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Sri Lanka Curfew 3: Food Shopping ????????


Sri Lanka Curfew 3: Food Shopping ????????

■ SRI LANKA, HIKKADUWA: With only half a day to to your weekly shopping, the Sri Lankans of the Southern district called Galle had their work cut out for them today. There are only so many supermarkets, corner stores and fish markets to chose from. And everyone had only today to replenish their fridge and freezers. Some people don't even have that and thus have an even harder stocking up on supplies for the long haul.

So how long were the queues? what did we manage to buy? And how are people holding up? And can you buy Kassipu at a banana market?

Plus what did the diver from my Lobster diving video think about his newfound fame? This and more are I go shopping with two local Sri Lankans.

■ Yesterday's epic home workout video where I talk about travel and fitness didn't show up in people's feeds. It's not a conspiracy. It just happens sometimes. Here's the vid in case you missed it:

Sri Lankan Master Chef's Day ????????


■ SRI LANKA, GALLE: Before the steamed vegetables and fried fish arrives at your dinner table at Galle's five star hotel restaurant, Le Grand, they were sourced locally two different fresh markets nearby. These places can be highly entertaining and chaotic when you go alone. So I decided to take Le Grand Galle's master chef up on his offer to join him on his morning round to them both.

After procuring the ingredients it was back to the kitchen to see how it all comes together before sitting down on the edge of the Indian ocean for a most unique five star dining experience.

Luxury Sri Lanka ????????


■ SRI LANKA, GALLE: The country I enjoyed touring the most in 2019 was Sri Lanka. The distances between tourist attractions are short and the country is full of incredible characters who make you feel welcome at not only your local Daru shop but upscale hotels as well.

I therefore decided to kick-off the 2020 travel season by checking in to a luxury 5 star hotel in the old Dutch fort city of Galle.

After an absolutely horrendous flight where I was squeezed in next to two mega amazonian babushkas from Poland, I needed a serious deep sleep to recover. I therefore decided to splurge on the most luxurious hotel I could find.

My choice fell on Le Grand Galle, roughly 3 hours by car from the airport north of Colombo. With a private swimming pool accessible from my bedroom window, my own beachfront backyard and a24/7 gym i figured this was exactly what I deserved.

So did this Sri Lankan boutique hotel live up to the high expectations set by those I stayed at in 2019?

Sri Lanka Street Food Night Rally ????????

■ SRI LANKA, COLOMBO: After only 3 hours in Sri Lanka's capital Colombo I stumbled across the country's signature dish; Kottu. Whilst in the process of devouring said dish I also ran into a long term viewer of this channel named Jeremy. As with pretty much everyone I run into wherever I travel, he knows a lot more about food than I ever will. So when Jeremy suggested we do tour of a famous beach front street food area in Colombo I grabbed my camera and hailed the nearest Rickshaw.

Releasing Baby Sea Turtles Sri lanka ????????

■ SRI LANKA, GALLE: Fresh from being crowned Sri Lanka's worst fisherman, I rushed back to the room to get changed before going back to see the man who runs the Sea Turtle Hatchery. On my visit the day before, he invited me back to release some newly hatched baby sea turtles back into the Indian ocean. Naturally this was something I wasn't gonna miss.

After meeting his whole family who'd just arrived back from a village visit we ventured over to the holding tanks and picked out 10 lucky turtles. Then we walked down to the beach for the main event: seeing which of these sea turtles were natural born swimmers and which was not!

On the beach we also ran into a mega iguana, the main threat to these sea turtles before they hatch, as well as a fresh track made by a mother turtle who had just buried her eggs on the beach the night before.

For a finale I got to hand feed some of the grown sea turtles.

■ If you wish to follow Nilanga and his family’s work at the Sea Turtle Centre or volunteer with them, they need more help;
*Phone Number: 075 540 2553 (within Sri Lanka)
*Instagram: @nilangaturtlesavior
*Facebook: Sea Turtle Hatchery Mahamodara
*Tripadvisor: Sea Turtle Hatchery Mahamodara

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Inside Sri Lankan Village Home

■ SRI LANKA, NEGOMBO: After a grueling two and a half hour Tuk-Tuk ride we finally arrived at my driver's village home. Before we even entered the house it was quite adamant that this house has huge potential but was still under construction. He still has loans on both the property and the Rickshaw so it is a tedious work on progress. He saves up money, invests then takes time off to build. Once the money runs out he repeats.

So what did the house look like as of right now and how long has it been under construction? And how many people are already living here plus how many will move in in the future?

Yes Man of Haputale Market ????????

■ SRI LANKA, HAPUTALE: After unsuccessfully trying to find something that looked edible and unlikely to make for a troublesome return bus journey to Ella, I opted for the safety of a Snickers and Mars bar. With my newfound sugar high it was time to check out the local Haputale market.

Perched high on a cliff side adjacent to the train station, this market offers stunningly high views and correspondingly low prices. A rare combination. So just how cheap is this market and what do they sell here?

$0.18 Gym Sri Lanka ????????

■ SRI LANKA, MATALELE: Before coming to Sri Lanka I conjectured finding a gym would be difficult. Especially in rural parts of the country. I couldn't have been more wrong. In fact, the more rural and uninhabited the village or road, the greater the chances are that you'll find a functional little gym to pump some iron. Case in point; this little makeshift place which is the cheapest gym I have ever come across anywhere in the world!

As for the gym's location. I've tried to find it in Google maps but simply don't remember how far (in kms) drove from the city towards Sigiriya.

Abandoned Beach Mansion Inside National Park ????????

■ SRI LANKA, YALA NATIONAL PARK: Adjacent to the most luxurious hotel I've ever stayed in, overlooking a scenic beach, deep inside Sri Lanka's biggest national park stands an abandoned beachfront villa! The house was abandoned a decade ago and is now slowly being reclaimed by nature.

Seeing this incredible structure from the beach I knew I had to investigate. But hotel security was circling me like vultures over a limping hyena on its fourth day without sustenance! So how was I to enter and explore this picturesque wooden house? This called for some sneaky improvisation....

Deers Trincomalee Sri Lanka

Me, my wife and my daughter feed the spotted deers somewhere between the fort and the fish market.



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