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10 Top Tourist Attractions in France - Travel Video

Check out all the attractions seen in this video:

Famous for its wines and cheeses, France is the world’s most popular tourist destination receiving 82 million foreign tourists annual. Visitors are attracted by historic cities, a beautiful countryside, the castles of the Loire Valley, and Brittany and Normandy. In addition, France offers an agreeable climate, some excellent beaches on the French Riviera, the Atlantic coast and the island of Corsica, wide possibilities for winter sports, most notably in the Alps and the Pyrenees, and a rich culture with food and wines that are among the most celebrated in the world. Here’s a look at the top tourist attractions in France.

GUATEMALA TRAVEL GUIDE // TOP 5 THINGS TO DO // What to see, do, and eat in Guatemala

Here's my Guatemala travel guide to what you should see, do and eat while in Guatemala. This is my top 5. Like I said in the video, there is a lot to do in Guatemala from the jungle to Antigua and everything in between, so don't ONLY do these things.
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Guatemala Food Cooking School (changed name to Cuscun Cooking School):
Hotel Finca Tatin:
Antigua's Filadelfia Coffee Resort & Tours:
Casa Guatemala:
Vivid Roots:
Cerro de la Cruz lookout point:
Hotel Museo Spa Casa Santo Domingo:

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