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Pinpointing the exact location of my fans using a single image.. GEO DETECTIVE #3


Pinpointing the exact location of my fans using a single image.. GEO DETECTIVE #3

This week's episode features two brand new photos, featuring an absolute mind bender from Aron Amberleaf, and a glorious mountainous snap from Bananus Hippledick which you can see in the thumbnail.

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Can I pinpoint the EXACT location of my fans using a single image?

A few weeks ago I successfully and swiftly identified the exact Bali swimming pool that a random Instagram model was snapped, following a request from an alleged victim of a catfish. I did this using a mixture of Geoguessr knowledge, Google Earth and Google's search engine. Following some dialogue with my impressed patreons, an idea was spawned. Why don't I make a series out of it where I try to successfully identify where my patreons/fans are using the small amounts of information that can be seen in the background? Here's the result.

Pinpointing the exact location of my fans using a single image.. GEO DETECTIVE #2

Having successfully found last weeks subjects, we move straight on to our fourth target, holiday maker Andrew Feathercock. With nothing but a mosque and a few boats in the background, this promises to be a tough one, but will I do it?

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Playing the Geodetective Map - No moving, just calculation. [PLAY ALONG]

Been looking forward to this one. Thanks to Geography Challenges for making this sick map. The clues are there, but how will I fare?

Play your round, put your marker down, then switch tabs back to Youtube to watch my attempt and the result. This way you don't ruin the game or the video!

Geoguessr - Geodetective - 2 minutes per round! [PLAY ALONG]

Had a lot of requests for this since the first geodetective video, so here's another one except with a 2 minute timer on each round.


BEST WAY TO PLAY: Before you watch the video, play the first round and make your selection. As soon as you make your selection quickly switch over to the YouTube tab before the time runs out and watch me play the first round. That way you don't spoil the surprise element of the video. When you reopen the Geoguessr tab the you will see how our guesses compare. Good luck!

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British guy attempts to name as many US Cities as possible in 30 minutes (awful pronunciation)

How many cities, towns or villages can your average map loving Brit name? and how many of those can he actually pronounce? Tune in to see the results.

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My first attempt at the brand new Battle Royale feature on Geoguessr!

Geoguessr have brought out a brand new feature, and it's a good one.
Watch me try it out (albeit in very rusty form) and see if I can win a game in my first few attempts..

Apologies for the abrupt ending, the microphone went all Darlic on me again.

Can't wait to set up some tournaments in the new year with some of your favorite Geoguessrers..

Have a spiffing Yuletide everyone.

Another NMPZ Record Attempt (most insane detective round I've ever done)

The hunt for the leaderboard continues with this effort, which includes a truly remarkable round.

Stay tuned for the insane guesses and detective round compilations over the next few days.

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ALL the best Detective Rounds from my NMPZ record attempts (mostly unseen!)

Detective rounds. The shit name that I gave to those rounds where you figure out exactly where you are in the world (or near enough) using limited information. Usually more laborious and time consuming than an insane guess, but every bit as rewarding.

In this video you get to see some of the best unseen detective rounds from the 15 hours of attempts I've made so far in my quest for the leaderboard, as well as three rounds that I'm sure you won't mind seeing one more time: Valparaiso, Salta and of course, Kenya.

Watch the Insane guess compilation:

Battle Royale Distance #3 - Nah let's actually win this time. (another crazy ending)

It's a double whammy tonight, and it's ended on a relieving note - my first Battle Royale Distance win. About time.

Tune in next Thursday for another juicy Geo Detective episode!


Only 8 Geoguessr Players have ever achieved this feat..

What started out as a regular old play along video turned into something extraordinary. Play along if you dare (and have 2 hours spare..)

PLAY ALONG: Play your round, put your marker down, then switch tabs back to Youtube to watch my attempt and the result. This way you don't ruin the game or the video.



Monday's INSANE live stream: 10 secs per round, no moving, scrolling, zooming, diverse world #3

Simply had to upload this. After a few poor attempts and with 5 minutes left of playing until the end of the stream, this game happened. There were some favourable rounds, but boy did I capitalise.

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Insane Guess Compilation #6 - Featuring That Touba Guess

Here it is, the latest selection of all the most unexpectedly amazing guesses that happened on my Twitch and YouTube channels over these past few months, and a few unused clips that you haven't seen.

I feel like I've missed a couple of good ones this time so feel free to point them out and I'll shove them in #7.

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We attempted to survive in the woods for 3 days. Bear Grylls would be ashamed.

*ELDERBERRIES ARE NOT EDIBLE RAW!!* ..forgot to fully explain that in the video.

Last summer, me and my brother Ben shoved some pots and pans in a rucksack and headed for the forests of south Wiltshire to try our hand at foraging, fishing and living off the land. With land owners to look out for, Norway injuries lingering, bad weather and next to no idea what we were doing, it was never going to be a roaring success, but in and amongst the calamity, chaos and hopelessness, there are enough amusing and heart warming moments to make this story a memorable one.

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Sporcle - Can you name the city from the Google Streetview image?

Harder ones to come!

Guinea-Bissau? No chance. African Countries (NO BORDERS) on Sporcle

Can I successfully pinpoint every single country in Africa on a satellite image of Africa that has absolutely no borders? My gut told me no, but you'll have to watch to find out if he was right..

Try this map yourself:


My fastest UK speed run to date (Perfect score in almost 5 minutes)

It's another attempt to get the world's fastest UK speed run, but with insane times coming in from other British players, I'll do well to get back into the top 3. With an increasingly busy schedule, I can only afford to spend so many hours per day trying to get that golden run. I can tell you that today's effort is fast, but is it fast enough to get my name back on that leaderboard?

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Battle Royale Distance #2 - Let's win this time (crazy ending)

Last week I learned the ropes (Just about) but ultimately failed to win a game. This week I'm determined to put that right, but the competition would be tough..


A Wonderfully Impossible Map: A Complete Diverse World [PLAY ALONG]

A map that includes every single country in the world, from Liechtenstein to Vanuatu, with each country represented equally (5 locations each) Full of obscure photospheres, this map really separates the men from the boys.


To play along, make your guess, then switch tabs back to Youtube to watch my attempt and the result for that round, this way you don't ruin the game or the video!

Tricky and Misleading: Out Of Place (Custom Map) [PLAY ALONG]

PLAY ALONG: Play your round, put your marker down, then switch tabs back to Youtube to watch my attempt and the result. This way you don't ruin the game or the video!

Play this map:



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