to refrain from filming in portrait mode, when using a phone. 🤣

Note: Thank you, all, who have clarified that it's a Lounge Car featured in this video, not an actual Parlour Car. I did not intend to mislead anyone; during our ride, the staff and fellow passengers were calling it the Parlour Car, and I was at fault for following the flock in my understanding. Our train's Parlour Car must have been undergoing maintenance, at the time. I did find, however, the Lounge Car to be quite enjoyable. Nevertheless, I imagine riding with an official Parlour Car would enhance the experience, greatly. Thank you all, for clarifying this, for me and for others.

Note: for mobile device viewers, annotations don't appear on-screen. At the 2:28 mark, it should be noted that There is a traditional door on this bathroom; it's just not visible, here.


The Coast Starlight Route Guide (listed from Seattle to LA, so just read in reverse if leaving from LA):

Link showing the room specifics, including dimensions:
Music used, from the YouTube library:
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Irvine, CA to Miami, FL - Part 1: California Zephyr & Capital Limited

Part 1 of a late June/July 2018 trip from Southern California (Irvine) to Southern Florida (Miami) via the San Francisco Bay area, Chicago, and Washington DC. The trains include the Pacific Surfliner, California Zephyr, Capital Limited, and Silver Meteor. This trip for me was planned especially to ride the Silver Meteor. In the 44 years I have been riding trains, I've never made it to Florida and I have ridden the others before. Part 1 is the trip to Washington DC where I would board the Silver Meteor. The weather across the country was perfect and the scenery never more beautiful. Part 2 features the Silver Meteor from Washington DC to Miami. Thanks for watching.

Riding The Amtrak Surfliner - L.A. Union Station - San Clemente Pier

A Train Ride from Union Station, Los Angeles to the Pier in San Clemente, California. Stopping in Fullerton, Anaheim, Santa Ana, and San Juan Capistrano Stations.

Amtrak's Coast Starlight Train to Seattle, WA USA

Amtrak Route: Coast Starlight
Origination Station: Los Angeles, Union Station
Terminating Station: Seattle, Washington
Approximate Miles Covered: 1,377
Scheduled Duration: 34 Hours
Actual Duration this trip: 36 Hours

This train departs from the grand and historic Union Station in downtown Los Angeles, Ca. This restored station now has a few restaurants and shops, and is in the eastern half of downtown and well connected to the Metro transit lines.
After an on-time morning departure it heads to the Southern California coastline, the left side of the train affords great views of the Pacific as it passes through the beautiful coastal towns of Ventura, Santa Barbara, and Pismo Beach. Riders get secretive views of the Vandenberg Airforce base and its many space launch pads only viewable by train.
Once the route cuts inland you get to view the farmlands of mid-California and then enter into the San Francisco bay area at San Jose with a brief stop at the Emeryville station. Once turning inland to Sacramento, there is the capital in a brief view before continuing northward. The northern state is arid and dry but still worthy of some window time.
The cross over into Oregon going north is at night, so the glory of the cascades is missed, but the twists and turns can be felt.
We wake up in Oregon with great views of the Klamath mountains, and the upper Lake Klamath. Soon we pass into the well forested mountain range for miles and miles of scenic beauty. Portland, Oregon sneaks up on us as we cross over the river into the Portland station. Onward and northward we’ll see the some of the many inland waterways of the Puget sound and the infamous Tacoma Narrows bridges, replacements for the first edition which shook itself to its demise in high winds.
By nightfall we arrive at Seattle’s King Street Station in the south part of downtown. Our trip continues with a night time ferry ride to Bainbridge island just across the sound.
We do a brief tour of the Kitsap Peninsula visiting Poulsbo, Mt. Walker and Port Gamble before returning by Ferry Service to Seattle. And no trip to Seattle is complete without visiting Pikes Market and quick view of the ‘Flying Fish’!
Enjoy the visual trip on Amtrak’s Coast Starlight and the sights of Seattle and surrounding areas.