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Tour of BEIRUT, LEBANON - Attractions, Food, Coffee, and Best Mediterranean Views!


Street Food in Lebanon - ULTIMATE 14-HOUR Lebanese Food Tour in Beirut!

????Authentic Lebanese Food - Huge Mezze:
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Welcome to the Lebanese street food tour of Beirut. It was a full 14 hour day of eating incredibly delicious, and some of the most legendary street food shops in Beirut! #Lebanon #Beirut #LebaneseFood #streetfood

Thank you to USAID - My visit to Lebanon was supported by the USAID Lebanon Enterprise Development Project.

Friends in the video:
Thanks to Ibrahim Osta (Director Middle East & North Africa, Chemonics International):
Fadi Abu Jaber:

Here are the restaurants and stalls we ate at during this Lebanese street food tour:

Hajj Nasr Sandwich Shop - By 6 am, when Beirut is about to wake up, Hajj Nasr is getting ready to close. We arrived at 5 am to make sure he still had food. The tebleh nayyeh - Raw meat, garlic, tomatoes, mint, and the soujouk - soujouk sausage, garlic, tomatoes, pickles - sandwiches were incredible. Total price - 15,000 LBP ($9.95)

Faysal Snack ( - Great Lebanese pastries and breads. We ordered the halloumi loaf, plus some Man'ousheh (Manakish) topped with za'atar, and some spinach pastries. 19,000 LBP ($12.60) - Total price for everything

Hanna Mitri ( - If you mention ice cream in Beirut, this is the place that everyone knows and everyone loves - it’s a Lebanese ice cream icon, and it’s uniquely delicious from any other ice cream I’ve had in the world. It’s special without a doubt.

Al Soussi Restaurant ( - This is one of the most famous restaurants in Beirut, especially for breakfast. Their fattey and hummus is good, but nothing compares to their awarma and eggs.

Falafel Tabbara ( - Unique falafel - His falafel are made purely with fava beans, in a donut shape. 2,500 LBP ($1.66) - Price per sandwich

Ichkhanian Bakery ( - This is a legendary Armenian Lebanese bakery that specializes in Lahmajoun (Lahmacun) - Thin dough topped with minced meat. 9,000 LBP ($5.97) - Total price for everything

Lamb head - 15,000 LBP ($9.95) - Total price for lamb head

Makari Sweets Shop - Home of mfata’a, which is a unique and rare to find nowadays rice pudding, tahini, and turmeric pudding.

Restaurant Joseph ( - If you’re looking for the best Lebanese shawarma in Beirut, this is the spot. The chicken was good, but the beef was the best. 6,000 LBP ($3.98) - Price per sandwich

L'abeille D'or ( - Finally, we ended this ultimate 14 hour street food tour in Beirut, Lebanon at a very non street food, gourmet Lebanese sweets shop to eat Kanafeh. But the Lebanese way, in a bun.

It was an amazing day of Lebanese food, culture, and people, in Beirut, Lebanon!

“London Beat”


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The 8 Best Cafes in Beirut for Digital Nomads in Lebanon

#BestBeirutCafes #BeirutCafes #CafesinBeirut

In this video, we'll take you on a tour of the 8 best Beirut cafes, coffee shops, and restaurants for digital nomads in Lebanon.

With me being a remote copywriter and content strategist and Christelle being an SEO content coordinator, our livelihoods are dependent on finding great ways and great places to work from anywhere.

Because of that, the criteria for making this list of the 8 best Beirut Cafes to work out of in Beirut, Lebanon, is focused on the following factors:

- Must have good Wifi and reliable power
- Good or great customer service
- Good food
- Ideally, the Beirut restaurant or cafe has an inspiring aesthetic
- Big bonus if it's pet-friendly

While we'd obviously love it if you'd watch the video instead, if you're in a time crunch these are some of the places to eat in Beirut that we're going to cover in this vid:

Beirut Restaurant / Cafe #1: Beyt Cafe (Mar Mikhael) -- (pet-friendly place to eat in Beirut)
Beirut Restaurant / Cafe / Coffee Shop #2: The Sage Parlour
Beirut Restaurant / Cafe / Coffee Shop #3: Aaliyah's Books (Gemmayze)
Beirut Restaurant / Cafe / Coffee Shop #4: Blue House Tea (Mar Mikhael)
Beirut Restaurant / Cafe / Coffee Shop #5: Makan Beirut
Beirut Restaurant / Cafe / Coffee Shop #6: Orenda
Beirut Restaurant / Cafe / Coffee Shop #7: The Slow Cafe Beirut (Mar Mikhael)
Beirut Restaurant / Cafe / Coffee Shop #8: Kalei Coffee Co.

0:00 Introduction
0:31 Beyt Cafe
2:15 The Sage Parlour
2:36 Aaliyah's Books
3:35 Blue House Tea
4:57 Makan
5:38 Orenda
5:53 The Slow Cafe
6:05 Kalei Coffee Co.

We will continue creating content about Lebanon as well as other countries and places that we visit. Additionally, we create content centered around going remote or earning a living as a digital nomad.

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First Impressions of Lebanon ???????? (Did not expect this in 2021)

Beirut, Lebanon ➖ Lebanon is currently in a state of despair. Since 2019, the Lebanese lira has lost 95% of its value putting many families on the brink of survival. Not only this, but the country is facing waves of Covid-19, corruption, and many are still recovering from the horrific Beirut Port Blast that killed more than 200 people.

Having trusted only the mainstream media to get information on Lebanon prior to my trip, I wanted to visit Lebanon to see what it's like on the ground. Talking to the local Lebanese people about the situation and learning about the issues that many face across the country.

Join me as I showcase real-life in Lebanon, showcasing its beauty, history, delicious food, and of course the amazing Lebanese people.

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0:00 Intro
1:16 Exchanging $ Black Market
7:13 Lebanese Breakfast
14:25 Beautiful Waterfront
15:38 Explosion Site
17:19 Uber Driver Thoughts...
21:09 Swarama Hunt
27:57 Our Apartment

#lebanon #lebanontravel #lukedamant

The Lebanon they WON'T show you ???????? (Batroun 4K)

The News typically doesn't portray a very positive image of Lebanon to the rest of the world. With its sunny beaches, seaside resorts, and people hanging out in bikinis, Batroun goes against negative stereotypes that the media has gotten many in the West to believe about Lebanon.

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Darma Ji (Hotel) →

????TIME STAMPS ????
0:00 Intro
0:30 Hotel Tour - Darma Ji
1:22 Breakfast
3:36 Sunset Boulevard
6:26 Souk
13:15 Coffee Break
16:26 Al Mina (The Port)
22:55 Batroun Specialty Dessert

???????? Stay tuned for the next video → Beach Hunt in Batroun

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This video and description include affiliate links & partnerships for products and services that I believe you (my audience) might receive value from. I personally know and believe in the people that I affiliate myself with. I earn a percentage of each purchase through an affiliate partnership or link, and it supports the channel in making new videos!

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Top 8 INCREDIBLE places in Lebanon

Here's 8 spots in Lebanon that you shouldn't miss!

* Taanayel
* Dalieh Raouche
* Jabal Turbol
* Tyre / Sour
* Kfarhelda / Boustan el Ossi
* Moukhtara
* Baalbeck
* Tripoli

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Lebanese FOOD TOUR of DOWNTOWN BEIRUT - Chicken Batata, Falafel and Croissants | Lebanon

???????? RESTAURANT: [Instagram Handle/Website]

As my time in Beirut continued, I decided to go all out with an unforgettable food tour of the city! Join me as I go on an epic Lebanese street food tour of downtown Beirut, Lebanon!

My friend and Guide Nico and I started at Zaitunay Bay, a seaside area where you can see yachts, high rises, a boardwalk, hotels, and more. Nearby was our first spot, Zaatar w Zeit.


It’s one of the most famous restaurants in Lebanon. They sell modern Lebanese food. We’d be getting their Chicken Batata skillet with coriander, parsley, garlic sauce, and lime juice. You eat it with pita bread!

The bread was doughy and slightly crispy, and getting the potatoes, chicken, and tomato together with it was even better. I loved the combination!

The lime juice really elevated it to the next level. It was such a great dish for only $6 USD!

Next, we tried a few Lebanese sweets: Unica wafer, Dabke biscuits with cream, and a cream-filled chocolate called Tarboush. The tarboush was light and the cream inside was fluffy.

The Unica was a crispy, airy chocolatey wafter, and the Dabke was a crispy sandwich cookie with lemon cream in the middle. From there, we walked past condos and a beautiful church through central Beirut.

There was lots of beautiful architecture. Then, we made it to Independence Square, where we saw the Egg Building of Beirut and ruins from the Roman era. There are five columns, which signifies it was a temple.

We also saw the Grand Theatre of Beirut, where lots of musicians used to play. It’s in disrepair now and is in danger of collapse. The architecture reminded me of buildings I’d seen in Turkey!

Then, we drove to a famous fruit cocktail spot, where I could see oranges, pomegranates, and lemons. We tried a drink made of carob, rose water, dates, and rose water. It was so refreshing and had some cashews at the bottom. It only cost $1 USD!

Across the street, we stopped at Croissant Margo, a bakery that makes croissants filled with za’atar. They also make ones filled with cheese and chocolate. The cheese was great!

One minute later, we arrived at Falafel M. Sahyoun, which is nearly 100 years old and is known as one of the best falafel shops. Next door is a shop of the same name that’s owned by the owner’s estranged brother!

These falafel sandwiches contain parsley, white radish, tomatoes, tahini, and a spicy sauce. I loved the hearty falafel and the pita bread. The parsley added some freshness!

The falafel only contained fava beans, as opposed to the usual chickpea/fava bean mixture. They come out golden brown and perfectly crispy without being too oily.

I loved the spicy sauce so much, they added some more for me. It was a great shili sauce and I even had a hot pepper with it! Then, I got a second one to have for dinner later! What a tour!

Where have you been?

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Exploring Tripoli, Lebanon's Most Underrated City? ????????

Is Tripoli Lebanon's most underrated city? I continue my journey up Lebanon's coast from Byblos to Tripoli, exploring the exciting and authentic souks, hammams, mosques and churches.

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After that European trip I went heavily into exploring Asia, visiting India, Bangladesh, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, Pakistan, the Philippines, South Korea and Kazakhstan (seeing me cover a lot of Far East and Southeast Asia in particular).

I have also travelled to North Africa and the Middle East fairly extensively over the last five years, filming videos in Turkey, Algeria, Tunisia, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Kuwait, Iraq, Jordan, Israel and Palestine.

To date, I have not yet been to Australasia or South America. Though I am hoping to visit the latter sometime in 2022, along with a first stop in the Caribbean.

I've travelled to North America just once as a YouTuber, visiting Mexico in 2021. Though I have been to both the USA and Canada, this was as a child on family holidays.

In 2022, I took my first trip to Sub Saharan Africa, visiting both Kenya and Tanzania, before making my way to the Middle East, stopping in Dubai on my way to Lebanon.

#lebanon #tripoli #middleeast


Lebanese street food tour 2021!!
Here we roamed the streets of Beirut seeking the best street food in the city! we had a traditional Lebanese breakfast at al soussi restaurant , had kunefe at Safsouf Sweets shop, went for ice cream at Hanna Mitri Ice cream shop, and ended it off with Lebanese shawarma at Shawarma joseph restaurant.

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Timestamps :

00:00 intro
00:45 Breakfast at Al soussi restaurant
06:02 Lebanese Kunefe at Safsouf Sweets shop
09:20 Ice Cream at Hanna Mitri Ice cream shop
11:09 Lebanese Shawarma at Joseph Shawarma

Locations :

Al Soussi restaurant :

Safsouf sweets shop:

Hanna Mitri Ice cream shop:

Shawarma Joseph restaurant :

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WARNING before travelling Lebanon! ⚠️????????

Lebanon, Beirut ???????? the economy crisis in Lebanon has been a huge problem for a long time and we seen this for ourselves. We were told before coming to bring cash US dollars which we did however that was not the solution! All dollars have to be new from the year 2018 onwards so all our money which was around $2000 was worthless, nobody would accept it anywhere.

Eventually we managed to sort it all out and found someone who helped us, which gave us time to explore Lebanon. We first enjoyed some Lebanese food which was incredible! The reputation of food in Lebanon did not disappoint.

I actually really enjoyed Lebanon it was a very small country but there is many things to do and see so we ventured to the mountains to see what was around. We then decided to tempt Callum into paragliding!! A great day here in Lebanon.

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#Lebanon #Beirut #TravelVlog

???????????????????? Best Street Food Tour Lebanon | Street Food in Lebanon

???? Best Lebanese Street Food Tour in Beirut, Lebanon.

For this video on Lebanon Street Food, I've met @trainwithjad in Beirut, Lebanon. He is a famous food blogger. In 90 minutes, we made a street food tour around Beirut discovering the best places for eating Lebanese food such as Manaich, Chawarma, Knafeh, Ashta ice cream.

Lebanon Street food is the best food in the world!

J'ai rencontré @trainwithjad à Beyrouth qui est un food blogger pour ma video sur les street food libanais. En 90 minutes, nous avons fait le tour de beyrouth à la recherche des meilleurs street food libanais dont le manaïch, chawarma, knafeh, la glace Ashta.

La bouffe libanaise est meilleure bouffe au monde!

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Nader Fakhry, Liban, Lebanon, street food, Beirut, food, food porn, tourism, Lebanon street food, Lebanese street food, travel Lebanon, middle eastern food, what to eat Lebanon, Lebanese street food Beirut, Abidjan, want to eat Lebanese food, Arab food eating, trying Lebanese food, trying Lebanese snacks, trainwithjad, Lebanese food recipes, Lebanese food tour, Lebanese shawarma, street food Beyrouth, Beirut best food

#lebanonstreetfood #lebanesefood #streetfoodbeirut

The famous Al Soussi restaurant in Beirut

We ate breakfast here at Al Soussi restaurant while we were in Beirut. What a cool experience it was and we felt lucky to be here.

Big thanks to Anthony Rahayel for his Lebanese travel & food inspiration!

Hope you enjoy the video, thanks for watching.

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Music by JR Tundra Shesh Pesh

【4K】VIRTUAL WALKING TOUR: «Beirut - Capital of Lebanon 2020» Ultra HD ???? City Sounds

4K UltraHD World Trip Virtual Walking Tour with ???? City Sound travel footage of Beirut (Capital of Lebanon), showing Street Scenes of this historical city. Walk, explore and see the Mohammad AlAmin Mosque, Martyrs Square, Gouraud, Zaituna Bay, Grand Serail, Corniche Beirut, National Museum, Sursock Museum and much more; project finished & uploaded on 2020-09-03 by One Man Wolf Pack UltraHD Drone Footage. #walkingtour #citytour #berlin

▶️ Highlights @ 0:00
▶️ Walking Tour - Beirut (Lebanon) 2020 @ 2:40
▶️ Further Street Scenes of Beirut @ 10:00

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???? Media data: This video (Internal ID 761, taken in 2019 and published in 2020) is an extraction of my Beirut 4K Video Footage & Beirut Pictures. Copyright protected Footage and Photos on Sale. For inquiries, contact me via E-Mail, my Blog, Facebook or Instagram Page.
???? One Man Wolf Pack Contact:

About Beirut: Beirut (Arabic: بيروت‎, romanized: Bayrūt; French: Beyrouth, pronounced bɛʁut) is the capital and largest city of Lebanon. As of 2007 it had an estimated population of slightly more than 1 million to 2.2 million as part of Greater Beirut, which makes it the third-largest city in the Levant region and the fifteenth-largest in the Arab world. On a peninsula at the midpoint of Lebanons Mediterranean coast, Beirut is an important regional seaport. It is one of the oldest cities in the world, having been inhabited for more than 5,000 years. The first historical mention of Beirut is found in the Amarna letters from the New Kingdom of Egypt, which date to the 15th century BC. Beirut is Lebanons seat of government and plays a central role in the Lebanese economy, with most banks and corporations based in its Central District, Badaro, Rue Verdun, Hamra, Ryad el Soleh street, and Achrafieh. Following the destructive Lebanese Civil War, Beiruts cultural landscape underwent major reconstruction. Identified and graded for accountancy, advertising, banking, finance and law, Beirut is ranked as a Beta + World City by the Globalization and World Cities Research Network. // بيروت هي العاصمة السياسية للجمهورية اللبنانية وأكبر مدنها. يتعدى عدد سكانها المليوني نسمة بحسب أحد إحصائيات سنة 2007. تقع وسط الخط الساحلي اللبناني شرقي البحر الأبيض المتوسط. تتركَز فيها معظم المرافق الحيوية من صناعة وتجارة وخدمات. وهي مدينة قديمة وعريقة إذ ذكرت في رسائل تل العمارنة والمؤرخة إلى القرن الخامس عشر ما قبل الميلاد وهي مأهولة منذ ذلك الحين. [Source: wikipedia // Google]

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Top 5 Places to Visit In Lebanon

Best places to visit in Lebanon

Lebanon is a country with many landmarks. Anywhere you go, there's something beautiful to admire and interesting to explore.
Whether you're into natural sightseeing, historical places, or you just wanna have a good time, you are guaranteed to find a place or two (and most probably all) on this list that will meet your taste. Lebanon has a lot to offer. Tourists from all over the world come to visit its famous landmarks. It is filled with beauty, culture, history, inspiring vibes, and magical scenes that are unique.

【4K】WALK beirut 4k video WALKING TOUR slow tv TRAVEL CHANNEL

Come for a 【4K】WALK in Beirut street. arround Down Town, a walking/bike path .

Virtual bike rides are a great way to sample the places you might want to ride and are great for treadmill backgrounds. Check out our channel for more.

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A quick trip to Lebanon in June.
i went there to see my family and meet my best friends .
i also want to apologize that some of my clips went missing while trying to move the videos to my PC.
i'm actually not a big fan of moving data from apple to non apple device.

i hope you enjoy it:)

music aredownloaded from youtube libarary.
Brass Orchid - Bobby Richards
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Carrots - josh pan
June - Bobby Richards (1)
Koto San - Ofshane
Mirror Mind - Bobby Richards
Vital Whales - Unicorn Heads
Wolf Moon - Unicorn Heads

Travel Guide to Lebanon | Wild Frontiers

In this film, Wild Frontiers Founder Jonny Bealby shows us around Lebanon

10 Things NOT To Do in Lebanon!

For a nation on the border of Syria and Israel, you might expect some possibility of danger when visiting Lebanon. You'd be right. If you want to maximize your chances of having a pleasant vacation, here are some things not to do on a Lebanese holiday.

1. Don’t Be Afraid!
The people in Lebanon are perfectly friendly and the country is filled with gorgeous landmarks and fascinating history. Just relax and enjoy yourselves.

2. Make Sure to Dress Appropriately
Lebanon is a pretty conservative Arab country. Men and women are expected to avoid wearing anything more revealing than short-sleeves and shorts. Make sure your clothing is loose-fitting; women should consider covering their heads as well.

3. Don’t Just Stay in Beirut
Lebanon has some really gorgeous locations outside its most popular tourist spot. The people are generally hospitable and warm, and you can’t really say you’ve experienced true Lebanese culture until you’ve experienced something beyond Beirut.

4. Don’t Get Into a Taxi Without Agreeing on a Price
Some tourists have complained that they were “taken” by cab drivers when they couldn’t agree on a final price. Avoid this by telling the cabbie where you’re going and agreeing on a price before you get in the car.

5. Don’t Forget that ‘Traveler’s Diarrhea’ Is a Real Thing
If you’ve never traveled to a developing nation, you should be aware that your first-world immune system might take a small hit … like, right when you land. Sometimes the jolt to your bowels hits quickly but it’ll pass quickly, don’t worry.

6. Don’t Take Pics of the Military
You can look at their installations, but your best bet is to simply keep your eyes on the beautiful scenery, not on the men trying to defend it.

7. Stay Away from Dahiyeh
The world famous suburb in southern Beirut has attracted lots of attention. Don’t go see it for yourself. The residents of Dahiyeh are just suburbanites who don’t appreciate being gawked at by some leering tourist.

8. Don’t Skip the Street Food
Lebanon is known for its scrumptious street food. There are several excellent meals served on a street corner, so if you’re just sticking to the glitzy restaurants, then you’re missing out on an integral part of Lebanese culture.

9. Don’t Take Pictures of the Locals Without Permission
There’s not some old world spooky superstition attached to this one, it’s just rude. How would you feel if you were walking down the street and a group of people wearing traditional Arab garb started taking pictures of you?

10. The State Department’s Opinion
Earlier in the year, the Department of State issued a clear warning to avoid travel to Lebanon thanks to political upheaval, skirmishes and other threats. In fact, the State Department has said that it cannot guarantee its ability to transport US citizens out of the country should the situation worsen.

Did you disagree with any of these?
Discuss and help contribute in our SubReddit!

Get more Tips here!

Extreme Arabian Street Food - FALAFEL JACUZZI + Best Ever Ful in Saida, Lebanon!

????Ultimate Street Food Tour in Beirut:
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SAIDA / SIDON, LEBANON - This was one of the best days and Lebanese food tours of my trip to Lebanon. The seafood for breakfast was delicious, but nothing compared to the outstanding hummus and ful - best I’ve ever had, and the king of falafel, in this ancient city! #streetfood #Lebanon #ArabicFood

Thank you to USAID - My visit to Lebanon was supported by the USAID Lebanon Enterprise Development Project. Thanks to Ibrahim Osta (Director Middle East & North Africa, Chemonics International):

Friends in the video:
Maya and Ramil
Fadi Abu Jaber:

Here are the street food and places we visited in this video:

Abou Al Abed Cafe - Seafood Restaurant - They are very cool, and you choose the seafood you want, and they will deep fry it all, and serve it with different sauces and dips. We ate seafood for breakfast, and it was perfect.

Foul Abou El-Ezz - Kamel and Ramil both said this is the best ful in Lebanon, and it was no doubt the best ful I’ve ever had in my life. The amount of spices and additions, as well as the bitter orange, made it superd. Additionally, his fatteh and hummus were insane.

Kahwet el Qzez - Old coffee shop - Probably the coolest old coffee shop in Lebanon, it’s a community social atmosphere, where people hang out, gather, talk, drink coffee, and play cards.

Rahat el Halkoun - Turkish Delight - We stopped for a quick taste of Turkish delight in Lebanon.

Dabane Palace Museum - Along with street food, we also enjoyed walking around the ancient souk market areas of Saida / Sidon. The Dabane Palace was impressive. Price - 5,000 LBP ($3.31)

Falafel Abou Rami - Finally to end this street food tour, we ate at this legendary falafel spot, the king of falafel. One of the best falafel sandwiches I’ve ever had. Total price - 16,000 LBP ($10.61)

It was another fantastic day in Lebanon, experiencing some of the best Arabian Lebanese food I’ve had.

“Heavy Breeze” “Them Thieves”


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Traditional LEBANESE MEZZE in MOUNIR - 10+ Dishes at Lebanon's Best Restaurant!!

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With my time in Lebanon quickly winding down, I headed to Beit Meri, not far from Beirut, to have some authentic Lebanese mezze. Come with me on my Lebanese mezze food adventure!

My guide Nico and I would be heading to one of the best restaurants in the country for mezze, Mounir. Mounir has been in business since 1970 and offers hot and cold mezze. Everything they sell is farm-to-table, and they have the reputation of having the best mezze in the country!


Inside, we met Fahim. I learned from him that they make their own arak! He took me into the kitchen, where I watched them bake saj bread in their oven, as well as a crepe-like wheat bread.

Next, I watched some guys make some kafta and some grilled meat with some sauce and chilies! They added black pepper, salt, herbs, chilis, and spices to some ground lamb and mixed it well. You can eat it raw and grilled.

They also made chicken thighs with marinade. Then, they took some marinated lamb chunks and grilled them. They also made some raw kibbeh with parsley, onions, and ground wheat. Then, they mixed up some tabbouleh with parsley, tomatoes, onions, lemon, and oil. They even add some lettuce.

One of the cooks fed me some tabbouleh on the lettuce. It was so good! I also watched them make fresh hummus.

They also grilled some onions and tomatoes on a skewers next to the chicken thighs and lamb kebabs. We’d have it with some spicy bread with parsley, onions, pepper, and more. They grilled it over the charcoal!

At our table, we had loubya bi zayt (green beans in tomato sauce), ful (fava bean stew with olive oil and cumin), hummus with chickpeas, hindbeh (dandelion greens with olive oil and caramelized or fried onions), and moudardara (lentils with fried onions).

We also had tabbouleh, kibbeh nayye (raw lamb), kafta (lamb kebabs), chicken thighs, cheese with thyme and olives, balela (chickpea salad with sauce and oil), fattoush (essentially Greek salad without feta cheese), and raw lamb kafta. What a feast!

I started with a spicy pepper and some kibbeh nayye with thin pita. I loved it with the olive oil! Next was the raw lamb kafta with bread. The kafta contained wheat, which makes it different from the kibbeh nayye. It was so fresh!

The lamb tenderloin was tender and had the spicy marinade on it, which I loved. Next was the smooth arak. Then, I had the moudardara and fattoush. The fattoush was super fresh, and the moudardara was fantastic. It was so simple yet so delicious!

The spicy grilled bread with the tomato sauce, onions, parsley, and kafta was amazing. I loved the tender, smoky meat and the spice of the bread! The hummus added a creaminess.

The chicken thighs melted in my mouth and was amazing with the hummus and creamy garlic paste. The tabbouleh lettuce wraps also blew my mind. The fresh lemon juice made it pop!

Then, I had some shisha, which felt good. Next, it was time for more arak and then the loubya bi zayt. The cheese with thye and olives was even better than mozzarella, and I loved the tomatoes and onions in the loubya bi zayt.

The cumin in the balela balanced out the garlic. The oil and lemon juice was fantastic. The hindbeh had a creamy texture and the crispy onions were wonderful.

For dessert, we had atayef (pancakes stuffed with ashta cream), biscuits made of vermicelli noodles with ashta cream between them, and ashta cream with honey.

The atayef was a creamy and decadent pancake, while the ashta with honey was fluffy and sweet! The one with vermicelli was crumbly and creamy! Finally, I finished with coffee, arak, and shisha!

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