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Manama, Bahrain landing, runway 30R, Boeing 757. BAH / OBBI. Cockpit view


Manama, Bahrain landing, runway 30R, Boeing 757. BAH / OBBI. Cockpit view

Boeing 757-200ER landing on runway 30R at Manama, Bahrain, and taxi to parking stand. BAH / OBBI. Cockpit view.

Cockpit A330 Sunset Landing in Bahrain

JustPlanes on the Flightdeck of the GULF AIR Airbus A330-200 (A9C-KF) for the 10 hour flight from Manila to Bahrain.
In this video you have an overlook into the sunset approach into Bahrain international Airport.

The complete Cockpit Film is nearly 5 hours long and includes flights on the Airbus A320 from Frankfurt, Airbus A321 to Cairo and Airbus A330 to Manila and London Heathrow. Also included are a company presentation, pilot presentations, briefings, checklists, cockpit set-up, external walkaround, great scenery, a full autoland and a visit to the Gulf Aviation Academy where crews are being trained.




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Cockpit View Take Off Bahrain Island Airport and Approach Dammam Airport

Cockpit view Lufthansa Airbus A330-300. Take off at Bahrain Island Airport on runway 30R, and final approach at Dammam Airport on runway 34L. Including rolling on taxiway. Please, take a look at for more information.

Gulfair Landing at bahrain morning

This is my flight to bahrain airport int .

You can see in this video :

-landing at bahrain airport

Plane : Gulf air

A 320

Date :3-aug-2015

8:00 AM

I hope you enjoy it !

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Shannon, Ireland, Boeing 757 landing on runway 06 at SNN / EINN. cockpit view

Boeing 757-200ER landing on runway 06, Shannon, Ireland. cockpit view. SNN / EINN

Landing at Bahrain Airport

Landing at Bahrain international airport
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Taking off from Kingdom of Bahrain, Manama

Taking off from Kingdom of Bahrain, Manama

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The Path of the Goblin King, Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 3.0
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Take Off from Bahrain International Airport

Take Off from Bahrain International Airport

Takeoff from Kuwait | Awesome Weather | Landing At Bahrain

Takeoff from Kuwait | Awesome Weather | Landing At Bahrain by Gulf Air

Watch video of takeoff in awesome weather from kuwait, you will see awesome aerial view of kuwait from window seat, hope you enjoy the view, landing at bahrain international airport.

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watch again :

Takeoff from Kuwait | Awesome Weather | Landing At Bahrain

Bahrain International Airport - Traffic at dusk

A layover at Bahrain can be very intresting indeed. A collection of aircraft out and about at OBBI.


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NIght Approach and Landing RWY 12L Bahrain International Airport - Cockpit View

Airbus A320 - Video clip of a night approach and landing on runway 12L at Bahrain International airport as seen from the flightdeck. From 1000ft to taxiway turnoff this video puts you in the pointy end of an Airbus A320 during this critical and most interesting phase of flight.

Yes the A320 is much lower off the deck than the A330 and the pilot visual cues are different for the landing.

Filmed 4May11 with Sony Cybershot W360 camera.
Copyright 2011 CrewGuide

Almaty, Kazakhstan Boeing 757 landing runway 05. ALA / UAAA.

Boeing 757-200ER landing on runway 05 at Almaty, Kazakhstan. ALA / UAAA

Amazing Take Off Video - Gulf Air Bahrain Airport


Gulf Air Landing at Bahrain International Airport & Announcement

May 2017

Las Vegas Boeing 757 landing runway 25L dusk turning to darkness. KLAS

Boeing 757-200ER landing at Las Vegas McCarran airport on runway 25L at dusk, turning to darkness during taxi to the gate. LAS / KLAS

Honolulu Landing Runway 8L, Boeing 757. PHNL

Boeing 757-200ER landing runway 8L, Honolulu International airport. View from the cockpit. HNL / PHNL. HIK / PHIK

Honolulu Landing LDA Runway 26L, Boeing 757. PHNL

Boeing 757-200ER makes flies the LDA 26L approach at Honolulu, Hawaii. cockpit view. HNL / PHNL. HIK / PHIK.

PILOTSVIEW of an AutoLand in Cockpit AIRBUS A321

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Bahrain International Airport

Bahrain International Airport (Arabic: مطار البحرين الدولي) is the international airport of Bahrain, located in Muharraq, an island about 7 km (4.3 mi) northeast of the capital Manama. It serves as the hub for the national carrier Gulf Air.

Gulf Air | A321 | Landing at Bahrain intl airport

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