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Mauritius - Tropical Paradise in the Indian Ocean | Free Documentary Nature


Mauritius - The Sweetest Pearl in the Indian Ocean

The sounds of their names alone conjure up thoughts of pristine beaches, spices and the tales of a thousand and one nights. The five-part documentary series Over the Islands of Africa follows five internationally renowned photographers as they explore the islands around Africa – Zanzibar, Mauritius, Madagascar, São Tomé & Príncipe and Cape Verde.

The photographers stop at nothing in pursuit of spectacular perspectives for their aerial photographs, stories and portraits, making use of unusual means of transport, from a motorised parachute to a flying rubber boat that can land on land as well as water.

Renaud Van Der Meeren is a photographer and paramotor pilot. With his motorised parachute he goes on expeditions to the remotest corners on earth to photograph people and landscapes from the air. Renaud wanted to be a jet pilot, studied music at the Sorbonne, became a ski instructor, model and photographer's assistant before he found happiness in his current vocation. He especially likes to do his job in Mauritius – nowhere else does he find so many motifs as on the sweetest pearl in the Indian Ocean. This time he's working on a photo book about Mauritius – by land, by water and in the air.

Renaud's photo expedition takes him skimming over sugarcane fields, to dream weddings in luxury hotels and even on a dive to a sunken ship. He also visits the oldest corner shop in the capital Port Louis, and meets Michel Legris, the island's most renowned singer and a descendent of slaves.

Renaud's life of adventure gains a new chapter with kitesurfing world champion Nico Kux: to get his spectacular shots, Renaud has to battle strong winds as well as the constant threat of getting his parachute tangled up in Nico's kite.

His next motif, by contrast, is the picture of placidity: Sidah is the oldest fisherwoman on the island, perhaps in the world. Renaud spots her in her pirogue from the air. The big advantage of paramoters, he says, is that you fly low and slowly and can communicate directly with people. The people think, 'Who is this guy flying around up there?'” Sidah pours out her heart to him, revealing that it was love that made her a fisherwoman.

Renaud, aesthete and adventurer, is blessed with good luck throughout his journey. Even in a spectacular crash with his paramotor, he emerges with only a broken little toe and is back in the air just days later.

In the end he has thousands of new photographs in the bag – and the certainty that he will return again and again to the sweetest pearl in the Indian Ocean. Director Thomas Wartmann and his team accompany him along the way.

MALDIVES TRAVEL DOCUMENTARY | The Pearls of the Indian Ocean

Follow us on our Maldives island adventure with Soneva, exploring the beautiful beaches and rich coral reefs of the country. We spent one week at two resorts soaking in the intense Maldivian sun while learning more about both the beauty and the problems of the Maldives.

Thank you to Soneva ( for supporting us in the creation of this documentary.

Special thanks to Nila Patty and Maavin Faure for helping us with fact-checking, the pronunciation of Maldivian names, and the identification of marine species. Big thank you to Kika Mantzouridou for believing in our idea of a Maldives Travel Documentary. And, of course, thank you to all the people that made our stay unforgettable, among many others Lilian, Kochey, Alson, Bart Knols, Avinash Pratap Singh, Eleanor Butler, Nicola Reynolds, Naifa Zahir, Erin Barr, and Janusz Poźniak.

All photo credits for the images of Thilafushi go to Matt Porteous and Soneva.



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Location: Soneva Fushi & Soneva Jani, Maldives


Full disclosure: We visited Soneva Fushi and Soneva Jani as part of a personalized press trip. The costs for accommodation and F&B were covered by the resort. We paid for the flights to the Maldives ourselves.

00:00 Intro
00:39 Arriving in Maldives
01:46 Geography of Maldives
02:48 Arriving at Soneva
04:07 Quarantine Villa
05:55 Moving to Beach Villa
06:42 Exploring the island
09:27 Asian Koel
09:53 Dolphin Tour
11:02 Stars of the Maldivian night sky
12:47 Snorkeling the house reef
15:01 Cowrie Shells
15:52 Global Warming & Coral Propagation
17:44 Plastic Pollution
18:18 Waste Management
21:18 Glass Studio
22:39 Coconuts
24:10 Chocolate Room
24:48 Indian Flying Foxes
25:46 Blacktip Reef Sharks
26:38 Resort Gardens
27:15 Mosquito Traps
27:38 Standup Paddle Board
28:00 Snorkelling
30:41 Leaving Soneva Fushi
31:27 Arriving at Soneva Jani
32:30 Seashore Screwpine
33:18 Overwater One Bedroom Villa
34:30 Exploring Island
34:56 Turtle Hatchlings
37:42 Slide at Villa
38:30 Stingray and Guitarfish
39:02 Tropical Rainstorm
40:01 Snorkelling House Reef
40:53 Dolphin Tour
41:48 Saying Goodbye to Soneva
42:14 Outro

10 Reasons To Visit Mauritius in 2021

10 Reasons To Visit Mauritius in 2021.
One of the most beautiful island getaways anywhere in the WORLD is located right here in AFRICA!

This tiny island paradise just east of Madagascar, off the eastern coast of Africa, is one of the most beautiful places on EARTH!

Located in the Indian Ocean, Mauritius is home to only around 1 million people, despite being TWICE the size of Hong Kong. However this island paradise features beautiful weather year round, and plenty for everyone.

Mauritius more than doubles it’s population with tourists who visit each year, as in 2018 when it hosted over 1.4 million visitors, including yours truly.

Most tourists arrive by airplane, however some do arrive by boat. Mauritius is a very popular destination for many from other African countries looking for a getaway without going too far from home.

Hey, 1.4 million people a year cannot be wrong!

So let’s jump into our list of the ten reasons we think you should visit Mauritius!

10. Food

If you love food, you will love your time in Mauritius, trust me!

Mauritian cuisine is one of the most diverse in the world, with influences from French, Indian, African and Asian kitchens coming together to create its unique flavours. Be sure to scan restaurant menus for daube, fish vindaye, chicken or fish kalia (mixed with vegetables), mutton halim (a soup), a classic tomato-based chicken stew and a local take on Indian vindaloo.

You can also try Mauritian snacks such as dhal puri, a traditional flatbread filled with spicy ground split peas and served with chutney. Or try the island’s famous babonne, a fleshy white fish similar to red snapper.

9. Festivals

If you want to experience what’s said to be the largest Hindu pilgrimage outside India, plan a visit during Maha Shivaratri.

Each February, around 500,000 people make the pilgrimage on foot to Grand Bassin, a lake near which stands a giant statue of Lord Shiva.

You can also visit during Diwali, the festival of light, held every Spring, and feast on gâteau patate – sweet potato and coconut cakes made and offered as gifts between families and neighbours.

Other festivals such as Thaipusam, Ganesh Chathurthi, Ugadi and Chinese New Year are also widely celebrated and each of them gives a glimpse into the many cultures that come together to create the island of Mauritius.

8. Markets

Featuring fruit and vegetable vendors, artisans selling handicrafts, spice vendors and street-food hawkers, the markets all over the island offer a cheerful slice of Mauritian life.
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It’s Illegal to Visit This Island in the Indian Ocean, and Here’s Why

As you continue your world travels, seeing all sorts of majestic sights and incredible cultures, there’s one little island that has been dubbed one of the most difficult (and dangerous) places to visit on the entire planet.

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Zanzibar 4K. Tropical Paradise in Africa. Beaches. Sights. People.

Zanzibar in 2020-2021 is one of the few locations still open for tourists. Zanzibar beaches are some of the best in the world. Let's see what else is there!

0:40 Zanzibar Sultanate 1698-1963
0:52 British protectorate 1890-1963
2:47 Nungwi beach
3:19 Kendwa beach
4:07 The Maasai
6:09 Hakuna matata - no worries take it easy
7:45 Paje Beach
15:18 Stone Town
15:53 House of Wonders
16:37 Old Fort
17:00 Darajani Market
17:27 Old Slave Market
19:11 Prison Island
20:40 Jaws Corner
21:07 Tanzanite
22:54 Cheetah's Rock
24:31 Jozani Forest
26:35 Kuza cave
34:20 Jambo - Hello Khabari - How are you?

Lord Howe Island - Garden of Eden between Australia and New Zealand

A place of biological superlatives with a flora and fauna that have only just begun to be researched: Lord Howe Island, between Australia and New Zealand. This is the first documentary on what may be the most isolated nature reserve on the planet.

BBC Travel Show - Mauritius (Week 11 - 2018)

As Mauritius celebrates its 50th year of independence, Rajan Datar travels to this Indian Ocean island to explore the legacy of slavery in Mauritius, see and taste how multiculturalism works there, spend a day at the the races and visit a unique conservation project dedicated to saving some of the world’s most endangered species.

The Heart of Hawaii - The Oahu Island

The Oahu island is the economic and cultural centre of the Hawaiian archipelago, as well as being a paradise for surfers, active holidaymakers and freedom lovers. The island is home to more than half of all natives and almost eight million foreign guests annually. Anyone searching for peace and seclusion won’t find either in Honolulu or Waikiki. Traffic congestion and a backdrop of skyscrapers belong to the town panorama. Hip cafes, galleries and young fashion firms have settled here, adding a new and modern flair to the capital. Cindy’s Lei Shoppe, the Chinatown florists, has been here for more than 30 years. This is also because the so-called Leis, the tradition of floral decoration, usually offered as a flower necklace or as a headdress, is still an important part of Hawaiian culture. Keone Nunes is well-known for his traditional tattooing skills, whereby the so-called Kakau Tattoos are virtually hammered into the skin with a hippo tooth. But Oahu is also an island of overwhelming natural beauty and a fascinating diversity on the smallest of places ...

Exploring Lord Howe Island: What Lies Between Australia And New Zealand | TRACKS

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A place of biological superlatives with a flora and fauna that have only just begun to be researched: Lord Howe Island, between Australia and New Zealand. This is the first documentary on what may be the most isolated nature reserve on the planet.

TRACKS publishes unique, unexpected and untold stories from across the world every week.

From Lord Howe Island- Pacific Eden

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MAURITIUS ★ Tropical Paradise in the Indian Ocean ★ With ♫ ♬ Calming Music ||► 15 min

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Mauritius, an Indian Ocean island nation, is known for its beaches, lagoons and reefs. The mountainous interior includes Black River Gorges National Park, with rainforests, waterfalls, hiking trails and wildlife like the flying fox. Capital Port Louis has sites such as the Champs de Mars horse track, Eureka plantation house and 18th-century Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam Botanical Gardens.

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MAURITIUS: THE WONDERS OF THE INDIAN OCEAN | Around The World in 80 Islands | Travel Guide

The travel guide to MAURITIUS!

This adventure in the seas of the Indian Ocean, around the island of Mauritius, we will live on board of a catamaran together with a marine biologist and several volunteers from the Reef Foundation, a foundation dedicated to the safeguard of the marine environment and the native species that live in the archipelago.

We visit the small islands of Ile Plate and Ilot Gabriel, that are part of the Natural Reserve of Coin De Mire, where migrant and permanent birds, different species of reptile, fish and dolphins have found a safe and protected home. We are hypnotised by everything we see here, and we dive to discover the marine sea-beds, where shipwrecks have become artificial reefs for a great number of fish, and where the strong currents flowing through the deep channels help to aliment underwater life with an abundance of nutritional food.

Around The World in 80 Islands
Episode 18
Join us as we travel across the world to visit exotic islands and the people that live there.
© 2021 New World Technology / The B. Company

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Discover Mauritius An Island Of Emotion - Unravel Travel TV

#Mauritius in the #IndianOcean is known for its sparkling crystal and turquoise waters. The contrast of colours, cultures and tastes makes the island a location for an unforgettable holiday. Mauritius offers the opportunity to unparalleled luxury, a level of refinement that is ahead of many other other tropical holiday destinations. Mauritius was named after Dutch Prince Maurice Van Nassau.

Mauritius' white beaches are protected by a coral reef barrier that encircles almost all of the coastline, with the exception of the southern end, where it falls away and where wilder waters and dramatic cliffs can be observed. From the northern plains, the land rises to a central plateau dotted by lakes and extinct volcanic craters. A few uninhabited islets area are scattered around the main island.

Port Louis, the capital of Mauritius, was founded by the French governor and colonist Bertrand-François Mahé de La Bourdonnais in 1735. Situated on the north-west coast, Port Louis is the business and administrative capital of Mauritius. Packed with office-workers during the day, it quickly quietens down after office-hours allowing visitors to enjoy a night out along the famous Caudan Waterfront.

The south reveals a dramatically different landscape from the rest of the island: one typified by high cliffs in places that are battered by waves. These are created where the protective barrier of coral reef that surrounds Mauritius falls away on the seabed, so leaving the coastline exposed to the punishing Indian Ocean. But the south is not singularly about cliffs and rough waters. Further round the coastline, heading westwards, is an array of beautiful beaches and top-rated hotels and resorts, in up-and-coming areas such as Bel Ombre.

The eastern coastline of Mauritius is comprised of exquisite coves and emerald lagoons, permanently enhanced by a cool sea breeze: life goes by at a slow pace in the east whether you're a member of the fishing community or a holidaymaker. Situated between the mountains and the sea, the east is characterised by charming little villages with poetic names like Petite Julie, Mare d'Australia and Queen Victoria. It also plays home to some of the country's best beaches, including Belle Mare, where you will want to spend hours basking in the sun, glorying in the sight of the long stretch of white sand.

To the west and south-west of Mauritius off Tamarin Bay or Flic en Flac, heading in the direction of Île aux Benitiers, you can see the dolphins that come to these waters to rest and breed. The Morne Mountain, with its historical links to slavery, can also be found in this region --as well as some fine hotels are known for their wide choice of watersports. Slightly inland, in the hills around Chamarel, is the rum distillery that bears the name of the village. Here, you can learn about rum production and taste some of the delightful produce.

Inland & Central Plateau of Mauritius is the 'highlands' where you will discover the island's four other major towns. In Quatre Bornes, head for the local market if you want to do some bargain-hunting. In Curepipe, where it is generally cooler than elsewhere on the island, try visiting the botanical gardens. In the early evening, the gardens of the Plaza -- the municipal theatre of the town of Rose Hill -- fill up with families who come to relax and enjoy an ice--cream. This is a heart-warming sight definitely worth beholding. Vacoas, meanwhile, is most renowned for its Gymkhana Golf Club the oldest in the southern hemisphere.

Mauritius Tourism

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Mauritius Vacation Travel Video Guide • Great Destinations

The little island, lying in the center of the Indian Ocean is a real tropical paradise. Along the white sand beaches, shaded by coconut palm trees there are many luxury hotels. We can take excursions to the nearby islands, or take a dive in the turquoise blue water. In the center of the island, on the top of a vulcanic plateau, emerald green sugar cane plantations can be found. On the Domaine Les Pailles estate we can have a glimpse at how rum and sugar are produced from sugar cane. We can try the Indian dishes and take a look at the colorful Hindu temple. We might enjoy the Sega dance and taste the teas from the Bois Cheri plantation. We might also take a Jeep Tour through the Black River National Park and take a look at the marvellous waterfall of Chamarel, while in the zoo the famous pink pigeon and the golden bat can be found. In the city there is the Blue Penny Museum and one of the worlds most beautiful tropical parks, the Pamplemousses Botanic Garden to visit.

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Mauritius Diaries - Lost Paradise in the Indian Ocean - India to Mauritius Cinematic Film.

This was a short film I made from the short cinematic clips captured during my Mauritius Vacation. This was shot before the Coronavirus Pandemic, hence there are no Masks & Social Distancing norms being followed. It was long overdue, since it was my Crown Birthday today I decided to Upload it today after editing with some final touch-ups. If you enjoyed this Video then please leave a Like & Comment.


Discover the paradise, Mauritius, known officially as the Republic of Mauritius, is an island nation located off the southeast coast of the African continent in the Indian Ocean. It is a volcanic island of lagoons and palm-fringed beaches with coral reefs surrounding most of the coastline.
Who flies to Mauritius looks for sun, beautiful beaches, reefs, lagoons and pure relaxation. But the island has way more to offer than just beautiful beaches with turquoise colored water that show you that you're in paradise. There is the capital Port Louis on the west coast or the Black River Gorges National Park with its rainforest, wild animals, waterfalls and hiking trails in the inland. Come with me and discover this amazing experience!



Mauritius Island, Country in Africa

Mauritius, officially the Republic of Mauritius, is an island nation in the Indian Ocean about 2,000 kilometres off the southeast coast of the African continent. Mauritius is a fascinating, world-in-one-island slice of paradise. Its very name of conjures up images of tropical luxury and stupendous extravagance.

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The culture is one of tolerance; mosques, churches and colourful temples sit harmoniously side by side, and the government and economy is robust and stable.
The Republic of Mauritius can be a mystery to travelers. As one of the islands in the Indian Ocean, this jewel of a nation doesn't stand out on a map. Perfect for family vacations, romantic getaways, or solo adventures, Mauritius is steadily becoming a must-visit destination. Located off of the Eastern coast of Africa, Mauritius is a biodiverse wonderland with hundreds of rare native species. The people that make up the population are just as diverse. Mauritians are multilingual, multiethnic, and multireligious, having descended from Europeans, Asians, and Africans. Their vibrant culture is a testament to the resilience of the island and its community.
The Republic of Mauritius welcomes travelers with promises of gorgeous landscapes, exciting wildlife, and relaxed attitudes. To discover the true beauty of this island paradise, you'll have to see it for yourself.

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Mauritius (maldives) in 4K - 8K Nature Film with Relaxing 8D Music

Mauritius, an Indian Ocean island nation, is known for its beaches, lagoons and reefs. The mountainous interior includes Black River Gorges National Park, with rainforests, waterfalls, hiking trails and wildlife like the flying fox. Capital Port Louis has sites such as the Champs de Mars horse track, Eureka plantation house and 18th-century Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam Botanical Gardens.

Mauritius Island | Cinematic Video | Beautiful places to visit in Mauritius | Nature Films Lover

Rising like a gem in the South Indian Ocean, Mauritius is an island nation and is officially known as the Republic of Mauritius. The thought of Mauritius though immediately creates images of powdery white edges and tropical palm trees in front of the eye. However, the country is not just about the shores, historically important and rich forests.

Mauritius excites the nature lover within us and captivates the flow of his adventure. That is why we must visit this country of a high standard.


Nature Films Lover

Travel Mauritius Islands in 4K Ultra HD Video by Drone View | The Heaven of Earth | Cinematic Tour

Mauritius, one of the Indian Ocean island nations, is famous for beaches, lagoons, and reefs. The mountainous interior of Mauritius includes Black River Gorges National Park that has waterfalls, rainforests, hike trails, and animals like that of the flying fox. Capital Port Louis has sites like The Champs de Mars horse track, Eureka plantation house, and the 18th-century Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam Botanical Gardens.

The island has more Mauritius than beaches or fancy hotels. Mark Twain touched on that rough interior, and John Gimlette, writing for Telegraph Travel in 2015, wrote: Although only the size of Surrey It has the potential of the Alps. Massive ridges of granite hung above, at times higher than 2,600 feet. Within these mountain peaks, deep gorges have been created, as well as an amazing landscape of waterfalls, woodlands, and pine forests. One river is the tallest of the Statue of Liberty, and the other - at Grand Bassin - we came to a mountain lake, where the eels had grown to 6 feet long. The reason for all this beauty was evident in an explosion cataclysmic in nature. Nearly eight million years ago the bottom of the Indian Ocean ruptured, pouring basalt up into the sky. After the calm, an amazing new world was created, populated by bizarre plants and fantastical creatures.

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