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The Robot Barista could doom human baristas


Cebit 2016 Bosch Robot coffee maker


Avatar Robot Cafe Dawn Version Beta 2.0

A pop-up cafe with robots — which are remotely operated by ALS or SMA patients who cannot leave their bed — serve coffee and even chat with the customers when it opened at Otemachi’s 3x3 Lab Future on Oct. 7, 2019.




Osi_us barista

ฝนตกออกไปกินกาแฟไม่ได้ ก็คิดสูตรชงกินเอง ชื่นใจ

Coffee robot (Shibuya, Tokyo)

Automatic coffee robot, engineered by Japan

커피엑스포 / Coffee Expo / 커피로봇-애디 / A Coffee-Making Robot - Eddy

A Coffee-Making Robot /
Coffee Expo / Coex Seoul, Korea

#커피 #커피로봇 #Korean Street Food

로봇 바리스타 Robot Barista serves coffee at ASEAN-Republic of Korea Commemorative Summit 2019

한아세안 특별정상회의(ASEAN Republic of Korea Commemorative Summit)에서 전시된 로봇 바리스타, 전기 자동차, 자율주행차 등 입니다.

한치의 오차도 용납치 않는다 1억원짜리 로봇 바리스타!! /ROBOT BARISTA - GANGNAM STYLE COFFEE /GANGNAM SEOUL KOREA/강남 라운지엑스

[ 고화질 (HD 1080) 로 설정 하시면 더욱 선명하게 보실 수 있습니다. ]

오늘은 강남N타워 지하 2층에 있는 라운지X 에서 로봇 바리스타가 내려주는 커피를 먹어 봤습니다.
로봇은 6천 만원 정도에 프로그램 및 기타 장비까지 해서 1억 정도 된다고 합니다.
맛은 좋았지만 로봇이 내려줘서 맛있나? 사람이 내려주면 이 맛이 안나나? 그건 모르겠습니다.
암튼 맛은 좋았습니다.
매장도 넓고 깔끔하고 쉴 틈 없이 돌아 다니는 서빙 로봇 보는 재미도 있고 휴식하기에 좋은 장소 같습니다.

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좋아요와 구독은 저에게 큰 힘이 됩니다.

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08:00 ~ 22:30

KRW 5,000 = USD 4.2

서울특별시 강남구 역삼동 테헤란로 129 강남N타워

촬영 원하시는 사장님 언제든지 연락주세요

E-mail :

#강남라운지엑스 #강남n타워 #강남로봇바리스타 #강남커피 #강남맛집 #강남길거리음식 #streetfood

Henna cafe Tokyo - Robot cafe Shibuya

A robot is making your coffee at the Henna Cafe in Tokyo - Shibuya.
Welcome to the future ;-)
if you want to visit:
1 Chome-21-3 Jinnan, Shibuya-ku, Tōkyō-to 150-0041

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Cafe X Robot Coffee Barista - Metreon San Francisco

Behold the future of coffee! Cafe X, the world's first robotic barista, serves up some java from a kiosk at the Target-Metreon Center in San Francisco...(thanks to Styx)

Airport Automated Coffee Shop (talk to no-one)

Taipei Songshan Airport has a new cool Automated coffee shop between the MRT and the Terminal. They also have an Automated Library which you can use your easy card (the transit and convenience payment card)

Happy Baristas GRAVITECH experience

Roland Lodr and Marian Plajdicko are Happy Barista co-owers. They tell us their gravitech experience

라운지엑스 로봇 드립커피 / Robot hand drip coffee, Lounge X / Korean Street Food

Drip coffee KRW 5,000 (USD 4.17)

The robot's algorithm is based on the boss's skill, which achieved good results in various barista competitions.
High quality coffee difficult to popularize
Available at a reasonable price

What is Specialty?
Any coffee grown in special circumstances, such as geography, climate and production area, means coffee that has scored at least 80 points according to criteria established by the American Special Coffee Association (SCAA).

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location : Gangnam N Tower B2

Google Maps :

Fun to eat food with eyes!

business inquiry :

#Robot # Gangnam #Coffee

강남N타워 / 로봇 핸드드립 커피 / 빵셔틀로봇 / 라운지엑스 / Lounge X / Robot hand drip coffee

에티오피아 모모라 내추럴 Ethiopia Mormora Natural USD 4.27 (KRW 5,000)
쿠키 Cookie USD 2.13 (KRW 2,500)

Google Map

129 Teheran-ro, Yeoksam-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, South Korea
서울특별시 강남구 역삼동 테헤란로 129

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[로봇카페] 라운지엑스 @ 레귤러식스 - 로봇이 내려주는 핸드드립 커피와 팡셔틀

로봇팔 이놈 제법일세 셔틀도 막 부리고

@서울시 강남구 테헤란로 129 강남N타워 지하2층의 LOUNGEX 에서 찍었습니다.

* 저같은놈에게 누가 협찬을 줍니까? 한푼한푼 모은 제돈내고 마시면서 찍음

Robot coffee barista (Dotcom) China Shanghai 2016

The bust of Dotcom on Food Expo Shanghai, China (2016).
That's so cool, the company is young but they are so trendy!

robot barista prepares and serves coffee

Cafe X, San Francisco, California
Shot by Carole Terwilliger Meyers, on March 26, 2019
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This robot barista in the Metreon in San Francisco will fix you a coffee and give you a show.
c2019 Carole Terwilliger Meyers

STORM | Barista Attitude

Everyday, for more than two centuries, coffee has been landing in the heart of Europe, in Trieste, a meeting point of intercontinental maritime routes and the Adriatic-Baltic and Mediterranean corridors. Trieste boasts a history of landings and trades permitted by its free port status awarded to it back in the eighteenth century.

Trieste is coffee culture. The Old Port, built in the second half of the nineteenth century is a splendid specimen of industrial and commerce archeology. The port’s thermodynamic power station was chosen as the best setting for Storm short movie, both for the industrial style and for the presence of steam produced when it’s working, something in common also with espresso machines.
Inspiration, style and love for anything good start here. And also Storm's journey starts here.

Storm is an espresso machine that has a “Barista Attitude”, as it boasts several features specifically designed to facilitate everyday work: ergonomics, Dry Steam, the cool touch steam wand, the pre-infusion control, pressure, temperature and many more.

More here:

Seoul coffee expo 2019 - robot barista in seoul coffe expo 2019

Seoul coffee expo 2019 - robot barista in seoul coffe expo 2019


It was very early in the morning so Aaron's face is swollen lol.

The name of this robot cafe is Dalkom b;eat !

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This Robotic Barista Made My Coffee | Cafe X Robot Coffee Bar

Cafe X Robot Coffee Bar in San Francisco employs assembly line-style robots to build your coffee orders for you. This robot barista can make two drinks in under a minute and will get your order right every time.

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