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Slovenian Food Review - Trying traditional Slovenian dishes in Ljubljana, Slovenia


Slovenian Food Review - Trying traditional Slovenian dishes in Ljubljana, Slovenia

Come join us for a Slovenian Food Review as eat a delicious meal in Ljubljana, Slovenia at Allegria restaurant trying several different traditional Slovenian dishes including wine, mains and dessert. As like the Bosnian cuisine we tried at Sarajevo 84 this was our very first time to try Slovenian cuisine and we were excited and eager to dig right in. The following list is the food items we tried at the restaurant including the local names from the menu:

1) Slovenian carniolan sausage (kranjska klobasa) with sauerkraut cabbage mashed rooty potatoes
2) Slovenian stuffed pasta (Idrijski žlikrofi) with a lamb ragout (similar to goulash)
3) Slovenian dessert (prekmurska gibanica) a puffed pastry from Prekmurje made with eight different layers including raisins, apples, walnuts, seeds, poppy seeds and cottage cheese
4) Slovenian red wine (Refošk red dry - Vina Koper)

Restaurant in Ljubljana, Slovenia location, contact details & hours:

Restavracija Allegria (Slovenian Cuisine)  
Address: Nazorjeva ulica 8, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia
Hours: Mon-Fri 11AM–11PM, Sat 12–10PM & Sunday 12–5PM
Phone: +386 1 426 74 02

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Slovenian Food Review - Trying traditional Slovenian dishes in Ljubljana, Slovenia Travel Video Transcript:

Well hello hello and welcome to another food video. Today we're having lunch here in Ljubljana so we figured we need to show you what Slovenian food is all about. Now I've never had Slovenian food before ever because I don't think it is really popular outside of Europe but um Sam brought us to Allegria. He spotted this place yesterday so we are here. We've ordered our wine. We've got our basket of bread so let's get to it.

Sam and I both got the same red wine. And what is the biggest surprise with this? Yes, the local red. Biggest surprise is now that we've had two restaurant meals here in Ljubljana is that they typically serve the red wine chilled.

The food arrived pretty quickly so let me show you my dish first. I ordered the grilled Slovenian sausage (kranjska klobasa) with sauerkraut or cabbage and this kind of like purple-y potato so let's just dig right in. Look it is like a double sausage actually. It looks big. Let's divide it. Big and juicy.

It is a really nice way to be starting our Slovenian cuisine experience. Yeah, and now we're moving on to what Sam ordered.

Sam is going in for the Idrijski žlikrofi I believe it is called.

Yes. We could totally be butchering it. And inside is basically pork, herbs and onions.

And it comes with a lamb ragout. It looks so good. I'm making sure to get a bit of lamb.

This is just so good. Such hearty food. Yeah? Again not spicy at all though. It is just like kind of that comfort savory food. And I really like the pasta. It is actually quite densely stuffed.

Well dessert has arrived. It sure has. Here before us we have a traditional Slovenian dessert (prekmurska gibanica) whose name I cannot pronounce. But I can tell you the ingredients. It is basically kind of like a puffed pastry like with lots of little crispy layers and inside it has apples, cottage cheese, walnuts and sometimes it can have raisins. It also has poppyseed and it has all been dusted with a little bit of icing sugar.

Another very filling meal here in Ljubljana, Slovenia. I have to say.. And in terms of price point that came to 28 Euros so that included two glasses of red wine, two mains and a dessert to share. It is packed outside and it is packed inside so it is a great restaurant. I'd highly recommend coming here in Ljubljana.

This is part of our Travel in Slovenia video series showcasing Slovenian food, Slovenian culture and Slovenian cuisine.

This is part of our Travel in the Balkans video series showcasing Balkan food, Balkan culture and Balkan cuisine.

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IS SLOVENIAN FOOD GOOD? Best Food Tour Ever | Cuisine in Ljubljana Travel Vlog

Slovenian food tour in Ljubljana to taste the best cuisine Slovenia has to offer... is it good? This Ljubljananjam food tour was the... ✈ Travel full-time like us:

The answer is... Slovenian cuisine is amazing! This is the best food tour we've taken and highly recommend if you're coming to Ljubljana that you take a food tour of the city! Watch our other food tour vlogs from around the world here:

The food in Slovenia is so varied, as you'll see from this vlog, and a tour like this is the best way to tap into as many dishes as possible. The variety we had really made the day, short stops, fancy restaurants, wine, beer, snacks and ice cream!

We really werent sure what to expect from the food in Slovenia, in fact we didnt even really know what Slovenian cuisine was before this trip to Ljubljana so this tour was the best answer! Check out the tour company Ljubljana Yum here:


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Americans Try SLOVENIAN FOOD! 🇸🇮 & Weirdest Airbnb Experience EVER! (Maribor, Slovenia)

Slovenian FOOD TOUR! Today we're in the beautiful town of Maribor, and we're on a mission to taste some delicious, regional Slovenian cuisine! After a quick hike, we head into town to taste some very interesting Slovenian dishes 😅🍽, then we drive into the countryside to what might be the weirdest airbnb we've ever stayed in 😂


Here are the dishes we tried in the video:

Gostilna Maribor -

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We try a BUNCH of Slovenian Food!

During our stay in Ljubljana we try traditional Slovenian dishes such as Strujkliji, Bograc, Idrijski Zlikrofi and Klobaso (Prazen Krompir). We also try the famous 7 layer cake Prekmurska Gibanica and a popular deepfried flatbread called Flancat.

Ljubljana FOOD TOUR!

Our food tour of Ljubljana was delicious and so much fun! We LOVE going on a tour our first day in a new city!

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Australians Try Slovenian Candy

Trying Candy and Snacks from Slovenia

Check out our Slovenian Videos:
Arriving in Slovenia:
Exploring Lake Bled:
Checking out Ljubljana:

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Tasting Ljubljana and exploring the Traditional Slovenian Cuisine


What's up guys and welcome back to Travel Dudes channel!! In this video we take you back to Ljubljana, Slovenia and begin to explore some of the culinary delicacies found in the city.

This quaint capital has a lot of amazing food options to discover and we were lucky to dive in head first :)

I hope you like this video and stay tuned for to more sections coming up in the next week!!

Thanks for watching!!

A huge thanks to Visit Ljubljana for making this experience possible!!

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Balkan Food Review - Our first impressions trying Bosnian Food in Ljubljana, Slovenia

Come join us for a Balkan Food Review in Ljubljana, Slovenia at restaurant Čevabdžinica Sarajevo '84 as we share our impressions trying Bosnian food for the first time. One of the most exciting things for us as we travel through Slovenia and down to Croatia, Bosnia and Montenegro is that we'll have ample opportunity to try many different kinds of Balkan food for the first time. Our overall impressions of Bosnian food at this restaurant is that we loved it and want to try even more. With Mostar as a confirmed destination we'll be visiting in the near future we're keen to sample as many things as possible.

Balkan Food List: (Bosnian Cuisine that we tried)

1) Bosnian red wine: rdeče vino blatina
2) Bosnian beans and sausages: prebranec s sudžukico
3) Bosnian pita and meat: čevapčiči
4) Bosnian stuffed red pepper: pečena paprika
5) Bosnian cheese bread rolls: bosanske pide or burek
6) Bosnian dessert: tufahija

Restaurant in Ljubljana, Slovenia location and hours:

Sarajevo '84  
Bosnian Restaurant
Address: Nazorjeva ulica 12, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia
Hours: 11AM–12AM (daily closing early on Sundays)
Phone: +386 1 425 71 06

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Balkan Food Review - Our first impressions trying Bosnian Food in Ljubljana, Slovenia Video Transcript:

It is time for lunch. We are still here in Ljubljana and today we've decided to have Balkan cuisine. We found a restaurant called Sarajevo 84. Apparently it specializes in Bosnian food and have we already mentioned that we're kicking off our trip through the Balkans in about a week's time. Hmmm. Haha.

Now would be a good time to mention it. It is a good way to announce it with Balkan food. I can't say I've ever had Balkan food before. I don't really know what to expect but I've been like glancing over at other people's plates and you know nearby tables and everything looks really good. It looks like it is meat heavy. Lots of bread. We've ordered I think like 5 different dishes and we'll see what arrives because we didn't even know what the names meant.

The wine is here and Sam is having the Rdeče Vino Blatina I believe.

This is the one dish I really wanted to try. It is basically beans and sausages served in a ceramic bowl.Let me find it on the menu first. I believe it is prebranec s sudžukico. Either way it is beans and sausage.

This next one may be called čevapčiči or something similar. Yeah. And check it out. It is basically grilled meat rolls in a flatbread. Alright, time to take a bite of this and I like to eat with my hands.

Moving on to dish number three. We've got ourselves some roasted red peppers and I believe this is called pečena paprika maybe. Let's hope I got that right.

And yeah, it looks like it has got some chunks of garlic there. That looks really good. That is really nicely presented I have to say.

This right here would be the Bosanske Pide which means which is the Bosnian pide. Yes. The Bosnian bread. And we ordered the one with cheese. Oh yeah. And this is very different from the Turkish one we've tried because the Turkish one is shaped more actually it is shaped more like the serving plate. Yeah. Whereas this one is very much round. Yeah. .And these are also wow they're thick.

Dessert is here. We have ordered the tufahija which is an apple and nut dessert. Though right now it is covered in whipped cream.

Time for price point. It came to 23 Euros just slightly over 23 Euros. And that included five food items and two drinks so 7 things in total. I think that was like outstanding value. I would agree. It was really good food & good quality. We're really full so that is a sign of a good meal. We'd recommend coming here for sure.

This is part of our Travel in Slovenia video series showcasing Slovenian food, Slovenian culture and Slovenian cuisine.

This is part of our Travel in the Balkans video series showcasing Balkan food, Balkan culture and Balkan cuisine.

This is part of our Travel in Bosnia video series showcasing Bosnian food, Bosnian culture and Bosnian cuisine.

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Ljubljana, Slovenia: Slovenian Food Tour and Grandfather Frost

We went on a food tour in Ljubljana to sample the very best of Slovenian cuisine, including sampling Adriatic squids, žlikrofi and a nice Slovenian sausage. As if that weren't enough, we then capped the night off with the famous pizza burek - a Slovenian specialty! Also, watch out for a surprise appearance by Grandfather Frost.

Food tour:
Druga Violina:
Burek Olimpija:

We made a podcast about Slovenia!:
Lucky Dippers, the Podcast:
Nicole's site:
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Rob's Instagram:

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Trying Slovenian Food & First Impressions of Bovec | Slovenia Travel Vlog

We catch a bus to Bovec in Slovenia which we can't seem to pronounce XD. We try some traditional Slovenian food at a restaurant and show you the hotel we're staying at: Hotel Sanje OB Soci.

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Europe playlist:

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Day 1 Slovenia: Ljubljana Town Walk, Gelato Tasting, Slovenian Sausages and much more!

Amazing town Ljubljana is. As in.
It looks more like a village than a city capital. It's quaint and pretty and a lot of the places in the town center are CARFREE!

Meaning, bawal kotse. LOL.

We enjoyed walking around. Doing the tour. It's right next to Italy, so naturally they are influenced by the italians in different ways such as... GELATO!

The Gelato in Ljubljana is indeed one of the best! My wife was supposed to try Gelato at least from five different shops but she kept getting three scoops per shop so she only got it from 3 shops - two of which are featured in this video.

Weather was good and sunny. Ang ganda talaga ng Ljubljana promise. Made me sing Beauty and the Beast's Little Town before realizing that the movie was based in France! But anyway, that's how I felt.

Basta, super ganda ng Ljubljana. As usual, I don't think I gave it justice in this video. But still!

Check out the vid!

References to some of the sites/shops that we visited.

Our AirBNB:
Klub Daktari, chill bar with chill vibes:
Ljubljana Free Tour:
Cacao, Gelato Shop 1:
Vigo, Gelato Shop 2:
Slovenian Sausage fast food style joint:

7 Days in Slovenia

Welcome to Slovenia. This small country (the size of New Jersey) sits between Italy, Austria, and Croatia, and as you’ll see, is one of Europe’s raddest places to travel. We gave ourselves a week. Starting off in Lake Bled, we swam in one of the most postcard looking lakes you’ve ever seen before heading off to sail in the Adriatic. From here we explored the Soča Valley — a region with turquoise blue rivers and limitless adventure options. Farm to table food and family-run wineries are a way of life in Slovenia, and we were stoked to spend time with world famous chef Ana RoŠ from HiŠa Franko restaurant as well as Aleš Kristančič, the storied winemaker of Movia vineyards. Don’t overlook this country when thinking of your next travels to Europe.



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Culinary experiences in Ljubljana, Slovenia

When you arrive in Ljubljana, the capital city of Slovenia, go for the local flavours. Get to know Slovenian cuisine, where we really like to roll, take for example traditional dishes like štruklji or potica, which are a must-try. Ljubljana is also excellent for rolling around. From street food joints to classy posh restaurants to interesting culinary events - we have it all. And don't forget our food tours of the city.

More information:

Follow the hashtags: #TasteLjubljana, #gourmetlj

LJUBLJANA OPEN KITCHEN | Episode 17 - Slovenia 2017

One of the highlights of our trip to Slovenia and staying in Ljubljana! The OPEN KITCHEN!! If you are in Ljubljana this must be on your list!

We spend the whole day at a street food festival. Ljubljana Open Kitchen happens every weekend through the summer. Check it out!


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Slovenia - 8 Places to Love - Triglav - Ljubljana - Bled - Goriska Brda

Join us as we tell you the 8 places that we absolutely loved in Slovenia. See beautiful Triglav National Park, Lake Bled, Vintgar Gorge, Kobarid, the Soča River Valley, Skocjan Caves, Goriska Brda, Piran, and the capital city of Ljubljana. Slovenia is an amazing country not to be missed!


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Ljubljana, Slovenia: My favourite restaurant and the best gelato in the world | Christmas food

We spent Christmas Eve and Christmas in Ljubljana, just enjoying walking around the Christmas markets in the city... and, of course, the food! We went to what quickly became my favourite restaurant and meal in the world, and also had the best gelato in the world - Ljubljana is just that awesome.

Špajza (Christmas Eve dinner):
Cacao (gelato):
Vigo (mentioned, not as good as Cacao IMO but still excellent):

We made a podcast about Slovenia!:

Lucky Dippers, the Podcast:
Nikki's site:
Nikki's Instagram:
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Rob's Instagram:

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Ljubljana Apartment Tour in Slovenia

Come join us for our airbnb tour of our apartment in Ljubljana, Slovenia. Booked at the very last minute, which is not typical for us, we were lucky to find such a nice place although we did pay more than we typically like to for an apartment.

Airbnb Discount Code:
Where we stayed:

Located just a 15-20 minute walk away from the heart of the old town of Ljubljana, Slovenia we stayed in a quiet neighborhood and enjoyed the spaciousness of this particular apartment. It featured one of the nicest kitchen, workspace and living combination we've had all year.

In terms of visiting Ljubljana we'd highly recommend it. The capital of Slovenia is our own opinion one of the most underrated cities in Europe we've visited on our travels this year. Coming in the fall, like we did, is something we'd highly recommend as the temperatures are comfortable and the autumn colors are gorgeous.

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Ljubljana Apartment Tour in Slovenia Video Transcript:

It is time for another apartment tour. This one coming to you from Ljubljana, Slovenia. Yeah, it sure is and this apartment has been awesome. We've stayed here for a week kind of following that theme of recently. We've been staying in places for roughly a week usually. And so yeah this place has been really comfortable so we'll give you a full tour.

Alright, so right now we're at the front door. Yep. And as soon as you come in the first door is to the right. The first thing is the bedroom. First thing is the bedroom and this has been a really nice bedroom.

Like actually one of the biggest faults I've had of the most recent airbnbs we've had. The apartments have been nice but the beds have sucked. Like they've been really uncomfortable or just something has been wrong with the mattress and either it has been too soft, too hard whatever. But this has been like a dream to sleep on.

And the next room off of the hall is the first bathroom. First of two bathrooms. Yeah. So let's go in. It is a bit of a strange bathroom because here that is not a toilet. Yeah, that is true. We have a bidet I believe it is called. It is a really small bathroom because there are two of them. But we do have two sinks. So this is the first sink. Brushing our teeth here obviously. As you do. As one hopefully does.

And then over here is the shower and the bath. Yeah. It has been a really nice shower. Really good water pressure. And then we also had a huge kitchen as well which was amazing. Like this is one of the bigger kitchens we've had in awhile.

You can see here that they have three coaches basically. One of them being big and I basically claimed this area as my workspace. Sam's work desk. I've been working here. That is my computer and uh yeah it has just been really comfortable. This place has been like it is quite spacious to be honest and that has been really nice. It has just allowed us to kind of like throw our stuff all over the place and feel a bit more at home. It has been really good.

And that brings us to price point. This place was a bit of a splurge. It was just under $60 US dollars a night. And we booked it very last minute so we were actually even lucky to find a decent place.

Ljubljana is cute and charming and it is just so chill here. It is just like a great city especially if you've been visiting a lot of bigger cities in Europe this is the kind of place where you would come to relax a bit more. A very nice change of pace. It is not busy here at all and is nice. That is it for us from Ljubljana, Slovenia.

This is part of our Travel in Slovenia video series showcasing Slovenian food, Slovenian culture and Slovenian cuisine.

'Quirky Dog' music in this video courtesy of 'Kevin Macleod' from ( under a creative commons license.

Woolly Beasts Scare Away Winter in Slovenia

To see Europe at its wildest, join the party that kicks off the Easter season: Carnival.

In Slovenia, a country with deep pagan roots, villagers scare off winter by dressing as a big shaggy creature called Kurent — a fun-loving Slavic god of hedonism.

We drop in on the fun in this extended clip from Rick Steves' European Easter. The full, hour-long special is streaming now at Enjoy!

🍴Taste Slovenia with chefs Ana Roš and Janez Bratovž

Slovenia is a land of top-level cuisine, where chefs with world-wide reputations swear by the seasonal ingredients which grow in the gardens and fields near their kitchens. “Without good basic ingredients you cannot create an outstanding dish,” say Janez Bratovž and Ana Roš, the most famous Slovenian chefs de cuisine, convinced of its truth. When mentioning their names, the eyes of gourmets across the globe light up. Janez Bratovž heads the cult restaurant JB Restavracija in Ljubljana, the European Green Capital 2016, which has already been ranked on the San Pellegrino World’s 100 Best Restaurants List. The first lady of top Slovenian cuisine and World's Best Female Chef, Ana Roš, creates her masterpieces near Kobarid in the Soča Valley. Hiša Franko, run by Ana and her partner, the renowned sommelier and cheese connoisseur Valter Kramar, has become a pilgrimage site for Americans, Brits and others who got to know Ana in a well-known TV series on the top chefs of the world. Janez Bratovž is convinced that Slovenia is the next great world gastronomic destination.

Ljubljana, Slovenia - Travel & Food Vlog

Ljubljana - the City of Dragons - is a hidden gem and is one of my favorite cities in Europe. Unlike the old town areas of other European capitals, there are very few tourists here. Instead there is a vibrant cafe scene along the river, full of locals and university students. The city is beautiful and food and drinks are relatively cheap! And once you get outside the city, the rest of the country is breathtaking. Put Slovenia on your radar!

0:05 Train Arrival
0:51 Ljubliana Historic Center
3:02 Ljubljana Castle
4:03 Lake Bled
5:19 Vintgar Gorge
6:24 Predjama Castle
7:12 Ljubljana Food Vlog
Cafe/Ice Cream/Night Market/Balkan Food

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