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The Top 10 things to eat in Paris | WHAT & WHERE to eat, by Paris locals ????????


The Top 10 things to eat in Paris | WHAT & WHERE to eat, by Paris locals ????????

Withlocals presents: the top 10 things to eat (and where!) in Paris, handpicked by locals.

Check out Paris’ best local food tours & tastings @Withlocals: Try the real taste of Paris!

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Watch this unique food guide to know what to eat on your next trip to Paris, and where are the best places to try each speciality, according to the locals.

This is the second video of the ‘Withlocals Paris city guide: discover the real Paris’.

FEATURED Isabel, Zoltan, Juliette are some of the amazing locals that accompanied Linas in this French gastronomic experience across Paris. They are / have been amazing hosts @Withlocals, too. We want to share their tips with you to make your Paris trip really unique.

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#10 A croissant for a good morning ???? And what is Kouign-amann again?! (00:28)
#9 Macaroons from heaven (00:58)
#8 Pay homage to the Moroccan tradition: a fragrant tea in a secret courtyard (01:28)
#7 Fresh oysters in a typical local market (01:55)
#6 A glass of divine… French wine????(02:31)
#5 Beef bourguignon like grandma makes it (03:07)
#4 Fromage mon amour a.k.a. Find the best French cheese in Paris (03:41)
#3 The REAL French crêpes (04:24)
#2 The must-try French apéro (05:01)
#1 The grand finale: a Champagne-based cocktail in a very cool venue???? (05:33)

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