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Straight Line Mission Across Wales: Attempt 2 (Part 2)


Straight Line Mission Across Wales: Attempt 2 (Part 2)

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Join me and Welsh Greg 6 miles into the hills of mid Wales as we attempt to be the first people to cross Wales in a completely straight line. Today was all about reaching the stash point. If we didn't, we were screwed. But with 8.5 miles of farmland in our way, it was by no means guaranteed. Today would turn out to be a day of human interaction, but how costly would those encounters be?

Geoguessr: Mission Across Wales Edition - How Well Do I Remember The Scenery?

I made a map that spanned the entire length of my mission across wales, with 100m leeway either side of the line. Can i correctly identify where i'm standing on any one of these 36 locations? or has my brain blocked out the memories..

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Mission Across Sutton Park (The Warm Up to Wales)

You can now listen to the newly released 16-Bit Adventure featuring all the music
from the Mission Across Wales here:

Or purchase it on Bandcamp for £4 here:


In February 2019, 3 weeks before the Mission Across Wales, I took to the childhood den making arena of Sutton Park to test the notion that it was possible to travel a significant distance in a straight line.

Along the way there would be friendly dogs, golf courses, a railway track and lots of holly and gorse, all plotting against me to veer from the line on my brand new GPS System.

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Monday's INSANE live stream: 10 secs per round, no moving, scrolling, zooming, diverse world #3

Simply had to upload this. After a few poor attempts and with 5 minutes left of playing until the end of the stream, this game happened. There were some favourable rounds, but boy did I capitalise.

Don't miss the action:

Playing the Geodetective Map - No moving, just calculation. [PLAY ALONG]

Been looking forward to this one. Thanks to Geography Challenges for making this sick map. The clues are there, but how will I fare?

Play your round, put your marker down, then switch tabs back to Youtube to watch my attempt and the result. This way you don't ruin the game or the video!

How to Cross Denmark in a Straight Line? (for GeoWizard)

Fellow Youtuber GeoWizard, the absolute madlad that he is, attempted to cross the entire country of Wales by walking in a straight line earlier this year. Now I have taken it upon myself to come up with a line that crosses my home country of Denmark.

Sorry for the shaky camera and low audio. I tried a new method of recording and editing for this one. Would probably work better if I had a microphone, though...

This is the website that I use to visualize my lines:

And here are the coordinates for the 4 lines shown in the video.
All of them cross railroads, as stated in the video.

--=LINE 1=--
Doesn't cross Wadden Sea. Crosses highway via bridge. Best line I've found regarding houses and farms. Still at least 5 farms that it crosses straight through.
West waypoint: N55° 04.177' E008° 38.669'
East waypoint: N55° 09.145' E009° 29.831'

--=LINE 2=--
Crosses Wadden Sea. Also crosses underneath the highway through an underground pipe. If pipe is too small/underwater, you can cross via an actual tunnel 500 metres north. Crosses right through wetlands on Rømø. Plenty of houses and farms.
West waypoint: N55° 08.315' E008° 28.400'
East waypoint: N55° 09.174' E009° 29.814'

--=LINE 3=--
Crosses Wadden Sea. Crosses over highway via bridge. Lots of big farms and at least one small village.
West waypoint: N55° 08.500' E008° 28.400'
East waypoint: N55° 08.420' E009° 30.170'

--=LINE 4=--
Also crosses Wadden Sea and highway (same bridge). Still problems with farms, houses and a village. Still hard to improve.
West waypoint: N55° 08.600' E008° 28.400'
East waypoint: N55° 08.405' E009° 30.170'


We sat down with the one and only Tom Davies who runs a youtube channel called GeoWizard, uploading mainly adventure content, as well as videos of the online game 'GeoGuessr'.

Tom is also somewhat of a travel pioneer, as he has attempted to cross Wales in a completely straight line twice, working towards being the first person to cross a country in a straight line!

We run through his exciting adventures so far, and future missions in his cross-heirs.

This is the first video interview we have undertaken of an ongoing series, in which we will be talking to some exceptional adventurers and creators in the area. Subscribe for more!

GeoWizard :


Website :


Real Life Geoguessr (Rhyl) :

Geoguessr - 20 Country Challenge #4 **Insane Philippines Guess**

The quest for 20 continues with this incredible game.
Don't miss the insane guess half way through..
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Geoguessr maps: Abandoned Places #2 - Big Ass Boat

Round two of the fascinating abandoned places map by CVan2797. Join me as I attempt to locate a big ass boat, an old abandoned school house and the biggest paintball nerd in history.

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Insane Guess Compilation #6 - Featuring That Touba Guess

Here it is, the latest selection of all the most unexpectedly amazing guesses that happened on my Twitch and YouTube channels over these past few months, and a few unused clips that you haven't seen.

I feel like I've missed a couple of good ones this time so feel free to point them out and I'll shove them in #7.

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Real Life Geoguessr - Blindfolded and Dumped in a Random UK Location - PART 1

We all know I can play Geoguessr, but what happens when I'm dumped in a random UK location and left to figure out where I am?

After hand picking 5 locations, Nurse Verity drove me to each one, while I sat in the car blindfolded and somewhat nauseous. She then buggered off, leaving me to figure out where I was, before making my selection on a custom made game of Geoguessr.

With a fastest time of 10 minutes and 7 seconds for a perfect score on the UK Version of Geoguessr, surely I could hold my own?

Geoguessr - An Urban World - No moving around #18 [PLAY ALONG]

Time for a good ole play along..

TO PLAY ALONG: Play your round, put your marker down, then switch tabs back to Youtube to watch my attempt and the result. This way you don't ruin the game or the video!

Play this map:

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Amynedd - Main Theme (From the Mission Across Wales)

From the album 16-Bit Adventure:

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Composed and Arranged by Tom Davies
Mixed and Mastered by Liam Rhodes & Tom Davies

© Copyright Tom Davies. All rights reserved.

Geoguessr - I saw the sign (plus important mission announcement)

Brand new map which I think we'll be seeing a lot more of. No moving around suits it perfectly. Perfect score definitely possible.

PLAY ALONG: Play your round, put your marker down, then switch tabs back to Youtube to watch my attempt and the result. This way you don't ruin the game or the video!

Play this map:

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Fiddles McGinty by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (

I almost wiped out a guy in a wheelchair in my €3 roller-skates in Barcelona

#1 in a series of amusing clips that I'll be uploading over the coming weeks in an attempt to keep your all entertained in this difficult time.

This particular moment mishap has to be up there with one of the most embarrassing of all time for me, made worse by the two hot Spanish chicks that were sitting over on the bench 20 yards away and the two cyclists that hollered at me as I lay defeated in the bush, which I wanted to swallow me up at the time.

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I hitched a ride with two crazy Ukrainians on a hangover. It was intense.

#2 in the Barcelona to Berlin series:

One of my favorite hitch-hiking experiences ever with two of the most interesting guys I've met. Vasya and Mikhail taught me many things but the main thing I took away from them was to always live life to the fullest.

Filmed in August 2016

What it’s like to cycle 4,000 miles across Europe | Condé Nast Traveller

Endurance adventurer Sean Conway broke a world record with his 4,000-mile cycle from Cabo da Roca in Portugal, the westernmost point in Europe, to Ufa in Russia in under 25 days. Riding totally solo, and carrying all of his kit with him, he slept in drain pipes beneath motorways. In this video, he shares his story. Subscribe to Condé Nast Traveller ►►

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What it’s like to cycle 4,000 miles across Europe | Condé Nast Traveller

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New Zealand Holiday Itinerary — Travel Costs, Things To Do & Best Places To Visit

If you're thinking about a New Zealand holiday and want to know some of the top things to do and the best places to visit in New Zealand you're in the right place!... The first 1000 people to use this link will get a free trial of Skillshare Premium Membership: ⬇ More Below ⬇

A New Zealand holiday is what dreams are made of! As a couple of proud Kiwis we want you to have the best time here, so this video is a recap of our adventure with an overload of information to help with your New Zealand travel planning!

We tried to make a video that we personally would have wanted to find before we planned our holiday in our motorhome / campervan — so hopefully even if you're from NZ yourself this is still valuable to you.

To stay up to date with our New Zealand travel guide we'll be sending out email updates, keep in touch with us here —

Reveal NZ was a 23 part video series in a campervan showing the ultimate New Zealand holiday. Though to be fair, we still had recommendations about some of the top things to do in New Zealand that we missed of the best places to visit that we either a) couldn't get to for what ever reason, b) regret not spending enough time at or c) didn't plan in at all — so you can benefit from that! More than just taking a motorhome around New Zealand, the videos were about how to travel New Zealand, the top tourist spots, the hidden local gems, incredible day trips, extreme activities, amazing accommodation and a spot of wining and dining... The series is about making you feel like you're along for the travels with us, so grab a drink of your poison, sit back and get ready for 5 weeks driving in a campervan hire from Auckland to The Catlins.


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00:00 Introduction
00:28 Reveal NZ Series
00:44 5 Things We'll Cover
01:02 NZ Travel Guide
01:24 Transport
02:24 Timings & Seasons
03:26 Our Route Decisions
03:46 Video Sponsor
05:09 Recommended Route
06:55 Where To Go: North Island
09:59 Where To Go: South Island
21:48 Travel Expenses & Costs
22:12 Transport Costs
22:56 Accommodation Costs
23:39 Activity Costs
25:38 You Made It!

We're Dane & Stacey — content creators, digital nomads and full-time travellers from New Zealand. We've been on the road since early 2017 and haven't stopped since.

We like to dabble in popular destinations but also dig deeper into lesser known, more underrated spots also, creating authentic and informative content as we go.

And for what it's worth, it's pronounced Dane-Ger, aka Danger... not Dan-E-Ger ????

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Mission Across Wales 2: Line Analysis + Pack List

As promised, the line analysis and pack list video for the Misson Across Wales Attempt 2.

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I Attempt to Cross the Country in 24Hrs and in a Straight Line (Doesn't go to plan) - Part 1

In lockdown we couldn't stay overnight anywhere, so I thought I would take advantage of unlimited exercise and try to walk from the north coast of Somerset at Kilve beach to the south coast in Beer.
I also wanted to do it in as straight of a line possible. Things didn't go exactly to plan but it's a good adventure.
This is part 1
Previously uploaded to another channelI made for this sort of stuff but I changed my mind :)

I have lots of challenges planned for this channel so if you liked it, I would really appreciate a subscribe like and comment to give this new channel a boost.
Thanks for watching and let me know what you thought in the comments!

P.S. Filming will improve as I make more videos :)



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