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Tips for Travel during Coronavirus! Travel During a Pandemic - My First VLOG! | Sarah Lavonne


What to Expect When Traveling During COVID-19 | Safety Tips for Coronavirus Travel

What it's like to travel during COVID. Safety tips for Coronavirus Travel during a pandemic. The steps we took on the flight, before travel and at our destination for COVID-19 Travel. How to protect yourself and others from Coronavirus Travel.
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↠For travel advice to Saint Lucia, check out their website for details:
↠Get the Arrive Can app from the Government of Canada -
↠See Air Canada's Full safety precautions they are taking on board:

What you'll see in this video:
Our COVID-19 Test
Social Distancing
At the Airport
On the Plane
At the Resort
On the Island
Doing Exursions
The return Home
14 days quarantine
Government Check-ins

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Not everyone is ready to travel again, and not every country is welcoming travelers. But some destinations like Saint Lucia are open and are ready to welcome visitors. It is possible to travel safely if you take a few precautions at home before you fly, while on the plane and at the resort.
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We took a COVID Test before flying and continued to social distance before our flight.
On the plane, we did not sit beside anyone, we wiped down our seats and sanitized our hands.
We never took our masks off except to eat and we social distanced.
Saint Lucia has very strict rules for travel, and we followed all protocols while on the island.

We also made sure to purchase COVID 19 Insurance before flying with Medipac travel insurance.

While we don’t recommend jumping on a plane and traveling the globe we do feel that if you are committed to traveling responsibly and are willing to take all the precautions to keep yourself and others safe, there is no reason you can’t get on a plane and have a vacation.

What it is like on the flight and at the Airport during COVID19.

Flying is a completely different experience right now. Only passengers with boarding passes are allowed in the terminal.

Temperatures are taken before boarding and since we were flying to Saint Lucia and a negative test is a requirement, we had to show our paperwork before check-in.

One the island we wore masks, had private tours, could only stay at government approved hotels, and could only take government approved transportation and tours. Everyone had training and safety protocols for Coronavirus.

When we returned home we had a mandatory 14 day quarantine and could not step foot off our property.
We checked in daily with the government and had food delivered.

Travel is possible during COVID 19 if you take all the necessary safety steps.

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Traveling During Covid 19 - What it's really like!

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Traveling during the Covid 19 Pandemic is not impossible! If the proper safety precautions are taken, you can travel feeling safe and secure. We recently traveled from Sweden to Greece during Covid 19 and did not experience any issues. The airport in Gothenburg, Sweden was empty, however the airports in Stockholm and Athens were somewhat busy.

It's important to note that we were required to take a Covid 19 test at our local hospital within 48 hours of traveling, and there were random tests at the airports. It goes without saying, if you feel even slightly sick, do not travel! Remember to wear an N95 mask and to wash your hands regularly!

We had a trip booked to Greece before the outbreak of Coronvirus and could not receive a refund, so we decided to travel. We really feel bad for the airline industry and the thousands of airline workers that have lost their jobs. We will continue to travel by air when appropriate and when we can do it safely.

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What It's REALLY Like Flying During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Coronavirus (COVID-19) has changed everything, and that includes how we fly. Let us show you exactly what it's like flying during the pandemic.

From buying a ticket to boarding the plane to the drink-and-snack service onboard and even who's sitting next to you, airlines have made drastic changes - and just what you'll find onboard will depend on which airline you fly. Airports are different, too, as shops and restaurants (and even airport lounges) have limited hours or closed down altogether. It all adds up to an almost unrecognizable travel experience.

We recently took a trip from Minneapolis-St. Paul (MSP) to Washington, D.C. (DCA) and back to document the flying experience today. And we flew two different airlines, American and Delta, to show just how much it differs based on which airline you choose.

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9 thoughts on what it's like to fly during coronavirus:

Tips for your first flight during (or after) coronavirus:

From masks to cleaning, how U.S. airlines are handling coronavirus:

Delta's making a big bet on safety. Will it pay off?:

American Airlines will sell flights 100% full starting July 1:


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Flying at LAX? Here's what you need to know to Travel Safely

Lots has changed at LAX to help you Travel Safely. Here's a look at what to expect.


I recently took my first flights during the Covid-19 (coronavirus) pandemic. I flew from Los Angeles to New Jersey and back to visit family. I was a little nervous about flying, especially with coronavirus cases rising in the U.S., but as you will see, I took certain precautions and I give you a few tips so if you do fly, you can do it as safely as possible. I think the airports and the airlines did several things right but there were some areas that need improvement. I hope this video is helpful to you!

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UPDATE! We took this trip and the horse part was cancelled because the tour group is only taking private tours. So the price went from $127 for 2 people to $450 for 2 people so we opted out. Instead, we went to Okracoke Island for the day. That video will be up in a few days. Here is the link for video 1 of 4 in the series:

I'm getting ready for a long weekend trip in July. I've been doing lots of research and have 10-tips for you while traveling during our current new normal.

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PACKING DURING CORONAVIRUS // Our precautions for air travel during Covid 19

This video is for anyone looking for suggestions on packing during Coronavirus. While Europe has opened up for tourism and we'll be traveling within the EU, there are still serious precautions to take. We are very thoughtful about our actions and we stay mostly isolated.

ONLY travel if you are allowed, if it makes sense, and you can stay safe and keep others safe.

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Flying During COVID-19 | WebMD

Valerie is a professional traveler, but after her bout with the new coronavirus, she was nervous to get back on a plane. Here's what she did to feel safe traveling in the age of COVID-19.

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How to Travel Safely During a Pandemic

Travel has become more complicated than ever. This course walks you through what you should know if you have to travel during times of Pandemic. Learn more at

Maren Hunsberger is a microbiologist and science communicator who makes videos about all the amazing science that helps us understand our universe. In this course she explains how viruses spread and the impact it has on travel- from preparation to airports and considerations when returning home. This is not meant to encourage travel but to help us be safe and aware if travel is must.

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Traveling during COVID-19: What it's like to fly during a pandemic

DISCLAIMER: Max and I are not medical professionals and cannot provide any medical advice of any kind. This video showcases our own personal experience flying during the pandemic and it is important to remember to follow all CDC guidelines and guidelines of the destination you are traveling to.

Max and I took our first trip during COVID-19 in July 2020. We had booked a two week trip before COVID started to the Dominican Republic. About a month before our trip we realized the smartest decision would be to extend an additional two weeks to allow time for self-isolation. The Dominican government hadn't yet put out any advisories for quarantine and was set to open on July 2nd, 2 days before our scheduled arrival. Up until the night of our flight, we honestly didn't think it was going to happen!

We were anxious, nervous, scared, excited and curious to see what traveling during this time would be like. Our Delta Airlines flights had been changed so many times due to airplane and time changes and somehow we ended up getting upgraded to first class on the overnight leg of our flight, so we had no idea what to expect.

SFO International airport was completely deserted! We flew through ATL international airport so we departed from terminal 2 of SFO. The agents weren't the friendliest or most helpful, but we did get checked in efficiently and were pleasantly surprised with the precautions the agents took.

The boarding process is where everything fell apart - gate lice flocked to be the first on board, despite the new back-to-front boarding procedures. Folks, always remember, the plane is going to your final destination regardless whether you board first...or last!

The overnight flight was smooth, but cold, and 99% of people followed the mask rule through the duration of the flight. Atlanta was a bit more lax and we were super disappointed by the flight attendants on the flight from Atlanta to Punta Cana who told us the girls with their mask under their chin were fine.

Once we got to Punta Cana, we were free! Everyone was masked up, from small children to elderly. On our 5 1/2 hour car ride (we rented a car for the month to minimize contact with others), we saw that 90% of people were following the law and wearing masks, even in the rural little towns along the way. It really was incredible to see after coming from the states where masks are apparently a political statement these days.

Overall, the journey was smooth and we felt the airline did a pretty good job of following the guidelines set out for them.

If you're looking for more info on the Dominican Republic, our trip and our experiences, check out of new Destination Guide for the DR:

Check our our written experience here:

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Come travel with us,
Maren Engh & Max Jallifier

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Comparing Airlines During COVID-19: American, Delta, Southwest & United

What's it like to fly during the COVID-19 pandemic? Well, it depends largely on what airline you fly.

From blocking middle seats to changing up the boarding process to limiting in-flight snack and drink service, every airline has responded to the pandemic differently. So we put the four largest U.S. airlines to the test: American, Delta, Southwest and United.

00:00 - Intro
00:48 - Southwest Airlines
02:06 - American Airlines
03:06 - United Airlines
04:20 - Delta Airlines
05:18 - The Final Scores...

Follow along the journey see for yourself just what it's like to fly each of these airlines during the COVID-19 pandemic. Which airlines are keeping middle seats empty, and which aren't? Which airlines are doing the best cleaning their aircraft? How has in-flight service changed on each airline?

See our final rankings of these big 4 U.S. airlines at 5:18

It's plain to see that while travel has changed enormously during the pandemic. But it's even more obvious that some airlines have gone farther than others to make flying safer - and make travelers feel safer.

Want to see our category-by-category breakdowns of each of these airlines? Read them at

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9 thoughts on what it's like to fly during coronavirus:

Tips for your first flight during (or after) coronavirus:

Flying soon? Don't assume your next flight will be empty:

From masks to cleaning, how U.S. airlines are handling coronavirus:


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How to Be Cleaner (When You Fly)

I will give you travel tips for how to be safe when you fly. These are safety precautions that you can take in the airport, in the airplane and in the TSA security line. If you are flying during Christmas holidays, or if you will be in an airplane during the COVID-19 pandemic, these safety measures are to keep you from germs. I will show you practical ways you can pack your luggage and get through the airport in a touch less contactless way that may give you some peace of mind if you are scared to fly. As we head into 2021 the coronavirus is still here, but you can travel to many places while being responsible, clean and safe. #travelsafety #traveltips #covid19 #travelduringcoronavirus #travel #airplanetips #airportsecurity


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04:18 Safer in Airport
05:33 Another Way
07:00 Requirements
10:34 What to Know

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Flying During Covid 19 Vlog | Flying Southwest Airlines During the Pandemic I ATL- FLL I Trip Report

Flying during Covid 19 trip report video. Footage from my 9th flight during the Covid! Flying Southwest Airlines during Covid-19 and what it's like to travel during the pandemic from a recent flight at the Atlanta Airport/ flying Southwest Airlines During the Pandemic. ATL-FLL

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If you're thinking about traveling during the holidays for a large gathering, please consider staying home.

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HOW TO CHOOSE WHERE TO TRAVEL: Coronavirus Travel Tips

HOW TO CHOOSE WHERE TO TRAVEL: Coronavirus Travel Tips

For those that are ready to travel, this video will help guide you on where to travel to next. There are so many rules and protocols when it comes to taking a vacation due to the coronavirus which makes travel a bit confusing and stressful. Hopefully this video helps and don't forget to research your chosen destination and airline guidelines before booking your next getaway.

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Travel Essentials To Carry On During Pandemic

Travel Essentials To Carry On During Pandemic

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Flying International During Pandemic || TRAVEL DAY VLOG 2020

Travel day vlog 2020!!! Are you wondering what flying international during a pandemic is like now? Today we flew for the first time in three months! Oh how we have missed the air and of course airports!! We bring you along and show you what flying on a budget airline from Ukraine to... ALBANIA is like now in 2020. From new restrictions on who can even enter the airport, to a very different airport lounge experience, to getting full body sprayed on arrival (and we are not talking about the torrential downpour). Travel is for sure different now and every time since the pandemic we feel flying is a new experience worth sharing. We hope you all enjoy flying with us and seeing the first sights and tastes of Tirana!! What a fun city!

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Hey guys!
Here is the video from my January leave. It is hard to travel during pandemic these days, even tho you just wanna come back home and visit your beloved ones. Check out how did I get back home. Btw sorry for the quality of this video!
Hope you will like it anyway! :)

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Adriana :)

what its like to travel during pandemic with all the precautions // Refreshing destination//

full video link

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Traveling during a pandemic| Traveling with kids| Minneapolis to Las Vegas|Travel

We are traveling during a pandemic to Las Vegas, Nevada to see friends. So come along on our adventure as we travel with 3 kids.

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