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Qadisha Valley - وادي قاديشا


Qadisha valley-Cedars of GOD Eng. Lebanese UNESCO monuments.

A unique documentary featuring the five sites that fall under the patronage of UNESCO's world sites heritage.

???????? A truly genuine Lebanese Hospitality | Bsharri | Qadisha valley | mE 11

I ride from Tripoli to Ehden, and then to Bsharri. In Bsharri, while waiting for the owner of the lodge to come, I meet his neighbors, an extremely hospitable and joyful family. They invite me to have tea with them, and they also invite me for dinner. After an exhausting day on the road, their heartwarming hospitality make me feel like being in heaven, here, in the wonderful mountains of Lebanon.

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Fascinating Roadtrip to Ouadi Qadisha the Holy Valley and Ehden in Lebanon

The Qadisha valley is one of the most important early Christian monastic settlements in the world. Many of Its monasteries are of a great age, stand in dramatic positions in a rugged landscape. Its really a very beautiful place to visit and hike, and if you like to drive off-road you will enjoy it a lot.

From where the Qadisha road meets the valley floor, it's a 5km (1½-2 hour) walk to the serene still-working convent of Deir Qannoubin, probably the oldest religious community in the valley.

A unique restaurant in the heart of Kannoubine (Qadisha) valley. Abou Joseph restaurant is a family business serving traditional Lebanese food. The restaurant is located near the old Kannoubine monastery and Saint Marina church.

After all, we end up driving to Ehden which is a mountainous town in the heart of the northern mountains of Lebanon, full of great destinations for visitors and residents alike!

We had our lunch in one of the finest restaurants in Ehden, Al Fardous which also has a great mountain view. This is the place for kibbeh. Try all the different kinds, from kibbeh nayye (raw meat) to kibbeh krass.

We really appreciate our friends Chaden, Georges and Larissa for introducing us to the heritage and the culture of the North of Lebanon.

Ouadi Qadisha (the Holy Valley):

Al Fardous restaurant:

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7 Hour Hike Inside Lebanon’s HOLY Kadisha Valley ???????? (Breathtaking 4K)

In case you didn't know, there is an ancient and UNESCO-recognized Holy Valley in northern Lebanon. Having never heard of the Kadisha Valley ourselves before coming to Bcharre, we thought the hiking trail that runs along the bottom of it would make for a nice day hike. We had no idea what we were getting ourselves into! We only covered about half of the 13.6 mile trail, and even then we didn't get to see any of the ancient monasteries along the way. We will definitely be back someday--Hopefully in warmer weather ????

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7:48 Halfway Point
8:38 Invited for a Beer
9:22 Monastery Lit Up at Night
9:31 Back to the Car!
10:26 Outro

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Canyons and Caves Preserve a Tradition from Early Christianity in Lebanon | National Geographic

Beneath the snow-lined Lebanon Mountains, the remote cliffs and caves of Qadisha Valley recall the early history of Christian monasticism.
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Dramatic gorges cut through the northern Lebanon Mountains. Called Wadi Qadisha, meaning “Holy Valley” in Aramaic, the basin and its environs hold a wealth of spiritual history. Beginning in the early centuries of Christianity, monasteries grew in Qadisha Valley's remote caves and cliffs. Lebanon's largest Christian group, the Maronite Rite, dates its arrival in the valley to the fifth century. Several monasteries remain active to the present day, including the Maronite hermitages at Qannoubine and Qozhaya, as well as the Greek Orthodox Hamatoura Monastery. Other sites lie abandoned, but demonstrate the continued importance of the region to Lebanon's Christian communities. Beyond the valley rises Makmel, the Levant’s tallest mountain. And at Makmel's foot, lies an evergreen grove, the Cedars of God. The Bible and Sumerian Epic of Gilgamesh both memorialize the cedars of Lebanon. Over centuries, most old growth on the mountains was felled for its coveted timber. But reserves like this protect some of the remaining Lebanon cedars. Together, Wadi Qadisha and the Cedars of God are recognized on UNESCO's World Heritage List.

Read more in This Epic Mountain Trail Traverses the Length of Lebanon

Canyons and Caves Preserve a Tradition from Early Christianity in Lebanon | National Geographic

National Geographic



Magnifique région du Liban - Bcharré, Vallée Qadisha et Qannoubine + Khalil Gibran!

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Raphaël Bussière, Stephanie Brown, Valérie Berger & Brigitte de Angelis

????????En juin 2019, nous étions en train de visiter cette magnifique région du Liban. Le village de Bcharré, d'où l'écrivain/artiste Khalil Gibran vient originalement, est un village ancien phénicien rempli de beauté naturelle, d'histoire et de culture riche. Il y a la splendide vallée de Qadisha et la vallée Qannoubine, plusieurs randonnées faisant partie du LMT (Lebanon Mountain Trail), la forêt des Cèdres de Dieu (Cedars of God, Arz) et le musée/tombeau de Khalil Gibran. Tout près de Bcharré, il y a aussi Qurnat as Sawda (Sommet Noir), le plus haut sommet du Levant à 3088 mètres et où certaines parcelles de neige
sont dites éternelles, n'ayant pas fondu depuis des siècles, voire des millénaires! Nous avons aussi visité la réserve naturelle Horsh-Ehden pour une petite randonnée. Le village de Bcharré en soi est absolument adorable, montrant parfaitement l'architecture typique des village libanais.
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Hiking in the Kadisha Valley - Lebanon

Hiking in the Kadisha Valley - Lebanon. I left Bcharre by car and parked at the bottom of the valley. From there I hiked to the Qannoubin Monastery and back.
The whole trip took me less than 5 hours but I didn’t do any side trips to the hermitage or cave churches. I only visited Deir Mar Elisha, Deir Qannoubin and the St. Marina Chapel on the route. For me, the hiking was more than enough. I hope you enjoy my video of the Qadisha Valley. Would you go hiking solo?

لقاء مع آخر ناسك من نوعه بوادي قاديشا في لبنان

يعيش الأب داريو إسكوبار في جبال لبنان وهو آخر النساك المتبقين في المنطقة. قرر بن وديمان كبير المراسلين الدوليين في شكبة CNN التحدث إلى الأب داريو في نسكه، الذي لا يعتبر معزولا كما يعتقد المرء.

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Cedars of the Lord, Qadisha Valley, Lebanon

I visit an ancient cedar grove called the Cedars of the Lord in the Qadisha ('Holy') Valley in Lebanon, at the foot of the highest peak of Mount Lebanon, north of Beirut. The grove is surrounded by a barren landscape that was presumably all covered in cedars at one time, but then deforested.

Hike with me Wadi Qannoubine -north LEBANON- ???????? (VLOG-7) مشينا وادي قنوبين. شو حلو لبنان


This was my first hike in Wadi Qannoubine, It was amazing.

Wadi Qannoubine also known as kadisha Valley is a gorge that lies within the Bsharri and Zgharta Districts in the North of Lebanon.

The valley was carved by the Kadisha river, also known as the Nahr Abu Ali when it reaches Tripoli.

Kadisha means Holy in Aramaic, and the valley is sometimes called the Holy Valley. It has sheltered Christian Monastic communities for many centuries.

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WHAT TO EXPECT UPON COMING TO THIS HOLY PLACE? -St. Anthony Monastery of Qadisha Valley Lebanon

Another productive adventure to the Northern part of Lebanon particularly in Saint Anthony Monastery or Deir Mar Antonios Monastery.
Experience and explore the beauty of a paradise with a taste of its history of Lebanon by watching this video.

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Kadisha grotto مغارة قاديشا


The Kadisha Valley

After watching the 4k drone footage of Kadisha Valley ( ), I was really looking forward to see it with my own eyes! The views are breathtaking and you can enjoy the peace and fresh air of the mountains, about 1h 30 min drive from the coast. The Forest of Cedars of God is also worth the visit, and I also recommend visiting the Khalil Gibran Museum.

St Marina - Qadisha Valley, Lebanon

A pilgrimage to the valley and St Marina’s tomb are a gift to every Maronite.

Stunning drone shots of Qadisha Valley and Mount Lebanon covered in snow

[Cantonese] Lebanon world heritage Ouadi Qadisha and the Cedars of God 黎巴嫩世界遺產 夸底•夸底沙(圣谷)和神杉林

[ The Qadisha valley is one of the most important early Christian monastic settlements in the world. Its monasteries, many of which are of a great age, stand in dramatic positions in a rugged landscape. Nearby are the remains of the great forest of cedars of Lebanon, highly prized in antiquity for the construction of great religious buildings.

وادي قاديشا لبنان 01122012



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