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My COVID-19 Nightmare


FLYING DURING PANDEMIC (The Worst Coronavirus Travel Nightmare)

If you wonder if it’s worth flying during the Coronavirus pandemic, here is my nightmare. I am on my 7th day in 7 airports around the world trying to make it home. And that includes crossing the Atlantic ocean 3 times in 3 days, back and forth.
If you wanna know what's it like to travel during pandemic, I will also tell you which airline goes through your luggage and what was the only airline that provided hand sanitizers, masks, and gloves.
I am a Canadian-Romanian who got stuck for 4 months in Argentina during the Coronavirus. After 4 months, a flight carrier named Eastern Airlines got permission to do a commercial flight from Buenos Aires to Miami.
Being a Canadian-Romanian, I decided that my final destination would be Romania, to see my old parents, who’ve been freaking out during pandemic. So after this potential flight from Buenos Aires to Miami, I booked another expensive one-way ticket: from Miami to Romania, with layovers in New York and Zurich.
On the day of my escape from Argentina, I leave my Airbnb room to other stranded people, and I go to the Buenos Aires airport. I get there and I look for the Miami flight. Well, it doesn’t exist. Actually, it did, but the airline canceled it, or to be correct, they moved it to the next day. No email was sent to the passengers, no messages, no calls, NaDA. And get this: NOBODY from the airline was at the airport to explain this to all 300 passengers. They just sent one airport employee to talk to the crowd who came for the relief flight.
As Argentina is in lockdown -300 people are supposedly leaving back to their countries, but now - not anymore - and they have to find accommodation in a city that doesn’t take ANY reservations, there is no Uber, taxis available or shuttles to get them back 40 miles into the city. 
What did Eastern Airlines offer? Nothing. No vouchers for the extra night accommodation, transportation, taxis, meals. At least not when everyone was there. I mean, they weren’t even at the airport, what did I expect? 
I was lucky that a couple of people I’ve met there took me with them to the last place they’ve stayed at.
However, here is what Eastern Airlines did after everyone left the airport. After everyone took at least an hour to find ways back desperately and accommodation for the night, there were just a few people that literally had no options but to stay in the cold airport for the next 24 hours. 

Then and only then, after waiting for everyone to leave with no help, Eastern Airlines offered to take the few people left to a hotel - not when everyone was there, so they avoided spending any more money.

We finally left Buenos Aires for Miami next day. Obviously, the cancelation of the first flight made me miss my connection to Europe. So I had to book a new one with Swiss Air, from Miami to New York, then Zurich, Switzerland, and Romania. I was excited about this new flight with the port of departure being Miami, United States.

I did fly from Miami to New York, then jumped on an overseas flight with Swissair to Zurich. Here is where it got worse.

I get to Zurich, but Swissair doesn’t let me on the next plane. Canadians don’t have a restriction to enter Romania during the COVID-19 pandemic. Then what’s the problem? Although I am not an American, my departure was from a US city, and the United States are banned from entering the European Union. They said: “Sir, you cannot go to your birth country and you can’t get out of this airport either.” I was like Tom Hanks in “the Terminal.” 

They debated for 4 hours what to do with me. Then they say, “We will have to put you on a plane and send you back where you came from, meaning the US, and….the next flight is tomorrow”. For the night, I stayed in the terminal at their hotel, meant for situations like this. They took my passport and my luggage and told me they have to escort me tomorrow to the plane back to the US. Meanwhile, Swissair goes through my entire luggage, as I found my stuff completely rearranged in my suitcase.

They put me back on a flight Zurich - New York. However, after calling both the Romanian and Canadian embassies, I find out that I could still go to Romania only if my port of departure country would be Canada. So….once I land in New York; I booked a flight to Toronto, Canada, then to Paris then to Romania
7 days in 7 airports. So…if you’re considering travel during the pandemic, just wait a little longer.

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0:00 Intro
0:53 What happened flying during Coronavirus pandemic
1:48 - Day 1 Random cancelation
4:01 - Day 2 - Going through the U.S. during pandemic
4:36 - Day 3 - Flying to the European Union during the pandemic
4:52 - Day 4 - No exceptions in the E.U
6:24 - Day 5 - Sent Back Like an Item
7:18 - Day 6 - Flying from Canada during Coronavirus
7:56 - Day 7 - Flying from France during pandemic
8:05 - Will I make it?

COVID-19: Aviation’s Fight For Survival

This video take a closer look at the current state of aviation during COVID-19 crisis. How Aviation is fighting for survival during COVID-19?

Take a guess Just how many flights in the sky on an average day?

The number of flights in the sky have fallen more than half recently and the number continue to drop around the world. The sky is getting empty! Take a look at all the airplane grounding footage from all over the world.

Airports are getting empty, so as airline lounges and the flight itself. In the video, we discuss about the social distancing inside airplane.

While passenger flights and numbers are falling, air cargo operation have play a crucial role in times of crisis, delivering lifesaving medical supplies and materials. Lot of airlines are now using their passenger planes to carry cargo only. We examine the cargo operation closely.

It is not all bad news during COVID-19. Private aviation is booming with high demand of private flight for charter, repatriation and transportation of medical equipment use. Qatar Airways have recently increased 10,000 seat and deploy A380 on route to London, Paris and Frankfurt due to increase demand as other airlines have suspended operations.

We also saw a 51 year old DC-8 of Samaritan’s Purse (US Aid Organization) recently flew to Verona, Italy. This latest mission saw the aircraft perform a flight to Verona in Italy, where it unloaded a 68 bed field hospital.

To end the video, I hope the sky will return to normal. Enjoy the time-lapse footage from London, Los Angeles and Hong Kong.

Bald and Bankrupt Covid Nightmare Over (Coronavirus Survivor)

#baldandbankrupt #covid #coronavirus
Great news everyone and thanks for all the prayers. Bald and Bankrupt Covid nightmare is over. He is out of the hospital and recovering in Serbia. He is the real Covid survivor 'Teflon Man', keep praying for him!!! @bald and bankrupt

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I tested positive for coronavirus, timeline, symptoms & treatment

Coronavirus UPDATE VIDEO:
Coronavirus UPDATE VIDEO - 6 WEEKS:


Hey guys! We are back after a real life nightmare!
Small disclaimer: In this video I talk about my experience with cover-19, my symptoms, treatment plan and just overall feelings.
Big thank you to everyone who helped us during this difficult time. To all the doctors, nurses, pharmacists and everyone in the healthcare THANK YOU!

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Did COVID-19 destroy my NYC tour business?

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In this video, I'll talk about the devastating impact of the pandemic on New York's tourism, how it has impacted my life, and when I *think* you can visit the city again. COVID19 shut down NYC for 100 days but the stark reality is that this will impact tourism for the entire year of 2020. As an NYC tour company owner, this is how my life has changed and what I've done to overcome the challenges. Plus in this video, I'll answer the most asked question of when can you visit NYC again

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COVID-19 SCARE: This was the WORST DAY OF MY LIFE | StoryTime

COVID-19 SCARE: This was the WORST DAY OF MY LIFE | StoryTime

Literally a mothers worst nightmare. My 2 month old baby got hospitalized and spent 4 night in hospital here in London. She had a heart rate of 200, was not breathing well and had a fever. She was tested for the COVID-19 Coronavirus. I hope you enjoy this storytime and find it useful. I hope you all are doing well and taking good care of yourself in these trying times. #StayHome

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Worst day of my life - Covid-19 scare

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COVID-19: Repatriation Flights and Cargo Operations

In the last few weeks, due to the increase of COVID-19 cases, unique and unusual repatriation flights have been carried out all over the world.

Aviation is racing with time to bring back stranded citizens and urgent medical supplies to save life. People work in aviation right now is really showing BEST of Humanity.

The video start with footage from EL AL on a repatriation and rescue flight from Peru to Israel. Then I interviewed the Chief Cargo Officer of Qatar Airways and Chairman of National Air Cargo Inc on current status with air cargo industry. They explained why Air Cargo have been so busy and why there are needs to operate more cargo flights even using passenger planes.

The video cover more repatriation and urgent cargo flights bringing medical supplies and equipments by United, Delta, Austrian Airlines, LOT Polish, Lufthansa, Bamboo Airways, Nepal Airlines, Air India, Garuda Indonesia, Ethiopian Airlines and many more airlines not mentioned here.

I am making this vlog to highlight the importance of these missions and pay tribute to the people who work in this critical time to serve and save the world. #Clapsforourcarers #Aviation #Repatriation

Flying Home During the COVID-19 PANDEMIC | Bhutan to India to USA

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With my trip through Bhutan suddenly cut short due to the pandemic that exploded around the world in early March of 2020, I had to rush to get out of the country and make it to India, Qatar, and then home to the U.S. before international borders closed. This is travel in 2020 and my virus travel nightmare to get home.

My morning began in Paro, Bhutan on March 13, 2020. That day, the COVID-19 situation around the world escalated, and the U.S. closed flights from Europe on March 13. India also would close their borders to foreigners that day. I had to fly through India to get back home, so I had to cut my time in Bhutan short by two days in order to make it.

I headed to Paro Airport, with my driver from MyBhutan, Nidup, and my guide, Tsheten. There, I checked in and boarded my flight to Kolkata. I used my Clorox wipes to clean everything onboard. After making it through Immigration and answering questions, I took an Ola (the Indian version of Uber) to my hotel.

My boy Carlos from Volpe, Where Are You contacted me to link up, so we went out with masks and hand sanitizer and filmed a few videos before going back to my hotel. At 11:30 p.m., I headed back to the airport. It was almost midnight and so many flights had been cancelled. What a crazy day!

I didn’t get upgraded, but I did get access to the business class lounge, which I didn’t even know existed. I went up to the lounge, which was sick! It had two dining halls, including a buffet and a bar. There was only one other person there. I got a Kingfisher beer and then got Lahori chicken, mustard paprika chicken, Shanghai chicken, and paneer tikka masala.

The paneer was excellent. I also loved the Shanghai chicken, which was dry, crunchy, and sweet, almost like a sweet and sour chicken but less sweet and a little spicier. The mustard paprika chicken was just OK. I loved the paneer with the chicken. The perfect combination of veg and non-veg! Then, I got more paneer and a creamy veg curry.

I had priority, so I would board first. Then, I went down to the gift shop to get a few masks for my kids for $24 USD. Then, I headed to my gate and boarded.

I had a row all to myself on the plane. I needed to sleep and slept the whole 6-hour flight. We landed in Doha, Qatar, which was foggy. It looked like it could have been a sandstorm! From there, I went to two counters and paid $1,000 to upgrade. I wanted to take a shower in the lounge, but I didn’t have time.

I boarded and had a whole row to myself again. I disinfected my TV, tray, and armrest. Everyone had a mask on. I didn’t see anyone cleaning the plane. Seven or eight hours in, I still had 7 hours and 20 minutes to go. It was tiring. I had a quick snack.

I made it to Miami after 50 hours of traveling. It was my longest travel day ever but I was so glad to be home. I was going to quarantine in my house for the next 14 days and not even see my parents.

Where have you been?

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WE GOT ROBBED - Someone broke into our van | Van life nightmare

Security is one of the biggest issues when you're travelling and living in a van full-time...
Especially when you're in regions, where people are rather poor, you'll always be seen as the rich traveller.
So the criminals probably won't even feel bad for stealing your stuff out of your camping car, because they might think, that you're just on a holiday und you'll just drive back home when something like that happens...
Well, if you're living in a van full-time, of course you'll have all your valuables in your van... and you can't always take things like notebooks with you.

We were in the wrong place at the wrong time and, moreover, we were a bit careless for the first time - and we were punished directly for it.

But still, the most important thing is that we're healthy.
Life goes on.

At least Maria filmed a pretty entertaining video after we got robbed... ????
We thought that it's important to show you this side of van life as well, because that's definitely also a part of the reality of van life.

Still, we're loving the freedom of living and travelling in a van and we won't let it pull us down!

Project van conversion 2.0 and full time van life is coming! ????

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Trucking Nightmare

Sometimes we have nightmares in our dreams and sometimes they seem so real that it's as if they actually happened. Find out what happens in this guys NIGHTMARE after seeing if the grass was really greener.

Travel Nightmare During Pandemic | Held at the Border ???? (Oman to Dubai Bus Ride)

This was our last “adventure” before we went into isolation and boy was it a heck of a travel day! Things started off so light-hearted and then quickly turned into a travel nightmare ???? Our 8 hour bus ride from Muscat, Oman to Dubai turned into a 13+ disaster with scary border crossings, a drone confiscation and an overcrowded bus filled with people coughing. We were so happy and relieved to get this trip over with!

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How We Survived COVID-19 in India

Manisha and I tell you all we learnt about COVID-19 including symptoms, home remedies, social stigma, and the Government's own guidelines for if you get sick. We'll also tell you about what happens once you test positive and what we think about the Delhi Government's handling of the situation.

Delhi Government's Home Isolation Guidelines (English & Hindi)

Trying to Get a CORONA Test in India... Something is Wrong! #GroundReport


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Vietnam COVID Diaries Special With CNN/ABC News Retired Photojournalist Stephan Patterson

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Thanks again for following the series and subscribing to the channel. I hope this series helps people understand how other places like Vietnam and Ho Chi Minh City are dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic.
I want to thank my friend and special guest on the COVID Diaries series Stephan Patterson. Stephan is a resident of Alaska and is a retired CNN/ABC News/Reuters photojournalist. Stephan covered the Bosnian War, the Gulf War, and the Second Intifada, a period of intensified Israeli-Palestinian violence as well as other conflicts and crisis throughout the world. I wanted to invite Stephan to share his experience during the pandemic here in Vietnam which included his own personal testing and monitoring. After witnessing first-hand how Vietnam has managed to contain the COVID-19 virus Stephan's advice to Western countries-follow the science! To everyone else, continue to practise social and physical distancing, wash and sanitize your hands, and wear a mask in public.
Thanks again for watching and all of the positive feedback! Stay safe, healthy, and at home. We'll get through this....


BALD AND BANKRUPT BEATS COVID-19 as he was in a Serbian hospital fighting for his life.I guess all his fans and the vlogging community wish him quick recovery so he could get healthy and stronger than before. Get well band and bankrupt, pray for bald and bankrupt as he got COVID 19. #realbaldandbankrupt #staysafe #wearmask

The Immigrant Nightmare | COVID-19

As I'm trying to stay away from people as much as possible I've put some of my thoughts and fears for the future in this short video.
Do not use anything you see in this video as a guide or a fact, this is simply my observation.
Listen to experts and trust in their guidance!

#stayhome #covid19

Laid Back Guitars by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (


Hello everyone :)
In this video, i am going to express my thoughts on current pandemic situation where i basically analyzed the Effect/affect of this situation on our life and its totally my point of view biased or unbiased i don't know.

All the video used in this vlog is of quarantine time and at home. Not a single step outside ;).

Please maintain physical/social distance.

Stay Safe, Stay Home :)

Thanks for watching.

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NZ NIGHTMARE LANDLORD UPDATE - 4 YEARS LATER... i received something in my PO box...

4 years ago while living in New Zealand, you might remember that we had a nightmare landlord... Well, one of my viewers sent this to my PO box so I just had to share it.

Catch up:
Landlord nightmare video 1:
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PsychoTraveller is more than just travel, its a platform to inform and inspire people of all ages to live the life they want to live. PsychoTraveller showcases through weekly videos her life on the road, the people she meets, the food she tastes as well as the highs and lows behind living as a digital nomad.

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Graham Hughes's #PUBCAST 56 | Covid-19 Silver Linings?

This week I'm joined in the virtual pub by two of my favourite Remain campaigners — Drew Galdron, who many of you know as Faux Bojo, and EU Supergirl Madeleina Kay — to talk about some of the positives that have and might come from this Covid-19 nightmare.

We try our best to keep on-topic, but there's a lot to talk about.

If Maddie's enthusiastic review makes you want to read my book, Man of the World, head on over to my website where you can get signed copies and cheap eBooks. It's also available on Audible.

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My Organic BF during Covid19 - #WorldLockdown #Vietnam

#Corona is taking more lives day by day.
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Corona virus is becoming a nightmare and it has to be stopped. Together we can and together we will.

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My Life as a Food Gatherer/ #WorldLockdown / Vietnam #Covid 19

As #Covid19 aka #Corona is taking big tolls, I am keeping myself in quarantine mode. While doing so, I keep myself close to Nature to bring me back to my roots.

This is the time to connect. Connect with your childhood hobbies, some passion, Yog, Organic Food, Fruit Diet, Music, Painting....

I am taking my time off to STOP and LIVE THE MOMENT.

Connect with your loved one's - your Parents, your sister, brother, uncle, aunt, grands. old friends but keep a social distance while you are close to any person.

Let's learn what was forgotten. Everything needs time to heal. This is Nature's time. Lets be mindful.

Corona virus is becoming a nightmare and it has to be stopped. Together we can and together we will.

The only way we can control is to self control ourselves. #Selfisolaton for next 2 weeks.

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