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Sunday morning ride with '61 VW bug


Dodds Diaries Episode 43A - Weekend in Blackpool Day 1/3

1st of a 3 part episode and in this episode I go on my first ever holiday on my own and I start with a mini holiday by having a weekend in Blackpool which means its my 12th visit to the seaside town.

The journey starts at Chester-le-Street in the afternoon, I get the 1415 to Leeds which included an unessacary train change at York cos the 185 I was on developed a fault so had to change onto another to get to Leeds. At Leeds I catch the best Northern Rail class 158 ever 158787 and arrive in Blackpool at 1815.

Once at Blackpool I sign in, receive a hi viz jacket and start filming the first reason of this trip was so that I could film the voyager arrival from London which I managed to with no problem. After that I check into my hotel the Habberly House Hotel on Cocker Street and rest for a bit.

Afterwards I head out to the front and ride on flexity 2 trams for the evening then return to the hotel around half 10 and I get to bed around midnight.

Date filmed 17/7/15

To be continued in 43B