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Top 10 List of Future Tallest Building in World 2020


Top 10 Countries with MOST Skyscrapers | 2020

Which country has the most skyscrapers? This video counts down the global top 10.
A skyscraper is defined as any building taller than 150m.

The ranking is as follows:

10) Singapore: 87 skyscrapers
9) Indonesia: 101skyscrapers
8) Thailand: 103 skyscrapers
7) Canada: 104 skyscrapers
6) Australia: 106 skyscrapers
5) South Korea: 219 skyscrapers
4) United Arab Emirates: 242 skyscrapers
3) Japan: 249 skyscrapers
2) United States: 795 skyscrapers
1) China: 1980 skyscrapers

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Saudi Arabia $1 Trillion Future MegaProjects 2030 | World's Tallest Building: Jeddah Tower

Saudi Arabia is investing $1 trillion in infrastructure projects across the country. The majority of the megaprojects should be completed by 2030.

King Abdullah City:
With a total development area of 173 km² (66.8 sq mi), the city is located along the coast of the Red Sea, around 100 km north of Jeddah, the commercial hub of Saudi Arabia. The city is also approximately an hour and 20 minutes away from the city of Mecca, 3 hours from Medina by car and an hour away from all Middle Eastern capital cities by plane. The total cost of the city is around SR 207 billion, with the project being built by Emaar Properties. A Tadawul-listed company created from Emaar Properties, a Dubai-based public joint stock company and one of the world’s largest real estate companies, and SAGIA (Saudi Arabian General Investment Authority) which is the main facilitator of the project.[citation needed]

The city, along with another five economic cities, is a part of an ambitious 10x10 program to place Saudi Arabia among the world's top ten competitive investment destinations by the year 2010, planned by SAGIA. The first stage of the city is completed in 2010 and the whole city is planned to be fully completed by 2020. The city aims to diversify the nation's oil-based economy by bringing direct foreign and domestic investments. The city is also aspires to help create up to one million jobs. Upon completion, KAEC is said to be larger than Washington DC.

Riyadh Metro:
The Riyadh Metro is a rapid transit system under construction in the city of Riyadh, the capital of Saudi Arabia. It will consist of six metro lines spanning a total length of 176 kilometers, with 85 stations. The project will cost $22.5 billion to build. It is scheduled for a light opening in 2019, and the full network is expected to be fully operational in 2021.

Jeddah Economic City:
Jeddah Economic City, is a 5,202,570 m2 (56,000,000 sq ft) project approved for construction in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. The project is designed by the Kingdom Holding Company, a firm owned by Prince Al-Waleed bin Talal. Jeddah Economic City will host both commercial and residential development including homes, hotels, and offices.

The centerpiece of the development will be Jeddah Tower, planned to be the tallest building in the world upon its completion. The entire project is estimated to cost $20 billion (SR75 billion). Jeddah Economic City is a three-phase project. Jeddah Tower will be built in phase one, infrastructure for the project will be created in phase two, the third phase will be the profits.

Al-Haram Mosque Expansion:
In 2008, the Saudi government under King Abdullah Ibn Abdulaziz announced an expansion of the mosque, involving the expropriation of land to the north and northwest of the mosque covering 300,000 square meters (3,200,000 sq ft). At that time, the mosque covered an area of 356,800 square meters (3,841,000 sq ft) including indoor and outdoor praying spaces. 40 billion riyals (US$10.6 billion) was allocated for the expansion project.

Jubail City Center:
The redevelopment of Jubail City Center will revitalize the city and bring 100,000 jobs. Upon completion, Jubail City will be the largest industrial city in the world, slightly larger than Shenzhen, China.

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Top 10 Cities with MOST Skyscrapers | 2020

Top 10 cities with the most skyscrapers (buildings 150m+). Skyscrapers are a symbol of a city's size, economic power, and dense population. This video lists the 10 cities with the most buildings over 150m in decreasing order.

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Top 15 : World Tallest Buildings in 2020 - 1080p HD

Buildings which are currently proposed and under-construction are included in this diagram, along with existing buildings, if they are expected to be complete by 2020.

Buildings are ordered by official height.
Dubai Creek Tower
Jeddah Tower
Burj Khalifa
Tradewinds Square
Greenland Center
Signature Tower
G Land Super Tower
Goldin Finance 117
Pearl Of The North
Tianjin Chow Tai Fook Binhai Center
Shanghai Tower
Makkah Clock Royal Tower Hotel
Ping An International Finance Centre
Pearl Of The North
Lotte World Tower
One World Trade Center
Tianjin Chow Tai Fook Binhai Center
Chow Tai Fook Centre
China Zun Tower
Entisar Tower

Jeddah Tower 2019 Update Timelapse | 1000m+ World's Tallest Building

Jeddah Tower is a skyscraper on hold on the north side of Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. It is planned to be the world's first 1 km (3,281 ft) high building, and the centrepiece and first phase of a development and tourist attraction known as Jeddah Economic City.

Initial plans called for a mile high structure, but the geology of the area proved unsuitable for a tower of that height. The current design, created by American architect Adrian Smith, who also designed Burj Khalifa, incorporates many unique structural and aesthetic features. The creator and leader of the project is Saudi Arabian prince Al-Waleed bin Talal, a grandson of Ibn Saud, and nephew of the Kings of Saudi Arabia before him. Al-Waleed is the chairman of Kingdom Holding Company (KHC), which is a partner in the Jeddah Economic Company (JEC), which was formed in 2009 for the development of Jeddah Tower and City.

The building has been scaled down from its initial one mile high (5,280 ft) proposal, which was never fully designed, to a height of at least 1,000 meters (3,281 ft) (the exact height is being kept private while in development, similar to the Burj Khalifa). At about one kilometer, Jeddah Tower would still be by far the tallest building or structure in the world to date, standing 180 m (591 ft) taller than the Burj Khalifa in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Jeddah Tower's 50-hectare (120-acre) plot with surrounding buildings will be the first of a three-phase Jeddah Economic City development. The three-phase project proposed for a large area of undeveloped waterfront land with an area of 5.2 km2 (2.0 sq mi). It was originally planned to cover 23 km2 (8.9 sq mi) and cost SR100 billion. The area is located roughly 20 km (12 mi) north of the port city of Jeddah. Jeddah Economic City was designed by HOK Architects, and is estimated to cost at least SR75 billion (US$20 billion) and take around ten years to build.

The development is envisioned to grow into a new district of Jeddah. The second phase of the project will be the infrastructure development needed to support the city, and the third phase has not yet been revealed.

Unfortunately, the tower's construction halted in late 2017. It is unknown if or when construction will resume again.

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Right now the the tallest structure in the world is Burj Khalifa. But Saudi Arabia has started construction of Jeddah Tower which is taller than Burj Khalifa and would be the tallest skyscraper and Dubai has started construction of Dubai Creek Tower which is even taller than Jeddah Tower and would be the tallest structure, but not the tallest skyscraper !! Marvels in engineering !!

Footage credits : Emaar / Youtube

Dubai Builds World's Tallest Tower: 1300m+ Dubai Creek Tower | July 2019 Update

Dubai Creek Tower is an observation tower on hold located in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, at a preliminary cost
of AED 3.67 billion (US$1 billion) and is expected to be completed by 2022.
The tower was initially known as The Tower at Dubai Creek Harbour. Designed by Spanish-Swiss architect Santiago Calatrava, the Dubai creek tower will stand more than a KIlometer above Dubai.
The Tower is a joint venture between Emaar Properties and Dubai Holding, the investment vehicle of the emirate’s ruler, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid al-Maktoum.
Upon completion, it will become the tallest tower in the world, surpassing the Tokyo Skytree.
Set to take the record of the world's tallest building, Dubai Creek Tower will be the centrepiece of a brand-new, sprawling residential and retail development - Dubai Creek Harbour.

The final height of the tower will not be announced until its completion,but speculation is that the tower will stand near 1300m tall. Its construction cost is estimated at $1BN
Dubai creek tower will feature lush sky gardens, and the world's highest observation deck. The observation deck offers rotating balconies with 360 degree views of the city and beyond. Hotels, restaurants and several residences will occupy the 20 usable floors.
Preparation works began in october 2016, 170,000 cubic meters of soil were excavated for the foundation. After that 145 piles were laid and inserted into the bottom at 75m deep, 210 thousand tonnes of concrete was poured to form the foundation.
Up to 16,000t of steel reinforcement, twice the weight of Eiffel Tower, has also placed for the tower.
Completion was set for 2020. However, in late 2018 construction halted as the tower was indefinitely put on hold.
The visuals are the property of Emaar Dubai, and I use them with their courtesy.

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The visuals are the property of Emaar Dubai, and I use them with their courtesy.

Top 10 Cities With Most Supertall Buildings.. 2019 updates!!

List of 10 cities with most supertall buildings
( not including megatall )

Music : 'What We Came 4' is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (

Top 10 Tallest Buildings In The World 2019

In this video, we have shown the Top 10 Tallest Buildings In The World.
So following is the list of top 10 tallest buildings in the world:-
10. Shanghai World Financial centre, height:-492m
9. TAIPEI 101, height:-508m
8. China Zun, height:-527.7m
7. Guangzhou CTF Finance Center, height:-530m
6. One World Trade Center, height:-541.3m
5. Lotte World Tower, height:-554.5m
4. Ping An Finance Center, height:-599m
3. Makkah Royal Clock Tower, height:-601m
2. Shanghai Tower, height:-632m
1. Burj Khalifa, height:-828m
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Top 13 tallest buildings in the Philippines

In this video we feature the top 13 tallest buildings in the Philippines.

This list ranks the highest completed skyscrapers and buildings in the Philippines. The buildings and skyscrapers included here stand at least 150 meters high by standard measurement.

Here are the top 13 tallest buildings in the Philippines.

1. Grand Hyatt Manila
2. Trump Tower
3. PBCom Tower
4. The Gramercy Residences
5. Discovery Primea
6. Shangri-La at the Fort
7. Shang Salcedo Place
8. The Imperium at Capitol Commons
9. Grand Riviera Suites Manila
10. One Shangri-La Place Tower
11. The Skysuites Tower
12. GT International Tower
13. BSA Twin Tower
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Europe's Tallest Building is Almost Completed: Lakhta Center

The Lakhta Center is a 87-story skyscraper built near Saint Petersburg, Russia. Standing 462 metres (1,516 ft) tall, the Lakhta Center is the tallest building in Russia, the tallest building in Europe, and the 13th-tallest building in the world. Construction of Lakhta Center started on 30 October 2012; it was topped out on 29 January 2018. As of August 2020, construction continues on the complex, although the tower is completed.

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Future NYC 2020: Projects and Proposals

Theese are the upcoming projects of NYC's future
Music: Dj Mistik: Unchained Melody
Next Video: 3 World Trade Center: A New Addition To The Skyline

America's Tallest Building is Almost Completed | Central Park Tower

Central Park Tower (also known as the Nordstrom Tower and 225 West 57th Street) is a supertall mixed-use commercial/residential project being developed by the Extell Development Company and Shanghai Municipal Investment Group in Midtown Manhattan, New York City, in the U.S. state of New York. The building will rise 1,550 feet (472 m) to the roof. Upon completion, Central Park Tower will become the second-tallest skyscraper in the United States and the tallest by roof height in the United States, surpassing the Willis Tower. The building is also notable for its former proposed architectural height of 1,775 feet (541 m), one foot shorter than the symbolic 1,776-foot (541 m) height of One World Trade Center.

The building is designed by Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill Architecture. The first seven floors of the tower will be anchored by New York City's first Nordstrom department store. Floors eight to twelve will house amenity spaces for residents. Due to another residential project, 220 Central Park South, under construction directly across the street from 225 West 57th Street, Extell purchased air rights to build a cantilever over the Art Students League of New York's building, to which the League's members voted in favor. Official renderings were revealed on New York YIMBY on April 20, 2015. According to an announcement on June 25, 2015, the ornamental spire was officially removed from the design. The building will have 95 habitable floors.

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Top 10 Tallest Buildings In The World 2020

List of tallest buildings in the world 2016 ( Skyscraper City)

1. Burj Khalifa - Dubai (UAE) - Height : 828 m floor : 163 - built : 2010
2. Shanghai Tower in Shanghai (China) - Hieght : 632 m - Built : 2015
3. Abraj Al-Bait Clock Tower in Mecca, Saudi Arabia height 601 m, built in 2012
4. Ping An Finance Centre (Shenzhen, China) Hieght : 599 m - Built : 2016[
5 .Goldin Finance 117 - Tianjin , China- Hieght : 596.5 m Built: 2016
6. One World Trade Center in New York City, United States 541.3 m Built: 2014
7. CTF Finance Centre in Guangzhou, China 530 m Built : 2016
8. Taipei 101 inTaipei Taiwan Height: 509 m built : 2004
9. Shanghai World Financial Center in Shanghai, China Height : 492 m Built : 2008
10. International Commerce Centre in Hong Kong height : 484 m built : 2010
11. Petronas Tower in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia height 452 m built : 1998

Futuristic Cities Being Built RIGHT NOW!

We've all seen futuristic space aged cities in our favorite blockbuster movies. Sure. But here are the most futuristic looking cities that are actually under construction as we speak!! On Earth!

The list of futuristic cities feature; CITE

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Most Anticipated 2020 Roller Coasters So Far

2020 is set to be a massive year for the amusement industry. Several new and exciting roller coasters are already confirmed to debut. Not to mention rhe SeaWorld chain is set to premiere a new roller coaster at nearly all of their theme parks. Let's take a look at just a few of the many exciting roller coasters set to open next year!

Zadra photos by FOMO Coaster. I accidentally didn't credit him in the video. These are incredible photos! Check out his channel!

FOMO Coaster's Channel:

Top 10 Tallest Building in The US 2017

The list of the tallest building in the USA.
These are the highest buildings in the USA, including skyscrapers in NYC and Chicago that tower over their respective skylines. The immense skyscrapers of New York City and Chicago dominate this top ten list, though Atlanta does sneak in to score one for the South.

Aon Center is the 3rd tallest building in Chicago and the 6th tallest building in the US. The building is managed by Jones Lang LaSalle, which is also headquartered in the building.

Bank of America Tower, located in New York, 336 meters tall and 154 stories high, was completed 2009. It is the 28th tallest building in the world and the 3rd tallest in New York City.

Empire State Building, located in New York City, 381 meters tall and 102 stories high. It stood as the world's tallest building for nearly 40 years, from its completion in early 1931 until the topping out of the original World Trade Center's North Tower in late 1970.

Trump International Hotel & Tower, it was originally planned to become the world's tallest building, but alternative measures were taken after the World Trade Center Attacks.


Top 10 Tallest Building In The World 2019 (NEW!)

Burj Khalifa, Wuhan Greenland Centre, Shanghai Tower, Abraj al bait, Goldin Finance 117, Ping An Finance, Lotte World Tower, The World Trade Center, CTF Finance Centre, & China Zun

Each one Of the Tallest Building in the World, Some under construction Currently, and more to come!
Tallest Buildings in the world!
Tallest Skyscraper in the world!
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World's tallest buildings. Jeddah Kingdom Tower, Burj Khalifa and others

The international non-profit organization Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat (CTBUH) was formed in 1969 and announces the title of The World's Tallest Building and sets the standards by which buildings are measured. It maintains a list of the 100 tallest completed buildings in the world.[3] The organization currently ranks Burj Khalifa in Dubai as the tallest at 828 m (2,717 ft).[3] The CTBUH only recognizes buildings that are complete, however, and some buildings listed within these list articles are not considered complete by the CTBUH.

In 1996, as a response to the dispute as to whether the Petronas Towers or the Sears Tower was taller,[4] the council listed and ranked buildings in four categories:

height to structural or architectural top;
height to floor of highest occupied floor;
height to top of roof (removed as category in November 2009);[5] and
height to top of any part of the building.

Kingdom Jeddah Tower Vs Dubai Creek Tower : World's Tallest Building in 2020 : Height 928 to 1400m

Dubai Creek Tower


Inspired by the lily flower and traditional minarets, the column is also accentuated by more modern architectural lines, unlike anything the world has seen before. Every day following the sunset, Dubai Creek Tower will emit a “beacon of light” from its peak.

A joint venture with Dubai Holding, the pile foundations for the gravity-defying structure have already been completed, laying grounds to the promise of a magnificent vertical column unparalleled in weight and strength. Dubai Creek Tower is set to become one of the most iconic skyscrapers in the world upon its completion - a product of great vision, innovation and construction excellence that will add to Dubai’s significant skyline and elevate the city’s position as a world-leading metropolis of the future.

Minutes away from Dubai International Airport, Dubai Creek Tower will consist of several enthralling observation decks that offer 360° views of Dubai Creek Harbour and the city beyond. The superstructure overlooks the Ras Al Khor Wildlife Sanctuary and is directly linked to one of the world’s most vibrant retail districts.

Dubai Creek Tower’s design was selected following a highly competitive pitch from some of the world’s most recognisable architects. Renowned Spanish-Swiss architect Santiago Calatrava Valls was chosen as the design mastermind behind the project.

Dubai Creek Tower is a hyper-tall tower under construction in Dubai, the tower will become the World's Tallest Building upon completion in 2020.

Dubai Creek Tower will be built on a site in the vicinity of Dubai Creek, which is a waterfront area located near Ras Al Khor National Wildlife Sanctuary, Dubai Creek was the city's center of history and culture.

Height: 928 meters to 1400 meters
The developer Emaar will not announce the exact height of Dubai Creek Tower until its official opening in 2020 or later, in this way can efficiently prevent its height from being surpassed by some potential competitive projects.
After Dubai Creek Tower was unveiled in February 2016, the son of the architect Santiago Calatrava told the medias that the tower will be a notch taller than Burj Khalifa, and several months later in June 2016, the Chairman of Emaar Properties used to tell the media that the tower will be 100 meters taller than Burj Khalifa, which means it will be 928 meters tall, since then many medias started to using the figure 928 to introduce the height of Dubai Creek Tower.
In August 2017, a video displayed in Dubai Mall gives a hint of the height of the tower, according to the video, it can be approximately speculated that 8 Dubai Creek Tower stacked on each other will reach 11 kilometers, hence the tower will be at least 1300 meters.
For a tower supported by many cables anchored on anchors that spread on two sides, this height is not difficult to archive, people had built many supported towers that rise around 2000 ft in America in last century.
If it will really be over 1300 meters tall, then it will become the tallest structure in the world, as it can be sure that the Jeddah Tower in Saudi Arabia is not likely going to be that high.
And maybe it will be recognized as world's tallest building as well, since it's not totally a supported tower, what differentiate it from the supported tower is that it has habitable floors, a feature can only be found on buildings.

Uses: Dubai Creek Tower will be mainly used for observation decks or sky gardens. And there will be 20 floors occupied by hotels and restaurants as well, and even residences. The antenna on the peak will be used for broadcasting.

Dubai Creek Tower was designed by Spanish-Swiss architect Santiago Calatrava Valls.

Tourism and sightseeing:
Dubai Creek Tower will have ten observation decks inside the oval-shape structure which near the top of the tower, these observation decks offer 360-degree views of the cityscape of Dubai from a perspective of an unprecedented height.
The observation decks will be decorated like gardens, which is inspired by the ancient Hanging Gardens of Babylon.

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برج خور دبي: المآذن التقليدية: المعمارية الحديثة: في العالم فرط أطول مبنى عام 2020
Chinese Simplified:
迪拜小河塔: 传统尖顶: 现代建筑学: 超世界最高的大厦2020
Chinese Traditional:
迪拜小河塔: 傳統尖頂: 現代建築學: 超世界最高的大廈2020
Dubai Creek Tower: Tradisyunal Minarets: modernong arkitektura: Hyper mundo ang pinakamataas na gusali sa 2020



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