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Romania, Village Life in Transylvania


Unseen TRANSYLVANIA VILLAGE FOOD + Best LAMB Stew in Romania!!

????Romanian medieval BBQ:
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Village Food and Life in Transylvania, Romania - We had an amazingly special opportunity to spend a day in a local village in Transylvania, meeting amazing people, and learning about the delicious local food and life in Transylvania. #Transylvania #RomanianFood

Thank you to Caroline from Mihai Eminescu Trust for hosting us and for organising this experience.

Rooster soup and home cooked banquet - The main main was a home cooked rooster soup and banquet feast put on by an amazing community of women from this small, yet huge hearted, village in Transylvania. The food was cooked with so much love, and you could taste it in every bite.

Orchard’s Crunchy Pork - After riding a horse carriage to the top of a hill to get a view of the village and see the apple orchards, we enjoyed a Romanian Transylvanian picnic that included grilled pork fat skin.

Shepherd’s Lamb Stew and Polenta - This special shepherd’s lamb stew and polenta was incredible, the lamb fell off the bone with tenderness, and the polenta was rich and cheesy.

It was such an incredible day of Romanian food and learning about this incredible village in Transylvania.

Also, thank you to Nassim ( and Cristian ( for setting up this incredible trip.



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Romania - Village Life in Maramures and a day on the Mocanita

A lovely little 2019 documentary of life in rural Maramures, a district in northern Romania, where life is un-hurried, pastoral and green. Everyone was making hay, beautiful, herb and flower-filled, heaven-scented hay. Some was piled onto wooden racks to dry, some piled onto small haystacks ready for the winter.
Horse drawn vehicles are a common sight, loaded with logs, hay and people. Sheep and cattle wear tinkling bells and every small farm has a pig or two.
A trip up the Vaser valley on the Mocanita steam train, the last working timber railway in Europe, was very special and not without excitement in the form of a derailment!
We pedalled around on bicycles, at a gentle pace, soaking up the gorgeous scenery, wonderful country smells and happy smiles.
All filming was with my much-travelled, hand-held Panasonic HC X920.

Romania , Village Life in Transylvania 2019

A beautiful little video about village life in Transylvania 2019 .
In this video you will be able to see how people live and spend their time , prepare food for winter , how they cook and take care of their garden.


Exploring the Carpathians in Transylvania.
This documentary explores the majestic countryside of Transylvania where we trek on alpine trails and meadows as well as using horse- drawn carts in getting around. We visit Europe's largest bear sanctuary as well as seeing them in their natural habitat. We also explore the oldest town Brasov as well as medieval Saxon villages and churches. No trip to Transylvania would be complete without visiting Bran Castle, known as Draculas Castle.
Narrated by Phil Burrows

Danube Delta in Romania: Everyday Life in a Typical Village

In the furthest eastern corner of Romania, along the border to Ukraine, the River Danube flows into the Black Sea. It splits into three large tributaries, between which countless lakes and waterways form the largest reed bed in Europe – the Danube Delta.
It is a remote life and many areas can only be reached by boat, a reason why there is no industry here. Most of the people that live here are self sufficient and live off whatever the Delta or their own gardens offer.

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Unspoiled Transylvania

A documentary about the beautiful Maramures region (northern Romania).

Real-life Romanian village! Come take a look!

Real-life Romanian village!

Take a look into a real life Romanian village to see how some of the farmers live. This is my boyfriends grandparents farm and they have a garden here too where they grow all their vegetables. They have chickens, dogs and cats and they work hard to take care of the garden and the house.

Anna xx

Village life in Romania

At least once a year I try to visit my grandmother that lives in Romania.
She lives in a small village called Popesti and its surrounded by a river and mountains. They still drive carriages with horses, collect water from the well and the roads are unpaved.

This time I visited the village with questions. Does everybody feel the same serenity that I feel? Or maybe its just a fairy-tale that I created in my mind because I am here for just a short time and then I will leave again.

I believe this video will make you experience the authentic life of Romania through the stories and feelings of locals.

We Visit a ROMA Village

Ever wanted to immerse yourself in Romani culture and find out what goes on behind the doors of these often overlooked and stigmatised communities?

*Roma village experience from 15m08s*

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In our latest video we say our goodbyes in Hungary after an incredible time visiting Budapest, the capital city and Hortobagy National park where we stayed with a local Horseman and his wife. Before we leave, we delve in to an abandoned military barracks and try to reach the tower, but once inside, we find we aren't alone.

As we leave Hungary, the border station decide they aren't happy with our friends Canadian passport, and they hold us for investigation. Will ever leave?! Spoiler, yes we will. As we enter Romania, our memories of this beautifully crazy country come flooding back. We make a brief stopover in Cluj Napoca, the capital of the Transylvanian region of Romania.

As we enter the second half of the travelogue, we arrive at an old friends house. Tibi is from the Romani community in Romania, a separate ethnic group thought to originate from the Punjab region of India over 3000 years ago.

He warmly invites us in to his home where we eat a feast of traditional foods, before cranking the music up and introducing us to Romani music and dance. We explore the village, meet the locals, hear stories, learn traditional basket weaving from one of the villages oldest weavers and drink plenty of Rakia!

Join us as we experience authentic Roma life, from a completely honest viewpoint. Witness the effects social stigma plays in modern life for Romani people, and the warmth and hospitality the villagers display, despite the obvious language and social barriers.
If you’d like to know more about Romani life and would yourself like to visit the village of Serbia or Romani villages across Romania, please contact us for details.

We hope you enjoy and as usual, let us know what you think in the comments.

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Romania Village Life - Ethnographic Video

Video showing a bit of rural Romanian village life. During a long distance cycle trip across Europe, cyclists in transit stopped at this village and staid for ten days helping out a host at his farm. We took random video clips in an attempt to capture rural life here and presented it in this piece with as little editing as possible.

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Romania, Transylvania Hay Camp 2015 Part 3

Watch traditional hay-making in Gyimes, Transylvania, where flower-filled hay meadows are cut with scythes and raked with Uncle Viktor's hand-made, wooden rakes before the hay is brought down to the village on horse-drawn carts. Horses and people work hard in this unspoilt village of traditional wooden houses and stoned roads. A colourful village festival highlights the sense of community and tradition.

The life of a romanian village - Viata la sat

1960 Documentary

Inside Transylvania - EPIC ROMANIAN FOOD + Wild Stews in Brasov, Romania!

????Romanian medieval BBQ:
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Brașov, Romania - In this ultimate Transylvanian Food tour of Brasov, Romania, we started off with a huge lunch, then continued to eat Transylvanian truffles, had a massive wild stew dinner, and ended the adventure with an e-bike ride up the ski slope and Romanian mountain breakfast. #Romania #Transylvania #Brasov

Huge thank you to Cristian Macedonschi ( for hosting us in Brasov!

La Ceaun - Just after arriving to Brasov, we went for lunch in the center square. We tried a huge assortment of Transylvanian Romanian foods. An amazing way to begin this food tour of Brasov.

Cucinino Pasta Bar - After taking a walk through the city and walking the hills around the city, we stopped at Cucinino Pasta Bar, mostly with the intention to try Transylvanian truffles. Amazing.

Hotel Alpin - Poiana, Brasov - From the center of Brasov, we drove about 20 minutes up the mountain and checked in to Hotel Alpin a classic ski resort hotel.

Stana Turistica Sergiana - Dinner was one of the highlights of this entire experience for me, a traditional countryside Romanian restaurant. The different stews, including deer, rooster, and beef cheeks were outstanding. Highly recommended restaurant when you’re in Brasov, Romania.

Cabana Postăvaru - Ski Lodge, Restaurant - In the morning, after riding an e-bike up the side of a ski slope, we had a huge Romanian mountain breakfast.

A fantastic food adventure in Romania, and thank you again to Cristian Macedonschi ( for hosting us and making it happen.

Also, thank you to Nassim ( and Cristian ( for setting up this incredible trip.



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Visiting the Dracula Castle in Transylvania, Romania

A tour of Bran Castle in Transylvania, Romania, associated with the story about Count Dracula.
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Thanks a lot for watching and safe journeys!

Visiting the Dracula Castle in Transylvania, Romania

Gypsy village of Transylvania


Romania, Village Life in Transylvania

A beautiful little documentary of village life in Gyimes, in the South Eastern Carpathians. Ancient, vernacular, small farm-houses line the stoned side roads on which horse-drawn vehicles carry logs, hay, stone and people this way and that all day long. Most people live by small-scale farming producing their own honey, cheese, bread, veg and fruit, milk and meat. Water is always from the well, pure, sparkling and cold. Cows and sheep wear bells and high above the village the mountain meadows hum with insect life while the extraordinarily rich flora remains untouched by sprays and chemicals.

Romania Saxon Village ???????? Villages With Fortified Churches in Transylvania

The Saxon villages of Transylvania appeared in the twelfth century when the Kings of Hungary settled German colonists in the area. They had a special status among nations in the province and their civilisation managed to survive and thrive, forming a very strong community of farmers, artisans and merchants. Being situated in a region constantly under the threat of the Ottoman and Tatar invasions, they built fortifications of different sizes. The most important towns were fully fortified, and the smaller communities created fortifications centered on the church, where they added defensive towers and storehouses to keep their most valuable goods and to help them withstand long sieges.

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???????? #Romania #churches #travel #europe

Romania HiLites: Viscri, A Transylvanian Saxon Village

The place is first mentioned in a document from around 1400 under the name Alba Ecclesia. The Latin form of the name corresponds to the old name Vyskirch, the Saxon Waiskirich and the Hungarian Szószfeheregyhaza. The Romanian name Vicri derives from the Saxon name. Politically Deutsch-Weisskirch became a free commune with the disempowerment of the Graf dynasty. This occurred in the second half of the 15th century at the latest.

In 1999, the fortified church and the village were included, together with six other places in southern Transylvania, in the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage List thus acknowledging an ensemble which, in terms of its settlement structure, the structure of the parcels of land as well as the architecture of the buildings and their fittings, has almost completely preserved the character of a typical Saxon Transylvanian village over a period of centuries. The standard type of farmstead remained the same from the time of the wooden buildings over and beyond the appearance of the first stone ones at the end of the 17th century up until the first third of the 20th century. The few younger buildings inconspicuously blend in with the general appearance of the village


Volunteering in a Romanian Gypsy Village

Really enjoyed spending my time helping out at a small gypsy village located in Romania. It was a great experience, loved meeting the locals, seeing the beautiful scenery and doing my bit for the cause. I went with the local youth project, who were very supportive and organized such a amazing trip. I hope you enjoy this video, its something a little different to what i usually do. Take care guys

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