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When we read a post about '37 reasons why you shouldn't come to Serbia' along with breathtaking pictures our minds blew away. Wow! Is it really Serbia? Is it there so beautifully? We realized that we didn't know about this country too much. And then we got an impulse. We've just decided that we need to visit Serbia to find out if it will impress us as well.

During 14 days we have moved to a different world. The world where primary role was played by the people we met at every step while we were working on our video footage. They gave us a something really precious, deficient product of present - a dose of sincere, genuine emotions. They opened their warm hearts without expecting anything in return. One thing is certain about this country. You can't deny the authenticity of Serbia, and we hope that it will remain so as long as possible.

Project 'Serbia - Land Coloured With Life' is a video completed in using various cinematography techniques. You'll find here motion controlled time lapses, hyper lapses, drone shots. We put in it all hearts, working from dawn to dusk, shedding many droplets of sweat, overcoming the boundaries of our weaknesses, learning at the same patience and humility.

Locations: Golubac, Djerdap National Park, Danube River, Velika Kapija, Krupajsko Vrelo, Davolja Varos, Kopaonik National Park, Kamena Gora, Uvac River, Mokra Gora, Tara National Park, Bajina Bašta, Belgrade and many other small, unexpected stunning places.

Cameras: Canon 7D Mark II, Canon 60D
Motion control equipment: Varanus Multi Synchro Controller System by Foton Accessories
Drone: DJI Phantom 3 Professional


Leaving this planet by Score Squad licensed on

'Serbia - Land Coloured With Life' is copyrighted and may not be used without permission. For all questions and professional enquires contact us directly.
Thank you to everyone who has contributed to the creation of this video.

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So here we are, Serbia seen through our eyes. Land coloured with life. Travel Promo Video.

Let us know if you enjoyed this journey and leave us a feedback.

Malwina and Michal Kolatek

See Serbia

Press play and #seeserbia, a destination where every new dawn is an opportunity for an outstanding holiday. Serbia gives you 4 seasons and 365 reasons for traveling. #seeserbia

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Producer: Nira PRO
Executive producer: Igor Stojanović
Director and screenwriter: Jelena Stolica

Director of photography: Bogdan Babović
Assistants: Uroš Stepić, Igor Stepić
Gaffer: Mario Fućak
Colorist: Goran Todorić
Drone artist: Nikola Bošković

Editing: Stevan Spasić
Sound designer: Boris Zaborski
Composer: Dimitrije Vasiljević

Organization: Vera Novaković
Logistics: Nikola Ognjanović

Narrator: James Owen

Serbia, Land of New Beginnings

Storytraveler Mark Hofmeyr travelled with Melvin (@traveldudes), Kash (@budgettraveller), Rob (@bloggeries) and Becki (@bordersofadv) travelled to Serbia: a Lonely Planet top 10 country to visit in 2015

#MySerbia brought to you by iambassador and Serbia Tourism

Travel to Serbia – See It With New Eyes


Nestled and land-locked between Romania, Croatia and Bulgaria, it’s as though these surrounding countries have outshone the jewels of this land, keeping Serbia hidden from the rest of the world.
As travelling filmmakers we’re always on the lookout for undiscovered destinations and travel stories which are becoming increasingly rare and difficult to find, so our recent trip to Serbia sparked great excitement as it was just the type of place we had been looking for – Truly unique, authentic and incredibly beautiful! We know it’s not the top destination on your list, but we’re going to paint you a picture of what we discovered, through our videography, photography and words, that will undoubtedly change your mind and rearrange that list of yours.

If you’re wondering if Serbia is for you, here’s the type of person who would absolutely love it:

If for no other reason, come to Serbia for its wild and untouched nature. The landscapes look like watercolour paintings, with pastel shades and hues touching everything the eye can see, from the ground beneath your feet to the very tops of the sky. You can’t help but be immersed in the mystical beauty of it all.

Serbia is the best kept foodie secret, where cultures collide! Eating in Serbia is equivalent to a culinary feast in Turkey, Hungary and the Mediterranean all wrapped into one. With every dish being hearty, creamy and fatty, you’ll not only have a piece of Serbia close to your heart by the end of it, but a great portion on your hips too. But the good news is that it’s 110% worth it and we can guarantee that your taste-buds will love it so much, that they’ll long for these unique flavours for years to come.

Belgrade, the capital of Serbia, which boasts some of Europe’s most exuberant nightlife, reflects its golden city lights into the Danube river which hugs its shores - This city has an energy and vibrancy that’s contagious and addictive! During the day we would explore its Bohemian neighbourhoods, covered in colourful wild flowers and dotted with street cafes and at night, every night, we would party! Many say Belgrade is the next Ibiza, with super clubs called “splavs”, on barges that float alongside the river’s edge, filled with gorgeous, young people having the time of their lives on hot summer nights!

Belgrade’s beauty stems from it’s astounding architecture and gritty look and feel, adding a very special charm to the city, as it displays evidence of its rich history from generations before us. Pristine museums, castles and churches are any historians dream, telling tales of many wars and cultural shifts. But if you’re not a fan of buildings, every Serbian is like a little history book. They are so passionate about their country that if you show interest and give them half the chance, they’ll tell you all about their country’s entire story, inviting you into their world for an insiders’ look at their cultures and traditions.

Serbia’s turbulent past has caused the tourism industry to bypass it, indirectly creating a country so raw and authentic that it inspired us beyond words, leaving us feeling in awe of all we had encountered during our time here. But unfortunately, like all things in life, this will not last forever and we urge you to see it with your own eyes, before the tour groups get their hands on it. So do yourself a favour and go somewhere unexpected on your next trip, like Serbia – You’ll be surprised by what you find!

by Roxanne Boyes

Filmed and edited by Mark Hofmeyr on behalf of connect on facebook
Writing: Becki Enright
Voice: Don McCorkindale

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Serbia: The Place To Be

National Tourism Organisation of Serbia launched a new promotional campaign Serbia: The Place to Be. Campaign features the best way to spend your holiday in the cities of Serbia (Belgrade, NIš, Novi Sad) combined with the coolest summer festivals Exit, Beer Fest and Nishville. Lush nature and breathtaking landscapes are mixed with the excitement of the holiday on the move. Serbia is one of the oldest European countries dating back to the 7th century. Our rich history and culture is one of the key features of this promotional campaign. All spiced up with some enticing flavours and scents from Serbia. For more information visit:

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Serbia - One journey, million impressions | Jedno putovanje, bezbroj doživljaja

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Србија - Једно путовање безброј доживљаја | Srbija - Jedno putovanje, bezbroj doživljaja

Nouveau clip promotionnel de la Serbie: Serbie - Un Séjour, Mille Impressions, Auteur Bosko Savkovic, destination aux richesses insoupçonnées à 2h de vol de Paris!

New promotional video clip about Serbia by Bosko Savkovic: Serbia - One Journey - Million impressions

Der neue Werbefilm über Serbien von Autor Boško Savković:
Serbien- Eine Reise, Million Eindrücke

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Serbia 4k | Where Are You Now? | Drone Travel Video

I've been to Serbia twice now and I really enjoyed it! Belgrade's floating river clubs can give any city in the world a run for its money in terms of nightlife. Food and drinks are incredibly cheap in Serbia and you can actually afford eating in fancy restaurants. Skadrlija is an awesome bohemian street that is filled with musicians and great food. People in Serbia were super friendly all around - in cities and small villages. One day I came to a tailor asking them in English if they could fix something small, the tailor said okay and after he fixed it, he refused any kind of payment. In US I would've surely been ripped off regardless if I was a local or tourist. The nature in rural areas of Serbia were absolutely breathtaking. Tara national park and Uvac reserve were incredible. The best part? There are barely any tourists. You are not lost in masses, people aren't trying to sell you stuff and offer taxis on every corner. You can get an authentic experience. Unforfortunately, I only filmed very few parts of my trip. If you want to see extra drone and gopro footage that didn't make it to the video, check out my Instagram IGTV @justvilius.

Music: Faded - Alan Walker (Oud cover) by Ahmed Alshaiba


0:01 - 0:15 - Special Nature Reserve Uvac
0:15 - 0:30 - National Park Tara
0:35 - 0:47 - Sretenje monastery
0:47 - 1:07 - Drina River
1:07 - 1:51 - National Park Tara
1:51 - 2:26 - Special Nature Reserve Uvac
2:27 - 2:45 - Sretenje monastery
2:45 - 3:00 - Drina River
3:00 - 3:03 - Sretenje monastery
3:03 - 3:08 - Special Nature Reserve Uvac
3:08 - 3:21 - Sretenje monastery
3:21 - 3:46 - Drina River
3:46 - 4:00 - National Park Tara
4:00 - 4:11 - Sretenje monastery
4:11 - 4:35 - Special Nature Reserve Uvac

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Serbia promo video | Drone travel video

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Serbia is not a mass-tourism destination but nevertheless has a diverse range of touristic products. In 2018, total of over 3.4 million tourists were recorded in accommodations, of which half were foreign. Foreign exchange earnings from tourism were estimated at $1.5 billion.

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Tourism is mainly focused on the mountains and spas of the country, which are mostly visited by domestic tourists, as well as Belgrade and, to a lesser degree, Novi Sad, which are preferred choices of foreign tourists (almost two-thirds of all foreign visits are made to these two cities).[ The most famous mountain resorts are Kopaonik, Stara Planina and Zlatibor. There are also many spas in Serbia, the biggest of which are Vrnjačka Banja, Soko Banja, and Banja Koviljača. City-break and conference tourism is developed in Belgrade and Novi Sad. Other touristic products that Serbia offer are natural wonders like Đavolja varoš, Christian pilgrimage to the many Orthodox monasteries across the country and the river cruising along the Danube. There are several internationally popular music festivals held in Serbia, such as EXIT (with 25–30,000 foreign visitors coming from 60 different countries) and the Guča trumpet festival.

Music: Alan Walker - Faded (Ahmed Alshaiba Remix) . Serbia travel.

Serbia tourism video.

Filmed with dji mavic 2 pro.

Exploring Countryside Novi Sad, Vojvodina, Serbia | MUST WATCH Enjoy

This video begins in the center of Novi Sad. I then journey from the center to the awesome countryside. You will see salaši (farms) with colorful fields, pappy, cats, cows, goats, chickens and more, from land and air (recorded with a drone).

The countryside nearby Novi Sad is very quiet, peaceful and relaxing. Real nature nearby urban city.

The word “salaš” is of Hungarian origin and it is a field with all the economic farm buildings, livestock, and tools for agronomy. The Salaš is a complex, consisting of the smaller fenced area and large farmland. Outside the court, there is a garden, where vegetables, fruits, and sometimes a vineyard is grown.

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Serbia: The Place To Be – Nature

It is time to get your bikes and hiking shoes dirty and explore – the lushness of Serbian nature, the slopes of our rivers and lakes and the traces of rich history of Serbia, somehow always connected with the beauty of its nature. All while enjoying the deliciousness of our food prepared with soul and maybe you could pick a rapsberry or two? #SeeSerbia

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Serbia - Vojvodina

The fertile plains of Vojvodina are dotted with ploughed fields, cornfields, vineyards and orchards, connected by irrigation and drainage canals between the large Danube and Tisa rivers, as well as the Sava, Tamiš, Begej and Nera rivers and the streams of Fruška Gora. Major waterways divide Vojvodina into Bačka, Banat and Srem.

The distinctive landscape of the Pannonian Plain is also sprinkled with lonely, old draw-wells in the fields and windmills which once harnessed the power of the wind to grind wheat. Horses gallop around the spacious plain, either harnessed into carriages or mounted in one of the many Vojvodinian stables.

The blend of peoples, languages, faiths and cultures, which live in harmony and with mutual respect, brighten up the towns and villages of Vojvodina, creating wonderful diversity in the architecture of houses and yards, the style of furniture in guest rooms, the colours and decorations of national dress, the taste of food, the music and folklore and folk and religious customs.

Serbia:The Place To Be – Culture

Discover the abundance of Serbian culture in all its faces. Visit us and see for yourself why Serbia is the place to be. #SeeSerbia

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The Danube in Serbia: 588 Impressions

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The Danube is the only of large European rivers that flows from west to east. Its source is still subject of scientific debate,
while its mouth widens year-in-year-out. Throughout its history, the river had a major role as a link and as a border, as the lifeblood of commerce...

That is why the journey along the Danube is like a visit to a museum of European history, filled with “exhibits” of natural rarities, deep layers of cultural heritage, colourful lifestyles, events, tourist offers and attractions.

Producer: Supernatural
Director and screenwriter: Srdjan Stankovic

Executive producer: Marsh creative production
Producer: Maja Marsicevic
Executive producer: Anja Jeremic

Director of photography: Vildovic Dragan
Assistants: Miroslav Moracha, Dragan Cvrkota, Velimir Lukic, Nikola Stankovic
Colorist: Goran Todoric

Editing: Bojan Kosovic
Sound designer: Vladimir Kerkez
Composer: Aleksandar Simic, Aleksandar Randjelovic

Text author: Aleksandar Simic, Srdjan Stankovic
Narator: John White, Goran Sultanovic
Underwater shots, Gornje podunavlje birds:
Szilard Kovac
Graphic design: Nenad Radojcic
Creative consultant: Goran Stankovic
Organization assitant: Nikola Stankovic

Explore Stara planina and revolution | SERBIA 4K - Vlog

In September of 2019 we flew to the city of Nis and explored the beautiful nature of Serbia in Banjska stena in Tara national park, Uvac canyon, Stara planina... protested with the people of Topli Do...
This story is pretty much what went down during the 5 day visit.

Shoot on the Sony A7III and GOPRO hero 7 black.

A video by Lukas Lans
For collaboration contact me on:

#vlog #TopliDo #Serbia

#seeserbia – Serbian nature

This august, it’s time to set off on a journey and share your moments from Serbia with #seeserbia.

Serbia - beauty in nature

Kolekcija timelapse snimaka nastalih od 2012. do 2017. godine na prostoru Srbije uglavnom u ruralnim planinskim predelima | Collection of timelapse videos made from 2012. to 2017. in rural mountain parts of Serbia.

Snimano sa: | Shot with:
Canon 20D, 30D, 50D, 5D mk2, Sony a5000

Programi korišceni: | Programs used to make the video:
Adobe Premiere, After effects, LRTimelapse

Muzika: | Music:

Klipove iz videa možete naci i kupiti na sledecim linkovima: | Clips from the video can be found and bought on the following links:

Kontakt: | Contact:

#lrtimelapse #timelapse #serbia #srbija #nature #landscape #canon

keywords: serbia, srbija, nature, priroda, timelapse, time lapse, mountains, planine, rural, landscape, drina, zlatibor, tara, biljeske stene, gornje koslje, grza, gvozdac, mali povlen, studenica, studenicka reka, visocica, tupavica, zavojsko jezero, gruzansko jezero, vidlic, kanjon, canyon, kanjon tresnjice, ovcar banja, mucanj, mali pesak, jezero, lake, river, beauty, canon, lrtimelapse, magla

Serbia - Film in Serbia

Film in Serbia is booming...
for all the right reasons. As Europes new capital of cool, Belgrade is emerging as the hot new destination for international, feature, documentary and commercial film markets.

For more information visit or

Serbia 4k | Zlatibor | Drone Travel Video

Filmed with DJI Mavic Air4k@24fps
Sony a6300 4k@24fps with sigma 30mm 1.4

Song : Hans Zimmer & Lisa Gerrard - Elysium

15 Incredible Places USA Go for in Serbia || Traveler || Holiday || tourist destination

15 Best Places to Visit in Serbia

Serbia has something for everyone, from lively urban attractions, to calm and peaceful towns and villages that dot the magnificent countryside. It is also known for being one of the cheapest destinations in the Balkans, so if you are planning a trip to the region then Serbia is well worth a visit.

Aside from a wealth of cultural and historic relics to enjoy, there is also a swinging cafe and bar scene as well as throbbing nightlife and some of arguably the world’s best music festivals. Whatever you do, don’t be put off by Serbia’s often uncomfortable history. Times have changed, and this is one place not to miss.

Let’s explore the best places to visit in Serbia:

1. Belgrade

Serbia’s capital Belgrade is located at the intersection between the Danube and the Sava rivers, and is an eclectic, if sometimes arresting, mix of old and new styles, from 19th century buildings to Art Nouveau structures.

There is a little bit of everything in Belgrade, including the dominating Kalemegdan Fortress, located in Kalemegdan Park, the remains of which stand today. The park is also home to the Military Museum that even features the remnants of a US Stealth Bomber for those keen to learn about the military history of the region.

Aside from the fortress there are Orthodox churches, colourful facades, and quaint squares aplenty, but for something more unexpected head over to the island of Ada Cinganlija or ‘Gypsy Island’ in the south of Belgrade to find yourself at something of a self styled beach resort. Here you will find beaches that stretch along the banks of the Sava, and you can enjoy swimming, water sports like waterskiing, and a large area of parkland for those who enjoy checking out the local plant and wildlife.

Tip: Have a look at the Bed ‘n’ Beer Hostel if you’re looking for a place to stay.

Tours: For tours check out Travel & Event Team Serbia

2. Fruška Gora Mountain and National Park

Located in the region of Syrmia, Fruška Gora Mountain is found on the border with neighbouring Croatia, and is affectionately known as the ‘Jewel of Serbia’. The mountain region includes a protected area known as Fruška Gora Park, and is studded with vineyards and wineries that are well worth a visit for grape enthusiasts. Rambling, hiking, climbing and picnicking are all popular pursuits in the region, but perhaps the biggest draw here are the Orthodox monasteries that are scattered all over the countryside, some of which are said to date back to the 12th century and are now protected. The scenery here is spectacular, and many visitors come to enjoy the stunning views and unhurried pace that allows you to explore the region at your leisure.

3. Sokobanja

Serbia is well known for its spa towns, once the retreat of choice of Roman emperors, and none more so than the town of Sokobanja in the east of the country. Locals and celebrities flock here for the thermal waters that are said to have deeply healing properties, and there is a public ‘hamam’ or steam room that dates from the 17th century. As well as the hot springs, visitors also travel to Sokobanja for the crisp air said to be high in negative ions and free from air pollution due to the increased elevation, leading to the phrase ‘climatic spa’ to describe the treatment that breathing in the fresh air provides.

4. Vinca

The region of Vinca, located outside of Belgrade, is one of the most important places in the history of Serbia, as it is home to the archaeological site Belo brdo, meaning ‘White Hill’. The area was made famous by the archaeological finds uncovered in Vinca, many made of stone or bone, including statues, ornaments, and drinking vessels, and visitors can tour the site as well as the museum that showcases these examples of Neolithic culture that are said to date from approximately 5,000 to 4,000 BC. Vinca is also known as a stop off point for river cruises along the Danube, and the local docks are famous for the fish restaurants that dot the neighbourhood for those who want to try some of the freshly caught fish on offer.

5. Kopaonik

If you like winter sports and happen to be visiting Serbia during the winter season, from December to April, then come to the Kopaonik mountain range and get ready to hit the slopes, whatever your level of ability or previous experience. There are a whopping twenty four ski lifts that service the area, and categories of slopes of all levels to choose from, as well as skiing and snowboarding available at the Kopaonik Ski Resort. If you happen to be travelling out of ski season, then there is still plenty to enjoy in Kopaonik, as you can partake in mountain climbing, hiking, and bird watching. Also of interest for hikers or ramblers are the wooden buildings that are plentiful in the region and include timbre shrines and churches.
and all are beautifull...


The Danube in Serbia – 588 impressions – teaser 1

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The Danube is the only of large European rivers that flows from west to east. Its source is still subject of scientific debate,
while its mouth widens year-in-year-out. Throughout its history, the river had a major role as a link and as a border, as the lifeblood of commerce...

That is why the journey along the Danube is like a visit to a museum of European history, filled with “exhibits” of natural rarities, deep layers of cultural heritage, colourful lifestyles, events, tourist offers and attractions.

My Serbia

My Serbia -



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