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Top 10 Reasons to Visit Peru


Top 10 Reasons to Visit Peru

Top 10 Reasons to Visit Peru

It may not be the most famous country in South America, but it's rich in amazing things to see and do! Welcome to MojoTravels, and today we’ll be counting down our picks for the Top 10 Reasons to Visit Peru.

For this list, we’ll be taking a look at various attractions, regions, cities, and cultural delights that make Peru a great destination in 2019.

10: Cuisine
9: Trekking
8: Cusco
7: Rainbow Mountain
6: The Amazon
5: Nazca Lines
4: The Sacred Valley
3,2,1 . . .??

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10 Best Places to Visit in Peru - Travel Video

Check out all the places seen in this video:

Peru is probably one of South America’s most well-known destinations, and the mysterious settlement of Machu Picchu has adorned many a tourist postcard. But while the country is certainly celebrated for the Inca Trail and its ancient archeological site, Peru has so much more to offer than crumbling ruins. Explore the museums of Lima, soak in the hot springs of high-altitude Cusco, and fly over the astonishing Nazca lines. Here’s a look at the best places to visit in Peru:

Visit Peru - What to Know Before You Visit Peru

Read the Blog for More Information on Visiting Peru:
Whether visiting the Nazca Lines, the Inca Lost City of Machu Picchu, the mummies in Arequipa, the capital Lima, there are many things tourists should know before they visit Peru. This travel vlog covers many things tourists and travelers should know before they visit Peru. From the money, language, tipping, transport, food, weather, seasons, safety and more.
Filmed in Arequipa, Peru
Copyright Mark Wolters 2018

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The Don'ts of Visiting Peru

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10 Reasons Why We Love Peru ❤️

Join us as we share 10 reasons why we love Peru. We've now been visiting Peru for travel and to visit family almost annually since 2015. We've come to like many things about Peru over the years including some of the fascinating destinations to explore and especially Peruvian food. Do you also love Peru? Let us know in the comments below.

Our 10 reasons why we love Peru:

1) Peru offers incredible diversity in terms of places to visit
2) Peruvian food and Peruvian cuisine is some of the best in the world
3) The history and culture of Peru is fascinating
4) Peruvian people are very hospitable and friendly
5) Shopping in Peru at markets and grocery stores
6) Prices in Peru are reasonable for travellers
7) Peru is well equipped for tourism
8) Peru offers new regions to explore for return travelers
9) The climate of Peru is very favorable
10) We have family in Peru that we visit frequently

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10 Things We Love About Peru (Things to do in Peru) Travel Video Transcript:

This is part of our Travel in Peru video series showcasing Peruvian food, Peruvian culture and Peruvian cuisine.

Esto es parte de nuestra serie de videos de viajes a Perú que muestra comida peruana, cultura peruana y cocina peruana.

Top 10 Things to See in Peru

If you are thinking of going to Peru, here are some tips on what you can do and where you can go! These are some of the things that we did there:

Colca Canyon
Titicaca and Puno
Reed islands Tequile island
Machu Picchu

Check Out More tips on Peru on our Blog!


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7 Things To Do in Peru (That Aren't Machu Picchu)

7. Sandboarding and racing dune buggies in Huacachina
This hidden oasis provides ample opportunity for adrenaline-junkies and thrill seekers to explore. Just four hours south of Lima, travellers can begin their day by boarding down sand dunes or racing across the desert in dune buggies for a truly exhilarating experience.

6. Explore the Peruvian Amazon
Considered to be less popular than its Brazilian counterpart, the Peruvian Amazon is home to a diverse wildlife population and winding rivers that you need to visit while in Peru. To access the diverse jungle terrain, you can take a flight from the city of Puerto Maldonado with flights leaving daily from Cusco and Lima. And the good news? Tours through the Amazon on the Peru side are significantly cheaper – meaning you can save your dollars for a bonus round of pisco sours.

5. Go deep into Colca Canyon
When in Peru, make time to visit one of the deepest and most spectacular canyons in the world, the Colca Canyon. Accessible from Peru’s second largest city, Arequipa, the Colca Canyon is Peru’s third most-visited attraction yet many hikers seem to skip this impressive site. Don’t make the same mistake as those hikers and add a trip to the Colca Canyon to your itinerary. Also, if you’re still yet to be impressed, the Colca Canyon is actually twice as deep as the United States’ Grand Canyon. See for yourself how it compares.

4. Embrace the serenity of Lake Sandoval
Lake Sandoval is part of the Madre de Dios region of Peru, which is part of the Amazon basin. To reach this majestic site, you can start your hike near Mare de Dios River and marvel at the impressive wildlife including parrots, macaws and other exciting creatures. Once you arrive, you will be greeted by an unforgettable sunset.

3. Taste the mineral-rich salts of Maras
Just outside of Cusco you will find the town of Maras which is held in high esteem across the world for its impressive collection of salt mines that date back to the Inca times. Here, you will find thousands of salt pools that make up the hillside that build an intricate network of channels that feed spring water into the ponds. For a small fee, you can taste the warm water and sample some of the finest salt in the world. The mineral rich salt is great for cooking and is believed to help reduce stress.

2. Walk the streets of Arequipa
You’ve heard all about Cusco and Lima, but what do you really know about Arequipa? This city is filled with charming baroque architecture built from white volcanic stone. Surrounded by breathtaking volcanoes, Arequipa has well and truly earned its place as a UNESCO World Heritage destination.

1. Do as the Peruvians do in Huilloc
There’s a reason why we saved the best until the very end. To wrap up your time in Peru, there’s no better way to experience Peru than by immersing yourself in local culture. Make time for a visit to the Quechua village of Hilloc and learn more about the fine art weaving from the female villagers who have been perfecting the craft since a young age. Then, sit down for a pachamanca lunch where stones and grass are used to cook cuy (guinea pig), fava beans and potatoes using traditional cooking methods. The hospitality and generosity of the Quehchea villagers will leave you feeling humbled and grateful for the experience.

Special thanks to our friends at World Expeditions ( and Free & Easy Traveller ( who contributed the stunning footage that made this video possible. Check out their action-packed adventures to exhilarating destinations around the world on TourRadar.

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Places to visit in Peru aside from Machu Picchu 2020

When we think about Peru, we think Machu Picchu and Rainbow Mountain. Many people skip places like Huaraz, the great outdoors of the north where beautiful lakes and mountains are abundant. Paracas and Huacachina in the center are also often skipped. Much more, the Sacred Valley of Peru which is the gift from the Incas.

These are the places you should visit in Peru in 2020 aside from Machu Picchu and the Rainbow Mountain!

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Peru is my favorite country I've ever been to- the landscapes, to the culture, the history, and the food, make this place the ultimate travel destination and definitely the best place to travel in 2020. I have been to Peru 3 times (soon to be 4), and I want to show you my all time favorites! From the desert oasis of Huacachina to the insane mountainous landscapes and glaciers, Peru has so much to offer. What's your favorite place?

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Top Things To Do in Peru

Peru is packed full of culture and adventure and these are some of the top things to do.

Located on the west coast of South America, Peru is a beautiful country full of things to do—whether you’re looking for history, culture, food, or adventure. Some of our favorite activities in and around Lima, the capital, include exploring ancient Incan ruins, sandboarding in the Ica desert, and flying over the puzzling Nazca Lines. And of course, no trip to Peru is complete without a visit to Cusco and nearby Machu Picchu, one of the wonders of the world. Plan your trip, immerse yourself in Peru’s rich culture and history, and be sure to make time to sample the delicious national cocktail, the Pisco sour.

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Journey Through Peru's Incredible Sights in 6 Minutes | Short Film Showcase

Travel to the heart of Lima, the top of Machu Picchu, and deep into the Sacred Valley. Rhythms of Peru takes you to some of Peru's most iconic places, but also far off the tourist path. Experience a more intimate view of this beautiful country in this film from Golden Llama Productions (
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Journey Through Peru's Incredible Sights in 6 Minutes | Short Film Showcase

National Geographic


Check out or EPIC adventure around Peru! ????????????an ancient land filled with rich history and spectacular landscapes!

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Amazing Places to Visit in Peru - Travel Video

Peru has a prehispanic rich culture, beautiful places to discover, wild nature, and an extraordinary and worldwide known gastronomy. The land of Incas is one of the favorites for all tourists in Latin American and the world.

Would you like to get to know more about this destination? Here you have ten places you must visit during your next travel to Peru.


00:00 Why visit Peru
0:31 Machu Picchu
1:26 Cuzco
2:34 Lima
3:33 Iquitos, Amazon Jungle
4:18 Nazca Lines
5:10 Lago Titicaca, Puno
5:47 Chan-Chan, Trujillo
6:42 69 Lagoon, Ancash
7:16 Señor de Sipán, Chiclayo
8:08 Huacachina, Ica
8:49 End

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0:10 LIMA
0:33 MORAY





Peru Travel Guide - Top 10 Peru | Travel at home

Follow us to the most beautiful places in Peru! ????????
Have an amazing trip at home. ????
????In this video, we’ll cover more than Top 10 best places in Peru you need to check out before your trip:

1. Lima
2. Lake Titicaca
3. Arequipa
4. Chachapoyas
5. Chan Chan
6. Colca Canyon
7. Andes mountains
8. Nazca Lines
9. Humantay Lake
10. Cuzco
11. Maras Salt Mines
12. Moray
13. Sacsayhuaman
14. Vinicunca Rainbow Mountain
15. Machu Picchu

????Let us know your favorite place in the comment!

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What NOT to do in LIMA, PERU

If you're planning to visit Lima, Peru, there are some important things you should know. [Peru travel 2019]
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After traveling in Mexico for about 15 months, we decided it was time to visit another Spanish-speaking country. When some airplane tickets to Lima, Peru went on sale, we couldn't pass up the opportunity! That's what originally brought us to Lima where we experienced a bit of culture shock and made a few mistakes during our trip.

In this Lima 2019 vlog, we decided to share the biggest mistakes we think travelers are likely to make in the city. In this travel vlog, we talk about the biggest mistakes you can make in Lima, including:

- A common Lima candy you shouldn't take back on the plane;
- The local currency and how you can pay;
- The price of transportation in Lima and which is the best option to choose;
- A local beverage you should be very careful with;
- The tipping culture and what's expected;
- A big mistake you can make with Peruvian food;
- What the seasons are like in Peru;
- Heating and cooling in Lima homes;
- What the driving is like in the city;
- A big mistake you can make while walking around Lima;
- And more!

Some of these mistakes we made ourselves, and others are details about Peru or traveling in Lima that you might easily overlook. Even if you ask lots of questions and do tons of research before traveling to Lima, not knowing these helpful facts might make your trip less desirable.

We hope this information and our tips help you in your Lima, Peru 2019 travels! Did we miss anything? Let us know in the comments.

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Top reasons to visit Peru this year. (Bring a GoPro!)

We went, we saw, we filmed. Documenting our trip through Lima and Cuzco Peru with our GoPro Black edition and Canon 60D. See more info on traveling at

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Top 10 reasons to visit LIMA, PERU

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Lima, the capital of Peru, sits on the country's arid Pacific coast. Though its colonial center is well preserved, today Lima is a bustling metropolis that's one of South America’s largest cities. It’s known for its vibrant food scene, encompassing specialties from ceviche and traditional coastal cooking to refined global fare. It's also home to the preeminent Museo Larco collection of pre-Columbian art and the Museo de la Nación, tracing the history of Peru’s ancient civilizations..
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Why You Should Travel to Peru by TourRadar

Are you seeking steep treks to conquer? Craving Peruvian delicacies such as cuy? Dreaming of adventure activities such as biking, riding and surfing? Are you on a tight budget? If yes, look no further than a journey to Peru. Explore the picturesque and historic sights of Peru including the magnificent ruins of Machu Picchu to Sandoval Lake, or the desert oasis of Huacachina. This impressive destination has something for everyone.

Before you start planning your journey to Peru, there are a few things you need to know about health and safety. If you’re travelling anywhere near the Amazon, it’s imperative that you get yourself vaccinated for Yellow Fever and take some malaria medication. As for altitude sickness, if you’re trekking to Machu Picchu, you will need to allow for a few days in Cusco to adjust to the lower levels of oxygen found at high altitudes.

If you want to learn more about conquering altitude sickness and what to pack, take a look at our guide to trekking Machu Picchu here:

As you’re researching and considering a trip to Peru, it is likely that your mind will wander to the question of whether it’s safe to visit. Fear not, as Peru is most definitely a safe destination, even for solo travellers. In Peru the crime rate is relatively low, with pickpocketing being the most common problem that travellers will encounter. As long as you employ basic travel precautions and keep your wit’s about you should reduce the likelihood of any unfriendly or dangerous encounters.

To make the most of your next adventure to Peru, consider booking a tour to ensure your trip is fun, informative and hassle-free:

Next, comes the best part – planning your itinerary. Naturally, most travellers will want to visit Machu Picchu, and for good reason, but there are a few more destinations you need to visit. At the Colca Canyon, you can explore the deep river canyons where you can enjoy a spot of rafting or go trekking through the diverse terrain of the surrounding area. Next, make time to visit Lake Sandoval where you will find a large jungle lake surrounded by different types of rainforest and wildlife. Another notable destination is Huacachina, a desert oasis surrounded by palm trees and believed to host therapeutic properties. Each of these astounding destinations will leave you with lasting memories.

Once you’ve decided where to go, the next most important part of the equation is when you should jump on a plane to Peru. If trekking is the number one reason for you to visit Peru, the best time to travel is during July to August when the weather is at its finest. If possible, avoid the rainy season from December to January as some roads and trails may be subject to severe flooding. If trekking is not for you, you can still travel through the rainy season but just make sure you pack your best waterproof gear.

By now you’re probably feeling eager and excited to learn more about Peru. The good news? It doesn't end here. Continue watching another one of our videos or visit us on Days to Come.

Learn more about Peru and the wonders that await you by reading Days to Come:

Special thanks to our friends at World Expeditions ( and Free & Easy Traveller ( who contributed the stunning footage that made this video possible. Check out their action-packed adventures to exhilarating destinations around the world on TourRadar.

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Peru Is A MUST Visit Before You Die.. Here's Why!

Peru Is A MUST Visit Before You Die.. Here's Why!

Welcome back to Around The Globe, today on the channel we are going to be diving deep into the reasons why you should travel to peru. If you are a traveler yourself and you are looking for your next travel destination, we highly suggest you visit peru for a lot of good reasons. We know it’s not one of the top destinations travelers have in mind when choosing a country to travel and it might not be part of the list of countries most people want to go to but peru has a lot of hidden gems that are just waiting to be discovered!

Traveling has a lot of benefits for people and it’s actually highly suggested to travel every time you have the means to do so because it is good for your soul. It is a time when you can relax and free your mind with all the worries and just be out there so if you are one of the many people who love watching videos that are related to traveling then this video is a must-watch for you! Also if you are looking for your next travel destination watch this video first before you book the ticket because we will give you all the reasons why you should travel to peru!

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Top 10 Reasons to Visit Peru

15 Reasons Why You Should Travel the World

Explore Peru: Why you should visit Peru

Places to visit in Peru aside from Machu Picchu 2020



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