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Random Traveling Black Guy in Bolivia | Travel Vlog


Random Traveling Black Guy in Bolivia | Travel Vlog

Hello again everyone! Follow my journey through the incredible country of Bolivia!!

Random Traveling Black Guy in Guatemala | Travel Vlog

Welcome back Travel House! Come follow my amazing journey as I explore the beautiful country of Guatemala! Lastly, always remember to respect others and keep traveling!

I'd also like to give credit to for the grunge yellow texture animation.

Random Traveling Black Guy in Nepal | Travel Vlog

Follow my journey through the beautiful and majestic country of Nepal!

Random Traveling Black Guy in Mongolia | Travel Vlog

Welcome Travel House! Follow my wild and Nomadic journey through the vast country of Mongolia!!

Random Traveling Black Guy in Nicaragua | Travel Vlog

Follow my journey through Nicaragua...

Random Traveling Black Guy in Playa Del Carmen | Travel Vlog

Hey everyone, follow my journey through Playa Del Carmen, Cancun and Yucatan Mexico! Let's go!!

Random Traveling Black Guy in Cabo San Lucas (Mexico) | Travel Vlog

Join me on my latest journey through Cabo San Lucas Mexico!

374 | 4-Day Xmas ROAD TRIP INTO BOLIVIA!!! (South America Travel VLOG)

25 December 2019 - Day 125 - Atacama to Uyuni | 374

Day 125 - Xmas Day in South America and we’re off nice and early at 7am on our 4 day tour to Uyuni Salt Flats in Bolivia! ???????? First we get dropped of at the Bolivian border to have our breakfast before heading through the crossing. One tip: Make sure you already have Bolivian Bolivianos on hand before heading into Bolivia! ????

We cruise through Desierto del Dali, a barren valley in the southwest of Bolivia before arriving at our first stop at Aguas Thermales for lunch. Here you can get into the hot pool for a bit of rest & relaxation. Next stop we reach Geyser Sol de la Mañana. A smaller geyser field filled with weird and wonderful things. Unlike Chile, you can get right up and close to these steaming geysers, but be very careful around some as they are boiling hot and spit out! ????

The entire day today we travelled through the high altitudes of Bolivia at 4850m cruising most of the day just under 5000m!! ???? This whole area is ice during winter due to the high altitudes and you can definitely feel it in your breath!

We reach our homestay for the night in the little town of Quetena Chico. We walk up to a high point of town and notice a super green and random field on the outer edges of town and decide to check it out. We end up playing soccer with all the local kids at sunset and you’d be surprised how hard it is to run at 4150m elevation! The kids were certainly more fit than I was and was one of the highlights of the trip so far! ⚽️.????

One In A Million (Instrumental Version) - Johan Glossner
All Of This - Hallman

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5 BIG Beginner Vlogging Mistakes | HOW TO VLOG | Beginner Vlogging Tips | Feet Outside

When we started our YouTube channel Feet Outside, we barely knew How to vlog. As a result, we did these 5 BIG Beginner vlogging mistakes, and we wish someone had given us these vlogging tips for beginners so that we could avoid those mistakes and got better at vlogging. But no worries, in this video, we share with you 5 mistakes we did in vlogging along with 5 unique and simple beginner vlogging tips to help you vlog more confidently.

00:00 Vlogging Tip #01
02:02 Tip #02
02:44 Question for you
03:07 Tip #03
04:34 Vlogging Tip #04
05:51 Tip #05 & Wait for BONUS TIP
07:08 Bonus Tip
08:01 Featuring You

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Day in the van life travel vlog | Driving and camping in Australia's OUTBACK | road trip must-haves

In this episode, we’ll show you the reality of what a day looks like driving through the South Australian outback in a van, as we continue our trip towards the Northern Territory after it was disrupted by border restrictions (check out our previous video for more on that). We will show you our van life essentials for any outback road trip and how we prepare for a day of driving.

We love the Australian outback. There is a bit of a common misconception that it is just a “whole lot of nothing” but dust and dirt out there, but the landscape is incredibly interesting and diverse . Our camp at a rest stop next to Lake Hart – a salt lake that reminds us of Salar de Uyuni in Bolivia – proves that!

00:00 - intro
02:13 - the essentials for any outback road trip
10:36 - Lake Hart, South Australia

Stay tuned for more vids from our recent trips! In the meantime, stay up to date with us on insta: @tranquilatravels.

#vanlife #australia #roadtrip #southaustralia #outback

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Random Traveling Black Guy in Morocco | Travel Vlog

Follow my latest adventure as I journey through the captivating world of Morocco!!

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Random Traveling Black Guy in Japan | Travel Vlog

Follow my wild adventure through the breathtaking and beautiful country of Japan, I hope you enjoy it! Lastly, don't forget to hit that subscribe button!

Random Traveling Black Guy in Cuba | Travel Vlog

Follow my exciting journey through Cuba! (Featuring Spoken Reasons)

Nainital Trip | Random Vlog

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#Nainital #TravelWithShubhu #Mau


Hey everyone, this is my vlog while traveling to Jakarta Indonesia..This time im traveling alone, it is my first time doing solo traveling..before this trip i was told that becarefull when traveling alone, further more traveling in Jakarta...i was told dont walk alone, stay away from places that not many people, becarefull with pickpocket, dont eat at random restaurant or stall, and a whole lot more.. at some point it was really hit me, i almost cancel this trip..

But the moment i step myself out from the airport it was totaly different from what i been told...really different, everybody that i talk to for question and inquiry they answer it politely..i was like a bit sceptical because it was my first day....but before the 1st day taking off i've decide that none of the thing that they told me before is true,iam very safe here.. having said that ya just take care of yourself, learn with your surrounding and be mature about things around you, and i bet you will have a fun time here even you are alone...

anyway enjoy this jakarta travel vlog part 1, the part 2 will be uploading soon...if you like this video plz like and comment, and if you havent subscribe my channel plz subscribe there will be more adventure in the future....


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Traveling During Corona | NYC Travel Vlog

On August 21-23 of this year, I took some time to travel to New York City to reconnect with a long time friend, Kenny Lewis, who is responsible for helping me find my passion of film narration and story telling. As any true videographer would do, I put together a small vlog to document the weekend. We spent some time in Manhattan together with his team members from knxwn as he shot some content for Fresco Trey, an artist out of Memphis, TN. Although this video is somewhat brief and random, I did my best to capture the essence of NYC. I hope you all enjoy it!


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Travel Vlog | First Solo Trip to LA | Part 1

Hey y'all,
I decided to randomly take a trip to LA by myself in the middle of a pandeisha. This trip has a lot of firsts for me. It's my first time visiting LA, my first solo trip, and honestly my first trip ever. (Anytime I would travel it would be to go to school). I took this trip to get a break from DC and to reset my mind. I truly enjoyed myself and felt refreshed afterward. This definitely will not be my last solo trip!

I hope y'all enjoy this video!

LA Vlog Part 2:

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Random day in my life- CAMBRIDGE VLOG (day trip from London)

Hey guys, it's me, Prachi. Welcome to my channel. Please like and subscribe. I am travelling from Kolkata to London for my master's course. So, I decided to vlog my journey to provide you guys with any tips that might be useful to you. I am just exploring London by walking around and making observations on whatever I see around myself. This is extremely interesting as I get the opportunity to show the world through my lens and my perspective to you guys for a few minutes. I hope you guys enjoy my videos. I am just starting my journey as a vlogger, so please be kind and stay safe.

I went for a day trip to Cambridge and it was super fun. I started my day by eating at Old bicycle shop which had some amazing food (I would 100% recommend this place), then I went to the Fitzwilliam Museum ( Following which, I went punting and then finally finished my fun day by eating at La Mimosa( very good Italian food)

If you guys have any questions/ suggestions, I would be more than happy to entertain them. You can also follow me on YouTube and Instagram. I really hope I can make this journey both entertaining and informative for you guys. Stay safe and take care. I would love to answer any questions that you guys might have.




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