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Storm is coming


The STORM is coming...


The storm is coming


Weather forecast: A Storm is coming!

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Storm is coming

June 14th, 2012. Saint Paul, MN

As storms go, this one was benign. No major hail or tornados.

However it was a very photogenic storm. Gaps in the clouds displayed far off rain shafts. Lightning went in and out of the clouds on the way to the ground.

Nikon Coolpix S9100

Evening Storm is coming

Camera chat.

Incredible clouds! Storm is coming!

Amazing storm clouds are coming! Drive fast!!

A storm is coming...

Some clips of cloud formations shot from my balcony with Canon EOS5D-MKII, during last week's bad weather in Athens-Greece.
Speeded up by 2000% and filtered. Music scoreFaceoff Kevin MacLeod( under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

The Storm is coming..

The amazing storm was caught on camera at the 11th of July 2016.
Watch till the end.. clouds shape one moment were like tornado :)

STORM IS COMING - Dresden, Germany ????????

OK, so this something very different from my usual uploads..

We spent only one night in Dresden last summer and I didn't film that much. Also the footage I got was a bit mediocre. I was not sure would I even create any kind of video of Dresden. At the end I decided to take it as a editing practice. How to create something out of almost nothing.
This is a very moody video. Maybe even a bit gloomy. Somewhere between reality and a dream.
The weather was crazy when we were in Dresden. It was extremely windy and even a bit stormy. However it was definitely a cool city to visit and we enjoyed our stay! :)

All music from Epidemic Sound.
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Main camera:
ND filter:
ND adapter:
Lav mic:
Small GorillaPod:
GP stabilizer:

A Storm Is Coming, Hurricane

A Storm Is Coming what do I do with my boat
How to prepare for a storm, hurricane.
NOTE: the bottle is filled with ice tea :)

#hermine #hurricanehermine #hurricane #tropicalstorm #hurricanematthew #hurricanepreperation

Storm is coming...

While driving a car, we saw this scary storm coming this way.

The storm is coming

The storm was already coming over our camp, but I was curious to look at the area from above. The rain caught me at 200 meters high and I had to land quickly.

Drone - Hubsan 501SS with OnePaa camera

Storm is Coming/DANCE FILM

Artistic director and Choreographer Liga Liberte
Video credit Elvis Lacis
Maija Sukute
Linda Lejiņa
Laima Hauka
Elīna Vjatere
Oļesja Aļeksova

Tommy Psytrance The Storm is Coming

4th December Sunrise at Full Moon Party. But dark clouds are coming

A Storm is Coming | Banff Sunshine Village | February 17/18


Storm is coming

The rain started a few seconds later...

The Storm is Coming! by Nick Molina

Storm is coming!!

Last nights paddle was quite interesting. You can see the water starting to get churned up. Usually I bring my Pelican case with the 35 mm & the GoPro in it, but I had forgot it. At least I had the iPhone SE. 3 minutes after this video, the wind came up, the rain came down and the waves started rolling in at 2 -2.5 feet. I rode the waves to shore and waited it out till the rain stopped and the wind calmed down, a little. It was still challenging getting back to the cabin with moderate winds and still 2 foot waves. Damm, I love paddling. You can either always paddle in good weather, on flat water, or get out there and challenge yourself. contact at -

The Storm Is Coming

Footage from Piedmont Park - 6/18/2011

Storm is coming to Colonia de Sant Pere

A big storm is coming to Colonia de Sant Pere, a small village on the north-east coast of Mallorca. More information and photos from Colonia de Sant Pere at