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This Is The City Of Cats


This Is The City Of Cats

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Istanbul Cat park, Turkey. The City Of Cats!

Istanbul, Turkey at the Cat Park. This park is literally filled with cats, Its a place that not many tourist know about. So if you're visiting this beautiful city make sure you check it out. Its a very short walk from Taksim Squares and is free to enter.

Location: Maçka Sanat Parkı

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2XXQ+RW Nisantasi, Teşvikiye, Şişli/Istanbul


Music by @FinchFetti

Istanbul is the City of Cat??? (with History telling)

yes Istanbul known as the City of cats. Please watch and subscribe for more videos to watch. and stories to tell

Hi guys welcome to my channel

my story is about cat

Turkish likes so much cat because of their special reason

this is a cat inside the Mall its ok for them

inside the Mall you can see bed of cat sleeping

they love cat because they give bed to sleep

toilet or any place cat is important to them

even inside the toilet cat is there

they have place to eat




at night there cat is roaming around

sleeping and yet they give foods


do u love cat?


yeah sure



even street they still touching the cat

everywhere anywhere they love cat

Turkish people believes that cat is clean, ritually clean

if the cat land into your feet . you are so blessed

they believe also that cat is a blessings and a guardian

thats what you see they adore the cat

they believe that cat is their guardian

and ritually clean

they believe that if you kill cat you have to go to hell

to avoid the hell you have to build 5 mosques

here is one with a cover on her head loves cat

she stop to take picture


thats how they love cat




they believe that cat is the middle man of God to his will for the people

if you're eating to a restaurat

that tip box will go to the veterinary or to the injured cat

for those cat lover they even bring cage for the cat wherever they go



the cat in Istanbul are very precious

because they believe that its a blessings

they believe that Mohammad is a cat lover because once the cat rescue him

because when he is praying he should bite him by the serpent but the cat saves him



if the cat has no home

someone is giving them food and drinks

this is a restarunt and the cat is there

the cats have hotell

when the owner of the cat is absent they check in the cat in the hotel

so that it will take care off


this is the end of my story

This is Jamalia dela Cruz

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thank you

See uyou next time!!!!

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????I Gatti di Roma City of the Cats Part II

I visit the stray cat sanctuary at the ancient sacred Temples site Torre Argentina in Rome and after meeting several sick and disabled strays and the modern day Gattare who care for them I end up distance adopting a cat.

Cat City || Kuching Sarawak Malaysia

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‌‌ ‌
Kuching (cat) City is one of the cleanest cities in Malaysia. Kuching is also a popular destination for people from neighboring countries like Indonesia and Brunei to come for holiday.

Music By: Jason Shaw




????Secrets of Ancient Rome Ep.1 City of the Cats,

Did you know there was a magic street in Rome? Discover it with me and find out where modern day Roman cats are being brought to, while seeing beautiful vistas and getting snippets of Rome's incredible history as we visit the Altar of the Homeland!
Next episode I will cover more about the Goddesses and Gods of these ancient Temples and will also visit some Roman Cats at the most famous feline colony in Italy, you can visit them to donate or adopt some Italian kitties (senior and junior they're all kitties to me), at
. (Translates to Cats of Rome :)

How to use the Vienna CAT train from the airport to city center

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I know - train reviews aren't my normal thing, but I'm making an exception in this case with the Vienna CAT (City Airport Train) which runs from the airport to the city center every 30 minutes. It's super easy, fast, and convenient!

The city of Cats - Istanbul,Turkey

I'm sharing in this video my last trip to Turkey precisely Istanbul, a wonderful city with a lot of places to discover, delicious food and welcoming people my next video will be in the south region of Turkey.

أشارك في هذا الفيديو رحلتي الأخيرة إلى تركيا بالتحديد إسطنبول ، وهي مدينة رائعة بها الكثير من الأماكن للاكتشاف، الطعام اللذيذ وحسن الضيافة ، سيكون الفيديو التالي في المنطقة الجنوبية من تركيا.

Je partage Cette vidéo avec vous pour vous donner ma courte expérience lors de mon voyage en Turquie plus précisément à Istanbul, une ville magnifique pleine de surprises et aventures, ma prochaine vidéo serait au sud du pays.

The City Dominated by CATS! Kuching City, Borneo

I spent a few days in the Kuching City, Borneo and I actually loved it here. The most interesting part of Kuching was the amount of cats in the city. A very unique part of Sarawak - Kuching, Borneo.

This was my first insight to Malaysia, Borneo and I loved it. So much more to come in the next few weeks in Borneo. Are you looking to travel Borneo?

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Kuching - The City of Cats

In Kuching we meet people, who just love cats.

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Muistathan tilata kanavamme!

Feral Cats in Chefchaouen, The Blue City, Morocco

There are lots of Feral Cats in Chefchaouen, The Blue City. They seem happy and get fed food by the local people.


In malaysian language kuching means cat, so the cat is the mascot of this city...En malais kuching (kucing) signifie chat donc la mascotte de la ville est le chat...

Brisbane City Cat Going from University of Queensland to North Quay in 4K

This Brisbane City Cat going from University of Queensland to North Quay on The Brisbane City Cat named Meeandah. It does sound funny that the City Cats are all named. You can see the name on it's side.

Cats and Dogs. The sweetest residents of İstanbul city / İstanbul'un en tatlı sakinleri.

istanbul şehrinin en tatlı, en sevimli üyeleri. İnsan oğlunun en yakın arkadaşları; kediler ve köpekler
#1080p #animal #city #travelvideos #tour #walkingtour

Japan: Off to Ikebukuro and Sunshine City! (Feat. Lotsa Cats)

I really don't know how I encountered so many cats across neighborhoods all in one day...
Also, I was very tempted to put in a clip of me saying Izaaaaayaaaa-kuuuuuun by a vending machine.....but I had a feeling it would just worry the people who don't know the reference.

Feel free to drop me a message at ^o^

Kuching: City of Cats

Kuching is the capital of Sarawak. The waterfront sampan tour offers a nice view of the Sarawak River. And RJ Ayam Bakar Kopitiam offers the best food in town. All videos and pictures were taken in January 2013.

Wild cat catches the bird in the city center park

When i saw the cat going down i felt she will catch that bird... and it happened

great hunter, looking like black panthere

Do not watch those who love birds

Cat City ???? Kuching, Malaysia!

Kuching is very close to the Malay word for cat, and it's fair to say the city has fully embraced that tenuous detail. Cat statues and murals are literally everywhere around the city and there's even a museum dedicated to them.

I've now put together a bunch of these travel videos so if you like what you see If you like the please leave a thumbs up, and if you loved it please subscribe.

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Odessa: The City of Trams and Cats

Одесса: город трамваев и кошаков
Один сонный зимний день из жизни города. Даже в такие дни в нем хорошо и уютно. Все было отснято случайно за день.

Использованная музыка: Леонид Утесов - У Черного моря, Ennio Morricone - The Crisis, Keane - A Bad Dream.
One sleepy winter day in the life of the city. Even in days like this it feels good and homelike in the city. All footage was randomly shooted in one day.

Used music: Leonid Utesov - U Chernogo morya, Ennio Morricone - The Crisis, Keane - A Bad Dream.

City Cat Brisbane Queensland Australia

City Cat CidyCat leaving Hawthorne, Brisbane Suburb, Queensland. video follows shortly of trip up the river to the city. These boats are excellent and a weekly ticket (for work) is $21.60 and you can use the boat as often as you wish.



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