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The BBC Travel Show Saint Martin


Tony the Traveller in Ethiopia - BBC Travel Show

Sint Maarten A Paradise Island in 4k

Come explore with us the beautiful Island of Sint Maarten in the Caribbean.

The Travel Show: Poland Gold Train (2016 Week 47)

St. Maarten

Recorded January 6, 2015

St. Maarten was the second stop on my 14-day Caribbean cruise on board the Ruby Princess. The video includes...

00:00 Ruby Princess sails into St. Maarten
11:34 Cruise center
14:32 St. Maarten tour
17:14 Boat cruise on Simpson Bay
26:54 Marigold
29:29 Sunset
32:08 Sail away


Sand boarding with an Olympian in Kazakhstan - BBC Travel Show

Mike Corey was recently in Kazakhstan where he got to try his hand at sand-boarding on the famous 'singing sand dunes' in the Altyn-Emel National Park.

BBC Travel Show 5.9.2014 Bulgaria


BBC Travel Show - World Disability Day special (Week 49)

BBC Travel Show 15.11.2014 Australia Direct

St Maarten A walk around Philipsburg

Walk around in Philipsburg. The tour starts in Front Street, Boardwalk, Courthouse and the local market. Finally a slideshow with pictures from Philipsburg.
Recorded with gopro mounted on Gibal. (2014)

BBC Travel Show 13.9.2014 Happy Danes


St. Martin / St. Maarten - French & Dutch Influence | WestJet Vacations

At 87 square kilometers, the island of St. Martin/St. Maarten is the smallest landmass in the world that is shared by two nations. The Dutch and French influence is evident everywhere!

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The 'forgotten' pyramids of Sudan - BBC Travel Show

More than 200km (124 miles) from the Sudanese capital Khartoum, the remains of an ancient city stand in the desert.

The Nubian pyramids in Meroe are smaller than the more famous ones in Egypt but there are many more of them.

Underwater armistice - BBC Travel Show

We are in Scotland where we head to Scapa Flow to join divers who are now taking tourists underwater to explore the wrecks of a scuppered German fleet from WW1.

BBC Travel Show 9.8.2014 Panama Direct

We visit one of the best paragliding spots in the world - BBC Travel Show


On the trail of Mexico's butterfly migration - BBC Travel Show

The Travel Show: Myanmar (2015 Week 19)

The Travel Show: New Zealand (2015 Week 26)

BBC Travel Show 7.6.2014 Rome

8 Hours In The Royal Caribbean: St. Maarten

This is not a flat tire on a side street. This is zooming through two extraordinary worlds in St. Maarten, making the most of every second in eight unforgettable hours on a unique Caribbean island that oozes with personality. Join Tyson Mayr as he explores St Maarten's shimmering seas, unique eats, and the sweeping, spectacular views you could spend your whole life searching for. This is how Tyson spends his eight hours in St. Maarten. What will you do when your clock starts ticking?

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