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Top 5 Things to do in Antigua Guatemal | Things to do in Antigua, Guatemala | What to do in Antigua, Guatemala

There are many things to do in Guatemala. I spent about a week recently in Antigua Guatemala and was able to do something great each day. These are my Top 5 Things to do in Antigua Guatemala. If you have any other recommendations of what to do in Antigua Guatemala, please feel free to write them in the comments.

Number 5 Thing To Do in Antigua Guatemala | The Local Market in Antigua Guatemala:

The local market in Antigua Guatemala never seems to end and is a great place to spend a morning or afternoon.

The 4th Thing To do in Antigua Guatemala | The viewpoint over Antigua Guatemala:

Beautiful viewpoint over the whole town of Antigua and the Guatemalan country side and volcanoes.

The number 3 thing to do in Antigua Guatemala | Visit Las Vibras de las Casbah nightclub in the center of Antigua

The 2nd best thing to do in Antigua Guatemala | Historic Sites in Antigua Guatemala:

The Best #1 thing to do in Antigua Guatemala | Volcano hike outside of Antigua Guatemala:

Lot of things to do in Antigua Guatemala, make sure to fit as many in as possible! Subscribe for more videos to come and throw a like and comment if you want!

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LOCAL'S GUIDE: Things to do in Antigua, Guatemala | Food, Drink, & More

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I partnered with locals to share the best things to do in Antigua, Guatemala. All of the suggestions in this video are from Luis family who live in Antigua, and my our experience after living in the colonial town for one month. Full list of experiences plus some:


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Day started off with a couple mishaps. Entered a church in the center of Antigua, on the only day where visitors were not allowed. Did not notice that until I left the cathedral. Then tried to enter another old church and even though this videos is about the things to do in Antigua Guatemala, this sign showed all the things you cannot do in a church in Antigua Guatemala! No short, no cell, no talking to other people, no this, no that. A bit excessive!

Either way, I entered the ruins of San Francisco on the outskirts of Antigua Guatemala near my hostel and they were stunning. I love history, and I love well kept ancient history with information to explain what has happened rather than just leaving it up to interpretation and the grounds here were beautiful and had a little museum on the premises for you to go in and see artefacts and other things from this era.

There are a lot of things to do in Antigua Guatemala, this being one of them because there are many ruins in the area. Probably 5 to 7 just in the center of Antigua alone. If you are looking for other things to do in Antigua Guatemala, check the video links below as one is the local market on the west end of Antigua and the other link is a video of the short walk to the beautiful viewpoint overlooking all of Antigua Guatemala.

Lookout over Antigua Guatemala:
Antigua Guatemala Local Market:

Make sure to subscribe as I will be doing one of the volcano hikes in Antigua, which is another great things to do in Antigua Guatemala, when you are here, then I will be leaving the city of Antigua, and the country of Guatemala and off into El Salvador!

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5 Things NOT To Do in Guatemala

Get more Tips here!
With its lush landscapes, Mayan ruins, and towering volcanoes, there aren't too many things not to love about Guatemala. But like most countries, there are some Things NOT To Do in Guatemala.

1. Don't Visit Guatemala City
According to the U.S. Department of State's travel notice, the city is rife with violent crimes against U.S. citizens and foreign travelers. The capital was once considered safe, but those days are long gone.

2. Don't Wear Flip Flops to the Mayan Ruins
Unless you want to lose your footing and sprain an ankle, leave the flip flops in your suitcase. The ancient Mayan Ruins are over a thousand years old, staircases may be unstable, and grassy areas uneven. So watch your step!

3. Don't Have Your Heart Set on Delicious Coffee
Guatemala may be known for producing some of the best brews you'll ever taste. Sadly, most of the coffee is exported, which means you won't be sipping a cup of Guatemalan joe during your stay.

4. Don't Travel at Night
It's a necessary precaution when traveling, especially in Guatemala. When night falls, the chances of becoming a victim of a crime are far greater.

5. Don't Take Photos of the Locals Without Permission
There are unsubstantiated rumors in Mayan communities that foreigners have the intent to steal their children and sell them abroad. A Japanese tourist was tragically killed by an angry mob of 500 villagers after he took pictures of indigenous women and children in a market.

Where do you want to know what NOT to do in next?
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I have mentioned before that something I love to do when I arrive in a new town, is find a viewpoint. It is a great way to get a lay of the land and see your new place from above. Antigua, Guatemala was no different. When I arrived in Antigua, I asked the lady at my hostel where a place to get a good view of Antigua Guatemala was. Firstly, the rooftop at Villas Esthella is a great place to stay, with a rooftop patio and terrific 360 view of Antigua and the surrounding Guatemala landscape and from there, she was able to point out a walk up to a lookout over Antigua and a view of the two most famous volcanoes in Guatemala.

As you walk the beautiful cobble stone streets of Antigua, you can see the hill and simply walk towards it to find the base of the trail. From there, you follow the steps up and enter a terrific smelling forest of fresh air and a deep pine smell. Apparently it is dangerous to walk this trail at night so avoid this Antigua Guatemala lookout once the sun has set. When you arrive at the top ...

Walking Antigua, Guatemala:
Antigua, Guatemala Market:

...there is a beautiful cross standing above all of Antigua and you see the gorgeous landscape of Guatemalas surrounding areas around Antigua. Directly in front lies the main volcano, one of many in Guatemala, that overlooks the Antigua streets.

A short little walk that guys you good orientation of Antigua and the scope and beauty of this area of Guatemala.

Will be enjoying a few more days of Antigua Guatemala and then off south!

Check out the video links below about the other videos of Antigua Guatemala.

Video on Antigua Guatemala. Filmed in Guatemala in the city of Antigua.

5 places you must visit in Guatemala!

If you are planning to go to Guatemala. You should definitely check out some of this amazing areas. These are 5 places that I really enjoyed to have visit. You should go! If you have other places to recommend in Guatemala feel free to hit a comment below.

The Other Guatemala (places you won't believe!)

Guatemala is well known for traditional places like Tikal, Antigua and Atitlan but there are some breathtaking places that most people don't know...places that you won't believe! ...Don't miss this video!

The Guatemala Travel Guide | Antigua, Tikal, & Lake Atitlan

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Guatemala has many incredible places to visit and things to do. After living there for a month, these are my top picks of what to do in Tikal, Antigua, and Lake Atitlan.
Antigua video:
Tikal video:

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15 lugares que no conoces de la Antigua Guatemala

Siempre que he ido a la antigua voy a caminar como loco sin un rumbo, sin seguir recomendaciones, espero les haya gustado el vídeo y puedan visitar cualquiera de estos lugares.


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Things To Do In Antigua

Things to do in Antigua offers plenty of ideas on how to spend your time while your cruise ship stops in Antigua.

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Video Credit: Published on Jun 5, 2017

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Guatemala Tourist Attractions: 10 Places To Visit

Planning to visit Guatemala? Check out our Guatemala Travel Guide video and see top most Tourist Attractions in the Guatemala.

Places to visit in Guatemala:
El Mirador, Livingston, Parque Central Quetzaltenango, Volcan Pacaya, Monterrico, Flores, Chichicastenango Market, Santa Catalina Arch, Lago de Atitlan, Tikal

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Instagram: @noregretslifestyle
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First day in Antigua consisted of combing the streets and dragging my jaw. What a gorgeous place Antigua is. What a gorgeous place Guatemala is! I set out to find the local market, here in Antigua. As I walked down the street ...

If you have not seen the first day in Antigua, Guatemala, click the video link below.

Arrival in Antigua:

... I came across many little shops and many stores that are built into the old buildings but as most people, I like to view everything that is on offer, and look for something very unique. I figured the Antigua Market would be the best place for that.

Basically any road in Antigua, walking away from the entrance into down, and down the slight slope, you will end up at one of the main streets that meets perpendicular with the one you are on. In front of you will be more little stands and places to buy souvenirs, and down those roads lead you to the market.

I arrived at the Antigua Market at the main entrance to the west. The first thing you pass by is the big food court, as markets and Antigua Market being no different, are a great place to grab a cheap, authentic meal.

Leaving the food court you enter the toiletry and deodorant section. Then into the spray paint section. Spices section. Shoe section! Everything! The Antigua Market literally has everything. Even seafood! This far from the coast, up in the mountains, hidden in this deep dark market, is not the first place I would want to buy seafood in Guatemala.

I push on. Candles. Chickens. Nuts. Power tools. The works! Finally, after walking what seemed like forever I followed the natural light and left Antigua's Never Ending Market!

A lot of things to do in Antigua, and I would suggest taking a morning, or afternoon as one of your things to do, and checking out the Antigua Market. Good fun, cheap, and you will find whatever you need!

-Antigua Market
-Things to do in Antigua
-Antigua Guatemala
-Travel in Guatemala


7 Things to do in Antigua & One Thing NOT to do!

We had a fantastic time recently on the Caribbean island of Antigua and discovered loads of great things to do there.

Set in aquamarine seas this corner of the Caribbean is more than just a fly and flop destination. You can have plenty of adventures, natural encounters and eat your way through lots of great tasting food. Oh and don't forget the omnipresent rum punches.

For a relatively small island it's packed with attractions and there was never a dull moment.

Here are 7 of the best things to do in Antigua and we've written more about them here Our favourite Antigua attractions include;
• Learning to cook with rum at Nicole's Table. Yes, at Nicole’s home we cooked with rum, drank rum and learnt the history of rum, and managed to stay sober – just.
• We whizzed a speedboat out on a seven-mile journey across the Caribbean sea with Antigua Reef Riders. Screaming with laughter and joy as our speedboat bounced across the waves.
• Partied the night away, dancing to the music of steel bands at Antigua’s most beautiful viewing point - Shirley Heights. Feasting on the best barbecue food, drinking even more rum and looking down on the divine English and Falmouth Harbours.
• We even learned to sing and performed a whole concert as part of the Caribbean Choir. You could too at Elite Island Resorts, where a top British vocal coach, Mike King, worked a minor miracle to turn us into half-decent singers – he might disagree. We have another video on this coming soon.

Music: Tropical / Tropical House Music - Diviners ft. Contacreast - Tropic Love by Fox Beat Music

Drone footage and extra video clips by Michael Tomas ( Michael Ball, Paul Dow and Joe Allam (




GUATEMALA TRAVEL | Top 3 Things To Do in Flores, Guatemala

Whether you are going to travel Guatemala from the north, or the south, make sure to visit Flores Guatemala! There are a lot of things to do in Flores, Guatemala and the surrounding areas.

Top 5 Things To Do, Belize:
Arriving in Flores, Guatemala:

List of Things to do in Flores Guatemala | Guatemala Travel Tips

Number 3 Thing To Do in Flores Guatemala: Walk, Eat Sunset. One of the best things to do in Flores Guatemala was to walk around the town, eat at many different places including my favourite home restaurant on the back side of the island of Flores and then watch the sunset.

Number 2 Thing To Do in Flores Guatemala: Get a boat, or do a boat tour, and enjoy Lake Peten. A huge lake, with Flores as just a little needle head. Much more of the lake to see than simply your view from the center of Flores, Guatemala.

Number 1 Thing To Do in Flores Guatemala: Tikal Ruins! Very famous ruins about 1 hour from Flores and a reason that a lot of people travel Guatemala.

Subscribe for more top 5 things to do videos and top 3 things to do videos and more videos from Flores Guatemala, Travel Guatemala, Central America and beyond!

Video about the things to do in flores guatemala, and Guatemala travel tips.

-Guatemala Travel & Things to do, Flores, Guatemala

Guatemala - What to Know Before You Visit Guatemala

A Special Thanks to Reggie from Mayan Walks for helping out.
Guatemala is not always on a travelers bucket list, however with multiple UNESCO World Heritage Sights like the Mayan sight of Tikal or the historic city of Antigua Guatemala has a lot to offer travelers. Here we talk with a local guide about what travelers should know before they visit Guatemala.
Filmed in Tikal, Guatemala

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Travel Vlog: What to Do in Antigua Guatemala

In this travel vlog, we are visiting Antigua, Guatemala! There are ancient ruins, beautiful streets and colors! Also delicious food in Antigua in this city in Central America! And meet my travel buddy Corey! Leave a comment for me below!

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AMAZING Guatemalan STREET FOOD + Antigua Walking Tour | Antigua, Guatemala

On my third day in Guatemala in partnership with the Real Intercontinental Guatemala we explored Antigua's main attractions and we ate some amazing Guatemalan street food!

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We started our exploration of Antigua by walking through the historical center of the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Antigua. We first saw La Carmen Convent ruins, then we went to La Perla to have a quick espresso and then we visited La Merced Church.

From there we made our way across the city and stopped at Santa Catalina Arch which is the icon of Antigua. It's a a 15 century arch built to help the nuns cross from the convent to a school. Next up we saw the Antigua Cathedral ruins. It was destroyed during an earthquake in the year 1773.

We then made a quick stop at La Casa del Ron and tried some amazing Zacapa rums. We tried Zacapa 23, Zacapa Negro and we tried a Colonial rum which is an artisan rum made by the Zacapa brand.

To end the night we headed to the public laundry square and there, there is a lady selling amazing Guatemalan street food. I tried four different things:
-Alot del Elote
-Rellenitos de Platano
-Tostada de Ensalada de Pollo

Each thing was amazing and I highly recommend visiting that lady when you head to Antigua. She gets there around 5:30pm.

Next time you head to Guatemala I recommend working with my friends at A La Carta Tours:

Big thanks to my friends at the Real Intercontinental Guatemala:

I hope you loved this video! If you did please leave me a comment, give me a thumbs up and subscribe to my channel!

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Travel in Guatemala

Travel in Guatemala with Macca and Brianna as they took to the streets of Antigua, climbed to the top of Pacaya, take in the national park at Semuc Champey, and walk among the ancient ruins at Tikal.

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Guatemala is a bit of a favourite amongst backpackers with nothing but good times to be had, as Macca and Brianna found out for themselves.

In this episode our delightful duo dance their way through the small streets of Antigua, climb to the top of a mighty volcano, splash around at Semuc Champey, and walk among the ancient ruins at Tikal.

All of this made Guatemala the team's favourite country they've travelled to so far.

Next up, we're going to two of the least visited countries in Central America - Honduras and El Salvador.


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First Impressions of Antigua, Guatemala — Guatemala Travel Vlog #1

Join us on our first day walking around Antigua, Guatemala!
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Antigua is a beautiful colonial town that is easily accessible from Guatemala City. We flew from Mexico City to Guatemala City, and from there it is a 1 hour drive to downtown Antigua.

This trip might surprise some of my Mexican viewers, as we have been making videos in Mexico for the past 6 months. But don't worry, after the Guatemala trip we will soon be back in Mexico for more travel adventures. Watch the video to find out more :)


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Places To Visit In Guatemala (Top 5)

Leave a comment down below if you want to see more top 5 videos.

Both schools that I talked about in this video
Escuela Sisai:



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