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São Paulo City Mini-Documentary: (Full HD) The São Paulo Series



São Paulo - Brazil's biggest city by a long way. Often mis-spelled Sao Paulo, Sao Paolo or even San Paulo. We went to try the Sampa metro line and then went to a cool bar called FFFront!
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Chack Teka
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São Paulo - Brazil (people in the streets)

If you want to explore a monster of a foreign city, check out Sao Paulo – with over 20 million residents, it’s the third largest metropolis on earth! The city is known for its food, markets, architecture, and museums – not to mention it’s pulsing nightlife. The city is spread out so it’s hard to stay in just one area to do all you want, but Sao Paulo boasts 30 kilometers of car-free bike paths to make getting around a little easier. Hundreds of different ethnic groups call Sao Paulo home, including the largest Japanese population outside of Japan, so you’ll have no problem finding a variety of cultures to explore to enrich your time in the city. Regardless of your interests, make sure you visit a few of the city’s 150 museums and cultural centers, 420 experimental theaters, and 12,500 (yes, really!) restaurants that serve over 52 different cuisines. Oh, and the nightlife I mentioned? There are over 15,000 places! The city stays awake around the clock, so you’ll certainly find things to do.

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Sao Paulo City Brazil

More about Sao Paulo :

Mais sobre Sao Paulo :

- Praça do Pôr do Sol ( Sunset Square ) 0:12 2:56 2:57
- Av Paulista ( Paulista Av ) 0:22
- MASP Museum 0:26
- Pinacoteca do Estado de São Paulo Museum 0:28
- Edificio Martinelli ( Martinelli Building ) 0:35 0:46
- Av 9 de Julho ( 9 de Julho Av ) 0:36
- Edificio Copan ( Oscar Niemeyer's Copan Building ) 0:38
- Viaduto Santa Ifigenia ( Santa Ifigenia Viaduct ) 0:40
- Rua Libero Badaro ( Libero Badaro road, SP downtown ) 0:42
- Musicos, Av Paulista ( buskers at Paulista Av ) 0:49
- Ciclovias AV Paulista e Rio Pinheiros (Paulista Av.& Pinheiros River cyclepaths) 0:53
- Galeria do Rock ( Rock N' Roll Gallery ) 1:00
- Catedral da Se ( Se Cathedral ) 1:03
- Edificio Italia ( Italy Building ) 1:08
- Mercado Municipal ( Municipal Market of Sao Paulo ) 1:16
- Estacao da Luz ( Luz Train Station ) 1:21 1:43
- Aeroporto de Congonhas ( Congonhas Airport ) 1:26
- Beco do Batman ( Batman Alley ) 1:31
- Linha Amarela do Metro ( Sao Paulo subway, Yellow Line ) 1:36
- Liberdade ( Liberdade, Sao Paulo's Oriental/ Japanese Neghborhood ) 1:52
- Feira livre, V.Madalena ( Street Market at Vila Madalena ) 1:57
- Centro ( Downtown ) 2:00
- Ciclovia Ponte Laguna ( Laguna Bridge cyclepath ) 2:03
- Minhocao ( Minhocao Viaduct ) 2:06 2:08
- Algum Escritorio no meio da noite ! ( Some office in the middle of the night ! ) 2:23
- Subway station 2:28
- Horto Florestal ( Florestal Orchard of Sao Paulo ) 2:40 2:43 2:48
- Parque Alfredo Volpi ( Alfredo Volpi Park ) 2:42
- Jardim Botanico ( Sao Paulo Botanical Gardens ) 2:45 2:50
- Ibirapuera ( Ibirapuera Park ) 2:51 2:54 3:01
- Ponte Estaiada ( Octavio Frias de Oliveira Bridge ) 3:04
- Ibirapuera, vista do lago ( Ibirapuera Park, lake view ) 3:06

Sao Paulo 1943

A film sponsored by the U.S. Office of the Coordinator of Inter-American Affairs to promote friendly relations with South American countries just before World War II.Footage from this subject is available for licensing from

The international potential of São Paulo City

São Paulo is a city for everyone. With a population of over 70 nationalities, the 2nd consular corps in the world and presence of 14.9 million tourists a year, São Paulo is positioned as a metropolis that belongs to the world.

Follow us and learn more about the economic, cultural and cosmopolitan potentialities of a city that has the world in itself.


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São Paulo HD

My Trip To Sao Paulo Brazil - Massive Sao Paulo Brazil Walking Tour 2016 ????????

Join me on my trip to Brazil for vacation in São Paulo. On this walking tour I took in Sao Paulo, Brazil I was surprised at how massive the city is and how many things to do in Brazil are readily available.

São Paulo, Brasil is a municipality located in the south-east region of Brazil and, is very scenic city with lots of social activity, Brazilian culture, traditional Brazilian food, and Brazilian music are all great reasons to visit Sao Paulo.

A walking tour of São Paulo city is a must to put on your list of things to do in Brazil as well as checking out a music festival which originated in Brazil.

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A tour of the streets of the São Paulo centro, or downtown, ending at the Mercado Municipal

Food and travel writer Alexandra Forbes goes on a customized tour of the streets of the São Paulo Centro, or Old Dowtown, ending at the Mercadão Municipal, or Central Market.

IS SÃO PAULO SAFE? ???????? The Real Brazil ????????

In this week’s video from São Paulo , we travel around the city to some of the major tourist attractions and assess whether or not they are safe.

We start things off at the São Paulo Cathedral in Centro where for the first time in all our times filming, we felt like we shouldn’t take our big filming camera out, instead we filmed on an iPhone. There were plenty of people around, including police officers and a lot of other tourists but we also felt like there were a lot of people watching and scooping the area. We also made our way into the beautiful cathedral to explore it.

Later we made our way just up the street to the Liberdade area of São Paulo, which happens to have the largest Japanese population outside of Japan. We felt much safer here. Of course, while in the area we had to have some sushi and Japanese cuisine.

Later in the day we headed to one of the main streets in the whole city called Paulista Avenue. Because it was the weekend, the entire street was shut down for pedestrians, bikers, scooters and skateboarders. There were also loads of street performers and vendors.

Lastly we headed back to our very nearby hotel, the InterContinental São Paulo to show you around our One bedroom Executive Suite and the amenities of the hotel.

To find out more and book this hotel, head here ????

São Paulo, Brazil’s vibrant financial center, is among the world's most populous cities, with numerous cultural institutions and a rich architectural tradition. Its iconic buildings range from its neo-Gothic cathedral and the 1929 Martinelli skyscraper to modernist architect Oscar Niemeyer’s curvy Edifício Copan. The colonial-style Pátio do Colégio church marks where Jesuit priests founded the city in 1554.




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iFly TV: Little Secrets São Paulo

Brazilian journalist and editor Gustavo Abreu takes iFly KLM Magazine to discover the best kept secrets of the dynamic Brazilian city of São Paulo in KLM's iFly Magazine.

São Paulo - 10 Things That Shock Tourists about São Paulo, Brazil

Sao Paulo, a city of more than 20 millinion Paulistanos (the people of Sao Paulo) is a culture, food, shopping, and party city. It is not the most tourist friendly city around. However, that does not mean tourists shouldn't visit. Here are some fun culture shocks and tourist tips and advice for visiting Sao Paulo, Brazil. Have fun in Sampa!
Filmed in Sao Paulo, Brazil
Copyright Mark Wolters 2019

The Don'ts of Sao Paulo

The Shocks of Visiting Brazil

Apologies for the sound quality. The camera we used here we will not be using again.

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This is Sao Paulo, Brazil.
It is really big.
There are heaps of people and the city moves quickly.
There are lots of cars.
and many many good people.
Who love football.
and sometimes it rains
and that's ok.
This is Sao Paulo.
Being here made me really happy.

Featuring @NomadicChica

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Rio De Janeiro, São Paulo, Iguacu – Brazil Deutsch Erzählung

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São Paulo

In December 2015 I spent 3 weeks in Brazil. São Paulo is a big crazy city. A lot going on at the same time. It's raw, grey and has no mercy. However you can always find beauty around the corner and in the Paulistanos.

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Life in São Paulo City Centre - ep86

Life in São Paulo city centre Brazil on motorcycle trip around the world.



Moving from the south of São Paulo to the historic city centre as I wait to get the new gear sorted from abroad. The biggest Brazilian city and the biggest too in all of South America.

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Sao Paulo,Brazil | carnival sao paulo | short documentary on sao paulo | documentary about sao paulo

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São Paulo - Series

Spending time in São Paulo made me experiment with the rawness, the roughness and the harshness of the city in this video. Usually I experiment here and there with filming and editing for little videos on my Instagram account (@rutgerrog).

I also used some of these clips for a story on the app Steller. You can check the story out here:

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Film: Rutger Rog

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This is Brazil - Episode 2 (São Paulo & Fortaleza / Fernando De Noronha)

Fernanda de Paula heads to the biggest city in the southern hemisphere and discovers how the rich get around the massive metropolis. Amongst the chaos of its 20 million residents, São Paulo reveals itself as a melting pot of cultures. At the Central Market she faces off with a sandwich that's almost the size of her head. She meets Pablo, a bicycle shop owner popular with those who want to avoid the mile-long traffic jams. She and an old friend head to an open-air nightclub featuring the sounds of one of the country's best DJs. After a quick stopover in the city of Fortaleza, where she meets up with one of Brazil's top female surfers, Fernada spends time on the island paradise of Fernando de Noronha. The Bay of Dolphins, a marine park, offers an array of nature-orientated activities and an encounter with a sea turtle recharges the batteries.

Source: SBS Australia


Infelizmente não há legendas em português (ainda).

【4K】WALK Av PAULISTA walking tour SAO PAULO BRAZIL slow tv Brasil 4k documentary

4k video taken by a walktuber with a cell phone stabilized by DJI OSMO MOBILE 2. Buy it on AMAZON clicking on and get that cinematic effect!

Avenida Paulista is iconic! Take a virtual tour along this avenue. I enjoyed recording this 4k hdr video while city walking to share it with you, during my visit to sao paulo brazil 2019 south america

This is reality tv with real people on the street! The streets of Sāo Paulo or Sampa look vibrating. Let's virtual hike in Brasil 2019 and let's see its urban landscape!!

【4K】WALK Av PAULISTA walking tour SAO PAULO BRAZIL slow tv Brasil 4k documentary

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São Paulo: The Most Underrated City in the World

Faça uma viagem com o Breaking Borders explorando o lado alternativo do Centro, conheça o coração da Comunidade Japonesa no bairro Liberdade e descubra o que faz de São Paulo uma cidade tão incrível.

Explore alternative side of Centro, the heart of the Japanese community in Liberdade, and discover what makes São Paulo such an incredible city.

In 2018, the building with 666 caught on fire and burned.

Prédio invadido desaba em incêndio no largo do Paissandu, centro de SP

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Video by Nick Neumann
Hosted by Walker Dawson

Music in order of appearance:

Always This Late by Odesza
On Your Side by Opiuo ft. Russ Liquid
Just the Way You Are by Bruno Mars (A Dupla da Paulista Cover)
Lost Ones by Lauryn Hill (Inko Remix)
La valse d'Amelie - Yann Tiersen
Picture by Lynx (Polish Ambassador Remix)

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48 hours in Sao paulo,



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