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Skydiving into the Blue Hole, Belize


Scuba Diving The Blue Hole and Barrier Reef in Belize

Belize is known for having some of the best scuba diving in the world. I checked into Hamanasi for a week of diving! This PADI 5 star resort is all-inclusive and is located in Hopkins- near the Southern Barrier Reef. We took a day trip to dive the famous Blue Hole and it was one of the most memorable dives in my life!

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20 Photos to Inspire You to Visit Belize:

Shot with RECSEA CWC-G7XII for Canon Powershot G7X Mark ii

Dive Computer: ScubaPro M2 (Mantis 2)





The Great Blue Hole, Belize

Dive trip to the Great Blue Hole in Belize on November 17, 2014 with Frenchie's Diving on Caye Caulker.

Blue Hole in Belize

There's another Blue Hole that is found in Belize. This one is not in the ocean but deep in the jungles of beautiful Belize. Balin just wanted to cool off on a hot spring day. As he waited for people to leave two lovely girls from NYC show up. Watch what happens as Belize Dreams do come true.

The mysterious Great Blue Hole revealed

The allure of the Great Blue Hole is undeniable. It is among the top ten dive sites in the world. Join these divers as they venture into the abyss to explore the limestone caverns 46 meters below the surface. A dive this deep is not without risk, as divers must be conscious of the effects of great pressure, rapid air consumption at depth and nitrogen narcosis. It is not for the faint of heart but it is indeed a truly exhilarating experience.

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The Great Blue Hole, Belize - Diving 6 July 2010

SCUBA diving in the magnificent Great Blue Hole in the Lighthouse Reef off the coast of Belize in Central America. Our lovely team was diving the the friendly and professional people of Frenchie's Diving from Caye Caulker.

The Great Blue Hole is essentially a collapsed underwater cavern, where you can find the surreal combination of stalactites and sharks. The cavern bottoms out at over 400 ft and is 1000 in diameter, almost perfectly circular. We are diving in a shelf in the cavern wall about 140 ft down. Stay tuned for more videos from our other dives in the Belizean barrier reef.

Filmed on a Samsung HMX-H100 in a Pelican 4100 dive light housing.


This UFO LAUNCH was discovered by after I uploaded my Great Blue Hole, Belize UFO video. Thank you for the discovery.
UFO filmed and caught on tape while we were flying over The Great Blue Hole, off the coast of Belize, near Belize City. The Great Blue Hole is a large submarine sinkhole off the coast of Belize. It lies near the center of Lighthouse Reef, a small atoll 70 km (43 mi) from the mainland and Belize City. The hole is circular in shape, over 300 m (984 ft) across and 124 m (407 ft) deep. It was formed during several episodes of Quaternary glaciation when sea levels were much lower - the analysis of stalactites found in Great Blue Hole shows that formation took place 153,000, 66,000, 60,000, and 15,000 years ago. As the ocean began to rise again, the caves were flooded. The Great Blue Hole is a part of the larger Belize Barrier Reef Reserve System, a World Heritage Site of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO). This site was made famous by Jacques-Yves Cousteau, who declared it one of the top ten scuba diving sites in the world. In 1971, he brought his ship, the Calypso, to the hole to chart its depths. Investigations by this expedition confirmed the hole's origin as typical karst limestone formations, formed before rises in sea level in at least four stages, leaving ledges at depths of 21 m (69 ft), 49 m (161 ft), and 91 m (299 ft). Stalactites were retrieved from submerged caves, confirming their previous formation above sea level. Some of these stalactites were also off-vertical by 5° in a consistent orientation, thus indicating that there had also been some past geological shift and tilting of the underlying plateau, followed by a long period in the current plane.

Initial measured depth of Great Blue Hole was 125 m (410 ft) which is the most often cited depth up to this day. An expedition by the Cambrian Foundation in 1997 measured the hole's depth as 124 m (407 ft) at its deepest point. This difference in measurement can be explained by ongoing sedimentation or by imprecision in earlier measurements. The purpose of this expedition was the collection of core samples from the floor of the Blue Hole and documentation of the cave system. To accomplish these tasks, all of the divers had to be certified in cave diving and mixed gases.
This is a popular spot amongst recreational scuba divers, who are lured by the opportunity to dive in crystal-clear water and meet several species of fish, including giant groupers, nurse sharks and several types of reef sharks such as the Caribbean reef shark and the Blacktip shark. Other species of sharks, like the bull shark and hammerheads, have been reported there, but are not regular sightings. Usually, dive trips to the Great Blue Hole are full-day trips, which include one dive in the Blue Hole and two further dives in nearby reefs. Recently diving has also been offered from the island Long Caye in the Lighthouse Reef only a couple of miles away from the Great Blue Hole. They offer 2 dives in the Blue Hole: North side and South side.

On-shore caves of similar formation, as large collapsed sinkholes, are well known in Belize and in the Yucatán Peninsula, where they are known as cenotes.

Exploring THE BIGGEST BLUE HOLE In The World!

Blue Holes are one of nature's most beautiful and mysterious places and exploring one from the inside was an epic travel experience I will never forget! The Great Blue Hole Of Belize is one of the biggest blue holes in the world and very popular for diving and snorkling.
This underwater world is engraved in my memory and I will cherish this experience for ever.

Thanks Pieps for joining me on this Adventure!

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Camera: GoPro Hero 4 Silver


Childhood by Mike Chino
Creative Commons — Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported — CC BY-SA 3.0

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Flying over the Blue Hole in Belize!

This was such and amazing experience flying over the amazing piece of nature. I highly recommend this flight! it is filled with not just a beautiful view but lots of adrenaline.

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Diving at the Great Blue Hole, Belize

Diving in EC Mexico and Belize (Great Blue Hole)

Clips from dives in Dos Ojos cenote (Mexico), Turneffe Atoll (Belize), Lighthouse Reef (Belize) and the Great Blue Hole (Belize).

Skydive Belize

Skydiving over San Pedro Belize.

Bluehole Belize


Belize Blue Hole and Cruise Ship

Helicopter flight with Astrum Helicopter in Belize. Our flight took us over Belize City enroute to the Blue Hole. On the return, we flew over our cruise ship, the Emerald Princess.

Dennis goes Skydiving in San Pedro, Belize

Our very own Dennis from Grand Caribe goes on an adventure tour, skydiving 13,000ft over our beautiful island with Skydive San Pedro Belize.

The Great Blue Hole, Belize

This submarine sinkhole off the coast of Belize is in every scuba diver’s bucket list. Even if you are not into enjoying a myriad of species underwater, it’s totally worth flying over the Blue Hole for a breathtaking view.

Diving The Great Blue Hole Belize

Here's a few clips of my scuba dive in the Great Blue Hole in Belize. We encountered lots of sharks and huge groupers along the way. It was truly an experience of a lifetime. Unfortunately I didn't have my red filter for my GoPro so the footage is missing lots of colour.

The Great Blue Hole - Caye Caulker - Belize

The Great Blue Hole is a giant submarine sinkhole off the coast of Belize. It lies near the center of Lighthouse Reef, a small atoll 70 km from the mainland and Belize City. The hole is circular in shape, 318 m across and 124 m deep.

Frenchie’s Diving has been offering diving services since 1981 and is locally owned.
We are located on the north end of Caye Caulker opposite of the Caye Reef Condo.
We are built by the integrity, professionalism and safety being provided for over 30 years.
Our staffs consist of 3 Instructors and 7 dive masters, all who are PADI Certified and Licensed Tour Guides. They are all ready to give you a thrilling experience in the underwater world


May 28, 2016

Great Blue Hole - unedited - Belize

Full unedited video of great blue hole dive in belize. check out minutes 12 through 17 for the best of it. Huge shark at 19:00

Diving BELIZE (Blue Hole Caye Caulker) Maya temples Guatemala


Two weeks in Belize to see the Mayan temples, diving into the famous blue hole and live to the sound of Caribbean music.



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