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TAHITI Food Trip! (Eating My Way Around Papeete and Moorea)


Tahiti GoPro Hero3 : Punaauia to Papeete & Papeete to Paea [HD] (Suction Cup)

A Summer in Tahiti :
Départ du haut du lotissement Te Tavake situé à Punaauia avec une magnifique vue sur Moorea (l'île soeur de Tahiti). Ensuite traversé de la RDO pour arriver en ville (Papeete) en longeant le front de mer et passant ensuite devant la présidence de Polynésie Française. Arriver à celle-ci chemin inverse direction Paea.
Arriver à la fin de la RDO je vous laisse aprécier la magnifique vue que nous avons avec l'ex Sofitel et bien sure la magnifique vue sur l'océan et Moorea.

French Polynesia Vlog 1 - Travel Day + Arriving in Moorea

This vlog starts at the Tom Bradley International Terminal at LAX where we boarded our flight on Air Tahiti Nui. We arrived in Pape'ete 8 hours laters around 5AM. However, getting to Moorea required another ferry ride!

Our first stop was Snack Mahana where we had excellent poisson cru. We then visited a fruit stall by the road and ended up walking back to the Intercontinental Moorea resort to check in.

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First Day in French Polynesia Arrival in Tahiti Papeete

my arrival day in Papeete the capital of Tahiti

In the gardens I’ve meet some local people and they told me that if I continue the road heading east I will reach town Teahuapoo from there by boat I can get to place name Paradise in French de Pari.

Teahuapoo is famous of big waves, you might hear about it becasue i has got many surfing competitions. in 2024 French will host Olympics games and surfing competition will be here. Im asking a local guy to rent a boat but my French is very low so its hard for me to find info.

I was waiting 1 hour for the man on the bike but he never came back. hopefully one day I will come back here to this place. if you know anybody who has got a boat here place contact in the description below. Time to move on.

Right next stop, just before a tunnel the name is
O manutahi I te maru anahoho

Very nice spot to take pictures. Intersecting place to see the rock which is spitting water.

It was just a quick stop, I do have to tell you that if you are fan of surfing Tahiti is going to be a perfect for you because here the conditions are almost perfect for beginners. I think im going to try myself.

Tahiti its quite big island and if you properly want to explore it you will need 3-4 days. for me is not worth to go to all the places becasue in my schedule I do have other islands to visit. Tahiti is more like an airport hub for French Polynesia.

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Flight by LiQWYD
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French Polynesia - Moorea Vlog

We spent a month, island hopping French Polynesia. We visited the Society, Tuamotu and Austral Islands. This Vlog is from Moorea, one of my favorite places in the world.

Panasonic Lumix GH5
Dji Mavic Pro 1
GoPro 6

Final Cut Pro X
After Effects

French Polynesia Vlog 2 - Moorea Snorkeling Adventure in 4K

We start this vlog with a tour of our garden bungalow with plunge pool at the Intercontinental Moorea. Then, we explored the resort grounds by kayaking. We ended the night with dinner at Coco D'isle and a wonderful fire show at the hotel.

Day 2 is one of our favorite days for the whole trip! We snorkelled in the beautiful lagoon with Moorea Miti Tours. If you ever visit Moorea, we strongly suggest picking them! Our guides were friendly, funny and clearly loved sharing their culture with us :)

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French Polynesia Food Source Tahiti in Pacific Ocean

French Polynesia Food Source Tahiti in Pacific Ocean
Welcome to my video and my channel No matter where You are right now in the world please stop for a second Subscribe to my channel - just look at the amount of like and subscribers I have - I think it deserve more. Today I’m taking you to Tahiti and will show you what is on the dinner menu for the local people but first try to get in a mood of waves and surfing
Let`s starts with regular supermarket. Ostriges imported from New Zealand at almost 3000 franks local mule at 1300 Franks quite big selection of pretty looking fish and shrimps from a local farm.
The next option is tuna from a local fisherman.
10 kg of fresh tuna for 7000 Franks that a great deal.
At other part of the world you can’t buy fresh fish at the gas station but here this is normal.
Right, l`m back in this volcanic beach and I will show you the best fish you can get in the world, this method is ecological friendly also fresh and free.

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Flight by LiQWYD
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Tahiti, full sail ahead (Documentary, Discovery, History)

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HEAD OVER French Polynesia 4K 2017 Tahiti Moorea #TAHITI #DAMIENLAIR #TRAVEL

HEAD OVER French Polynesia 4K 2017 Tahiti Moorea

French Polynesia is a PARDISE on earth

I been there 2 weeks whit my love on this beautiful islands, Moorea and Tahiti are just amazing

Whales, Sharks, Fun, beautiful sunset and friendly people… this is the best on earth.

French Polynesia is an island wonderland that is just perfect for a holiday , sand and sea and the opportunity to observe the ocean’s mammals from up close.

Tahiti and Moorea. The very name evokes visions of an island paradise, exotic days, romantic nights and South Sea adventure. And this is exactly what you’ll find here.

The Islands of Tahiti exude a power of life that makes each experience in these islands unforgettable. The Tahitians call this power “Mana”. You will feel it ripple up your spine the moment you step off the plane. It will fill your soul. You will taste it and smell it in the air. Once you’ve experienced The Islands of Tahiti, the spirit of Mana will flow through your veins forever.

battery GH5
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gopro 8

rode lavalier
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cheap and good lights
tripod light

monitor calibration

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The Islands of Tahiti - Tahiti Tour Guide | Bella Bucchiotti

My Trip to the Islands of Tahiti - Tahiti Tour Guide | Bella Bucchiotti

My trip to the Islands of Tahiti took me to the islands of Tahiti, Raiatea and Bora Bora. This Tahiti travel guide vlog will help you plan your trip to French Polynesia. We ate all the best foods and had the most amazing adventures on land and in the water. We stayed in beautiful hotels and overwater bungalows. It was a trip of a lifetime with lots of Tahiti day trips and a Tahiti culinary tour!


#ad A special thanks to Tahiti Tourisme for making this trip possible. #TastyTahiti #LoveTahiti


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For information about the Islands of Tahiti
The cuisine in Tahiti is amazing! More details at

I was joined on this trip by
Isabelle Cheng, Allons.y
Maria Koustogiannis, Food by Maria

We stayed at:
Tahiti Pearl Beach Resort
Le Taha'a Island Resort
Conrad Bora Bora Nui

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#Tahiti #BoraBora #FrenchPolynesia #TourGuide
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Air Tahiti, Papeete to Moorea: Best 24 hours of my life! + Intercontinental Hotel Part 2/3

I stayed in the beautiful tropical paradise of Moorea island for 3 days at the Intercontinental Hotel and wow what a place!! Thanks to them for the special treatment. Highly recommend you visit this place!

The best of Bora Bora - Top 5 Tour

The best tour, place to eat, place to drink, place to stay, place to shop in Bora Bora, French Polynesia.

Best Restaurant - Snack Matira
Best Bar - Bloody Mary's
Best Accommodation - Noni Pensione
Best Tour - Rohivai Lagoon Tour
Best Shopping - Bora Bora Original

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Tour of Papeete in Tahiti

Tahiti Day One - My Tour Tales

Tahiti Day One - My Tour Tales

The warm Tahitian sun peeked through the curtains of our garden suite in Arue on the main Island of Tahiti. The garden suite was a bargain at $113.00 US dollars. The owners were very friendly and spoke mostly French. It’s a good thing I eat French fries because I was helping Kim understand French. We walked to the super market at the end of our street not expecting much. Wow, were we surprised! It was very, very modern and the prices were lower than I expected. They even had a guy making fresh crepes right inside the store to take home. We grabbed a few goodies to take in the plane with us and headed to the bakery “LEAH” just a little further down the street. They had their version of of Kolaches, which are hot dogs wrapped in pastry! Amazeballs! My buddy from Texas first told us about Koloches. Thanks Ron!

After breakfast, the owner Regina’s husband Jhisliam and their daughter took us into downtown Papeete to the big Market where all the locals and tourists converge for food and shopping. It was bustling with energy as we arrived. We walked all around and bought some finger bananas to munch on while we shopped. Kim bought a Sarong and got a Tank Top. We stopped a cool coffee shop upstairs and we got some Ice Coffees. They use Allegro Coffee which is sold in Whole Foods in the states and one of my favorite beans. After a few hours of mostly window shopping, we stopped at another little cafe called Market Coffee and I had a Hurano Amber Beer and Kim had a glass of white French wine. A perfect ending to an afternoon out.

Jhisliam picked us up right on time and took us to Belvedere Park to a most beautiful overlook. What a treat and surprise! Staying at the apartment reminded me the Home Stays I used to do in Australia and New Zealand. Now they call them AirB&B’s. We went back to the room and repacked for our flight to Raiatea. Back at the airport in less than 24 hours. Is it Groundhog Day? We didn’t get charged for any excess baggage coming to Tahiti but apparently they gave us a break because we got nailed flying to Raiatea. She did offer to give us a 30% discount if we paid for the extra bag weight round trip. Our bags were 27 kg over whatever that means and they charges us $73.00 Round trip. Not too bad I guess.

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4K - Hawaii to Tahiti on Hawaiian Airlines | French Polynesia | Vlog #1 Papeete Market

4K - Hawaii to Tahiti on Hawaiian Airlines | French Polynesia | Vlog #1 Papeete Market

On this Episode of Gallivant With Us We travel from Hilo to Honolulu Hawaii and on to Papeete, Tahiti in French Polynesia. After we arrive and get settled with our rental car & AirBnB, we then are on the hunt for a nutritional breakfast and attractions to explore.

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Cost of living in French Polynesia FOOD GROCERY SUPERMARKET MOOREA. French Polynesia is also a backapackers option for travel and I have many poeople asking me how much is the cost of living there. There you go one video with food samples to buy in supermarket in Moorea.

Day Trip to Moorea on the Ferry | French Polynesia Vlog #6 | E.MOKE | Air Tahiti Nui Lounge

Moorea Aremiti, Terevau Ferry | E.MOKE | Belvedere Lookout | Pamatai Hills | Air Tahiti Nui
Lounge | French Polynesia Vlog #6

Come along with us as we ride 11 miles northwest from Papeete to the island of Moorea on the Terevau Ferry. We go for a day trip and cruise around the entire island in a electric car from Avis (E-Moke). We do some sightseeing and eat an epic lunch including COCONUT CRAB!! Then we ride the Aremiti Ferry 2 back to Papeete and head up the mountain to Pamatai Hills. Maya is sick on the final day of this French Polynesia trip, so we stay close to home and relax by the pool. Once at the airport, we stop by the Air Tahiti Nui Lounge before our overnight flight back to Hawaii on Hawaiian Airlines. Thank you so much for watching!
Happy New Year 2020!

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STREET FOOD e cucina tipica ne Le Isole di Tahiti [ENG subs]

Le Isole di Tahiti sono piene di fantastici ristoranti, ma noi vogliamo anche assaporare qualcosa di più comune tra i locali: lo street food di Papeete! Alle famose roulotte assaggiamo il buonissimo tonno alle 13 spezie. Ma non ci basta! Ci facciamo insegnare qualche ricetta da Poe, la nostra guida su Huahine!

Paradiso naturale, terra di infiniti tesori culturali, meta ideale per una fuga romantica e destinazione perfetta per chi ama l’avventura più estrema.
Lasciati avvolgere dall’abbraccio di Mana, scopri le esperienze di viaggio a te più affini e soprattutto...
Che viaggiatore sei? Inizia il test! Per te un’offerta speciale!

Video realizzato in collaborazione con:
Air Tahiti Nui
Le Isole Di Tahiti


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Pape'ete, Tahiti guide. Town, resort & street food.

Jean has visited Papeete twice and both times has left the town quite quickly to a beach resort. An overnight allows you to try street food here which is quite a special experience. See the town, a resort and street food all on the film.

Tahiti sounds like a paradise. It has some of the best sea in the world, some great beaches. Some terrific resorts, but even for the locals the logic of the expensive economy has to be challenged. Take a look at our film and see a little of Tahiti, more than just the port.


Visit the famous market in Tahiti's capital, Papeete. There's music, great fish, tropical fruits and lot's of surprises along the way!

For more from the South Pacific, visit

TAHITI Food Trip! (Eating My Way Around Papeete and Moorea)

Let's eat our way around the islands of Tahiti!
In this video, I take you around Papeete and Moorea as I sample a lot (and I mean A LOT) of Tahitian food.
There's a lot of Poisson Cru, Tuna, desserts and healthy meals.
BUT we also had time to swim with sting rays and sharks in Tahiti :)

Special thanks to Tahiti Tourisme AU/NZ, Townske and Air Tahiti Nui!

Places of Interest Mentioned:
Cafe Maeva (Papeete Market)
Le Coco Restaurant (Papeete)
Papeete Food Trucks
Le Mayflower (Moorea)
Moorea Beach Lodge
Sofitel Moorea Ia Ora Beach Resort

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