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Panama 2019 | 4K | must see places | travel guide


Panama 2019 | 4K | must see places | travel guide

A clip of our Panama trip in april 2019. The journey was planned as followed:
We arrived in Panama City and took the Night Bus to Almirante to get to
0:41 Bocas del Torro
0:59 Starfish Beach is very beautiful
2:15 Island Hopping Tour with snorkeling to
2:23 Zapatilla Islands
3:26 Drive to Boquete by shuttle bus
4:03 Coffee Tour - creating and tasting our own coffee at Finca dos Jefes
4:36 Climbing the Baru Volcano by Night to see the sunrise
5:55 Santa Catalina
6:07 Day snorkeling trip to Coiba
7:38 Surfing at Oasis surf camp
8:22 El valle de Anton
8:39 Climbing La India Dormida
9:03 El nispero Zoo
9:39 Relaxing in our lovely Apartment in San Carlos
10:15 Panama City
11:05 Casco viejo
11:34 Miraflores Locks - Panama canal
11:56 Climbing Cerro Ancón

All videos are shot on an iPhone X with the Freefly Movi Gimbal and the Parrot Anafi Drone. The whole clip is edited with the LumaFusion App on iPhone. If you have any questions about the destinations just ask.

Fun and Cool Things to do in Panama City | The Planet D | Travel Vlog

Looking for things to do in Panama City before you take off to the beaches or on your Panama Cruise with @UnCruise Adventures These are the must-see Panama Sights and things to do. We've visited Panama City twice, our latest was before our Uncruise to Costa Rica. Enjoy!
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►What you'll see in this travel video about Panama City:
↠ Casco Viejo
↠ Panama Viejo
↠ Panama Canal
↠ Cathedral
↠ Mira Flores Locks
↠ Panama Canal Museum Museum
↠ Balboa Avenue
↠ Panama Hat
↠ JW Marriott
↠ Hard Rock Hotel

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10 Best Places to Visit in Panama - Panama Travel Guide

10 Best Places to Visit in Panama & Tourist Attractions in Panama - Panama Travel Guide and Tips.

List of Best Places to Visit in Panama: 1. San Blas Islands, 2. Panama City, 3. Bocas del Toro, 4. Panama Canal, 5. Santa Catalina, 6. Boquete, 7. Gulf of Chiriqui, 8. Volcan Baru, 9. Pearl Islands, 10. El Valle de Anton

Copyright: Video created by
Omega Tours Co., LTD
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Photos Credited:

10. El Valle de Anton
chuck holton:
chuck holton:
9. Pearl Islands
chuck holton:
chuck holton:
8. Volcan Baru
Sonny Cohen:
Sonny Cohen:
7. Gulf of Chiriqui
Boquete Outdooor Adventures:
Boquete Outdooor Adventures:
6. Boquete
Martha de Jong-Lantink:
5. Santa Catalina
Alex Proimos:
Le Grand Portage:
4. Panama Canal
Official U.S. Navy Imagery:
3. Bocas del Toro
Magda Wojtyra:
Rita Willaert:
2. Panama City
Don Harder:
Brent Moore:
1. San Blas Islands
Thibault Houspic:
Alexander Schimmeck:


Perfect trip itinerary for #Panama! In this video I share where to go, what to do, and everything you need to know for your Panama adventure. Locations include El Valle, Panama City, Casco Viejo, and San Blas Island.

So many things to do in Panama. Time to add Panama to your bucket list!

I hope you enjoy my #vacationtips!

#Travel guide to Panama 2020.

Perfect Panama #Vacation.

San Blas tour: Panama Travel Unlimited

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Top 7 Things To Do In Panama City // Don't Miss These Spots! // Panama Travel Tips 2017

Finding the top 7 things to do in Panama City was a challenge because there are many things to do in Panama City, Panama. I almost did a top 5 things to do in Panama, but I just couldn't cut some of these activities out!
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Panama City is the world's city being that travelers and business people come through Panama City. Next time you find yourself in Panama City, take a few days to explore because there is a lot to do in Panama City. From the San Blas islands to the BioMuseo to Monkey Island to the Panama Canal, this video will help you pick the top 7 things to do in Panama City.

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PANAMA Top 40 Tourist Places | Panama Tourism

Panama (Things to do - Places to Visit) - PANAMA Top Tourist Places
A country in Central America

Panama is a country on the isthmus linking Central and South America. The Panama Canal, a famous feat of human engineering, cuts through its center, linking the Atlantic and Pacific oceans to create an essential shipping route.

In the capital, Panama City, modern skyscrapers, casinos, and nightclubs contrast with colonial buildings in the Casco Viejo district and the rainforest of Natural Metropolitan Park.

PANAMA Top 40 Tourist Places | Panama Tourism

Things to do in PANAMA - Places to Visit in Panama

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PANAMA Top 40 Tourist Places - Panama, Central America

First Timers Travel Guide to Panama

After dozens of trips elsewhere, our first trip to Panama and our impressions.

How EXPENSIVE is PANAMA? | 1 Week in Panama | Travel Cost

The total travel cost for 2 people in Panama. A breakdown of accommodations, transportation, attractions, food & drinks and everything else you should know before planning your trip to Panama.

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13 Best Places to Visit in PANAMA

After spending two weeks in Panama, here are my top 9 best places to visit in Panama - from Panama City to tropical islands to the highlands.

Read more about my Panama trip here:

Places featured in this video:
Panama City
Panama Canal
Casco Viejo
Santa Ana
W Panama pool/bar
San Blas Islands - we booked a catamaran trip with I Travel By Boat
Gulf of Chiriquí - whale watching
Isla Palenque Resort - we stayed here:
Hotel Panamonte
Hanging Bridges Tour
Casa Azul B&B
Bocas del Toro
Red Frog Beach Resort

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How to Travel to Panama in 2020-2021

Panama Travel Guide: Find out if you can travel to Panama now for tourism. Learn everything you need to travel to Panama during coronavirus: who's allowed in, what the testing and entry requirements are, if you have to quarantine or not, what's open in Panama and what to see there, like beaches, mountains, and islands like Bocas del Toro.

Traveling soon? Make sure you have international travel and medical insurance coverage. The two companies I've been using for years include: World Nomads and SafetyWing (my links)

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* Costa Rica Reopening for Travel:
* Is it Safe to Travel During Coronavirus?:

More info on how you can travel to Panama:
* Visit Panama Travel Guidelines:
* U.S. Embassy to Panama Travel Advisory:
* Panama Reopening Plan and Flights:
* Panama COVID-19 Testing Info:
* Taxes in Panama:
* Panama Travel Restrictions:
* World Nomads Panama Travel Updates:

Panama travel affidavit form:


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NOTE: This description may contain affiliate links, meaning that I may earn a minimal commission if you click through and use these links (at no additional cost to you). This video is for informational and entertainment purposes only. Global travel restrictions and advisories change frequently. Please consult your local government, airline, embassy, and tourism providers before booking international travel.

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Panama: Top 15 Destinations (must see places)

My all time favourite places in Panama & the destinations I would 100% recommend when exploring this stunning country.

#1 - Bocas del Toro
#2 - Portobelo
#3 - IslaTaboga
#4 - Ancon Hill
#5 - Valle de Anton
#6 - San Blas
#7 - Metropolitan Park
#8 - Isla Mamey
#9 - Amador Causeway
#10 - Isla Coiba
#11 - Santa Catalina
#12 - The Panama Canal
#13 - Panama City
#14 - Casco Viejo
#15 - Isla Contadora

7 Things to see in Panama City | Panama Travel Guide & Panamanian life

So much more than the famous canal and modern skyline, Panama’s natural wonders shine for those willing to take the road less traveled. We explore beyond the obvious tourist sites and dig deep to uncover Panama City’s siren song that has enticed travelers for decades. How's Panamanian life like?

00:00 Panama City
01:05 Casco Viejo / Panama Hat
02:05 African influences
03:05 City Tour / Walking tour
04:05 Panama Canal and changes
04:42 Panama Market & Food
07:47 Cinta Costera

7 Things to see in Panama City | Panama Travel Guide & Panamanian life
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Panama travel video 4k | Taboga Island, Contadora, Bocas del Toro, Panama City | Panama from drone

Panama travel video. Nature, attractions, beaches, views, landscapes, cities, vacation spots and much more are what we recommend to visit in Panama. Here is a short video shot from a drone in 4k. This video review will introduce you to the best holiday destinations. Panama is a country located in South America. There is a warm climate, beautiful places, friendly people and grateful tourists who leave reviews. We present the best vacation spots and cities that you need to see when visiting this beautiful country.

Panama from drone:
1. Panama City
2. Bocas del Toro
3. Island of Contadora
4. Taboga Island

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Boquete Panama Travel Guide | Top Things To See And Do | 90+ Countries With 3 Kids

Welcome to Boquete, a small, charming mountain town in Panama!

It is hidden on 1,200 meters above the sea level, in green mountain highlands, only 40 miles from the border between Panama and Costa Rica, on the Caldera River. Pleasant climate, scenic landscape, and natural environment make Boquete a popular tourist and retirement destination. Some people say it resembles a Swiss Alpine village, only located in South America.

As Panamians love to party, you can expect to enjoy monthly fiestas and music events whenever you come here.

We stayed at Los Molinos and had a fantastic time. We went on the most amazing hike down a trail that lead to a beautiful waterfall and experienced first hand the powerful flow of the river below.

We also met the most amazing people and were even invited to spend the night at one of their homes/farms.

Enjoy the video and make sure to comment below where you're watching from!

Stay tuned because the next video will be all about why people retire in Boquete Panama.
#Boquete #Panama

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Panama City Panama ( What To Know Before Going)

Panama City Panama was my first Latin American experience. My Love for the city has only grown since then.

I recently went back after being gone for a few years.

I spent a week exploring and I wanted to bring you along for the ride.

10 Top-Rated Tourist Attractions in Panama

Plan your travels with Trendwisata and find ideas on places to visit, where to go, what to see, things to do, and tips for making the most of your trip.
10 Top-Rated Tourist Attractions in Panama:
0:00 Opening Tourist Attractions in Panama
0:15 Panama Canal
0:51 Bocas Del Toro
1:26 Isla Perro
2:00 Casco Viejo
2:36 Starfish Beach
3:13 Isla Zapatillas
4:03 Boca del Drago
4:36 Playa Las Estrellas
5:20 Volcan Baru National Park
5:56 Panama Metro
#panamatravel #panamacity #touristattractions

Discover the top tourist attractions in destinations around the world, along with maps, and beautiful videos to inspire great ideas.

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San Blas Islands, Panama - Everything You Need To Know | Episode 5

A quick guide to everything you need to know before visiting the San Blas Islands.

I found very little information covering the San Blas Islands so I hope you find this video helpful. A quick in depth look at the cost, amenities, how we booked it, and what to expect before you visit the San Blas Islands, Panama.

This is the final episode of our week long trip in Panama.

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What to Know BEFORE Going to Panama | Panama Travel Guide Ep. 8

It's easy to make a fool of yourself in a new culture. That sums up our first few trips to Central America. What to Know BEFORE Going to Central America is a quick video helping you know what to expect for your first trip out of the US or your first trip into Central America. This is Panama Travel Guide Episode 8, check out the rest of our series for great info and resources for your next trip!

Life, people, land, it's all different, and that's why we travel; to explore and discover new things. We hope this video helps you prepare mentally for what to expect on your first international trip to Central America. After a few visits we became accustomed to certain things and knew how to handle them in future trips, making our travel more enjoyable and less stressful.

Please let us know if you found anything helpful or if you have any tips or suggestions of your own!

Traveling Full-Time, Our Story:
We traded-in our Typical American Life for one of Adventurous Family Travel. Here we share our journey in hopes it will inspire others to follow their dreams. We hope to show that travel is totally possible, even with small kids.

We are Jesse, Jenny, and Tucker. We began this adventure in 2017 and love the freedom our lifestyle affords. We've spent holidays with family, RV'd across the US, down into Mexico, up to the Canadian border and even participated in the RV Nomads movie. We flew to Panama for three months where we lived on the beach, and are now getting set for a Fall trip through Maine and the Eastern US.

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Panama City, Florida - Top 5 Things to do ( Best Places to Visit )

Panama City, Florida - Things to Do . Travel Guide, top Attractions Panama City, Florida
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best places list :
1 - Oaks by the Bay Park
2 - Carillon Beach
3 - Panama City Marina
4 - Museum of Man in the Sea
5 - Bear Creek Feline Center
Top Attractions Travel Guide
A guide to the United States shows the most popular places in the United States and top Attractions )

????Panama City Travel Guide | Panama Vacation☀️

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This video covers my Insider Travel Tips for Panama City.

You will find information about the Panama Canal, Trump Tower, Ancon Hills, Casco Viejo, Panama Vieja, Seafood Market, Mi Puebliot, Albrook Mall, Miraflores Locks, Gatun Locks and see where to go to avoid tourist destinations.
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