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The Top 10 Problems Faced by Immigrants



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So you've applied to come to Canada as a permanent resident but you don't know exactly where you should live. Everyone has heard of Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver, but who knows if those are really great cities to start your new life. This list looks at big cities in Canada that are most accessible to new immigrants.
The richest city on this list, West Vancouver is a suburb of - you guessed it - Vancouver! It is surprisingly affordable for the renter: the average rent price in the city puts it right in the middle of the pack; it's actually cheaper to rent in West Van than in Milton! The unemployment is relatively low, well over a third of the population are immigrants, and it of course features the warmer temperatures that the Vancouver area is known for. So what could possibly be wrong? Well, on average it takes about 8 years to save up enough money to buy a house. So if you're thinking of starting out in West Vancouver, be sure to check out the rest of the list to find out where to move once you've made some money in Canada.
Looking for a job? The rapidly expanding city of Milton may be the place to move. Though it's a bit of a hike from Toronto - nearly an hour drive in traffic and significantly further by train - Milton boasts very low unemployment; the lowest among the immigrant-friendly big cities in the country. There aren't as many immigrants in Milton as there are in some of the other cities on this list, and the rent isn't exactly cheap, but it's hard to say no to jobs. Unless you're concerned about safety: Milton's crime-rate isn't exactly low.
The nation's capital is a safe bet. Predicted by experts to see a boom in jobs in the near future, the capital is also pretty much in the middle in all livability factors: the rent and vacancy rates are reasonable, unemployment is higher than some places but should soon drop, house prices are about average, as is the time it takes to save for a house, and the city is safe with decent transit. But Ottawa is notoriously boring and cold, so keep that in mind.
Richmond Hill, a suburb of Toronto easily accessible from the city by transit or highway, has one of the highest percentages of immigrants of any city in Canada - nearly equal that of the larger and perhaps more intimidating Mississauga. The only thing keeping it from being higher on this list is the violent crime rate which, while low, is significantly higher than the cities listed below. Well, that and the fact that it takes significantly longer to buy a house in Richmond Hill than it does in some other cities: the length of time to save for a house is not West Vancouver bad, but it's close.
Looking for a cheap apartment? Well, the immigrant-friendly Montreal suburb of Brossard has them in droves. The vacancy rate is reasonably high and the rent is way lower than any suburb of Toronto or Vancouver. Plus, it has a way lower crime rate than the equally cheap - and even more immigrant-friendly - Dollard-des-Ormeaux, another of suburb of Montreal, located almost as close to the downtown core. Sure, you have to cross the notoriously traffic-jammed Pont Champlain to get from Brossard to Montreal, but Dollard just isn't as safe. Finally, the average resident of Brossard only has to save for three years to afford a house, and Brossard has the second lowest real estate prices of any major city in Canada.
Mississauga, the third largest city in Canada's most pop0lous province, is still considered by many to be a suburb of Toronto. That's because it is only a 20 minute drive from the downtown and a short trip by transit. Mississauga boasts a population of over 50% immigrants and a low crime rate. But it's still somewhat of a bedroom community despite it's size - meaning you have to drive everywhere - and the employment rate doesn't compare favourably with the other suburbs of Toronto.
Markham is a suburb north of Toronto that is easily accessible from Toronto by transit or highway; it's right nextdoor to Richmond Hill. Markham has the second highest percentage of immigrants of any large city in Canada, with well over 50% of the population having been born overseas. The city boasts a high apartment vacancy rate and the rent is comparable to the other suburbs of Toronto. Markham is a pretty wealthy place too, meaning that it is a safe place to start your new life.

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Top 10 Immigration Friendly Countries - (United States)

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Don't be put off by the cowboys and the zealots: America is still the number one immigration destination in the world, with over one-fifth of all global immigrants heading there annually, according to a recent US census study. The downside to that is competition: with all of those other strivers chasing the dream, you might find yourself struggling to get a foothold. And in spite of generally weak employment possibilities and stalled immigration reform, the US is still one of the most diverse countries on earth and one of the best places to come if you're an engineer or if you're in the tech industry. Just don't try entering illegally and stay out of the South.
Yes, crime rates are higher than in countries like Canada or Australia: the USA has a murder rate of 4.7 per 100,000 inhabitants and ranks second last in our top 10 list on the Numbeo crime index, behind Brazil and coming in at 50.01. A word of caution however. The Numbeo index is a user-generated survey and not sound statistically. And it also helps to realize that the USA is even bigger and far more diverse than say, Brazil. Guess which city is safer: Dallas or Baltimore? Wrong. It’s Dallas by a long shot. It has half Baltimore’s murder rate and less than a fourth Detroit’s. And neighbouring Forth Worth is one of America’s safer cities, with less than half Minneapolis’ crime rate. Detroit and St. Louis are the worst in terms of violent crime. And the safest city in the USA? Plano, Texas according to recent statistics.
What to say about education? America has an overwhelming proportion of the world’s top universities which also happen to be the most expensive. It has an overwhelmingly diverse amount of options to choose from when deciding where to study. It also has trouble, like many developed nations, getting some of its high school grads to actually read and write, especially in lower income areas. The gaps are huge between the top achievers and those that struggle to stay in school. America has an incredibly complex tax system that begs for expert advice, or good tax software, to help you navigate it. Right now top marginal rates for personal income tax are high at 39.6%, but they kick in at fairly high levels: US$228,000 per individual and US$457,600 per married couple. In the mid-fifties America’s Motto changed from E Pluribus Unum – which is Latin for Out of One, Many – to In God We Trust. The new official motto began to appear on paper currency notes in 1957. It had appeared on coins since around the Civil War and comes from the Star Spangled Banner’s lyrics. And America’s national pastime? It used to be Baseball, without any doubt. That’s changed in the last few decades and Football now bests Baseball for that honor. Some small mid-western towns where the local Basketball arena has more seats than the county’s total population, and is always filled for every game, might disagree.
To the surprise of no one, most immigrants to the US currently come from Mexico: over 9,000,000 of the foreign born population of the United States was born in Mexico, and that makes up the vast majority. China and the Philippines are next on the list, both providing over 1 million immigrants, nothing to compare to Mexico's. India and Vietnam have both provided about 1 million immigrants.
And the remaining countries in the Top 10 provided less than 1 million each.

Costa Rica - Ten Reasons NOT to Move There

We are a full service travel agency with info and packages This is a MUST SEE video for folks thinking to move to Costa Rica.
#costarica #livingincostarica #puravida

Whether you are young or retirement age YOU need to CHECK OUT this video. Costa Rica is NOT for everyone. If you fit into any of these reasons, you may want to think twice. ENjoY!

Hey guys, I'm michael alan for

Making the move to Costa Rica and changing your whole life is obviously a huge decision, and you know, it takes some homework.

I'm gonna help you.I've got a top ten list of the reasons. If these apply to you, or they are you.
You might want to seriously at least reconsider your move to Costa Rica
because you're gonna have a hard time here. Alright. So, if any of these apply

Alright number one...
These are in no particular order.
Number One:
If you are a 'Type-A' personality,
an aggressive guy,
ah, my hate, my way or the highway guy. ah, i'm smarter than everyone else
i'm gonna change everything because i know the better way to do it.

if you're like that...
you can have a hard time here... very hard...
you'd be very stressed. the only thing
that that would change this is if you are a
pot smoker. If you smoke pot every day
and you're type-a person that might melo
you enough to live the 'Pura Vida'
down here. Even if you're a little bit
aggressive. Alright.
Number Two:
Ah.. the people that....
you want to live here just for the
sake you think it's cheaper. Alright.
umm... these are usually a retirement folks.
They want to take their life in San Diego
and they want to completely bring
it down here and replicate it.
They want what they want.
They want, when they, when they want it.
How they want it. You Know...
Their needs or wants.
They're not really coming down here for the reason except for to try and make it cheaper.
It's NOT!!

These are the whiny little bitches you
see on the internet complaining and
whining that the beer in uhh Mexico
is not fifty cents anymore.
They're all over the internet...
Costa Rica's not as cheap as it used to be.
That's because you don't want to change nothing!
Alright so, that's number two
Number Three:
The Government
you're mad that Trump is president or a Democrats in office. or whatever it is. You're going...
If this happens. I'm gonna move to Costa Rica. Our government sucks! I can see it's going downhill.

Well, if that's you. Do you think the
government's any better down here?
You're gonna be in for a rude awakening.
So, don't even say that Bluff.
You know you're NOT gonna do it.
and DONT
because the government's... ahh... umm...
There... there... THERE'S ISSUES! alright?
Number Four:
If you're a person
that likes things black and white.
If you knew the rules you...

This is my biggest
problem here actually.
I've made a video about it.
ah... you just want... to know how to do it.
problem here actually.
I've made a video about it.
ah... you just want... to know how to do it.
problem here actually.
I've made a video about it.
ah... you just want... to know how to do it.
Everything changes.
If it's a law.
Even if it's supposed to be a rule.
In banking, and real estate, you
think you know, but you don't really know.
It's very frustrating.

So if you're a black and white person.
You might have a
serious problem here.
because there's nothing in the black and white.
Alright, Number Five:

If you're coming down here
you want to... you think you want to make money.
You're gonna come down here.
You're gonna make your fortune.

Now remember, you
have to have money to make money.
I'm not talking about rich people.
I'm talking
about people that want to come down here kind of change their life.
Now I'm all for you having your little adventure in
Costa Rica, and you can do that.
you can teach your English
you can do some stuff
but if you think you're gonna come down
here really and change anything with
your money situation.
it's not gonna happen, and you're gonna be in a rut real quick.
very similar to that you would in the States.
so, if that's your thing...
I want to make money.
I can do it there and start my life.
Number Six:

You had such a great time in Costa
Oh My god!
The romance of it.
Man I could live here.

could definitely do it here.

travel here and to live here is apples
and oranges.
There's really actually no
connection completely different.

Totally different rules!

I loved Italy .
I'm may have seriously considered moving there after visiting.
Man I was all caught-up in the romance.
DON'T DO IT! that's not it!
that's not it... don't make your decision based on what a great vacation you've had in Costa Rica.
Number Seven:
This is more personal for me.
Investment If you're coming down here to.. ahhh
for the sake of investing.
you've seen my videos.......

Watch this video for the rest.

Top 10 Immigration Friendly Countries - (Brazil)

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So you're ready to leave your country and start a new life somewhere, but you're not sure which destination is right for you. We picked the top ten most welcoming countries for immigrants, from the places with booming economies to the spots with the most progressive immigration policies and immigrant support services. Don't just throw a dart at a map or follow your relatives: consider what your priorities will be and pick the country that's right for you.
10. Brazil
Brazil is one of the biggest, most populous, and most diverse countries on earth. It also has a roaring economy and one of the biggest skill deficits in the world. Brazil wants to recruit as many as 6 million immigrants in the coming years according to the Miami Herald, so start learning Portuguese. Sure there are some harsh traffic problems in the biggest cities, but crime is declining and Brazil is asserting itself on the world stage.
The Portuguese still make up the largest percent of foreign-born Brazilians, with the Japanese a distant second. Most people in Brazil are Brazilian-born.
Many immigrants to Brazil are actually just foreign-born Brazilians moving back from the neighbouring countries where their parents moved. Paraguay and Argentina are the most common sources of both these returning Brazilians and new immigrants. But people are also coming from Bolivia and Uruguay.
Immigration to Brazil from 1990-2000 by Country of Origin (approximate)
Paraguay 12 Uruguay 6 France 2.5
Argentina 9 Japan 5 Germany 2.5
United States 8 Portugal 4 China 2.5
Bolivia 7 Italy 3 All others 34
The largest source of recent immigrants from outside of South America is the United States, followed by Japan, Portual, Italy, France, Germany and China.
Brazil has always been multi-cultural, experiencing waves of immigration from all over the world, but the diversity of the current wave of immigrants means that it is likely you will find a community in which your native language is common.

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Top 10 Immigration Friendly Countries - (Canada)

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We might be a little biased, but we think Canada is the most immigration-friendly country in the world. We've got plenty of space, we're already ethnically diverse (including two of the six most multicultural cities on earth, Vancouver and Toronto), and we survived the global recession relatively unscathed. Yes, it can get pretty cold, and you'll probably want to avoid rural areas at first, but Canada has great social services and a high standard of living. Check out our lists of top Canadian cities to immigrate to, study in, and places to avoid.
Canada finds itself near its commonwealth cousin Australia on many lists. For example, Canada ranks 10th on Transparency International’s rankings just ahead of Oz, and Canada’s murder rate of 1.6 per 100,000 inhabitants is much closer to Australia’s than to America’s. And our Numbeo crime index comes in at 37.46 which is slightly better than Oz’s 42.16. In terms of crime in major Canadian cities, Toronto is one of the safest in the country, behind Quebec City, Guelph, and Barrie only. At the other end of the scale, booming Regina and Saskatoon are the two most dangerous cities right now in Canada, with Kelowna, Vancouver, Edmonton, Brantford, and Winnipeg all above the national average in terms of crime.
Canada’s education system is funded and managed by all three levels of government: federal, provincial, and local. University tuition for international students is high, often much higher than the rates locals get charged. The top marginal tax rate is 29% for personal income taxes and it kicks in at C$135,055 or US$108,250 at current exchange rates.
As for national sports, Canada has two. One for winter: Ice Hockey to no one’s surprise. And one for summer: Lacrosse, a sport that originated with the First Nations and was initially picked up by European colonists in the 1840s. The original game was called baggataway and involved hundreds of participants in a violent contest. The modern game is played on artificial turf laid down off season in hockey rinks, and outdoors, and although not nearly as violent as the original, it can still get plenty rough. Canada’s national motto is A Mari Usque ad Mare, or From Sea to Sea, and first appeared on Canada’s redesigned coat of arms in 1921. A fitting motto for a geographically enormous and culturally open country that stretches from the Atlantic to the Pacific and is lapped by the Arctic Ocean as well.
Just like Australia, most of Canada's foreign born population is from the United Kingdom, though most of these people immigrated a fairly long time. In fact, China has ecipsed the UK as the source of Canada's largest number of immigrants, if you include Hong Kong in the number. The rest of Canada's immigrants come from all over the world.

Top 10 reasons why people move to Canada ????????

#canadaimmigration #canada #expressentry #whypeoplemovetocanada #ourprstory #movingtocanada

Top 10 reasons why people want to move to Canada. A detailed video about the benefits and reasons why people choose to move to Canada from their home countries. This channel is about A new immigrant family with 2 kids, the struggles they face when they move to Canada.

???????? PROS AND CONS Of Living In MALAYSIA! ????????

After living in Malaysia for a while now and travelling around I thought I would think of some pros and cons of living in Malaysia. To be honest, it was hard to think of the cons and overall, we love Malaysia. It is a fantastic place to travel and live!

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???? Can you MOVE OUT your PNP province ?

Can we move out of the PNP province? Please watch the video to know the answer to this question, which problem you might face if you move out and what to do in order to avoid that problem.

Canada PNP program explained:

Living in a basement in Canada/New immigrants video

#basementliving #basementincanada #canada #problemsinbasement #mississauga #canadapr #canadianimmigration

Advantages and disadvantages of living in a basement? Should you prefer a basement over a condo or an apartment? All the issues that you might face in a basement?

Top 10 Most Difficult Countries To Get Visa


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World's Top 10 Most Difficult Countries To Get Visa

1. Sudan
2. U.S.A.
3. Sao Tome and Principe
4. Saudi Arabia
5. Syria
6. Iran
7. Democratic Republic of Congo
8. Angola
9. Russia
10. North Korea

*Source : Telegraph | United Kingdom

NOTE: This list based on some kinds of problems faced by Citizens of different countries like, slow visa process, expensive visa process, security issues, medical issues, and enemy countries.

Don't come to live in Spain if...

Planning on moving to Spain to live? In this vlog I talk about some of the things that might put you off coming to live here, like the job market and salaries, having to learn Spanish, and corruption.

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10 Most Annoying Problems in Switzerland

We do have problems in Switzerland as well you know. Here are the 10 most annoying problems in Switzerland experienced by a Swiss local. Like in every country in the world there are things that work, there are things that don't work and there are things we believe they don't work but they actually aren't problems really... So here are our 10 problems in Switzerland, maybe you guessed some of them correct beforehand.

Enjoy travelling Switzerland like a local with these insider tips:

Why we have bad weather in Switzerland:
Should you get the Swiss Travel Pass for trains?:
Eat like the Swiss:
Where to fill up your car in Switzerland:


10 Secrets to Staying Out of Trouble in Thailand

#DoMoreLife #Travel #Thailand
These are my 10 Secrets to Staying Out of Trouble in Thailand.
Traveling Thailand has taught me so much about the country, and life in general. As an expat, who lives and works in this country, I have been travel vlogging in Thailand for just over 10 months. During that time, I learned 10 secrets to stay out of trouble in Thailand.
First, have all of your paperwork accessible at all times. This really helps to expedite any problems you may have with the police or immigration officers.
Next, Get a Driver's License. It can be an International driver's license or a Thai License.
Third, stay out and away from all drama, no matter what the circumstances.
Fourth, use the Thai tourist police. They are your best asset in many cases.
Five, Common sense is your best friend. Trust your gut.
Six, if it ain't broke don't fix it. Just keep it maintained.
Seven, Know when your visa expires. Do not overstay.
Eight, do not work without a work permit.
Nine, always be polite, kind, and generous.
Ten, Have an emergency evacuation plan.

Instagram @jeremy.clodfelter

I really hope you enjoy these live streams and travel vlogs as much as I love making them. They are just another reason I love being an expat in Thailand. Whatever you do today, be sure to DoMoreLife!

This is a fun channel dedicated to travel, photography, and education.

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Challenges for New Immigrants in Canada.

In This Video, we are discussing the issues which new immigrants face just after landing in Canada. In addition we are also suggesting them the best possible/workable solutions to these problems .

لماذا يترك المهاجرون كندا ؟ - مهم جدا Why do some immigrants leave Canada

شكرا لك على المشاهدة. فعّل زر التنبيهات (????) لكي تكون اول من يشاهد الفيديوهات الجديدة !
كن صديقي على :
انستجرام :
جروب كندا على فيسبوك :
تويتر :
قناتي الثانية:
هذه الاسباب لا تمثل وجهة نظري لكن ردي على هذه الاسباب هي ما يمثل وجهة نظري
رغم ان كندا تحتل افضل دولة للحياة في العالم الا ان الاف يرحلون عنها سنويا !
ما هي اسباب رحيلهم و هل هي متعلقة بعيوب في نظام الدولة ام تحديات لم يستطيعوا التأقلم معها ؟
المصادر :
1- Many working-age immigrants leave: Statistics Canada

2- Skilled immigrants wasting their talents in Canada

3-Why 40% of Immigrant leave Canada after they become citzens ?

4- Too white, too old, too late? Quebec's immigration problem


ترجمة :
Shady Ghazala

Top 7 reasons why immigrants are leaving Canada

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These are the top 7 reasons why immigrants after spending so much time and money leave Canada because they are disappointed. Follow and subscribe our channel for more videos on immigration updates and struggles of a new immigrant family with kids.

DON'T Come to Canada ???????? if ...

In this video you will get to know 5 reasons why Canada might NOT be the right choice for you.

Video guide to the Step by Step Process for Canada PR ( Express Entry 2018)



Let us know in the comments below if there's any other issues we missed! We hope this was a good way to open up the discussion. We don't got all the answers!

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The choice whether or not to pick up your family and immigrate to another country is a big decision indeed.
In related news, Arizona is hot, Newfoundland is cold, Macbeth was a little power hungry, and the Maple Leafs have been a little bit unlucky since 1967.
In all seriousness, though, weighing that question of whether or not to immigrate—or, on the flip side of things, how you as a natural-born citizen of a country should feel about immigration—is a complex one indeed. Here are just a few of the pros and cons of each respective position to help you ponder one of the great social phenomena of our time.
There’s no more time-honored social tradition for nations like the United States and Canada than immigration. Both are nations founded on immigration, and the virtues, values, and social fabric of both nations have been woven by a continuing stream of immigrants. Everything from our music, laws, sports, businesses and beer—both Canadian fresh and Coors swill—can either trace their roots to or have otherwise been influenced by immigrants.
If you’re looking to immigrate somewhere, both the US and Canada are fantastic choices with a long history of—eventually—accepting immigrants (more on that in a bit.)
Some countries have more of a history of immigration than others, and some nations, for a variety of reasons, prefer a more homogeneous population to the wonderful multicultural mixing that immigration allows. Thankfully, the US and Canada have historically stood at the forefront of the immigration game.
After all, after all these years, how do immigrant-built nations such as the US and Canada still continue to attract the best talent, grow culturally and, yes, keep their balance?
That we can tell you in one word—Tradition!
On the other hand, as alluded to earlier, it’s not as if every immigrant story has always been a smooth one. Immigration and multiculturalism are wonderful things, but to pretend that each and every story of immigration to Ellis Island was filled with sunshine and rainbows would be just that—pretending. America has a long and proud history of immigration…and an equally-long and not-so-proud history of often being less than receptive towards immigrant groups when they first arrive. To be fair, this has far and away been more of a problem for the United States than Canada.
In the US’s defense, it’s received record numbers of immigrants from around the world, and whether you’re talking about 1918 or 2018 New York, more immigrants means more competition for jobs, and thus more pressure on and potentially-less immediate acceptance of immigrants. By comparison, Canada is…well, just more polite—but then, everyone’s more polite than NYC, and New Yorkers wouldn’t have it any other way.
That question of “tradition” cuts both ways as well. For as easy as it is to dismiss bigots who fear immigrants will somehow “corrupt” a native culture, there’s no denying that immigration has a cultural effect on those doing the immigrating as well. The age-old trope of immigrant children vs. immigrant parents is well-worn, but well-earned as well. Children of Jewish and Italian Immigrants to America in the early 1900s often had an easier time assimilating than did their parents, as reflected by two of baseball’s great Hall of Fame names—Hank Greenberg of the Detroit Tigers and, of course, Joltin’ Joe DiMaggio of the New York Yankees.
While this is a centuries-old cycle has affected the US and Canada alike, one potential answer to that question of tradition reveals itself in the aforementioned example. In the 20th century, a group’s having stars and acceptance in baseball was often a prelude to greater cultural acceptance within the US and Canada, such was the love for the game.
Sports, social media, film, TV, literature, music—there are more outlets than ever for first-generation children of immigrants to find acceptance in US and Canadian society while still holding on to the traditions they and their own native culture hold so dear.

The Top 10 Problems Faced by Immigrants

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The Top 10 Problems Faced by Immigrants

Settling in a new region poses many challenges, whatever your background, and there are some that are common experiences for migrants across the globe. While immigrants to Canada may face some, or all of these issues, the country has a range of features which can help to make the transition smoother. In this article we'll look at those issues and how to resolve them when moving to Canada.

Language Barriers
Access to Services
Cultural Differences
Problem Kids!
Prejudice and Racism
The Weather



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