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New Zealand 25 Minute Drone Epic (4K)


New Zealand - 'The Adventure' by Drone (4K)

Filmed entirely on South Island New Zealand
Read the about the entire trip here :
My Favourite Gear :

Filmed with a DJI Inspire 2 Drone and X5S Camera, 15+45mm Lenses
Video format : ProRES 4444XQ Rec709 + D-LOG
Single Time-lapse filmed on Nikon d750 + Nikon 14-24mm f2.8G Lens
Edited in Adobe Premiere and After Effects CC
Music by Musicbed - “The Way Home” by Tony Anderson

Read about the entire trip here (Blog) :


Copyright ‘Man and Drone’ 2017 - All rights Reserved

Gear used to make it all possible :

DJI Inspire 2 Drone + Camera + Licenses :
Spare DJI Inspire 2 :
DJI CineSSD 480GB :
DJI CineSSD Reader :
Olympus M.Zukio 45mm Lens :
Extra Inspire 2 Batteries :
Pelican Storm Case IM2875 :
F.Stop Lotus Backpack :
Polar Pro X5s ND Filters :
Sandisk 64GB Micro SD Card :
Nikon d750 (Time-lapses) :
Nikon 14-24mm f2.8 (Time-lapses) :
Sirui Ball Head :
Sirui N-2204X Tripod :
Zoom H5 4 Way Sound Recorder :
Rode Video Mic Pro R :

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Travel New Zealand in a Minute - Aerial Drone Video | Expedia

Zip through stunning New Zealand in this video shot from above. Travel through the wonderful landscapes of Aotearoa, from sea to sky, city to mountains. Get a glimpse of what awaits you on an epic holiday in New Zealand.

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Fiordland New Zealand 4K HDR


New Zealand from above | Nature relaxation video

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New Zealand from above. The natural wonders of New Zealand from the air. This video showcases the natural beauty of New Zealand with relaxing music. Nature relaxation video.

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Music: Relaxing Piano Music Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License

7 Days In New Zealand In 4K Ultra HD

Stepping off the plane, I was travelling a 7 days trip in the exhilarating scenery of South Island of New Zealand. A place where the air was fresh and sharp to breathe. The trip was planned a year ago and aimed to explore the nature, adventure & wildlife experience. Luckily, I had enjoyed the most beautiful sunny days during the trip but sadly, there was shooting attacks at mosques in Christchurch after I left. God bless this beautiful place in the world.

Quick Link to :
1:23 Day 1 - Good Shepherd Church / Lake Pukaki / Mount Cook Village
4:45 Day 2 - Tasman Glacier / Peter's Lookout / Lindis Pass / Wanaka
6:29 Day 3 - Queenstown
10:41 Day 4 - Glenorchy
13:31 Day 5 - Te Anau / Milford Sound
18:32 Day 6 - Dunedin / Otago Peninsular Wildlife
23:58 Day 7 - Moeraki Boulders Beach / Oamaru / Christchurch


Google Earth

Music :

Transportation & Accommodation :

Glenorchy Transportation:

Wildlife Tour :

Photographic Gears:

Photo & Timelapse :
Sony A7II + SEL1635GM
Sony NEX 6 + SELP1650

4K Video :
Sony A7III + SEL24240
DJI Osmo Pocket

Tripod :
Manfrotto Befree Carbon Fibre
Manfrotto Element Traveller
Manfrotto Mini

ND Filter :
Nisi for Sony Camera
Kase for DJI Osmo Pocket

Editing Software :
Adobe Photoshop, Lightroom, After Effects, LRtimelapse, Startrails

New Zealand - Aerial Drone Video (4K)

The Summit - Drone Hiking in New Zealand (4K)

Hiking a few peaks in New Zealand with the DJI Inspire 2 Drone and friends. Read the about the entire trip here :
My favourite Gear :

Filmed in Glenorchy and Queenstown, South Island - New Zealand.
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Also a big thanks to 'FernTech NZ Ltd'


The Technical Stuff:

Drone : DJI Inspire 2
Camera : Zenmuse X5s
Lenses : 15mm + 45mm
Recording Format : ProRes 4444 XQ - Rec 709
Filters : PolarPro CP, ND8 + ND8PL Used
Edited On : Macbook Pro 2015 15 Top Spec
Software : Adobe Premiere CC
Music : Epidemic Sound
SFX : Created in Field with Zoom H5 and Rode Video Mic Pro, also stock selection from AudioJungle
Grading / Colour Correction : Lumetri CC / Film Convert

Gear used to make it all possible :


La Nouvelle-Zélande – Des paysages d'un autre monde

Vous avez une furieuse envie de découvrir les paysages de la Terre du Milieu ? Nous vous proposons de fantastiques formules de voyage à Queenstown :

Cette vidéo a été produite par



Divers outils et techniques ont été utilisés dans la production vidéo pour montrer la ville de façon artistique et mettre en valeur ses sites touristiques. Les techniques de timelapse et d'hyperlapse ainsi qu'une sensationnelle résolution 4K présentent la destination sous son meilleur angle. En outre, filmer avec des hélicoptères et des drones vous offre une vue du ciel unique : quand aurez-vous à nouveau la chance de voir Queenstown d'en haut ?

South New Zealand in a Motorhome 4k Mavic pro 2 Gopro hero 7 Ronin S GH 5

South New Zealand 4k 2018 2019 November-December

Although our journey in NZ’s South Island has come to an end, our hearts are filled with utmost gratitude having experienced what New Zealand has to offer--from breathtaking landscapes, picturesque valleys, glaciers, lakes, and hiking trails, to unplanned discoveries of hidden gems, New Zealand truly left us beaming with joy. We can ultimately say that choosing to drive around the South Island in a “rolling house” enabled us to eat when we want to eat, stay when we want to stay, and leave when we want to leave with no worries. The comfort, flexibility and freedom it gave us truly made a difference in our journey. It enabled us to embark in adventures whilst having a piece of “home.” This is definitely a journey to remember, and we will forever be grateful for experiencing these adventures.

Equipment used:
Mavic Pro:
Mavic pro 2:
Gopro Hero 7:
Ronin S:
GH 5:
Sony RX100V:
Go pro gimbal:
Memory card:
Camera for Photo:
SD card for storage:

Our Motorhome/Campervan:
Wilderness Motorhomes. Model-WAVE 2
Contact Wilderness:
For itineraries:

Shotover Jet

Fox Glacier Guiding-Heli Hike

Epic Inspirational Dramatic by: Denis Timonin

IG @its.justine.p

For drone rules in NZ:

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We went on a road trip around New Zealand at stopped at the most stunning places ever!

DJI Mavic


Fox Glacier

West Coast New Zealand

Best Of New Zealand

Cathedral Cove - Chapter 1

Mount Maunganui - Chapter 2

The Golden Bay - Chapter 3


0:02 Opening Tittle
0:20 Flying on the Heli
0:41 First steps on the Glacier
1:09 Crawling inside the Glacier
1:20 Thumbnail Shot
1:48 Glacier Crack shot
2:19 Walking on the glacier paths
3:05 Jumping into ice
3:27 Ending Shot



Google Sites




Gear we used to film this trip:

Canon 80D


Go Pro Hero 5

Karma Grip


Travel & Events

★ EPIC New Zealand drone video ★ Nelson & Tasman [4k] ★

★ [4k] EPIC New Zealand drone video ★ Nelson & Tasman ★ One of my best ever drone videos! shot in the south island of new zealand. Frog rock, split apple rock, hope saddle lookout, riwaka river resurgence, maruia falls!

Shot with a DJI Spark using polarpro filters, sometimes the polarising filter, sometimes the ND8 or ND16 filter. The Split apple rock segment was with the polarising filter and no colour correction.The maruia falls segment is with the ND16 filter. Hope saddle lookout also with the polarising filter.

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Josef Falkenskold - Perfect Moment 1
Josef Falkenskold - Rising Spirit 5
Josef Falkenskold - Rising Spirit 3
Magnus Ringblom - Scottish Highlands 3

NEW ZEALAND in 4K (UHD) Drone Video

After an amazing February and March visiting twice this in a surfweek trip and the other in an amazing roadtrip crossing both South and North island. The only thing I we can say at the moment is thank you NZ for being this beautiful.

As all our jaw-dropping videos we try to deliver the maximum quality possible. 4K Resolution. Enjoy!

Nueva Zelanda 4k Dron video viaje / New Zeland Drone video trip

Viaje a Nueva Zelanda en 15 días, todo gravado con drone Mavic Air y Gopro Hero 5. Ruta echa con caravana.

Travel to New Zealand in 15 days, all taxed with Mavic Air drone and Gopro Hero 5. Route with caravan.

New Zealand Drone Video Tour | Expedia

Check out the best sights and attractions New Zealand has to offer through aerial drone footage of the country.

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New Zealand : Through the Lens (4k)

Kia Ora and thanks for visiting my channel. If you're a photographer, nature lover, hiker, adventurer, or just love to travel, then take a few moments, relax and enjoy the incredible natural beauty that is New Zealand.

Join me as I tour the southern island making beautiful imagery of this extraordinary country, with plenty of info like maps, places of interest, video, & of course visual imagery - all blended into a short film with great music, giving you, the viewer a first hand look into the heart of New Zealand's Southern Island. 

If you've been touched by this documentary, then please share your comments and spread the joy! Don't forget to subscribe to my channel! ; ~ )

Milford Sound & Fiordland, New Zealand in 4K Ultra HD

Stunning views of Milford Sound and Fiordlands National park in rainy weather, with countless waterfalls flowing down the sheer sides of the mountains.

Milford Sound is a fiord in New Zealand’s South Island, in Fiordland National Park. It is considered one of the most beautiful fjords in New Zealand and in the World. Milford Sound is famous with its waterfalls, rainforests, steep slopes of the surrounding peaks and the classical views of Mitre Peak.

Recorded February 2019 in 4K Ultra HD with Sony AX700.

Dreamstate Logic - The Dark Dimensions

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New Zealand Northlands by Drone (4K)

A Glimpse into the Northlands of New Zealand.
Read the about my entire NZ trip here :
My favourite Gear :

Shot on the DJI Inspire 2 Drone with X5S Camera 15 + 45mm. 30FPS UHD. Mostly in ProRES 442HQ and 4444XQ (no alpha), couple of h.264 shots, delivered to YT as an H.264 65Mbps file. Polar Pro ND 8, 16 and CP used for bright morning and midday sun.


Gear used to make it all possible :

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New Zealand by Drone (Inspire 2 4K)

A 5 month trip across New Zealand covering at least 20,000 Kms.
Read the about the entire trip here :
Vimeo Version :
My Favourite Gear :

Shot entirely on the DJI Inspire 2 Drone in ProRes 442 and 4444XQ Rec 709.
Time-Lapses shot on Nikon d750, Nikkon 14-24mm Lens F/2.8G.
YouTube version was sent as a 65-Mbit H.264 file.
Music by Tony Anderson, SFX via Envato & Field Recordings.

Important : Flying drones in National Parks is not permitted in most Western Countries unless authorised. Know the rules before you fly and always seek permission from local authorities / DOC sites / Farmers & Land Owners if unsure. Here are some useful links for you in NZ.. DOC permission: / New Zealand Air Share :


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New Zealand - 10 Days on the South Island (4k Drone Footage)

I got the chance to travel to New Zealand for 14 days with my wife on our honeymoon this December. We drove around the north island for a couple days, but ended up spending most of our time on the south island. I brought my drone and we were able to get some amazing footage of the epic landscape which I compiled into this (very) short film.

Some of the locations include:
Wharariki Beach
Fiordland (permit required)
Lake Wakatipu (permit required)
Motukiekie Beach
Lake Pukaki

New Zealand | Dream Country | 4K Drone

We spent nearly 2 months in New Zealand. It was a beautiful country. Nice landscapes and beautiful colors! During our trip trough new zealand i took a lot of aerial shots and in this video I cut the best ones together.
Here i have the link from our travel video:

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Drone: Mavic Pro 1