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Straight Line Mission Across Wales: Attempt 2 (Part 2)


Straight Line Mission Across Wales: Attempt 2 (Part 2)

*watch with subtitles and on 1440p*
Join me and Welsh Greg 6 miles into the hills of mid Wales as we attempt to be the first people to cross Wales in a completely straight line. Today was all about reaching the stash point. If we didn't, we were screwed. But with 8.5 miles of farmland in our way, it was by no means guaranteed. Today would turn out to be a day of human interaction, but how costly would those encounters be?

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Mission Across Sutton Park (The Warm Up to Wales)

In February 2019, 3 weeks before the Mission Across Wales, I took to the childhood den making arena of Sutton Park to test the notion that it was possible to travel a significant distance in a straight line.

Along the way there would be friendly dogs, golf courses, a railway track and lots of holly and gorse, all plotting against me to veer from the line on my brand new GPS System.

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How to Cross Denmark in a Straight Line? (for GeoWizard)

Fellow Youtuber GeoWizard, the absolute madlad that he is, attempted to cross the entire country of Wales by walking in a straight line earlier this year. Now I have taken it upon myself to come up with a line that crosses my home country of Denmark.

Sorry for the shaky camera and low audio. I tried a new method of recording and editing for this one. Would probably work better if I had a microphone, though...

This is the website that I use to visualize my lines:

And here are the coordinates for the 4 lines shown in the video.
All of them cross railroads, as stated in the video.

--=LINE 1=--
Doesn't cross Wadden Sea. Crosses highway via bridge. Best line I've found regarding houses and farms. Still at least 5 farms that it crosses straight through.
West waypoint: N55° 04.177' E008° 38.669'
East waypoint: N55° 09.145' E009° 29.831'

--=LINE 2=--
Crosses Wadden Sea. Also crosses underneath the highway through an underground pipe. If pipe is too small/underwater, you can cross via an actual tunnel 500 metres north. Crosses right through wetlands on Rømø. Plenty of houses and farms.
West waypoint: N55° 08.315' E008° 28.400'
East waypoint: N55° 09.174' E009° 29.814'

--=LINE 3=--
Crosses Wadden Sea. Crosses over highway via bridge. Lots of big farms and at least one small village.
West waypoint: N55° 08.500' E008° 28.400'
East waypoint: N55° 08.420' E009° 30.170'

--=LINE 4=--
Also crosses Wadden Sea and highway (same bridge). Still problems with farms, houses and a village. Still hard to improve.
West waypoint: N55° 08.600' E008° 28.400'
East waypoint: N55° 08.405' E009° 30.170'

Geoguessr: Mission Across Wales Edition - How Well Do I Remember The Scenery?

I made a map that spanned the entire length of my mission across wales, with 100m leeway either side of the line. Can i correctly identify where i'm standing on any one of these 36 locations? or has my brain blocked out the memories..

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Real Life Geoguessr - Blindfolded and Dumped in a Random UK Location - PART 1

We all know I can play Geoguessr, but what happens when I'm dumped in a random UK location and left to figure out where I am?

After hand picking 5 locations, Nurse Verity drove me to each one, while I sat in the car blindfolded and somewhat nauseous. She then buggered off, leaving me to figure out where I was, before making my selection on a custom made game of Geoguessr.

With a fastest time of 10 minutes and 7 seconds for a perfect score on the UK Version of Geoguessr, surely I could hold my own?

I almost wiped out a guy in a wheelchair in my €3 roller-skates in Barcelona

#1 in a series of amusing clips that I'll be uploading over the coming weeks in an attempt to keep your all entertained in this difficult time.

This particular moment mishap has to be up there with one of the most embarrassing of all time for me, made worse by the two hot Spanish chicks that were sitting over on the bench 20 yards away and the two cyclists that hollered at me as I lay defeated in the bush, which I wanted to swallow me up at the time.

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Geoguessr - I saw the sign (plus important mission announcement)

Brand new map which I think we'll be seeing a lot more of. No moving around suits it perfectly. Perfect score definitely possible.

PLAY ALONG: Play your round, put your marker down, then switch tabs back to Youtube to watch my attempt and the result. This way you don't ruin the game or the video!

Play this map:

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Fiddles McGinty by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (

I hitched a ride with two crazy Ukrainians on a hangover. It was intense.

#2 in the Barcelona to Berlin series:

One of my favorite hitch-hiking experiences ever with two of the most interesting guys I've met. Vasya and Mikhail taught me many things but the main thing I took away from them was to always live life to the fullest.

Filmed in August 2016

Geoguessr - The Race to 15 [Countries In a Row] #2 - WOWZERS.

Things are hotting up in The Race to 15 this week as the challenger nonchalantly whacks out two 13's back to back.

If I'm to stand a chance against my fellow Englishman, i need to buck my ideas up and start hitting the big figures and also hope that he doesn't do it this week.

Man i picked the worst time to engage in this.

Current Rules:

- No moving (scrolling and zooming allowed)
- Streak ends when you guess a wrong country
- No Palestine
- Guam + Puerto Rico is USA
- Hong Kong and Macau are China

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South Wales Country Walk - Bigsweir Bridge return to Tintern (Part 2)

Our video is a guided walk from Bigsweir Bridge return to Tintern by the River Wye in the beautiful Wye Valley. Please watch part 1 of our walk from Tintern to Bigsweir Bridge.

Watch part 1 here:

For the full write up visit the video on:

The video is taken from the website of 'JR Hackney', otherwise known as 'The Taxi Driver'. Providing you with free information on a whole host of walks around the country that we have undertaken and recommend to you.

For more guided walks visit:

Panel: Indigenous Australian Perspectives Anita Heiss, Bronwyn Fredericks Moderator: Kieran Dolin

Literary Session:
Karvy Kanopy
Panel: Indigenous Australian Perspectives Anita Heiss, Bronwyn Fredericks Moderator: Kieran Dolin

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Spontaneous travel - The Nullarbor

Longest straight road in Australia possibly the world! Skateboard crash on the Nullarbor!

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The Goal -

To create a global community of travellers, a platform in which they share their experiences of travel and the places they go. We are embarking on branding a sub culture in which travellers all across the world can associate with. Through social media content, we engage our audience with a web based documentary series which captures the spirit and essence of travel. It takes the viewer on a journey off the beaten track and gives a unique insight into the life of a traveller. We would like to Inspire the next generation of young world travellers!

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Windsor Castle

England’s Windsor Castle has been home to 39 British monarchs, with its history stretching back nearly 1,000 years to William the Conqueror. My guest today is Deborah Cadbury, the author of Queen Victoria’s Matchmaking: The Royal Marriages That Shaped Europe, among many other books. We chat about the illustrious history of the castle, what historical events took place within its walls, and what it was like to do research in the Windsor Castle archives. British history buffs will not want to miss this episode.

Windsor and William the Conqueror Windsor Castle is the oldest occupied castle in the world, but it’s even more than that. As Deborah tells me in this episode of History Fan Girl, the grounds of Windsor Castle are 13 acres, so it has the feel of a town. But it’s also a private residence and a window into 1,000 years of British history. It was originally picked by Saxon kings as a fortress, but in the 11th century, William the Conqueror chose it as one of nine castles to form a defensive ring outside of London. And it was chosen because of its elevation, its close proximity to the Thames, and just a day’s march from the Tower of London. It started out as a very simple design, with the round tower at the heart of the castle being one of the very first structures erected.

The Royal Archives of Windsor Castle Anyone who loves history can appreciate the excitement in Deborah’s voice when she describes visiting the Windsor Archives. You have to, of course, first get permission to view the archives, and then you go right into the heart of the castle, climbing 200 stone steps to, as she said, “another world.” The first time she was granted permission, she was researching King George VI’s experience in World War II. And having those diaries from the king opened up the royal family to the historian in a whole new way. Deborah shares some fascinating insights into the monarchy, but also shares the enthralling process of the historian at work.

From William the Conqueror to King Edward The stories Deborah has researched in Windsor Castle could fill a book (in fact, they’ve filled several of her books). When I ask her about events that have taken place in the castle, she speaks of King Edward abdicating the throne, Queen Victoria falling in love, and King Albert passing away. She told me about how William the Conqueror began building the castle, but his grandson made it into the stone structure it is now. But perhaps no event is more significant than the signing of the Magna Carta, which happened with Windsor Castle as the backdrop. And when you’re talking about 1,000 years of British history, you know there’s a lot more going on than that, and Deborah is an amazing storyteller to revel in that drama.

Windsor Castle: Where Britain unfolded If you can’t climb the 200 steps to view the Royal Archives, the next best thing is listening to a wonderful historian like Deborah spin tales of Britain’s history. In addition to all of the stories that unfolded within Windsor’s walls, she gave us a sense of what architectural highlights to look for should you visit, like the dollhouse and St. George’s Chapel. We also discuss Queen Victoria’s legendary matchmaking skills, and Deborah’s beautiful book. If you love British history, or have binged your way through The Crown on Netflix and are suffering withdrawals, you need to listen to this episode.

Outline of This Episode [2:15] What Windsor Castle is like [7:22] The Windsor archives [11:34] Major events in Windsor Castle [15:25] Beginnings of the castle [22:06] Architectural highlights [25:07] Queen Victoria’s matchmaking [32:07] The marriage of the tsar and tsarina [37:27] How Deborah came to write her book [40:30] Visiting Windsor Resources Mentioned Queen Victoria's Matchmaking Connect With Stephanie Support Stephanie on Patreon Featuring the song “Places Unseen” by Lee Rosevere. More info and photographs for this episode at:


Business Buzz with host, Sabrina Turner. January 8th 2019.

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