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Meet Satu from Guinea-Bissau - A day in her life


Meet Satu from Guinea-Bissau - A day in her life

Meet Satu, a Plan International sponsored child from Guinea-Bissau. We gave her a camera to show us a day in her life. Since 92% of the population in Guinea-Bissau lack adequate sanitation facilities, we have installed water and sanitation facilities in Satu's community. Setu attends a school established by Plan International and participates in a club where she learns about health and children's rights. Her mother leads a Savings and Loans group initiated by Plan.

When Satu grows up she wants to be a teach so that she can educate those in her community.

Finding a future in impoverished Guinea Bissau | DW Stories

The new president of Guinea Bissau, Umaro Sissoco Embaló, has promised to improve the situation for the people in the country, which is marked by extreme poverty and corruption. So what is life like for ordinary people in the West African nation? DW spoke to teenager, 19 year old Zitu Albino. He is trying to make ends meet by working on a tourist boat. He told us about his hopes for the future and what in his opinion definitely has to change for things to get better in one of the world's poorest nations.


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GUINEA-BISSAU Q&A - Can you imagine not being from Guinea-Bissau?!


*apologies for the background noise*

Hey Guys!
I have been missing for a few months busy living my best life.
This year I went back to Guinea-Bissau after almost 3 years, so I thought it was a great opportunity to answer some of your questions regarding my beautiful country.

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Back in Guinea-Bissau after 9 years | vlog #803

Episode #803 | Music by Diamantero :

We went to visit Valeria's family and show Ashia 25% of her origins
The motherland is always good to us.
Glad to back in Guinea-Bissau after 9 years



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How To Spend A Day In Guinea Bissau; One Of The Smallest Countries In Africa | Jollof Road by Zikoko

How do you spend a day in a country where you could run into the president’s wife at a supermarket at least once a week?

You start with the market and end it with food.

Zikoko amplifies the best of African youth culture by curating and creating smart and joyful content for young Africans and the world.

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Amazing Facts about Guinea Bissau | Africa Profile | Focus on Guinea Bissau

Today our focus is on Guinea Bissau. I would like to focus on the positive aspects of Guinea Bissau. Hope you learnt something new.

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Guinea-Bissau ???????? West Africa Day One 360º VR

This is my first day in Guinea-Bissau West Africa, one of the most peaceful countries I have been to in the world. Imagine no crime, friendly face and people.
I have filmed this in 360º, you can view every angle.
I have many more 360º videos

#africa #guinea #360º

The Art of Head-Carrying WOMEN (Guinea-Bissau)

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No matter where you go on the African continent, you can see women carrying heavy loads of goods on the top of their heads and it's fascinating! Many of them can carry up to 70% of their body weight, which is nearly impossible to do with just your two hands.

I'm here in Guinea-Bissau, the tiny Portuguese-speaking West African nation, and I wanted to dedicate this video entirely to these strong women who have an impressive sense of balance.

I tried to walk 5 steps with 30 kilos of rice on my head, and it's a LOT harder than I thought...

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Africa Journey Day 17 Guinea-Bissau ???????? Women Football

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Africa Journey Day 14 Guinea-Bissau ????????

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Guinea Bissau || Small & lovely West Africa Country

Guinea Bissau || Small & lovely West Africa Country (Guinea Bissau 2019)

Guinea Bissau is a small Undiscovered West African country, formerly a Portuguese colony. We travel to Cacheu and also to Bijagos. Is a pacific country, with friendly people and nice weather, and don't understand why his small Africa country is so undiscovered.

We will post new videos as soon as we make a trip. We enjoy traveling with our family and friends. Our videos are about the travels we made, and we like to show the most beautiful footages seen to encourage people to visit those places. We aim to produce videos to help people to travel in a budget, linking below the places we have visited.

I'm sorry the lens is so dirty, but it's beginner stuff. I hope we can improve the quality a lot, so we put all the videos. The good ones, the less good ones and the like so :-)

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Only 14% of the population speaks noncreolized Portuguese, established as both the official and national language. Portuguese exists in a creole continuum with Crioulo, a Portuguese creole spoken by half the population (44%) and an even larger number speak it as the second tongue, the remainder speaks a variety of native African languages. There are diverse religions in Guinea-Bissau with no one religion having a majority. The CIA World Factbook (2018) states there are about 40% Muslims, 22% Christians, 15% Animists and 18% unspecified or other. The country's per-capita gross domestic product is one of the lowest in the world.

Guinea-Bissau is a member of the United Nations, African Union, Economic Community of West African States, Organisation of Islamic Cooperation, Community of Portuguese Language Countries, La Francophonie and the South Atlantic Peace and Cooperation Zone, and was a member of the now-defunct Latin Union.

The town of Cacheu is situated in the territory of the Papel people. The name is of Bainuk origin: i.e. Caticheu, meaning 'the place where we rest'.
Cacheu was one of the earliest European colonial settlements in sub-Saharan Africa, due to its strategic location on the Cacheu river. Cacheu developed a European/Afro-European population from the late fifteenth century through an informal settlement of Cape Verdean and Portuguese traders, adventurers and outcasts (lancados). The authorities in mainland Portugal also sent to Cacheu degredados - people condemned to exile for a variety of offenses.

Notable buildings in Cacheu include the Portuguese-built 16th-century fort, dating from the period when Cacheu was a center for the slave trade.

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#guineabissau #guinebissau #cacheu

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Watch it in HD!

My sister got married to her soulmate so obviously, I had to capture the moment for you guys! Apologies for the low quality of the video and sound but it was a bit difficult to record.

Leave your comments below if you are curious about our traditions and I'll do my best to answer back.



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village meeting in Caio, guinea bissau

Going Back to Guinea Bissau: Suzana Village

Video of a community in Guinea Bissau that we are helping to build a high school

Banjul Gambia To Bissau Guinea Bissau By Bus

GTSC Bus From Banjul To Bissau. Service Every Other Day. 700 GMD.

The Time Guinea Bissau Kicked my A$$ | The Travel Diaries

Guinea-Bissau is a small country in West Africa. And, well, if travel were a battle, it won.
Check out my photography on IG at @brendanvanson | My old Channel: | Music by
My trip to Guinea-Bissau was the start of a long journey down Sub-Saharan Africa. And, as the title of this travel diary shows, Guinea-Bissau got the best of me.
Now, don't get me wrong, I have nothing against Guinea-Bissau or its people. The people, in fact, were some of the most friendly I'd ever met. And, the country itself seemed quite lovely. But, this is a travel diary, and in these episodes, I reminisce on the challenges as well as the beauty of a country.
My travel diary to Guinea-Bissau starts in Senegal as I caught a sept-place taxi into the tiny West African country. And, arriving in Bissau, I was quite interested in the architecture, and the people. It was cool. But, as I tried to make my way out to Ilha Bubaque, I quickly learned that this is a tough country to travel.
I'll be back with more travel diaries every month. In the next episode, coming in February, I'll take you through my time in the neighbouring country of Guinea.

Rural life in Rwanda - Rushes - Thames Television - 2002

Rwandan Rural Life filmed by the team from Thames TV's 'Wish you were here' in 2002

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Quote: WYHW Field Tape 8 VT133210

karantaba: un viaje al interior de Guinea Bissau

Fragmento de un documental sobre una pequeña población ubicada en Guinea Bissau. Africa noroccidental. Cuatro integrantes de la Asociación Karantaba Solidaria con sede en Barcelona, viajaron hasta esta pequeña población para conocer realmente sus necesidades y poder ayudarlos de alguna manera.

A short video I captured in Harare on 8 September 2017

Welcome to Guinea-Bissau!

There are basically two highlight for this tour into Guinea-Bissau: the Bijagos archipelago, a protected biosphere reserve; and Carnival in Bissau on the last day.

I also heard there are a small number of chimpanzees in the south (not offered on this tour) but most wild animals have been hunted to extinction.

Guinea-Bissau is the toughest of the three W. African countries visited on this tour to travel through and the people are less welcoming.

February, 2019



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