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The Parent Trap


The Parent Trap

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A simple and comprehensible presentation of different types of water traps encountered by novice treasure hunters. With a simple remedy of how to counter it.

New BUDOT dance 2018 [Monkey]


Pirates Attack Wrong Ship (2020)

Somali Pirates attack the wrong ship. Pirates were very surprised with new defensive technology that is used on this container ship.
Watch to the end to find out how it works. This video is made by Vestel. Vestel is a Turkish home and professional appliances manufacturing company consisting of 18 companies specialized in electronics, major appliances, and information technology. Vestel's headquarters and production plant are located in Manisa, while the company's parent conglomerate is the Istanbul based Zorlu Holding.
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Parent Trap Transformation Scene Redone

The Parent Trap (Summer Camp Parody)

Campers in our Eagle-I video production activity made a parody of the film The Parent Trap.

Video by Max Austin and campers

The Parent Trap

The cub scouts have learned to make traps. How will they put their skills to use?

新聲戲院(Sands Theatre)

粵語片名導演李壽祺是粵劇名伶靚元亨的長子,他在新聲戲院(Sands Theatre)欣賞「肉婆」蘇菲亞羅蘭(Sophia Loren)主演的《龍虎群英 The Fall of the Roman Empire》(1964年) 時,被鄰座疑有同性戀(homosexual)傾向的麥基非禮,偷吻他的玉手,嚇得他要立刻吸煙定驚。

新聲戲院(Sands Theatre) 位於九龍(Kowloon),尖沙嘴(Tsim Sha Tsui),漢口道(Hankow Road)與北京道(Peking Road)的交界,耗資港幣300多萬元(over HK$ 3,000,000),由鄭仲舟(Mr. Cheng Chung Chou)設計,「大興營造公司」承建的12層樓大廈(12 storey building)。

原址是景星戲院 (Star Theatre),它在中華民國十一年(1922年)6月1日開業至太平洋戰爭(Pacific War);中華民國卅六年(1947年)9月5日(星期五)復業放映至中華民國四十五年(1956年)11月7日(星期三),因耗費港幣30多萬元(over HK$ 300,000)改建停業,直至中華民國四十五年(1956年)12月21日(星期五)復業,加裝空調(air conditioner)、弧形大銀幕(large curved screen)、乳膠座位(sofa seats)。

中華民國五十二年(1963年)7月19日(星期五)下午舉行開幕酒會,該院由「大夏娛樂公司」營運,董士長(director)陳樹渠(Chan Shu Kui)、總監(supervisor)為陳樹鍇(Chan Shu Kai),以放映首輪西片為主,1,200座位(1,200 seats),裝備有義大利「新藝米加歷加廠」製造的「域多利亞八型」放映機(Projector),招待全體嘉賓欣賞和路迪士尼的七彩喜劇電影《The Parent Trap 天倫樂》(1961年),晚上7時30分及9時45分兩場正式營業,翌日(20th July, 1963, Saturday)開始與香港島(Hong Kong Island),樂聲劇院(Roxy Theatre)聯映。

Clips from the parent trap

Watch this shit in HD
Sorry the video is so shakey I have an old man tremour at the age of 18. I felt like 13 y/o Lindsey Lohan fresh out of the isolation cabin. Union jack became union crack.

Song: jeff x spencer - Friday

Travelzoo's Fight The Parent Trap VNR

The Parent Trap by Numbers;

There are 6.5 million 5-16-year-olds attending state-funded schools in the UK. Of these, there are 3,329 going to secondary schools and 6,788 going to primary school
Fines for taking children out of school without permission are £60 per pupil
64,000 fines issued in the UK between September, 2013, and August 2014
The average cost of APD for a family of four flying short haul from the UK is £52… long-haul travel will cost an average £276
A family of four who take their summer holiday on the Thursday before schools break up (on the following Wednesday) can expect to save an average £700
*Search performed on 25 June, 2015.


the parent trap lucy style

The Parent Trap

LoveStruck: The Girls, The Guys & The Gaze

where: iant gym
when: november 24th 8pm-10:00pm
who: brothers and sisters ages 13+
abdelrahman murphy
shaykh yaser birjas
shaykh abdulnasir jangda

The Sherman Brothers - Disney Family Album

Originally Aired on The Disney Channel August 1984 (#3 in The Series of 20 Disney Family Albums):
Robert and Richard Sherman wrote more motion-picture musical song scores than any other songwriting team in film history. They are Academy Award Winners and are best known for their musical composition for Disney Files, and Disney Park Attractions, working directly for Walt Disney until his death in 1966. Film scores that include Mary Poppins, The Jungle Book, The Parent Trap, Winnie the Pooh, Bedknobs and Broomsticks, and the Aristocats. Theme park recordings include, It’s a Small World, Magic Journeys, America on Parade, One Little Spark, Makin’ Memories, The Tiki, Tiki, Tiki Room, and There’s a Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow.

Parents trip Disc 4 Part 1

New Project 1

Extraordinary Alexandria: Let's Get Together

Looking for a getaway that’s the best of both worlds? Hop on over to Alexandria. You’ll find hand-crafted cocktails and homemade custard. Romantic restaurants and raucous clubs. Eclectic boutiques and eccentric personalities. Quiet alley ways and a bustling waterfront. So if you’re up for little bit of this and a little bit of that, visit the town where it all comes together.

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Parent Trap

Parent Trap Handshake

Being a camp counselor is one of the most rewarding jobs.

Filmed at Camp Weequahic.

I don't own the rights to the music

Travelzoo's Parent Trap Survival Kits

Louise Hodges, Travelzoo's Head of Communications, EU and Global Coordinator, finds out what Arthur and Amber think about the Parent Trap Survival Kits at our media event in June, 2015.

Budots Party 2019

Budots Party 2019

Camp America Summer Camps: Girls

Wanted to live that unique summer camp experience ever since you saw The Parent Trap? That's what you'll get with Camp America Summer Camps! For full details visit



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