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Solo In Bolivia's Most Dangerous Hood


Solo In Bolivia's Most Dangerous Hood

???????? South America has a reputation for danger and violence. And so whilst on my short stay in Bolivia I decided to take a cable car up to El Alto which is a part of La Paz known by locals as a place for theft and violence. Would I survive with my camera? Watch and find out...

Solo In Mexico's Most Dangerous Barrio ????????

???????? Ask any resident of Mexico City where they would avoid visiting and the answer always come back: Tepito. A barrio of counterfeit markets and dark alleyways where the hoodlums run the streets, the Barrio Bravo ( Ferocious neighbourhood ) is a place I was told not to go to if I valued my life and possessions. But could it really be that bad? There was only one way to find out. I had to go and investigate.

KhTZ: Ukraine's Most Dangerous Hood ????????

???????? I hadn't been in Kharkiv very long before I started hearing about the dodgy gopnik filled suburb called KhTZ ( Kharkiv Tractor Plant ). None of the people I spoke to had actually been but they all told me stories of a region known for its fights and muggings. Well I decided to go check it out with my good mate Johnny. Join us both on a gopnik adventure in Ukraine's dodgiest hood.

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Avoid This Bolivian Taxi Driver!

???????? When I order a taxi I don't want much. I don't need a fancy car or even decent music. What I do expect however is that the driver will at least know where he is going! And then not overcharge me at the end of the ride. Unfortunately I met this guy and, well see for yourself...

Venezuelan Girl Takes Me Into Medellín Hood ????????

Marianny takes me into what used to be the most dangerous place on earth.
Welcome to Comuna 13.
Let's Go!
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Peru's Most Dangerous Restaurant! ????????

After an hour of searching the barrio of Rímac for something to eat, I finally found a restaurant that could serve me some good local food from Lima!
No Anticuchos though!
Does Peru live up to it's gastronomic hype?
I thought I would go have a look and take you guys with me to find out.


In today's video we go on a market hunt in El Alto which is known as Bolivia's most dangerous city - But is El Alto actually as bad as it's reputation will have believe? Let's find out! Thanks for watching the video and enjoy!

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Inside Mexico's Most Dangerous Hood ????????

The western media makes Mexico seem like a dangerous place, cartels running around freely and the people living in constant fear. Well I don't know what their motives are but they are far from the truth. Today I'm taking you to Tepito, el barrio bravo of Mexico City. If you ask most locals in Mexico City they will beg you to not visit Tepito. They say you will get shot, robbed, or kidnapped. Sounds very dramatic if you ask me. I decided to go in Tepito, Mexico's most dangerous hood to see what it's really like. Join me as we walk through Tepito and meet the local residents living there.

???? Mexican Lady Barber


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Solo In Peru's Craziest Market - Iquitos ????????

After Spending a week in Cusco, I couldn't cope with the altitude sickness anymore so I parted ways with Stephan and I took a flight back to Lima.
From there I took another flight the next day to Iquitos, Peru's Biggest City on the Amazon and the biggest city in the world not reachable by land.
Also home to one of the craziest markets I've ever been to in my life.
Let's Go!

The Side of Peru They Don't Show ????????

Day One:
After renting a car in Lima, Stephan and I decided to go on a journey from Lima to Cusco which should of taken 20 Hours.
That didn't go as planned.
This is the Peru they don't show.

Searching For Trouble in Acapulco ????????

Acapulco, Guerrero ????
Once a very touristic city with the likes of Elvis Presley, John f Kennedy and other celebrities coming on holiday to Acapulco, it is however not what it once was.
In the last few decades the city has seen a huge downfall in tourism and is now considered one of the most dangerous cities in the world.
But does it live up to it's reputation for a gringo with a camera?

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Drinking Inside Peru's Amazon Ghetto ????????

Whilst snooping around the backstreets of Belén in Iquitos, I noticed a pair of staring eyes locked in on me.
That's when I met Armando, who would soon become my first friend in Iquitos.

A QUICKIE in El Centro Medellin, Colombia ???????? (February 2021)

#elcentro medellin #colombia

???????? Dangerous Favela Rio de Janeiro Brazil

This time I'm taking you on a tour to the largest favela in Brazil. Watch the video in 4K and support me with a channel membership for more Videos!

Boliva's Death Road | Worlds Most Dangerous Road

It's dangerous, crazy but majestic and one of the most beautiful roads in the world. Join me as I explore this incredible road in Bolivia, the Yungas Road in Corico.

My favorite video this month - LADAKH- A Himalayan Adventure Trailer -

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The day I got attacked and robbed in Argentina (Travel Video Blog 042)

This is so far the worst travel experience I've ever had: During my weekend trip to Cordoba I got attacked by 2 guys without any warning. I never got confronted with this kind of violence - I was brought to the hospital and spend around 5 hours there.
It was at some point maybe also my fault as said in the video - but bad things can happen everywhere in the world.

I was amazed by the great help I received afterwards from all the people around me - especially the argentine people have been so nice to me which actually makes me even love Argentina more!
I thank all of you guys for your kind words and support afterwards - with your help I'm now almost recovered and continue what I love to do: Traveling.

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Wrong Route Santa Fe Neighborhood at night Bogota Colombia

The Santa Fe neighborhood in Bogotá Colombia is a neighborhood of tolerance, where prostitution and all nightlife businesses are allowed, during the last 3 years, a large number of immigrants from Venezuela have arrived in the neighborhood, they have filled its streets and avenues with all kinds of informal businesses.

Wrong Route at night!!! Santa Fe Neighborhood Bogota Colombia

4 years ago in the Santa Fe neighborhood in Bogotá, Colombia, a few nightlife businesses were known that were counted, today there are very few streets in this neighborhood where there is no business that revolves around nightlife business in Bogotá.

Tell us if you like this neighborhood or if you prefer other nice and pleasant places in Bogotá Colombia, and which one. parks, museums, good or bad areas?

Wrong Route at night!!! Santa Fe Neighborhood Bogota Colombia

00:00 - Highlights of the video Santa Fe Neighborhood Bogotá Colombia
00:29 - Carrera 13 Calle 25 Bogotá Colombia
00:50 - Carrera 13 Calle 22 heading west to Santa Fe neighborhood Bogotá Colombia
01:10 - Carrera 15 Calle 22 Santa Fe neighborhood Bogotá Colombia
02:50 - Calle 21 Carrera 17 Santa Fe neighborhood Bogotá Colombia
07:39 - Calle 24 Carrera 16 Santa Fe neighborhood Bogotá Colombia

Wrong Route at night!!! Santa Fe Neighborhood Bogota Colombia

The Santa Fe neighborhood in Bogotá Colombia is a zone of tolerance, in this area prostitution is allowed under the supervision of the police authorities, so there are many businesses that are involved in this trade.

The Santa Fe neighborhood in Bogotá is located very close to the city center, 3 kilometers from the Plaza de Bolívar in Bogotá and 2 kilometers from the International Center.

A large number of immigrants from Venezuela have come to the Santa Fe neighborhood of Bogotá Colombia in the last 3 years, many people who escape from socialism in Venezuela, women, and men who work in humble trades and who live in this neighborhood that despite From its bad reputation, at least it is very well located in Bogotá, the capital of Colombia.

Comment if you want to know other better places in Bogotá and which ones; good areas, bad areas, parks, museums, etc.

A Short Film About Buying A Bolivian Hat ( Not Clickbait! )

???????? Not every endeavour can be a work of art. David Bowie wrote the song Heroes but also The Laughing Gnome...Take this upload for example. Literally nothing interesting happens in it, just me being miserable in the rain and I'm even somewhat ashamed to upload it, but it's 3am in Bolivia and I can't sleep due to the jet lag. Even the shitty Adam Sandler movie I just watched on Netflix has not helped me fall sleep. So I thought why not stick something up and read some comments. Maybe someone will love it and think it's the greatest video ever made on youtube or maybe you have jet lag too and want to kill 10 minutes of your time instead of just lying there staring at the ceiling all night wondering if you will ever nod off and what the meaning of life is. Or maybe you are on the toilet having your morning pooh before going to work and would like to see a bald man randomly buy a bowler hat in South America to pass the time. I don't which one of those is you know but there you go. Have a great day/night/pooh everyone. Oh and in case you want to know, the f*king hat cost me $65!!! Unbelievable.

Brazilian girl takes me on tour through Salvador hood ????????

2 Gringos Try Coca In Colombia ????????

After Barranquilla I made my way to Santa Marta where I met Stephan.
Together we decided to go on a little journey to Palomino, a neighbouring town about a 3 hours bus drive away.
There we decided to rent and learn how to ride some bikes for the first time and try go find some coca in the Sierra Nevada mountains.
Do you think we will be able to find and try some coca?

This was a very challenging video to edit, having to write subtitles for everything and also to upload as my internet connection in the apartment is very bad so I'm uploading this from a cafe as I write this.

If you want to follow me behind the scenes my Instagram is: kurtcazyoutube




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