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RAVI vs SUMA | Biryani Making | Chitti Muthyalu Biryani | Malbar Biryani | Street Byte | Silly Monks


RAVI vs SUMA | Biryani Making | Chitti Muthyalu Biryani | Malbar Biryani | Street Byte | Silly Monks

Thank you @Sumakka garu for the feature in @Street Byte . We are super happy for your feature and hope you enjoyed the Biryani Ravi Made .

SHIVAJI MILITARY HOTEL | Donne Biryani Making | Bangalore Style Chicken Biryani Mutton Biryani

#MuttonBiryani #DonneBiryani #Bangalore
Shivaji Military hotel is in the wish list for us from so long . We ended up having breakfast ( Check @Super Bava for the Video ) and Lunch . Thats an amazing experience for Ravi Tej Ravuri and Kanna . which lived up to the Expectations. Do Check the video for Duos experience, Legacy of Shivaji Military Hotel & Kitchen at Shivaji Military Hotel.

Mutton Biryani making at Dindigul Thalappakatti | BIRYANI | Mutton Biryani |

Dindigul Thalappakatti
Brigade Road, Bengaluru.
One of the Finest Biryani I have tasted . Dindigul Thalappakatti Biryani was founded by Naga Swamy Naidu in the year 1957 in Dindigul, Tamil Nadu.

Post Lock Down Food Experience | SPICY Food at Sri Kanya Comfort | Street Byte | Silly Monks

6-3-883/F/1, 4th Floor, Potula Towers Above South India Shopping Mall, Punjagutta, Hyderabad, Telangana 500082

We have done the major part of the shoot pre lock down. as now the restaurants are open for dining we have showcased if the restaurant is following WHO guidelines.
Do check the video for lip smacking & Spicy food at its best
Items Tasted
RR Mutton
Loose Prawns
Chicken Fry Piece Biryani
Chicken Pulao
Gongura Prawns
Mutton Mamidikayi
Koramenu Iguru
Sora Pidupu
Peethala Fry
Bommidayilu Bendakayi Pulusu
White Rice

Ramoji Film City | Baahubali Set | Sarileru nikevvaru | Food and Stay at Ramoji | Street Byte |

#Ramojifilmcity #streetbyte #Sillymonks
Here is the second part of Ramoji FIlm City,
We have Covered the
## Opening Ceremony at Eureka
## Huge telugu movie sets of Baahubali and Sari leru Nikevvaru .
## Food at Baahubali Sets.
## Birds Park .

Its an amazing Experience for Street Byte team at @Ramoji Film City .
do check the video and pls like comment share .

Telangana Style Mutton Curry Recipe in Telugu | Dawaat Mutton Curry | Bagara Rice | Silly Monks

Here is the video where Ravi had his hands on cooking Telangana Style Mutton Curry and Bagara Rice with Basmathi Rice. Simple and amazing recipe .

Post Lock Down Food Experience | Trust Tasty | Spicy Venue | Hyderabad | Silly Monks | Street Byte

#StreetByte #postlockdown #TrustyTasty
The Spicy Venue
No. 265/S, Road Number 10, Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad, Telangana 500033

In the Toughest of Situations The Spicy Venue at Rd no 10 Jubilee Hills is taking all the precautionary measures and ensuring safety. after a thorough discussion with the team we have featured The Spicy Venue in our latest segment Trusty Tasty .

Time Stamps in the Video
Intro 00:01
Food Order 1:45
Owner Byte 2:42 regarding safety measures
Items Tasted 8:31
Chilli Chicken Pakoda 11:22
Chicken Sp Biryani 12:20
Prawns Iguru 15:37
Kheema Roast 16:50
Mango Mutton 18:32
Apricot Delight 20:19

Post Lockdown Food || Italian Food || Hyderabad || Ci Gusta || Street Byte || Silly Monks

Cravings for Gelato ends here for me ..

Montage 00:01 Sec
intro: 01:12 Sec
1:Chicken Barley Soup - 03:09 Sec
2:Popcorn Broccoli - 05:59 Sec
3:Mediterranean Pizza - 08: 10 Sec
4:Fried Chicken Burger - 10:46 Sec
5: Slow Cooked Lamb - 12:45 Sec

Address: Plot No, 66, Hitech City Rd, opp. Dmart, Madhapur, Hyderabad, Telangana 500033

Ci Gusta India, from the heart of the Italian food valley of Reggio Emilia, brings the best & most authentic Gelato, Pizza, Pasta & Desserts made from fresh ingredients. CiGusta restaurant represents a sensory adventure in Italian cooking, showcasing quick dishes of gourmet quality, prepared in front of you. Cuisine can be savored in an elegant and informal atmosphere designed to promote friendliness and relaxation for all moments of the day.

The protagonists of CiGusta are the food cults of Italian cuisine. For CiGusta, quality, taste, and health are synonymous with genuine ingredients, traditional recipes, research, and gourmet creativity with constant attention to the nutritional characteristics and well-being of each person.

Amazing Donne Biryani | Must Try for Different Experience | Biryani

#Donne #Biryani #Hyderabad
Address : Chickpet Donne Biryani
Beside Udupi Hotel
SR Nagar, Hyderabad .






Are we Doing Paid Promotions ? | Q&A with Street Byte Ravi


Tasting East Bengaluru’s Insanely Popular MALLIKA WOOD-FIRED BIRYANI | Mutton Curry, Chicken Fry

#mallikabiriyani #muttonbiryani #bangalore

Bengaluru’s Newest Biryani Craze, Mallika Biriyani, sells over 500 kilos of meat biryanis every weekend! Mutton biryani, chicken biryani, homestyle mutton curry, chicken fry, liver fry, boti fry, raagi mudde, kothanur, east bangalore

Mallika Biriyani is the fascinating story of a computer engineer who began a biryani shop six years ago with an investment of Rs. 10,000 after a string of failed ventures. In the early days, he would procure a kilo of mutton each day, today the shop has evolved to a bustling biryani destination which procures over 500 kilos of meat on weekends to cater to the thronging crowds here. I make a 20-km trek through town to the far flung suburb of Kothanur in East Bengaluru to catch up with Venkatesh for a close look at his enterprise, and also taste the five or six dishes on offer here including his unique wood-fired biryani creation which comes across as a delicious confluence of various styles. Hope you enjoy this episode. Stay safe and happy eating!

Mutton Curry
A pleasing homestyle mutton preparation that’s cooked slowly on a wood fire, the fat in the meat renders into the gravy giving the curry a lip-smacking unctuous richness. The meat slides off the bone, the curry is a great combination with the rice and raagi mudde. If you need one reason to make the trip to Mallika, this would be it!
Rs. 180 (usd 2.4)

Chicken Fry
Made in a flavour coriander-greenchilli-coriander masala, this is a zesty chicken dish. The meat is cooked perfectly down to the bone.
Rs. 80 (usd 1.1)

Boti Fry
The boti is soft, cooked well and spiked with loads of pepper. Its only fault however, its sandy griminess on the bite, which can be difficult to get past when you are eating offal.
Rs. 100 (usd 1.3)

Liver Fry
A preparation, identical to the pepper-laced boti fry, it’s a pity the flavourful warmth of the masala could not penetrate the ‘tough-on-the-bite liver.
Rs. 100 (usd 1.3)

Chicken Biryani
The biryanis are served in large portions, there’s plenty of rice, and 5 or 6 pieces of chicken, which makes it a great biryani to share. On the nose, there’s the smokey character from the wood-fire, you can taste the depth of flavour in the rice from the spices. The meat is moist, though mellow in its flavours and benefits from being eaten with the flavourful rice, that is a mixture of two varietals, the ‘starchy’ short-grained seeraga samba and the ‘low on starch’ medium-sized-grain, bullet variety.
Rs. 130 (usd 1.7)

Mutton Biryani
Seven or eight pieces of meat in a mutton biryani at Rs. 230 makes it great in terms of value, and perhaps also lends to its mass appeal. The spicing and masala is identical to the chicken version, but the character of the mutton, with a bit of fat, imbues the biryani with a mellow, warming flavour note that’s more rounded on the palate. The meat is juicy, and has a bit of a bite. If you like your flavours a bit punchy, taste it with the sherva, the gravy of the mutton curry.
Rs. 230 (usd 3.1)

ADDRESS - Mallika Biriyan, Bileshivale Main Rd, Near SSR College, Essel gardens, Bileshivale, Karnataka 560077; tel +91 97418 49680

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Eating Lunch(Rice & Spicy Meat Curry/Fish Curry) With Friends at Maura Hotel

Eating Lunch(Rice & Spicy Meat Curry/Fish Curry) With Friends at Maura Hotel.
PRICE 320 TK together.
Meat 100TK.
Located at Narayanganj station road.
Enjoyed a Tasty lunch together.
I travel a lot of places in search of delicious food, especially street food. My aim is to spread the most famous & popular food from the street & roadside restaurants to you all.
Follow us on:

UNLIMITED BBQ BUFFET | Absolute BBQ | #BBQ | Hyderabad Buffet

Ravi Anish had the Foodathon at Absolute BBQ..
Video Shot at Absolute BBQ - Inorbit Mall - Hyderabad
Lunch (Veg) 12noon – 4:30pm | Mon-Sat
Lunch (Non-Veg) 12noon – 4:30pm | Mon-Sat
Lunch (Veg) 12noon – 4:30pm | Sun
Lunch (Non-Veg) 12noon – 4:30pm | Sun
Lunch 12noon – 4:30pm | Mon-Sun
Kids Buffet ₹326
Dinner 6:30pm – 11:30pm | Mon-Sun
Kids Buffet ₹326
Dinner (Veg) 6:30pm – 11:30pm | Mon-Tue
Dinner (Non-Veg) 6:30pm – 11:30pm | Mon-Tue
Dinner (Veg) 6:30pm – 7pm | Wed-Sun
Early Bird ₹659
Dinner (Non-Veg) 6:30pm – 7pm | Wed-Sun
Early Bird ₹775
Dinner (Veg) 7pm – 11:30pm | Wed-Sun
Dinner (Non-Veg) 7pm – 11:30pm | Wed-Sun

MANGO MUTTON?? Is this Real? | Food Experience @ Spicy Venue, Hyderabad , Jubilee Hills

Hey Food Lovers
Food Monks Here! Chaitu and Vishnu.

Spicy venue- A food joint which is famous for Telugu Cuisine and mouthwatering delicacies.
Do watch this complete video and visit the festival to enjoy mouthwatering and lip smacking delicacies. They maintain perfect Quality and Hygiene.
Their protocols following Delivery, Takeaway, Packing, Sanitising, Hand Wash will blow your away. One can blindly trust the safety and hygiene from 'Spicy Venue'.

This video is a complete review of 'Spicy Venue' in Hyderabad. Food Monks recommends this place.

Complete Address: No. 265/S, Road Number 10, Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad, Telangana 500033
Zomato Link:
Swiggy Link:
Google Maps:

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RAMOJI FILM CITY | Prabhas Akshay Kumar Rooms | Stay and Food at Ramoji

Here is our Stay at Ramoji Film City . Fortunate to see the rooms where celebrities stay while shooting at Ramoji Film City .
Rajnikanth, Prabhas and Akshay Kumar stayed in the rooms we visited .
The food concepts were amazing too . Do check the video and stay tuned for 2nd Day at Ramoji .

Paradise NON VEG Breakfast | Kheema Roti | Hyderabadi Food

Non Veg Breakfast at Paradise - Secunderabad .
If u want to have a feast for breakfast, This is the place you need to visit to have a king size breakfast .

Ready To Cook Palav || Prawns Pulao || Street Byte || Silly Monks

#ReadytoCook #Biryani #Prawns
Hi To All,
Let's Try This Instant Palav, Let Me Know In The Comment Section Below .

Fish Kuzhambu || Ready To Cook Fish Pulusu || Street Byte || #SillyMonks

Let's Try This Instant Recipes from pondy Parottas . Let Me Know In The Comment Section Below .

Kerala Dishes || Malabar Chicken Biryani || Akson Restaurant || Panjagutta

Kerala Authentic style fish fry is super, Malabar biryani is also taste good with chitti mutyalu rice, Prawns fry is good, Crab Roast is average in that time, Puttu is also so flavorful with shredded coconut, finally the ripe banana bajji ( aratipandu bajji) taste is unique.

Address: Saibaba Temple Road, above Manyavar, Dwarakapuri, Panjagutta, Hyderabad, Telangana-500082.

Google Maps:

Mutton Curry Making at home | Mutton Masala |

This is an old video not shot during the ongoing lockdown



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