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Nicaragua travel guide – 10 best reasons to visit! | Budget backpacking two weeks


Nicaragua travel guide – 10 best reasons to visit! | Budget backpacking two weeks

Budget travel guide featuring the 10 best things about Nicaragua.

Is Nicaragua cheap for travel? Is Nicaragua safe for tourists and how dangerous is Managua to visit? A two week travel guide on a budget, including Masaya volcano, Granada, León, Managua and Laguna de Apoyo.

How to backpack Nicaragua as a solo traveler, what to see and the best places to visit.

Answers questions like: Is it expensive to travel Nicaragua? Where to go? What to do in Nicaragua? What is the security like? Where to find volcanoes? What to do as a tourist? Is it expensive or cheap to travel Nicaragua? Can you drink alcohol, is it safe for women, backpacking + solo travel and is there a risk for violence? 2 week itinerary for safe backpacking travel.
Guía de viaje económica con las 10 mejores cosas de Nicaragua.

¿Es barato viajar a Nicaragua? ¿Es Nicaragua segura para los turistas y qué tan peligroso es visitar Managua? Una guía de viaje económica de dos semanas, que incluye el volcán Masaya, Granada, León, Managua y la Laguna de Apoyo.

Cómo viajar de mochilero a Nicaragua como viajero solitario, qué ver y los mejores lugares para visitar.

Responde preguntas como: ¿Es caro viajar a Nicaragua? ¿Dónde ir? ¿Qué hacer en Nicaragua? ¿Cómo es la seguridad? ¿Dónde encontrar volcanes? ¿Qué hacer como turista? ¿Es caro o barato viajar por Nicaragua? ¿Se puede beber alcohol, es seguro para mujeres, mochileros + viajes en solitario y existe riesgo de violencia? Itinerario de 2 semanas para un viaje seguro con mochila.

NICARAGUA TOP 7 PLACES | This is why you should visit Nicaragua

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Where to travel to in Nicaragua in 2017? Here are my top 7 places to visit in Nicaragua for your next trip. This is why you should visit Nicaragua. Surf Volcanoes Islands it's all there!

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Nicaragua Travel Guide | Itinerary, Mistakes & Tips

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After 2 months travelling around Nicaragua and visiting most of the well-known places, I thought it would be useful to produce a travel guide of sorts for Nicaragua.

Places visited: San Juan Del Sur, Popoyo, Playa Colorados, Ometepe, Granada, Managua, Corn Islands and Leon.

If I had to choose two places to visit in Nicaragua they would be Granada and Corn Islands (followed closely by Popoyo and Ometepe). Granada is a lovely town but the real jewel is visiting Laguna de Apoyo and Masaya Volcano which is one hell of a day. Corn Islands is, well, a Caribbean paradise and a place to really relax amongst beautiful surroundings.

If I had to skip two places they would have to be San Juan Del Sur and Leon, although both places are still good to visit if you have the time! The reason for skipping these two are that San Juan Del Sur needs the tourists for attractions like Sunday Funday to work - obviously at the moment there are a limited amount of tourists. Leon is nice but the main tourist attraction is the cathedral which, whilst incredible and the roof makes for incredible pictures, it's a bit out of the way and doesn't offer a whole lot else.

Nicaragua is incredibly diverse which makes it great for travelling - it's also much cheaper than Costa Rica. To give you an idea we spent less than a third on a monthly basis compared to our expenses in Costa Rica.

There are a few things that I think all travellers should be aware of:

1. Internet speeds are on the whole terrible. If you buy a local sim it is far more stable but generally speaking, the wifi isn't reliable enough to work off. As such, if you're a digital nomad or looking to work remotely in Nicaragua I think that you'll struggle....or at least I did.

2. Taxis are really affordable both in cities and between towns. However, for some reason even if you have a map with you they seemingly refuse to use it (even if they don't know where you are staying). This was perplexing and frustrating. Also, always clarify pricing. We got stung a few times because we didn't fully clarify prices or the taxi waited for us when we hadn't asked them to.

3. We had some issues crossing the Nicaraguan border back to Costa Rica because the stamp was barely readable from he Nicaragua border. This is highly unlikely to happen to anyone else, but for us it did mean that the bus left without us at Peñas Blancas.

4. I can't really comment on the political situation in Nicaragua but it is something that people ask about. Do your own research here as I had to previously change travel plans due to unrest.


0:00 - Intro
0:41 - Places to visit in Nicaragua
3:41 - Accommodation and Costs in Nicaragua
4:14 - Internet speed and working remotely
4:55 - Transport and Taxis
7:28 - Shopping / Finding Specific Items
7:58 - Is Nicaragua safe to travel?
8:45 - Border Crossing - Nicaragua to Costa Rica
10:00 - Hiring a car in Nicaragua
10:33 - Surfing in Popoyo & Playa Colorados
11:41 - Travel Itinerary for Nicaragua

NICARAGUA 10 DAY VACATION BUDGET for 2 adults | Travel costs NICARAGUA | BUDGET travel destination

How much does a 10 DAY NICARAGUA VACATION cost for 2 adults? NICARAGUA is a BUDGET TRAVEL destination!!! Find out all the travel costs for 2 adults on a 10 day NICARAGUA vacation. We detail everything penny we spent on Food, drinks and entertainment. This is a great video if you are planning a vacation to Nicaragua, your thinking about moving to NICARAGUA or you love budget travel.

We are a Canadian couple and we LOVE to travel! We are retiring early (at age 45) and moving to Nicaragua in 5 months. We're selling, donating and downsizing, and heading down the Pan American highway for the Adventure of a life time! Follow our channel to be part of the Adventure!

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Want to rent a house in Nicaragua for a few days or a few weeks? Here is our house on Air B & B - Our property managers, Mango Vacation Rentals (Paul & Ann) will take great care of you! You can also check out the other vacation properties they manage at

Here is our Nicaragua budget-includes everything from food, entertainment and even toilet paper

Nicaragua grocery budget - 2 adults for 1 week

What is is like to grocery shop in Nicaragua? Tour the local supermarket, mercado central and the fish market

Tour our home in San Juan del Sur

Take a walking tour of the town of San Juan del Sur

Where is the best Pizza in San Juan del Sur Nicaragua? Here is our top 5

Playa Hermosa - our favorite beach in San Juan del Sur

Hike to the Jesus statue in San Juan del Sur Nicaragua

Want to know more about traveling & living in Nicaragua

Learn more about our EXPAT journey

Trying to decide if you want to buy or rent abroad? Here are the pros and cons

How to import a vehicle to Nicaragua

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Top 10 Things To Do in Nicaragua 2021

Known as ‘The land of Lakes and Volcanoes', Nicaragua is the largest of all the Central American republics. Located between the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea, this country has recently been discovered as a new destination to execute the plans of escapades. The capital of the country is Managua. It is also the largest city in the country and manages to inhabit about one-sixth of the population. Lets explore the Top 10 things to do in Nicaragua 2021

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Now, where to travel in Nicaragua? I have often been asked, where my favourite place to travel in Central America is and after having given it a lot of thought, I concluded it is Nicaragua. Now of course, currently in 2018, Nicaragua is going through some tough times, but tourism will return to Nicaragua and the doors will open to travel Nicaragua once again and when you do plan to visit Nicaragua, you can use this top 5 places to travel in Nicaragua video to outline my personal favourite places, cities and towns in Nicaragua.

Here we go through my favourite 5 places you should visit when travelling Nicaragua starting at #5 The Corn Islands. Off the coast of Nicaragua, Big and Little Corn Island are two paradisical chunks of sand completely surrounded by gorgeous water. Sit back and relax!

My 4th favourite place in Nicaragua is the fun beach party town of San Juan del Sur. A lot of people love San Juan as it is called in Nicaragua, and as much as I did enjoy it, I was not in Nicaragua to just party so I found San Juan del Sur fun, but there were other better places.

San Juan del Sur in Nicaragua:

The biggest surprise whilst travelling through Nicaragua was my third favourite place, Leon in the north of Nicaragua. A place I thought only existed on the tourist trail for Volcano Boarding, Leon is actually a very cool, and authentic city!

Volcano Boarding in Leon, Nicaragua:

2nd best place in Nicaragua is Granada and Laguna de Apoyo. The town of Granada is gorgeous and colonial and right beside it is the volcano crater lake of Laguna de Apoyo, a pairing that is an absolute must visit when in Nicaragua.

Laguna de Apoyo, Nicaragua:

The BEST Places in NIcaragua whilst travelling through, I found was ... ISLA OMETEPE. The island of Ometepe is a volcano island located in the enormous lake which covers a large area of Nicaragua and it is an unusual lost world that I simply loved. The video below shows us scootering around the island, one of the best days of my life.

Isla Ometepe Scooter Trip, Nicaragua:

Those are my top 5 places to visit and things to do in Nicaragua. Click LIKE if you enjoyed it and SUBSCRIBE to stay tuned.

Top 5 Things to do, Granada Nicaragua:

Top 5 Places to go in Nicaragua:

Nicaragua Travel Videos and Tips of Places to Visit and Things to do in Nicaragua While Travelling and Visiting Nicaragua.

NICARAGUA • Ein Traum für Backpacker | TRAVEL GUIDE (Highlights, Route, Kosten & Sicherheit)

Wir waren während unserer Weltreise vier Wochen lang in Nicaragua und haben unser Herz an dieses Land verloren! Traumhaft schöne Landschaften, pures Abenteuer und das ursprüngliche Mittelamerika abseits der Touristenmassen von Costa Rica.
In diesem Video zeigen wir die größten Highlights, eine mögliche Route und alle Kosten - Außerdem gehört Nicaragua zu den günstigsten Reiseländern der Welt und da sich viele der Highlights im Westen des Landes befinden, lohnt sich auch ein Urlaub für zwei Wochen. Vor allem, da die Trockenzeit in den Deutschen Wintermonaten liegt. Also - auf nach Nicaragua!

Alle Infos zum nachlesen auf unserem Blog:

• Timestamps •
00:00 Highlight Reel & Intro
00:41 Nicaragua Short Facts
01:11 Nur in Nicaragua: Volcano Boarding
01:39 Kolonialstädte León & Granada
02:10 Vulkane & Wanderungen
03:36 Backpackers Paradise: Ometepe
04:13 Pazifikstrände: Las Penitas & Popoyo
05:03 Canyoning & Wasserfälle
05:36 Karibiktraum: Corn Islands
05:57 Unsere Route
06:30 Mit dem Chickenbus durchs Land
06:51 Alle Kosten im Überblick
10:40 Ist Nicaragua sicher?
11:37 Muss ich Spanisch sprechen?
12:01 Wie siehts aus mit C-19?
12:30 Unser Fazit nach 4 Wochen

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Things you can't miss on your next trip to Nicaragua - 2021 Travel Guide

#nicaragua #travelnicaragua #explorenicaragua #whattodoinnicaragua #wheretogoinnicaragua #backpackingnicaragua #nicaragua2022 #travelnicaragua2022 #nicaraguatravelguide #sanjuandelsurnicaragua

We've now spent two months exploring all Nicaragua has to offer. We created this video to help you plan out your next trip and show you all the things you can't miss!

Comment any questions below!

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NICARAGUA TOP 5 PLACES | This is why you should visit Nicaragua

Raw Travel travels off the beaten path to one of the hottest budget, eco-tourism destinations in all of Latin America, Nicaragua.

#5 Masaya
#4 Craft Market
#3 Ometepe Island
#2 Managua - Ciudad Vieja / Old City
#1 Watch to find out the #1!

More Nicaragua on Raw Travel Plus:
Things to know:

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Nicaragua travel journal: 6 things to see in Nicaragua! Managua, Leon and Esteli

Budget and eco-adventure travelers have been flocking to Nicaragua for a while now… and for good reason, it’s beautiful and cheap!

00:00 Meet beautiful Nicaragua in 30 seconds!
00:35 Where is Nicaragua?
01:40 The Capital of Nicaragua: Managua - Central America’s largest City
01:59 1972 Earthquake and Managua Tour
03:15 Ciudad Vieja / Old Managua / Old City Managua
04:37 Chicken Bus to Leon
06:34 Esteli

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Are you ready to see travel, places, food, and culture in a different way? Check out our videos! In our weekly vlog, Robert G. Rose of Raw Travel TV showcases destinations off the tourist trail. He'll also share practical tips on travel and socially conscious ways to give back while enjoying the life changing experience of travel. Music, food, culture, giving back... there are many reasons to travel, and we want to inspire you to take a trip of your own. Follow our travel vlog to get new content every week!

#rawtravel #rawtravelplus managua 2021

How Expensive is Traveling in Nicaragua? | Nicaragua Trip Cost

Nicaragua is the ultimate budget travel destination. The land of lakes and volcanoes has so much to offer and will really make your travel dollar go far! In this Nicaragua travel guide we answer the question How expensive is traveling in Nicaragua? We provide a breakdown of our Nicaragua travel budget including travel costs for accommodation in Nicaragua, transport, food, activities in Nicaragua and everything else to plan the perfect Trip to Nicaragua. Nicaragua cost of living is one of the lowest in Central America which makes visiting Nicaragua on a budget very affordable. In this Central America Travel guide, we share our 6 month Nicaragua trip cost and give you plenty of Nicaragua Travel Tips so you can experience this beautiful country for yourself.

This video has captions in multiple languages.

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0:00 Introduction to Nicaragua Travel Vlog: How expensive is traveling in Nicaragua?
0:32 Nicaragua tourism: Why visit Nicaragua?
1:11 Nicaragua travel expenses: Accommodation cost in Nicaragua
3:16 How much does Nicaragua cost: Nicaragua food cost
5:50 How to travel cheap Nicaragua: Nicaragua transport costs
8:17 Nicaragua travel budget: Cost of Activities in Nicaragua
9:54 Traveling in Nicaragua: Entry and Exit fees for travel to Nicaragua
10:40 Nicaragua travel cost: Cost of Visa extension in Nicaragua
10:56 Nicaragua travel costs: How much are Covid tests in Nicaragua?
11:19 Nicaragua trip cost: Cost of 6 month trip in Nicaragua
11:31 Nicaragua destination guide on travel website
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How Expensive is traveling in Costa Rica? -
Central America Playlist -
Introducing Bucket List Travellers -


Nicaragua Libre

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Nicaragua Travel | SOLO FEMALE TRAVELER | Ep. 82 | Travel Vlog

A travel vlog about my feelings about returning home after traveling. I have been away from home a long time traveling on my own, alone as a solo female traveler, and although I love Central America and Latin America, and especially Nicaragua, I am so excited to go home after all my hitchhiking, couchsurfing and backpacking adventures. My feelings about returning home after living as a backpacker and solo woman traveler. :)

Solo female traveler's travel documentary on Mexico, Central America and South America. Showing how to travel cheap as a backpacker in Latin America through hitchhiking, CouchSurfing and WorkAway. Showing how to travel safe and alone in Central America: Nicaragua, El Salvador, Honduras, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Belize as well as Puerto Rico and backpacking in Mexico. Adventure started April 2017 - Hey! Let's Go Get Lost!

Travel Vlog
Feelings about Returning home after travels
Feelings about returning home after a long trip
Las Peñitas
Protests Nicaragua
Road Block Nicaragua
Nicaragua Crisis
Travel Nicaragua
Backpacking Nicaragua
Hitchhiking Nicaragua
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Travel Vlog
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Woman Hitchhiking alone
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Backpacking Latin America as a Woman
Traveling in Central America as a Female
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Female Traveler
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What to do in Ometempe Nicaragua - 2022 Travel Gudie

#ometempe #nicaragua #ometempenicaragua #ometempetravel #visitometempe #nicaraguatravelguide #sanjuandelsur #sanjusndelsurtravel #nicaraguatravel #ojodeagua

Ometempe is an island paradise located in the center of lake Nicaragua. Made up of two volcanos there are plenty of outdoor activities to do! We recommend renting a motor bike for your visit as the island is not too walkable. We hope this video helps you have an amazing time in Nicaragua!

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Backpacking NICARAGUA (Ometepe 2022)

In this video we visit El Pital Chocolate Paradise in NICARAGUA. A vegan Cacao/chocolate farm right in the heart of Ometepe, an amazing tour with a great tour guide. If you haven’t watched the first part go back and watch the first part of the Ometepe adventure here: we also visited the lagoon Ojo de agua which is a great place to cool off after exploring the island all day.

We rented an ATV to explore the island for 1 day, this was arranged by our accommodation Finca Mystica

00:00 Intro
00:52 giveaway winner
01:33 ATV ometepe
03:06 Chocolate factory
05:53 Cacao tasting
07:55 driving in ometepe
08:13 Ojo de agua
10:04 Visit ometepe

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Costa Rica or Nicaragua – best country to visit? | Budget travel guide for 1 week itinerary

Costa Rica versus Nicaragua: which is best for a tourist? Travel guide comparing what to do and see, best places to visit, how expensive it is Costa rica, what the weather is like and security (is it safe for tourists?).

Answers questions like: How dangerous is, best things to see and do, how expensive is it, best sights to visit, where to stay and when to go. Best beaches to visit, how and where to find sloths

Is it safe in Nicaragua and Costa Rica and is backpacking possible?

Features: Leon, Grenada, Arenal volcano, San Juan del Sur, Puntarenas, Jacó, sloth safari, wild nature hikes and bike rental.

This is a full budget travel guide and comparison, Costa Rica vs Nicaragua, deciding which country is easiest to travel as a backpacker.

Which is overall best Costa rica vs Nicaragua? Let's settle this with an epic street battle!

0:00 Introduction
1:06 Stuff to do
5:10 Food
6:27 Vibe
9:34 Money & Transportation
12:16 Weather

Costa Rica x Nicarágua: o que é melhor para um turista? Guia de viagem comparando o que ver e fazer, melhores lugares para visitar, quão caro é a Costa Rica, como está o tempo e segurança (é seguro para os turistas?).

Responde a perguntas como: quão perigoso é, as melhores coisas para ver e fazer, quão caro é, melhores locais para visitar, onde ficar e quando ir. Melhores praias para visitar, como e onde encontrar preguiças

É seguro na Nicarágua e na Costa Rica e é possível fazer mochila?

Este é um guia de viagem com orçamento completo e uma comparação, Costa Rica x Nicarágua, que decide qual país é mais fácil de viajar como um mochileiro.

Qual é, no geral, a melhor Costa Rica vs Nicarágua? Vamos resolver isso com uma batalha de rua épica!

Costa Rica versus Nicaragua: ¿cuál es mejor para un turista? Guía de viaje que compara qué hacer y ver, los mejores lugares para visitar, lo caro que es Costa Rica, el clima y la seguridad (¿es seguro para los turistas?).

Responde preguntas como: qué tan peligroso es, las mejores cosas para ver y hacer, qué tan caro es, los mejores lugares para visitar, dónde alojarse y cuándo ir. Las mejores playas para visitar, como y donde encontrar perezosos

¿Es seguro en Nicaragua y Costa Rica y es posible viajar con mochila?

Esta es una guía de viaje de presupuesto completo y una comparación, Costa Rica vs Nicaragua, para decidir qué país es más fácil para viajar como mochilero.

¿Cuál es mejor en general Costa Rica vs Nicaragua? ¡Resolvamos esto con una batalla callejera épica!


Gēsīdálíjiā huò níjiālāguā–shǒucì lǚxíng zhě zuì xǐhuān qù nǎ yīgè? Ràng wǒmen tōngguò shǐshī bān de jiētóu dàzhàn lái jiějué zhège wèntí!

Huídá zhūrú yǐxià wèntí: Zài gēsīdálíjiā hé níjiālāguā kěyǐ kàn dào hé zuò shénme, zài níjiālāguā kěyǐ kàn dào hé zhíxíng de zuì hǎo de shìqíng, kěyǐ cānguān de zuì jiā hǎitān, rúhé hé zài nǎlǐ zhǎodào shù lǎn, níjiālāguā hé gēsīdálíjiā yǒu duō ānquán, gēsīdálíjiā yǒu duō ángguì, zhù nǎlǐ, ānquán qíngkuàng rúhé (duì yóukè ānquán) yǐjí héshí qù. Zhè shì gēsīdálíjiā vs níjiālāguā de zǒngtǐ zuì hǎo chéngjī.

Nicaragua: What to Know Before You Visit Nicaragua

Heading to Nicaragua for your vacation and not sure what to expect? Here is tourist information on Nicaragua that can help you enjoy your time in Nicaragua. From the food, to transportation, to chicken buses, to destinations, to attractions, we go over what you should know before you visit Nicaragua. Suggestions from Granada and San Juan del Sur and more.
Filmed outside of San Juan del Sur
Copyright Mark Wolters 2020

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POPOYO Our Favorite Beach in Nicaragua! | Nicaragua TOP 5 | What to do in Nicaragua

There are so many reasons why Popoyo is our favorite beach in Nicaragua and in this Nicaragua travel vlog we share our Nicaragua Top 5! Set along the Emerald Coast of Nicaragua near Tola, Rivas, Popoyo is one of the best Nicaragua Beaches for surfing and it is much quieter than the beaches surrounding San Juan Del Sur. If swimming is more your thing, then you have plenty of options around Playa Guasacate, including a tidal pool and river. Nicaragua sunsets from Playa Popoyo need to be seen to be believed. We also share where you can get the best curry in Nicaragua and other reasons why Popoyo is one of the best places to visit in Nicaragua! This Nicaragua travel vlog is a must watch if you want to know what to do in Nicaragua!

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0:00 Introduction to Nicaragua Travel Vlog about Nicaragua beautiful places
0:16 Why you should visit Playa Popoyo on the Emerald Coast Nicaragua
0:26 Living in Nicaragua 2021
0:48 How to get to Playa Popoyo Tola Rivas Nicaragua by bus
1:22 Driving to Playa Popoyo Nicaragua
1:40 Playa Popoyo: Know Before You Go
2:23 Top Thing About Popoyo Beach Nicaragua: Best surfing in Nicaragua
2:52 Nicaragua Surfing: The Popoyo main break
3:12 Surf best beaches Nicaragua: The Popoyo Outer Reef
3:27 Best beginners surf spot in Nicaragua: Beginner’s Bay
3:49 Visit Nicaragua: Popoyo vs San Juan del Sur
4:00 Visiting Nicaragua: Where to find Asian food in Nicaragua
4:21 Top Thing About Popoyo Nicaragua: Red Pepper Popoyo Restaurant
5:43 Halfway through list of the best things to do in Popoyo Nicaragua
5:58 Our Favourite Thing to Do in Popoyo Nicaragua: Walk Along the Beaches Nicaragua
6:26 Where to drive an ATV on the beach in Nicaragua: Playa Guasacate Nicaragua
6:32 Santa Semana at Popoyo Nicaragua
6:51 Best Thing To Do at Popoyo Nicaragua: Swimming in Nicaragua
7:30 Aguas Termales de Nahualapa Nicaragua
7:43 Must do in Popoyo Nicaragua: Magnific Rock Restaurant
8:12 Best places to visit in Nicaragua: What to do in Popoyo Nicaragua

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Backpacking Adventures in Nicaragua: Waterfall | Volcanoes | Jungle | Bikes | Zip Lining & More

Back in March 2017 me and my friend Mantas decided to travel to Central America for two weeks and mostly explore Nicaragua. This was my first attempt at travel blogging with my now ancient GoPro 4 camera. The footage was sitting on my hard drive for 5 years, but finally, I found the motivation & time to put it together.

Here's our rough travel itinerary, which I tried to recollect:

Day 1 - London to Liberia Airport. Arrival to Costa Rica.

Day 2 (00:53) - Hiking to the Waterfalls in Costa Rica, Guanacaste Park, Catarata La Cangreja (waterfall).

Days 3, 4, 5 (03:01) - Surfing, chilling, horseback riding in a popular town San Juan del Sur in Nicaragua.

Day 6 (04:04) - Arriving at Ometepe island, we stayed at the awesome hostel in the jungle full of tarantulas all over the place.

Day 7 (04:48) - First day exploring Ometepe island with motorbikes, going around Concepción volcano, visiting the butterflies farm, hiking up Charco Verde Trail to Bancon beach, and finishing the day with a quick sunset visit at a local Punta Jesus Maria beach.

Day 8 (09:38) - Second day exploring Ometepe island with motorcycles, going around Maderas volcano, visiting natural springs swimming pool near Santo Domingo (Ojo de Agua), zip-lining across the jungle (Canopy Mirador del Diablo), and unfortunately me getting into a motorbike accident just before our rent is due.

Day 9 (12:12) - Traveling to and hanging around Granada city.

Day 10 (13:03) - Staying and chilling at Paradiso Hostel, at Laguna de Apoyo (Apoyo Lake). Good food, recreational kayaking in the lake, lots of table tennis with other guests.

Day 11 (14:33) - Hiking up to inactive Mobacho volcano, taking a local guide to help us find sloths and salamanders hiding in the jungle.

Days 12, 13, 14 - I don't really remember much, it was mostly traveling back towards Liberia airport in Costa Rica and just generally hanging around various places we crossed by.

Gear: Ancient GoPro 4 action camera, iPhone 6s.
Year recorded: 2017
Year edited: 2022

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Should you visit NICARAGUA?

We take a 2 week beach break in #Popoyo #Nicaragua to recharge from our great but busy months in Mexico.

Check out our thoughts on #surfing and how to get the best #food in Nicaragua ;)

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The songs we use in this video are here:

“Rudie in the Rain“ - The Hoarders
“Blue Lagoon“ - Bonsaye

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Top 10 activities to do in Masaya Nicaragua! | Nicaragua Travel Tips

There is so much more to Masaya Nicaragua than just Masaya Volcano! There are the famous markets of Mercado Municipal Ernesto Fernández and Mercardo de Artesanias, the stunning viewpoints from the Malecon de Masaya and Fortaleza el Coyotepe, the best of Nicaragua’s cuisine to and culture to experience and so much more! In this Nicaragua travel vlog we share our Top 10 activities to do in Masaya Nicaragua and after watching you won’t want to miss this vibrant city when next visiting Nicaragua!

This video has captions in multiple languages.

Click on this link for a list of the most up to date versions of the products we can’t live without on our travels:

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0:00 Introduction to Masaya Nicaragua
0:50 Why visiting Volcan Masaya is one of the best things to do in Nicaragua
1:35 When is the best time to visit Masaya Volcano?
3:45 Malecón de Masaya: Where to get the best sunset views of Masaya Volcano
5:16 Where is the Mercado Municipal Ernesto Fernández in Masaya?
7:03 Visiting the Mercardo de Artesanias
7:57 Where and when to watch traditional Nicaraguan dances in Masaya Nicaragua
8:35 What cultural festivals can you experience in Masaya?
9:27 What to do in the Parque Central Masaya
10:12 Best traditional Nicaraguan food Masaya Nicaragua
11:17 What to expect when visiting Fortaleza el Coyotepe
12:38 Where to buy the best hammocks in Nicaragua

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Mama - Emmit Fenn
Mi Borinquen - Doug Maxwell_Jimmy Fontanez
Yucatan Peninsula - Biz Baz Studio

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Cash Register by kiddpark
Attribution 3.0 Unported (CC BY 3.0)


El Nuevo Diario • Noticias • Nicaragua
Así celebraron a San Jerónimo

¡Viva San Jerónimo!

Dario Herreros
Armadillo * Nine-banded

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