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Quarantine in South Korea ㅣ 2021 In-Depth Look at Airport COVID Screening


Entering Korea from the USA during Covid19 - What you Need

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This was our return back to Korea (the example of how to respond to covid-19) from the USA (not the shinning star to look towards regarding covid). This was now our 2nd international trip during covid19 (1st We had been in the states for the holidays so my family members could finally meet our son Will for the first time.

What is it like to travel during covid19? We flew internationally from Chicago, USA to Seoul, South Korea. Covid-19 had continue change international travel. For example, Chicago ORD was empty, the flights were still very empty, over all it felt safe and clean, but just after we got back to Korea, the USA and Kroea both changed their rules and now all foreigners need a negative pcr covid-19 test within 72 hours of boarding their flight to Korea, and in the USA everyone needs a negative pcr covid-19 test within boarding their flight to the USA internationally or with in the USA domestically.

00:00 intro
00:26 leaving America
00:40 ORD chicago airport
01:19 Boarded our Flight to Korea
01:46 Changing diapers on a plane - I got poop on my Hand
03:05 Plane being Empty
03:30 our Baby sleeping Tent
04:13 Landed in Korea
04:24 Covid 19 Paper work, Process, phone App for landing in Korea (now foreigners need a negative Covid-10 PCR Test
06:15 Made it to Korea - to the baggage claim
06:45 Got our special Covid 19 taxi
07:31 We got Home

List of requirements: (please note, you now need a negative Covid19 PCR test 72 hours before your departure to Korea)
1. As of January 7th, you now need a negative COVID-19 PCR test within 72 hours before your departure to Korea.
2. Need a Korean address (or stay at Government facility)
3. Need a working Korean number (SIM Card on arrival)
4. Need a device to download quarantine app
5. If you left from Korea and are returning, make sure to get a re-entry permit from HiKorea.
6. Covid19 test within 72 hours of arriving in Korea.
*please note things are subject to change

If you have more questions about Covid-19 and traveling to Korea please check

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HOW TO SURVIVE KOREAN QUARANTINE: Walkthrough, Tips, and Food Guide to South Korea 14-Day Quarantine

South Korea is currently allowing tourists to enter the country after completing a mandatory 14-day quarantine in a government-assigned facility.

What is quarantining in South Korea for 14 days like? How expensive and what are the costs of quarantining? How is the food in the quarantine facility? What kind of facilities or hotels do people get assigned to for Korean quarantine? What are tips on how to survive a 14-day quarantine in Korea without being allowed to leave your room?

All of these questions answered and more and we bring you with us as a spend 14 days in Korea in isolation where we received 3 meals a day in a hotel room without being allowed to leave for any reason!

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We enjoyed making this walkthrough video on everything quarantine in South Korea. Hopefully this video is helpful you are doing the South Korean 14-day government facility quarantine. Please let us know in the comments if you have any additional questions about quarantining in the South Korean government facility or about quarantining in Korea in general!

#KoreaQuarantine #KoreanQuarantine #SouthKoreaQuarantine

Mandatory Quarantine at Airbnb in South Korea Vlog (sim card, process, all explained!)

UPDATE 10/21: Quarantine rules in S. Korea are always changing. After talking to multiple officials here in Korea, i have been told different rules so even they don't seem to know 100%. Please do your research and look up the latest info regarding COVID 19 on the Official Korean Government website regarding your situation. I will try to answer your questions. But everything is very situational so it is hard to give a general answer. Thanks!

I wanted to give you a bit of a more detailed walkthrough of what it is like going through the initial quarantine process in South Korea as of October 2020.

I am traveling from the US, so rules may vary depending on country of departure.

Hopefully, this video makes your trip to Korea easier as i try to explain things i could not find in other videos. Or entertaining enough if you're just curious! Please feel free to ask anything in the comments below.

Going forward, you can expect daily vlog type videos.

I really appreciate your support!

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2 week Quarantine in South Korea | Our Experience as a Married Couple | EPIK Spring 2021

We arrived in South Korea to finally begin our adventure as EPIK teachers in Incheon. But first we had to get through 14 days of quarantine in Seoul. What's more, we had to do it separately. 2 weeks. Apart.

Here's how we got on and a glimpse at how we kept sane staring at the same 4 walls for 14 whole days. Basically food, work outs and Netflix ????

Thanks for watching guys, and we hope to be back with a more detailed room tour of our Quarantine Room in a couple of weeks.

Lots of love and stay safe everyone!


24 Things To Do In Seoul South Korea 2021

Seoul is a city with endless things to do. We take you on a journey in South Korea showing you all the best places to shop, eat and have fun!



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My 2-Week Quarantine in South Korea (EPIK Spring 2021)

2 weeks quarantine in Seoul. I survived and lived to tell my story! XD

Traveling to South Korea AGAIN During The Pandemic | April 2021 | Government Quarantine Facility

Hi Everyone!

As the title says, this is my SECOND time traveling to South Korea during the COVID-19 Pandemic.
I've detailed a few helpful (UPDATED) tips since my last visit in September 2020.


If you're looking for a QUICK SUMMARY skip to 9:46! (Although not a complete summary haha)

Make sure to SUBSCRIBE and Follow me @JustBrigitte_ for updates on my SECOND '14-day Mandatory Quarantine' at a Korean Government Facility. As well as for my travels after quarantine!

I DID have another nasal COVID test the day before being released from the facility and they called that afternoon to let me know it was negative and I would be able to leave the following day. I was released 1 DAY EARLY. Last time I was able to leave at midnight on the 15th day. This time I will be leaving at 7AM on the 14th day. A whole day back - woo!

I hope this can be a helpful resource for anyone interested in traveling to Korea in 2021. Sorry for the poor quality. Please let me know if there are any questions!

Thanks so much for watching!

Flying To South Korea During The Pandemic 2021 ✈️ Mandatory Quarantine At A Government Facility

⚠️ You still need to quarantine even if you are fully vaccinated! (forgot to mention that in the vid)
Hi guys! This is my second time traveling to Korea during the pandemic and I wanted to share some information about the whole flying and quarantine process. Hope this is helpful!
#korea #seoul #quarantineinkorea

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Customs/Immigration in South Korea (during a pandemic)

This video shows you how you can smoothly make it to your quarantine facility with the least amount of hiccups. Hopefully this helps you feel less stressed about the process... and you DON'T make the mistakes I did ????‍♀️

VERY important quarantine tips!:
Don't mess up your PCR Test!:
Moving to South Korea:
Tips for transportation IN South Korea:

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Quarantine diary vlog no.1 /flying to Seoul, South Korea; PCR test and Quarantine facility 2021

Hey my lovely travel buddies!
In todays video i am taking you with me, to the Korean Embassy in Germany, to the International Airport in Frankfurt and ofc to Seoul!
Hope you enjoy todays video :)

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How To Find an Accommodation in Seoul, Korea 2021
Korean D4 Language Studying Visa
Bypassing Quarantine? || vaccinations you should have for travelling South Korea ????????
WHY i am moving to South Korea during a pandemic 2021

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KOREA QUARANTINE! Everything You NEED To Know! | 14-Day Gov Facility ????????

Just spent 14-days in a mandatory government facility quarantine in South Korea! I wanted to share a walkthrough of the process as well as some tips on how to survive the quarantine if you find yourself traveling to Korea soon.

South Korea is currently allowing US citizens to travel on a tourist visa with a mandatory 14-day quarantine and proof of a negative COVID test. In this video, I detail everything you need to know about the government facility quarantine in South Korea as well as the travel process from LAX to Incheon.

What should should know and prepare for before traveling? What type of COVID test is needed for travel? What is the total cost of the quarantine? What is the food like? What are some best ways to survive the quarantine process? Overall, the 14-day quarantine went by quickly and if you find yourself traveling to Korea during the pandemic and need to do a government mandated facility quarantine I hope that you find this video helpful.

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Offstage: Quarantine in Korea - Day 1(travel)

Hi everybody to my new vlog OFFSTAGE and thank you for watching!

I'm ready to go from Berlin to Korea for 2 wonderful projects with the KBS Symphonie Orchestra and for the Final concert of the Tongyeong International Music Festival.
Before I'm allowed to make music, I have to get ready for the obligatory 14 days Quarantine in Korea.
This is Day 1 - travel

Music by: InstrumentalMusicLab
License: 61d2be72-d3ec-4381-abed-b53d4e07bd9e

#travel #artist #korea #quarantine

My Experience Traveling to South Korea During a Pandemic I Plus, Trying Korean Noodles in Quarantine

Grab a cup of ramen as I discuss my trip to South Korea during the pandemic. I chat about the flight, arrival in the airport, and quarantine procedures whilst trying Korean noodles!
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0:00 - Introduction
3:18 - Before the Flight
4:55 - The Flight
11:12 - Arrival procedures at the Airport
18:21 - How I Traveled to Busan from the Airport
27:30 - Quarantine

Tasting Korean Snacks :
Korean (free) Apartment Tour:
Unboxing my quarantine care packages:

returning to korea during the pandemic | korea travel vlog

✩ hi everyone ✩
welcome to my korea vlog !
i'm returning to my korean college after taking a leave of absence last semester, and this was my (terrible!!) experience while traveling to korea during covid. i am currently spending my quarantine at a korean government facility for 14 days. hope you enjoy the video !!

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june blues - eric reprid

10 Important Quarantine Tips (Overseas Especially) | South Korean Government Facility

I stayed in a government quarantine facility and these are tips I wish I knew before I came overseas! Hope you find them helpful~

Don't mess up your PCR Test!:
Customs in South Korea:
Moving to South Korea:
Tips for transportation IN South Korea:

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Everything you need to know about self-quarantine in Korea

All the essential information for self-quarantine in quarantine.
All chaotic and confusing procedures laid out for you simple.
What to prepare, overview of the modified entry procedure, your transportation options at the airport, how to get tested, and many more.

Korea Quarantine Day 10

so many surprise gifts!!

I Moved To South Korea During A Global Pandemic pt 2

Hey Honey ! It's Hunter Brenaé and welcome back to my channel !! Part 2 is up!! So, if you're new, I packed my bags, booked a flight, and moved to South Korea to teach English with the EPIK program. In this video, we have finally landed and we begin the transition to quarantine. Stay tuned for a quarantine dorm tour in the next video!! Be sure to LIKE, COMMENT, AND SUBSCRIBE to see more of this brwnskin honey on your feed. Smooches !!!

Thank You For Watching !!!

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Moving to KOREA during COVID-19 ) - Cafe Talk

I moved to South Korea in August 2020 during the corona pandemic. I will show you how my journey looked like and let you know about all the new rules established for safe traveling !

TRAVEL WITH ME to Korea during COVID-19 | Forms | COVID Test | Hygiene Kit Unboxing | 코로나입국

Hi guys! I traveled from Boston, USA to Seoul, Korea on December 21, 2020.

I included some details about
-airport stations
-COVID test
-hygiene kit

I hope this video is helpful! Thank you for watching, and please support with a like and subscribe ~ :) :) :)

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