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Scuba Diving Edit


Hawaii GoPro Scuba Dive Edit

Dive off Waikiki Beach, Hawaii

Speech: Les Brown

Scuba Diving in Safaga – Chillout Edit

Diving in Safaga, Egypt in december 2018

Dive spots:
Middle Reef,
Tobia Kebir,
Tobia Arba,
Shoap Claud,
Shoap Sheer East,
Abu Soma Garden,
Ras Abu Soma

Thanks to Shams Safaga Diving Center

Cinematic Great Barrier Reef x OrcaTorch

I'm up on the Great Barrier Reef testing the new OrcaTorch D910V, a 5000 lumen beast of a video light!

The footage was captured in one day scuba diving on the barrier reef where we ran into a few Green Sea Turtles, Nemo, Bumphead Parrot Fish and the likes. The D910V performed incredibly, most of the natural lighting was fairly harsh, meaning I had to underexpose my shots and use the D910V to bring some life and colour back into my foreground. As you can see the end result is stunning!

Huge thanks to OrcaTorch for letting me test their newest powerhouse video light!

Check out my Instagram at:

For licensing, usage, and photo prints please visit

- OrcaTorch D910V Underwater Video Light
- Panasonic Gx7
- Panasonic 7-14mm wide angle lens
- Nauticam underwater housing and 6 dome port (NA-GX7)
- GoPro Hero 3+ Black

Edited on:
- Adobe Premiere Pro

BALI diving and backpacking - full edit HD 2019

Backpacking and diving Bali footage took some while to edit.
But finally here it is :)
We travelled around the hole island including diving the best spots around there.
All summed up we spent three weeks of traveling.

Filmed with an GoPro5 and DJI Tello drone.
(Sadly I lost our GoPro while diving at manta point)

Thank you for watching :)
I hope you enjoyed that short dreaming away to a far away paradise.

Best Matt

Scuba Diving Edit

Edit of clips taken in Key Largo, Florida.


Diving Edit 2017

More info under


Shot only on Canon G7X

Useful Link

Flickr :
Instagram :

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Scuba diving edit

Dedicated to my parents
Filmed by my father and I
Edited by me
Made by @CQViews

Scuba Diving Zakynthos - Zante - Greece - May 2016 - GoPro Hero 4 Silver HD

Diving at Zakynthos, Greece, with Eurodivers.

Filmed with GoPro Hero 4 Silver. No colour editing, using only red filter.

Davinci Resolve Green Underwater Colour Grade

Small Davinci Resolve 15 Tutorial on how to colour correct the green out of underwater footage

Diving the Philippines - GoPro Edit

This is my second GoPro dive edit - LIKE, SHARE & ENJOY!

Filmed & Edited by Robin Widéen

Music: Paradise - Robin Widéen

It was filmed in December of 2014 and January of 2015 in Sabang, Puerto Galera & on Malapascua Island, The Philippines... The dives was done with Asia Divers & Sea Explorers!

Filmed entirely with the GoPro hero 3 Black using both Wide, Medium & Narrow FOV. Shot in 1080 HD 60P with Protune mode and RAW White Balance. Color correction and editing was done GOPRO STUDIO and FINAL CUT PRO X!

Accessories used with the Gopro include:
- Fantasea Blue ray tray with flex arms.
- Backscatter flip 3.0 dive filter and 10+ macro lens
- I-Torch Video Pro 5+ and Venusian III lights
- Sealife Aqua Pod

Scuba Diving in the Andamans! (GoPro HD)

Diving the Andamans with DiveIndia! Big thanks to their entire team for an incredible time!

Shot and Edited by me.
Camera: GoPro Hero4 Silver
Filter: Polar Pro Switchblade 2.0
Post Production: Go Pro Studio for Mac

Only for Home/Personal use. NOT for commercial use.
I do not own the rights to the music.
Music Credit:
Porcelain - Moby
No copyright infringement intended.

CAYMAN ISLANDS: Exploration Travel Edit (DJI Mavic Pro + GoPro Hero 5)

Song: MØ - Final Song (Official Video)
First Vacation/Trip edit by Jack Kirkpatrick. Made with go pro hero 5 and DJI Mavic pro this edit was made 2017-2018. Lmk improvements below.

Incredible Scuba Diving GoPro Video - Diving in Eilat, Israel - Edited by VideoTov (Video Ideas)

This amazing GoPro video will make you want fly to Eilat, Israel, for an unforgettable scuba vacation. Edited by VideoTov (learn more at Check out scuba diving video footage from the Red Sea, including coral reefs and shipwrecks. Plus, Eilat is a party town, so you know we had to throw in some clubbing, barbecuing, and watersliding. Makes you want to grab your scuba gear and go diving, doesn't it?

Tell us about your favorite scuba diving trips in the comments section. We want to hear your scuba story!

Casino Point - Scuba edit (a6000)

Casino Point Dive Park
Avalon, CA - Catalina Island

s/o to the best dive buddy in the world my own dad

-Sony a6000
-Sigma 30mm f2.8
-Meikon dive housing from Amazon

song: Venice Venture - Big Wild

Quick & EASY Underwater Colour Correction - Final Cut Pro [GoPro HERO6] (GoPro Tip #006)

Quick and easy underwater colour correction tutorial on Final Cut Pro editing GoPro footage!

Camkix Filter:


Ryan Little -

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Camera Gear
GoPro Hero6 Black -
GoPro Hero5 Black -
GoPro Hero4 Silver Edition -
Panasonic Lumix FZ1000 -
Tascam DR-60DMKII -
Rode NTG 1 Microphone -
Manfrotto Tripod -
Saramonic GoMic -
Aluminium Thumbscrew Set -
GoPro Head Strap Mount -
Lexar Memory Card -
POV Case 3.0 -

Diving Gear
Mares Fins -
Aqua Lung BCD -
Aqua Lung Regulator -
Mares Matrix Watch -
Divers Buddy Alert Bell -

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SCUBA DIVING - Beneath The Shire

This is the first part in a new series about Scuba Diving in the Sutherland Shire, so if you liked the video subscribe for more!

I have been working closely with the Sutherland Shire in Sydney, Australia to produce this short cinematic mini-series about Scuba Diving in the area. The area is absolutely stunning, and is home to some of the most beautiful coral gardens and wildlife that the East Coast of Australia has to offer! Not to mention it also serves as a sanctuary for the Weedy Sea Dragon, a species only found in the southern parts of Australia!

If you're a diver, free diver, snorkeller or you're at all interested in the underwater world I urge you to check the area out!

Areas filmed:
- Oak Park
- Kurnell
- Shiprock, Port Hacking

Camera gear:
- Sony A7III
- Sony 16 - 35mm f4 wide angle lens
- Sony 50mm f 1.8
- Panasonic Lumix GX7
- Panasonic 7 - 14mm wide angle lens
- Nauticam housing and dome port
- Orcatorch video lights (two D900V's)
- Zhiyun Crane
- Rode video mic pro

SHARK! Cinematic Lighting x OrcaTorch

Fun story, during the filming of this video for OrcaTorch we actually came face to face with a GREAT WHITE SHARK!

We were scuba diving in Forster, north of Sydney, Australia at the Pinnacle, which is a dive site about 20 minutes by boat into the ocean, there are no rocks/ headlands or any other formations around the dive site. Just open, dark blue water. There were 6 of us and as we jumped in the water my buddy had some ear troubles, so we hung around the 10meter mark while his ears adjusted to the pressure (the other 4 divers continued on their dive). As we sat at around 10 meters deep for a few minutes, we could see nothing below us except the dark blue water fading to black, and there was nothing on either side of us but blue water. The second his ears equalised we continued down, and BAM! Out of the shadow emerged a wild GREAT WHITE SHARK! What followed this was honestly a sequence from Jaws. Men scrambling for the safety of the boat above, surfacing with one eye on the Great White below, and the other on the boat, yelling at the captain to get us out of the water. Not my finest moment, but an epic tale that has left a huge impact on me. Needless to say, we went back in the water about 45 minutes later for our next dive! I'm not sure how I got any footage as I spent the whole time looking behind me!

Anyways an epic dive trip, and we got some great footage filming with OrcaTorch's New D900V video lights! This isn't a paid video, the lights were honestly such a treat to film with and I will be using them from now on in all my underwater videos! They're the most powerful video light I have filmed with and the colour they bring back into the footage is phenomenal!

If you enjoyed this video please do subscribe and hit that like button as it really does make an impact! Coming soon i'm also starting a series teaching you what I know about underwater photography! So stay tuned! :)

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Keep Pumping!

Exploring the Wreck of a German Submarines Hunter. Scuba diving on the UJ2207

Portofino, Italy

#scuba #scubadiving

Backpacking Koh Tao Thailand - Drone & GoPro Edit

One week on Koh Tao is not enough!
- Scuba diving with MOJO Divers
- All part of Backpacking Thailand

Filmed By Dan Brooks & James Harrison
Edited by James Harrison


The Underwater World is both a passion of mine and a job, so if you liked this video please hit that subscribe button and stay tuned for more!

The ocean is vast, beautiful, home to some of the most diverse marine life and coral populations you can imagine, yet majority of it is unexplored. This is likely due to the fact that Humans are land animals, purpose built to survive on two legs on dry land. Despite this, myself like many others call the ocean home. I am a professional scuba diver and underwater photographer who loves the ocean, and today my goal is to inspire you to try scuba diving!

There is honestly nothing close to the feeling of breathing underwater! This combined with the zero gravity like sensation makes scuba diving one of the most unique and incredible activities on Earth. Even at the sports least exciting, you will feel weightless as you glide through an entirely different world. But combine this with awesome conditions, unbelievable wildlife and marine encounters, and a few friends and scuba diving will quickly become something you do every week! You may even join the ranks of divers like myself who travel from location to location just to explore the underwater world!

While I have travelled the world diving, I regularly dive in Sydney which is by no means a tropical destination (where this was filmed). The conditions vary dramatically, yet even after over 600 dives I still love getting in the water every single time!

Your diving adventure can't come soon enough. As the worlds reefs are in decline, and places like the Great Barrier Reef and its corals are dying, now is probably your last time to see them. In 25 years the Great Barrier Reef is estimated to be gone. Currently, the Reef in Northern Queensland, Australia is 'dying', it is still able to be saved with strict nationwide and global conservation efforts. I urge you to try scuba diving, see the beauty of these reef systems and maybe you too will aid in efforts to raise awareness before it is too late.

Check out my Instagram at:

For licensing, usage, and photo prints please visit

List of Camera Gear:
- Panasonic Gx7
- Panasonic 7-14mm wide angle lens
- Panasonic 14-45mm zoom lens
- Nauticam underwater housing and 6 dome port (NA-GX7)
- GoPro Hero 3+ Black
- 2 x underwater video lights (Archon and GoBe)
- Zoom H4n audio recorder
- Zhiyun Crane gimbal

Edited on:
- Adobe Premiere Pro
- Adobe After Effects
- Photos on Lightroom

(I do not use LUTS, I manually colour grade).

(A little weird) But marine species filmed:
- Cuttlefish
- Eagle Ray
- Weedy Sea Dragon
- Dusky Whaler Shark
- Leopard Shark
- Grey Nurse Shark
- Australian Fur Seal
- Fish and an Octopus (not too scientific here hey..)

99% of this film was shot at Manly and Shelley Beach in Sydney Australia.



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