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Top 10 Best Countries to Immigrate by 2020


Top 10 Best Countries To Live In The World - Quality of life, Job, Raise Kids

Happiness is the key in deciding the best countries and Happiness is always a choice that any one can make.
Regardless of where you are and what you are going through, you can still choose to be happy, you can still choose to smile.
Keep recalling the quote, Accept what you can’t change and change what you can’t accept and make sure you are happy at the end of the day.
Here are top 10 best countries to live in the world in 2019.
If your country's in the list, you are lucky indeed.
1. Switzerland. (best for business)
2. Japan. (best for entrepreneurship)
3. Canada. (best for quality of life)
4. Germany.
5. The United Kingdom.
6. Sweden. (best country to raise kids)
7. Australia.
8. Norway. (best for citizenship)
9. The United States.
10. New Zealand.
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The 10 Best Countries To Live In ASIA For 2020 - Work, Retire, Life quality

Are you tired of making chump-change in a job you don’t like? Fed up of doing the 9 to 5 in your hometown and itching for something new?
Have you had it with living in a flea-bitten box even though you’re spending more than half your salary on rent?
You don’t have to live like this! Even though it may sound crazy, why not consider a complete change of scenery and instead, work overseas?
Asia is the largest continent on planet Earth, with booming job markets, many find work in teaching English, business, and tourism.
To live in Asia is a great thing even for Westerners; it only matters which country you choose for your living.
The cost of living in Asia is not that high as compared to the Western Countries.
Moreover, some of the countries in Asia are peaceful and safe for people to live in.
Japan, Singapore, and the Philippines are a few of the most peaceful countries with a low crime rate and high index of human safety.
Some countries like Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, and the Maldives are tourist’s top destinations in the World.
We have compiled a list of the 10 best countries to live, work, and retire in Asia; the list is based on a few merits such as quality of life, cost of living, safety, and environment.

10. Indonesia (cheap, jobs,)
9. India. (job, study abroad)
8. Vietnam (cheap, study abroad, retire)
7. Philippines. (cheap, retire)
6. Thailand. (safe, retire)
5. Malaysia. (safe, retire)
4. South Korea. (job, study abroad)
3. China. (study abroad, job, retire)
2. Japan. (safe, study abroad)
1. Singapore. (safe, study abroad)
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5 Easiest Countries to immigrate to and GET Citizenship❤️

5 Easiest Countries to Immigrate to and GET Citizenship. Filipina Dating Website

In today's video, were going to take a closer look at 5 Countries Where Getting Citizenship is Easy. There are lots of countries where getting citizenship Is About as easy as Learning Advanced Chinese Algebra, or walking blindfold on a highwire. And then there are others, where it's actually relatively easy...

Starting with,

#1. CANADA. One of the Most Beautiful Places in the Entire World. Plus, I've Literally Never Met a Canadian That I Didn't Like...

They also have a Very Easy Path to citizenship.

Unless you already have a Job Offer in Canada, you'll simply need proof of other income to obtain residency.

For example: As a single person, you'll need $12,000 as proof of funds to emigrate as a skilled immigrant. After becoming a permanent resident, you can then apply for citizenship after 4 years.

You also get citizenship if you marry a Canadian.

And guess what? Canada allows dual citizenship.


You haven't lived until you've spent time with Irish People. You can apply to become a naturalised citizen of Ireland after living there permanently for 1 year continuously.

Plus 4 years cumulative residency in the following 8 years.

But it doesn't stop there. You might be able to get citizenship simply by proving your Irish ancestry.

Plus, Ireland is another country that Allows Dual Citizenship.


Singapore Offers a Simple Path to Citizenship. First, you need to Obtain Permanent Residency. by establishing a business in Singapore, getting a job there, Or, By Marrying a Singaporean... After you've lived in Singapore for 2 years, you can apply for citizenship.

Singapore does NOT allow dual citizenship. So, You're Going to Have to Renounce Your Existing Citizenship, in Order to Get Singaporean Citizenship.


Whilst it is possible for a foreigner to Obtain Citizenship in Greece, there's a very simple alternative... That Gets You Permanent Residence There. Greece Offers a Golden Visa. And it's one of the most popular programmes Granting residency in Greece. And for very good reason... The qualification requirements are some of The Most Attractive in the World for Foreign Investors... A €250,000 Investment in one or more properties is enough to get you permanent residency...

And trust me, You Can Buy a Beautiful Home in Many of the Greek Islands for €250,000...


All you need to do is live in the country for 2 years, and be over 18 years old. Argentina is one of the easiest nations on the earth in which to obtain citizenship...

A financier visa applies to those who wish to live in Argentina and can prove having a minimum income of about $2,000 (USD) per month. This can be from annuities, dividends, investments, a business, or even a settlement. Simply provide documentation to prove this income, and its source, and make sure it goes into an Argentinian bank account, and you can apply for this visa...

Well, There You Go... 5 Countries Where it's Very Easy to Get Citizenship... Thanks for Watching! Make it a Great Day!

The 10 Cheapest Countries To Live or Retire | You Might Not Need to Work

You often dream of quitting your job, ditching it all and moving to paradise.
In this video, International Living revealed top 10 cheapest places to live & retire for 2019, and the reasons why we think these are the best places to consider.
The list isn't just for retirees, it's also for people who want to live somewhere so cheap that they don't have to work.
10. Spain.
9. Thailand.
8. Peru.
7. Portugal.
6. Colombia.
5. Malaysia.
4. Ecuador.
3. Mexico.
2. Costa Rica.
1. Panama.
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10 BEST COUNTRIES FOR EXPATS IN 2020 | Ready Go! Expat

What are the best countries for expats in 2020? What are the best countries to live and work abroad? In this video, I share the results of a Survey Report published at the end of 2019 with the 10 best countries based on responses by foreigners living abroad.

Personal Happiness, Finances, Work Opportunities and Ease of Settling In are among some of the factors in this survey. Check out the video and leave a comment below with your opinion.

Who am I? My name is Edu and I've been living and working in China since 2015. I have worked here at training centers and high schools. I am currently an English teacher working at an International Program inside a public high school in Nanchang, Jiangxi Province.

If you like videos about life in different countries, interviews with expats, travel guides, and world cuisine, please subscribe to the channel.

Top 10 Cheapest Countries to Live in Europe

The European Union has 28 countries, while Europe, as a continent has 50. One may think that they are mostly expensive countries, where expensive rental prices are the norm.
However, the reality of European nations is quite different, while some countries are indeed expensive, others are surprisingly affordable.
We checked out Expatistan statistics on the current cost of living to find out where you can live comfortably in Europe. Here is the list of 10 cheapest countries to live in Europe for 2019.
10. Latvia.
9. Belarus.
8. Czech Republic.
7. Slovakia.
6. Poland.
5. Hungary.
4. Bulgaria.
3. Romania.
2. Ukraine.
1. Georgia.
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Music by: Nicolai Heidlas.
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Top 10 best countries to live in the World 2019

In this video we feature the top 10 best places to live in the World.

What is the best country to live in? Well, a recent version of the United Nations' Human Development Report and the U.S. News & World Report's Best Countries , which ranks where people live long, healthy lives —in other words, the countries that are best to live in.

Below, we will break down the top ten nations that made it to the top of the list of this prestigious ranking and the reasons for their inclusion.

10. Ireland
9. The Netherlands
8. Canada
7. United Kingdom
6. Sweden
5. Denmark
4. Switzerland
3. Finland
2. New Zealand
1. Norway

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Five 5 countries who Will Pay You to Move There | 2019 |

Five 5 countries who Will Pay You to Move There 2019

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Smallest country in the world

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Here are 5 Places That PAY You To Live There
1: Canada
2: ChillI
3: Ireland
4: New Zealand
5: USA.
Our UpComing up videos:
NO 1: 10 Cities That Will Pay You to Live There | Make Money From Home USA 2019
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NO 3: 6 Countries Where Getting Citizenship is Very Easy
4:Iceland paying immigrants $5,000 per month to marry their women
NO 5: 10 Cheapest Countries in the World
NO 6: Can You Name a Country?
NO 7: 10 Countries That May Not Survive The Next 20 Years
NO 8: Top 5 Most Powerful Allies In The World
So guys stay tuned and enjoy those videos.

Hi Guys. I am a traveler, blogger, writer, Visa and real estate Advisor, Graphics Designer and Crypto trader. Welcome to my channel friends. This channel consists of different videos for you regarding Student Visa, Work Permit, Residence Permits, Immigration, and Tourist Visa etc (for Turkey Turkish visa, Europe, Shengen visa, Unan mei Shadi, Germany, America, Canada, and Australia/New Zealand). These all videos are a guide for you before you apply for a visa of a certain country. Please do note the videos are just for your information I make these kind of videos for the sake of awareness because many Pakistani Indian Afghani people unan ki danki laga k marty hein unko pata b hei k unan ki danki aik mout hei. aur kuch log Turkey se unan ka border samandar se cross kerty hoye Arrest ho jaty hein ya mar jaty hein. aur kuch bhai Pakistan se unan by road jaty hein aur rasty mei agwa hojaty hein. So note my videos are not for the business purpose. This information helps you in your life for becoming successful and achieving your goals. I am against the human-trafficking and I try to play the role through my videos.

Two Best Countries For Residency in 2020

Two Best Countries For Residency in 2020

Visa not Required & Settlement in El Salvador 2018

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Getting U.S.A Visa


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Top 7 Countries Where to Find Wife


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Latvia Tourist Visa Without Any Consultant 2018

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Top 10 Easiest Countries to Immigrate



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Other Titles:

- World's Top 10 Easiest Countries to Immigrate 2015.
- 10 Easiest Countries to Immigrate.
- Best Countries to Immigrate in the Worlds.

- Wikipedia.
- Others.


*NOTE: Process and Success rate of Immigration can be different for different Nationalities.

This list is based on the process and success rates of immigration by countries also includes visa process, accessing rate of immigration of countries by immigrants and facilities provide by the countries.

In Video:

10 - Argentina.
9 - Brazil.
8 - United Arab Emirates.
7 - Sweden.
6 - Italy.
5 - Norway.
4 - Australia.
3 - New Zealand.
2 - Belgium.
1 - Canada.

Top 10 Budget Destinations 2020 | MojoTravels

See the world without breaking the bank . . .at least too much. Welcome to MojoTravels, and today we're counting down our picks for the Top 10 Budget Destinations in 2020.

For this list, we’re looking at a variety of destinations from around the globe that are at least somewhat affordable and offer unique cultural experiences, natural wonders and plenty of opportunities to make memories that will last a lifetime.

#BudgetTravel #2020Tourism #AffordableTrips

7 Reasons to Immigrate to Another Country ❤️

7 Reasons to Immigrate to Another Country.
Filipina Dating Website:❤️

Get Your Free 7-Day Trial of the SUPER-EASY Video Software I Used to Create This Video

When we look at immigration from an economic point of view, the picture is crystal clear.

Many people immigrate to gain ‘Financial Stability and Better Future Prospects.’ It's as simple as that!

Here’s an example... if another country is offering you a better future, higher wages and a safer environment,

Pretty much any person would at least 'think' of immigrating to the other country! And why on earth not!

#2. People Immigrate for a Higher Standard of Living.

Many people place serious emphasis on experiencing a ‘High Standard of Living.’ Just think of all the parents sending their children abroad to attain a better lifestyle.

The reality is that they try their level-best to provide better career prospects

and lifestyle choices to their children, which they themselves might never have enjoyed in their own lives.

And as such, ‘immigration’ is the PERFECT SOLUTION to their concerns.

#3. People Immigrate for a Better Education.

Other Countries are Often Blessed with a Huge Range of Educational Opportunities and Choices. Be it top-class universities, high schools, colleges, professional institutes,

students can get themselves enrolled in any of them in accordance with their preference

#4. People Immigrate Because of Following the Tribe. If sociologists are to be believed, it's a chain of events.

The first person immigrates and sends “Happily Settled” information to his or her loved ones living in their native country.

And then what happens is that others also immigrate to the same country. (or perhaps, even a better one) to enhance THEIR future prospects.

#5. Political Reasons.

Unless you’ve experienced life in some parts of the world Where you can be persecuted, imprisoned or even executed because of your faith, lifestyle choices or political beliefs,

you simply cannot even begin to appreciate the Freedom's We All Too Often 'Take for Granted' in the Western world.

#6. People Immigrate Because of the Needs of Different Personalities.

Every person is endowed with a different persona.

Extroverts and work-oriented personalities are more likely to immigrate alone as compared to those who are introvert and family-oriented.

#7. People Immigrate to Find or Be With, Their Soul Mate.

As expats, we see this all the time with guys going to live in Thailand or the Philippines to Find a wife. On a personal note, I'm very happy I made the decision to Immigrate.It's something I've never regretted for a single moment... If you have any countries you'd like us to create Immigration Videos about, please say so in the comments. We're already planning several topics. Such as, How to Find an Immigration Lawyer, The Best Countries to Immigrate to. And many more...

Future video Topics:
reasons to immigrate
Immigrate to Canada
Australia Immigration
Immigrate to Australia
immigration to new zealand
immigrate to sweden
immigration to Malaysia
australia imm
nz immigration
immigration lawyer
immigration solicitors
immigration lawyers London
immigration lawyer Sydney

Please feel free to suggest future immigration video topics.

Top 10 Safest Countries To Travel To In 2020

In this video we cover the 10 safest countries to travel to in 2020. We also list another 5 countries that are safe to visit but didn't make the top 10 safest countries. our list is generated from the Global Peace Index and a few other statistics so that we think we have a very accurate list.

If you are a solo traveler or any type of travel where safety is a big issue for you then check out this video. These top 10 safest countries will have very low violent crime rates and low political unrest in 2020. They will offer great travel destinations and include some of the safest cities in the world.

We wish you safe travels throughout the world and it's so important to get out and check out what countries have to offer. I hope our 2020 list of safe travel countries helps you in your decision to get out and explore.

Note: While the 10 ten countries we list are very safe no country is 100% safe and conditions can change. Make sure and do your own research before you travel to any country. Thank you.

The 10 Best Places To Live In British Columbia For 2020

Canada is known for its natural beauty. British Columbia, with its lush rainforests, clean and clear lakes, coastal waters and high mountains, is one of Canada's most beautiful provinces.
Whether it's hiking, skiing, kayaking, swimming or golfing, a vast range of activities are always available wherever you live in British Columbia.
The United Nations Human Development Index consistently ranks Canada as one of the world's best countries to live in.
The people of British Columbia, like the rest of Canada, are friendly and welcoming.
People from many cultures call British Columbia their home, creating a diverse and vibrant society that welcomes international students.

Despite higher costs of living, British Columbia is still a top choice for many Canadians and immigrants to relocate.
If you are planning a move anywhere in British Columbia, you are about to discover one of the most spectacular places in Canada.
Near the coast, you’ll experience dry summers and wet but mild winters.
Near Okanagan or Cariboo, winters are warm and summers quite hot. In contrast, the northern coast gets more rain and colder winters.
It is no surprise that many individuals dream of moving to British Columbia. Some of the reasons why it is a great moving destination are:
- Higher wages and benefits.
- High standard of living.
- Excellent healthcare.
- Cultural Diversity.
- Low crime rates.
British Columbia is one of the best places in the world to live in. Whether you like hiking, skiing or shopping, you will find it right here - safe and easy to reach.
Below are the 10 best places to live in British Columbia, based on the cost of living, employment opportunities, quality of life, healthcare, and other important criteria.

10. Vancouver. (good to raise a family, retire, job)
9. Whistler. (retire, work)
8. Surrey. (retire, education, job)
7. Nelson. (affordable real estate, retire)
6. Squamish. (raise a family, affordable cost of living, job)
5. Fort St. John. (job, affordable)
4. Colwood. (overall)
3. Kamloops. (affordable, education, job)
2. Kelowna. (job, newcomer)
1. Saanich. (raise a family, job, education)

Thanks for watching this video. I hope it's useful for you.
(This article is an opinion based on facts and is meant as infotainment)
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Top 10 Best Cities In The World To Live, Travel And Retire 2020

Watch The Best Cities In the World to Live in 2020 Based on Several Surveys and Indicators. Top 10 Worlds Best and Most Livable Cities in the world in 2020 w.r.t Health, Education,Travel, Retire, Migrate and Quality of Life.

The Best Cities list as follows:
1. Austin, USA
2. Perth, Australia
3. Montreal, Canada
4. Dallas, USA
5. Berlin, Germany
6. Barcelona, Spain
7. Amsterdam, Netherlands
8. Toronto, Canada
9. Cologne, Germany
10. Phoenix, USA

Austin in USA is Recognized as the Most livable and Best city in the world based on several Surveys in 2020. This City is an Amazing Travel destination for Travels all around the world. This city has the best tourism attractions for the Travelers.

The best city in the world for millennial in 2020 is Austin, Texas. Austin is a melting pot of all of the perfect conditions that millennial's look for in a city – trendy cafes and bars, great job opportunities, awesome people, and a high interest in entrepreneurship.

Content in this video:
Top 10 Best Cities In The World To Live, Travel And Retire 2020, best places to live, top 10, australia, canada, best countries, where to live in america, best cities to live in, worst cities to live in, travel, best places, switzerland, retirement, best cities to live, best countries to live, royalty free images stock, top ten lists, move to, top 10 reasons not to, cheapest places to live, best country to live, 2019, spain, best countries to retire, best countries to live in

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The Best Places for Retirement in 2020 ❤️ 50 Retirement Questions

The Best Places for Retirement in 2020 50 Retirement Questions Filipina Dating Website: ❤️ Get Your Free 7-Day Trial of the SUPER-EASY Video Software I Used to Create This Video ❤️

❤️ 50 Retirement Questions You Should Ask. As a retiree seeking the best places for retirement, especially the best place to retire in 2020 there are so many factors to consider. Even more, so if you plan to retire overseas.

And part of any good retirement plan is asking the right questions.

In this video, we look at 5o important retirement questions.

Everything from emergency medical evacuation insurance to buying a retirement home or condo overseas to choosing the best back for Expats and lots of things in-between.

This is part of a new series on Planning the Best Retirement.

Creating a retirement plan that suits your specific needs and situation doesn't have to be a nightmare.

Asking the right questions is the first place to start.

I hope you enjoy watching these new retirement videos and as always, please feel free to ask any questions or leave a comment below.

10 Cheapest Countries to Live and Work

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10 Cheapest Countries to Live and Work
Most people expect long-term travel or living abroad to cost a fortune, and sure, if you pick expensive countries, your hard-earned money might not get you that far. But if you avoid popular, super expensive destinations, like Italy or Australia, and stick to some of the cheapest countries in which to live and work, you might be surprised how well you can live on a moderate salary. Why slave away in a downtown office when you could be exploring new cultures, having adventures, and earning a decent living abroad?
In fact, a low cost of living is one of the biggest draws for many people to move and work abroad. Although salaries will often be lower, your expenses should be too. There are also many well-paid jobs to be found, which will allow you to stretch your money even further while living in a cheap destination.
Here are 10 of the cheapest countries to live and work this year, according to meaningful travelers like YOU.
1. Vietnam
2. Costa Rica
3. Bulgaria
4. Mexico
5. South Africa
6. China
7. South Korea
8. Thailand
9. Peru
10. Poland
Thanks for watching!

Top 10 Happiest Countries in the World (2019)

If you’re happy and you know it, pack your bags! Welcome to MojoTravels, and today we’re counting down 2019’s top ten happiest countries in the world.

For this list, we’re running down the happiest countries on the planet, according to the updated 2019 World Happiness Report, which assesses countries on the basis of metrics including life expectancy, social support, personal freedoms and perceptions of corruption in society.

#WorldHappinessReport #Happiest #Countries

10 Best Places to Live and Work in the World | 4K

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10 Best Places to Live and Work.

Long gone are the days when people spent most of their lives living and earning at one place. People today look for new environment, better work opportunities and chance to experience different world cities. There are numerous places to choose from and that itself makes the task daunting. The major considerations are the quality of life, safety, job opportunities, salary structures, and raising children abroad.
Let us take a look at some of the best expat destinations worldwide. The places those are best in terms of economics, job market, safety, and childcare.
10. Hong Kong
9. Australia
8. Philippines
7. Spain
6. Singapore
5. USA
4. Switzerland
3. Mexico
2. Luxembourg
1. Ecuador
Written By: Kiran Bisht


Thanks for watching!

The Top 10 Countries for Indians To Live Abroad (by population)

There are over 31 million Indians, both Non-Resident Indians (NRIs) and Person of Indian Origin (PIO), who live abroad. No other country in the world has as many of their compatriots living abroad as what India has, which just Indian citizens alone numbers at over 15 million people. Indians can be found across many countries in the world. In fact, in some countries such as in the UAE, they even make up the largest nationality (not just foreigners but as a whole). See the top 10 countries with the most Indians living abroad by population.

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