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Macao: Here's a peek into what makes it so unique | First Class


Macao: Here's a peek into what makes it so unique | First Class

Macao, a Chinese special administrative region on the western side of the Pearl River estuary.
What do the uber rich splash their cash on?
And why does it attract close to 30,000,000 visitors a year?
CNBC’s Emily Tan takes a look at what delights Macao has to offer, as well as delving into its fascinating history. Only on First Class.

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Let's Go - Macao

Macao is located approximately 60 km southwest of Hong Kong and is four times smaller than the Manhattan area of New York City. But don't let it's size fool you, it is host to over 20 ancient monuments known as The Historic Centre of Macao, inscribed on the World Heritage List in 2005! Last November, the Beautiful Destinations team had the pleasure of visiting Macao with our friends Macao Tourism. We spent our days exploring the Ruins of St Paul's, Coloane old Village, Mount Fortress, Taipa Old Village and took in all the excitement of the famous Macao Grand Prix! Here is a little of what to expect within this culturally diverse destination!

Why is Macau so rich? | CNBC Explains

Macau is projected to be the wealthiest place on earth by 2020. CNBC's Uptin Saiidi explains why.


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Macau Overview - Beautiful places in MACAU - China

Macau is a former portugese colony and now a special administrative region of China along with Hong Kong! Unlike Hong Kong, Macau's colonial influence is still strongy visible in the architecture across the city.
We visit Macau covering the best things to do.
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Hong Kong & Macau Travel VLOG

A travel vlog from my trip to Hong Kong and Macau in 2007. Never before seen on Youtube, I pulled this video out of my pre-youtube archives. I think everything is still relevant today for visiting Hong Kong and Macau!

The video starts with a montage of the sights and street scene in Macau. I then hop on the ferry to Macau. In Macau I tour the old Portuguese sections of town before heading back to the Big Buddha in Hong Kong. Not having enough temples, I then visit the Man Mo Temple in Hong Kong (I have never smelled that much incense before!)

At 4:15 I take the tram up to The Peak aka Victoria's peak. The Peak is where you can get the best view Hong Kong, and do some great hiking.

At 6:25 I visit Hong Kong's Goldfish Street, an entire street of goldfish vendors. At 6:50 I visit the Chungking Mansions...
7:10 - Temple Street Night Market
7:35 - Hong Kong Electronic's Market
7:50 - Food in Hong Kong -- including Maxim's Dim Sum in City Hall

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Macau Travel Tips: 10 Things to Know Before You Go

10 things YOU need to know before you go to Macau. A comprehensive travel guide to bring you up to speed on the Language, Food, Casinos, and more! First, some basic knowledge on Macau: Macau was a Colony of Portugal from 1557-1999, and now it’s a Special Administrative Region of China just like Hong Kong. Macau is small -- 30 sq km, or 11 sq miles. 640,000 people live there. In 2017 Macau had 30 million visitors… lots of people for such a tiny place. 64km (40 miles) west of Hong Kong. A great day trip from Hong Kong, but easily worth 2 nights

Macau is best known as a gambling and shopping mecca, but it also has a really neat historic portuguese center
Macau is the only place in China where you can gamble legally. It generates more revenue from gambling than anywhere else on the earth including more than about seven times the revenue generated by “The Strip” in La Vegas

4 main parts…
the main part of Macau with the historic Portuguese core. This is called the Macau Peninsula
Cotai Strip

2. Getting In

Ferry from Hong Kong
Takes 40-60 Minutes
2 different operators
Turbojet: The Red One
Cotai Water Jet: The Blue One
4 Ferry Terminal in Hong Kong
2 Ferry Terminals in Macau -
If you’re going to the Cotai Strip, most convenient to take Cotai Water Jet
Going to the Historic Portuguese section, take Turbojet

Macau does have it’s own airport, but not many flights

There’s a new bridge from HKG to Macau, you can take a bus on it

Or cross the border by land from China.

4. Unlucky
This number omitted because it’s unlucky. 4 in Chinese sounds like the word for “Death.” Most buildings typically omit this floor.

5. Getting Around

Free Shuttle Service

Macau’s hotels offer free shuttle service from the airport, ferry terminals, and border gates.

· The Venetian Macao Free Shuttle Schedule

· The Parisian Macao Free Shuttle Schedule

· Sands Cotai Central Free Shuttle Schedule

Public buses operate frequently throughout Macau, Taipa, and Coloane. Buses have onboard stop notifications in Mandarin, Cantonese, Portuguese and English.

· Price: Within Macau or Taipa: MOP3.2, Macau-Taipa: MOP4.2, Macau-Coloane: MOP5, Airport service: MOP4.2.

Macau’s taxis come in two color schemes: one is yellow, the other is black and cream. Both color taxis charge the same fees. Taxis stands are located near hotel lobbies.


·Base price (first 1.6 km): MOP17, additional MOP2 for each 260 m afterwards.
Extra fees: Taxi waiting fee is MOP2 for every minute. Taxis have a MOP3 luggage storing fee. There is a MOP2 fee from Taipa to Coloane, and a MOP5 fee from Macau to Coloane. There is an MOP5 fee for taxi trips to and from the airport.

Uber operates in Macau

6. Money
Macanese Pataca (MOP)
Most shops and restaurants will accept HKG to pay, with a 1:1 exchange rate to MOP
The exchange rate is fixed at HK$1 = MOP$1.03
But you’ll typically get change back in MOP

7. Language

Portuguese (but its own dialect)
And Chinese (Cantonese)
A little less english than Hong Kong, but enough to get by

8. Shopping

In every hotel on the Cotai Strip

9. The rest of Macau outside the Casinos and Historic Districts

10. Food:
Macanese cuisine’ is a mix of southern Chinese and Portuguese ingredients and cooking techniques. With a history dating back over 400 years, the cuisine is often regarded as the world’s first fusion cuisine.

Egg Tart that is so popular in Dim Sum restaurants originated here.. Lord Stows cafe is the original located in Taipa. Most convenient location is the one in the Venetian

Bifanas - Thin breaded pork Sandwich

Really good high end Chinese food cheaper than Hong Kong. The Wynn hotel has some really good options.

11. I’ve got more videos!


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30 Things to do in Macau | Macau Travel, Food and Nightlife Guide

This is my ultimate travel guide for Macau - the gambling capital of Asia including 30 secrets and best places to visit which I carefully selected, things to do in Macau like world's highest urban bungee jump, Eduardo Marques Square, best Portuguese egg tarts, pork chop buns, historical villages of Taipa and Coloane, quality Portuguese cuisine at Dragon & Porto, Venetian Macau (World's biggest casino) and the best Macau bars & nightclubs. Subscribe to my channel ► for new videos!

Macau District
@0:00 0) Intro
@0:36 1) Ruins of St. Pauls
@1:10 2) Monte Fort
@1:50 3) Macau Museum
@2:49 4) Bak Kwa, pork jerky
@3:24 5) Tai Lei Loi Kei, pork cutlet sandwich
@4:03 6) Black Pepper Pork Buns
@4:37 7) Macau Tower Bungy Jump
@5:53 8) Margaret's Cafe e Nata
@6:17 9) Yee Shun Milk Company
@6:33 10) Senado Square
@7:16 11) St. Lawrence Church
@7:28 12) Grand Lisboa Casino
@8:30 13) Wynn Macau Performance Lake
@8:54 14) Yu Dan, fish balls
@9:44 15) Dragon Portuguese Cuisine
@10:36 16) Macau Beer Temple

Coloane District
@11:28 17) Coloane Village
@12:03 18) Lord Stow's Bakery
@12:37 19) Eduardo Marques Square
@12:57 20) Tam Kung Temple

Taipa District
@13:09 21) Taipa Houses-Museum
@13:45 22) Bird's Nest Egg Tart
@14:42 23) Tuga & Lola Portuguese Wine
@15:10 24) Porto Cuisine
@16:29 25) Mok Yi Kei, durian ice cream

Cotai District
@17:51 26) The Venetian Macau
@18:29 27) The Parisian Macau
@18:53 29) Club Cubic, City of Dreams Casino
@19:57 28) SKY 21, rooftop
@20:34 30) TurboJET

@21:08 BONUS TIPS: Macanese Currency, Tipping, Taxes, Safety, Taxi's, Affordability

Macau is perhaps one of the most unique nations I've ever visited. Who would have thought that Portugal had an entire colony for almost 500 years in China. What makes Macau even more authentic is how well preserved the colonial buildings are, given you a real authentic experience of how life must have been like in the past centuries.

Download my FREE Macau Travel map:

(prices, discounts and 100+ photos)

$47 USD FREE credit with Airbnb Macau

10% off Macau Bungee (World's Highest Bungee)

Ferry Ticket - Hong Kong to Macau

Special thanks to my friend Emily for showing me Taipa & Cotai

The easiest way to reach Macau is by TurboJET ferry from Hong Kong for just $171 HK dollars or $22 US dollars for a one-way. Do bring your passport because you will have to go through immigration! Once in Macau jump into a taxi towards your hotel or Airbnb ($47 USD OFF) but keep in mind that most taxi's in Macau do not have seat-belts.

Macau is a great place for new and unique selfies, my favorite place being this incredible shot taken from R. Nova a Guia street. It took me almost an hour to find this secret site for that magical selfie. It is a perfect blend of new and old, like a giant spaceship just crash landed into a tiny Portoguese village.

Macau does offer an incredible fusion cuisine of Chinese and Portuguese called Macanese! With popular dishes like African chicken, Pork chop buns, Pork Jerky, Portuguese egg tarts (Pastel de Nata and plenty of desserts including durian ice cream and steam milk pudding from Yee Shun Milk.

The most popular tourist attractions in Macau include the Ruins of St. Paul's of which only the front facade is still standing after 3x major fires and Senado Square for its beautiful Portuguese-style cobble stone roads. Do not miss visiting other gems like Monte Fort, Museum of Macau and the villages of Taipa and Coloane for an authentic Portuguese colonial experience.

Macau's nightlife may be small but does have a few fantastic places for a night out, I recommend to start off the night at SKY 21, a gorgeous rooftop lounge on top of the AIA tower overlooking the Grand Lisboa and Macau Tower, they often have a live DJ, ping-pong and shisha's for a fun evening and is open until 4am.

My favorite experience in Macau was the Macau Bungee, World's highest urban bungee jump at 233 meters or 764 feet with a 6 or 7 second free-fall with a speed of 120km/h, click here for my full Macau Bungee experience. The bungee jump is pricey, roughly $400 US dollars, they also offer a Sky Jump, Sky Walk and Tower Climb for the true thrillseekers.

In conclusion, Macau truly surprised me, especially after staying here for 6 days. Most tourists make a day trip from Hong Kong but that is simply too short to do this nation justice. I recommend visiting Macau for 2 days and 2 nights to truly take in this unique former Portuguese colony and all its beauty.

Places to visit in Macau Pt 1. #TeamPandabooChannel #FirstTravelVlog #StRegisMacau #Staycation

Wanna go to Macau, but haven't any idea about this tiny part of China? Well Macau is one of the best tourist destination in Asia, not only because of its overwhelming hotel-casinos with their glitz, glamour, and lights which make you feel everything is possible. But also because of it’s Historical richness, words are hard to find to describe Macau. So better just tag along with us, as we show you around Macau. But before that please subscribe to our channel the TeamPandaboo Channel (please just click the link) to be updated of the new episodes that we shall be bringing to you.
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TOP Places to visit in Macau, China

Here are 10 TOP Places to visit in Macau, China.

10. The Parisian Macau
A luxurious hotel located in the Cotai, Macau, with half scale 525 Foot Eiffel tower that made Macau so attractive to tourists. The Resort features a 1200 Seat Theatre and a large fountain giving a touch of modern france. It was built by Las Vegas Sand Company and has about 3000 hotel rooms and 170 shops.

9. Museum of Macau
The most fantasy museum located on the hill of Fortaleza do Monte in Santo Antonio, Macau China. It represents the territory of the Portuguese and the city history. The Museum shows the face of most of nationalities happily living together.

8. Macau Fisherman’s Wharf
It is welled known constructed perk surrounded by water. Among other buildings are hotels, Resturants, integrated water front and entertainment complexes.

7. Taipa Houses – Museum
This is a great museum complex housed by about five great green houses in Taipa. Four of these houses have in them artifacts always serving as an event venue. The house is build by the sea and considered a cultural heritage of the island.

6. Fortaleza Do Monte
This is a very unique historical military centre of Macau and a UNESCO world Heritage. It is the oldest fort lying around the east side of the ruins of Saint Paul's. A prominent monument and a widely popular tourist centre visited by many hundreds travelers day by day.

5. A Ma Temple
A temple to the people of China sea goddess ‘Mazu’ located in Sao Lourenco, Macau. It was built in 1488, one of the oldest temple and has six parts; the prayer hall, the memorial Arch, the hall of Guanyin, Gate pavilion, Buddhist Pavilion and Benevolence Hall which is the oldest part of the temple.

4. Macau Tower
An attractive, entertainment and convention centre soar to breathtaking about 338 meters above the ground. Its observation deck includes panoranic views, resturants, theaters, shopping malls, and the skywalk X, a thilling walking tour around the outer rim. It offers the best view of Macau.

3. Senado Square
A well built attractive building located in the Central area of Macau, it cover an area of 3,700 square meters. This building is designed like a wave shape, an elongated triangular shaped has been Macau urban centers and is the venue for holding large scale ceremonies.

2. Ruins of Saint Paul’s
The ruins of a 17 century complex located in Santo Antonio Complex, Macau. In this magnificent building is the Saint Paul’s College and the Church of Saint Paul also known as Mater Dei. The great building was built with granites rich in ornamentation and with some special classical oriental characteristics. Behind the façade are remains of the original pillars and a shrine.

1. The venetian Macao
A Casino resort and luxury hotel owned by an American Las Vegas Company sands. One of the most beautiful largest casinos in the world. The seventh largest building in the world by floor area and a 10.5 Million square foot. The hotel tower has about 2,965 suites and the accommodation floor is about 7 to 38 serve by guest lifts.

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5 Top-Rated Tourist Attractions in Macau

5 Top-Rated Tourist Attractions in Macau

Macau (also sometimes known as Macao, or Àomén in Chinese) is just 60 kilometers west of Hong Kong and was, until 1999, under Portuguese administration. Now a Special Administered Region of China and a popular tourist destination, the city takes its name from the Chinese A Ma Gao, meaning the Bay of A Ma, the Chinese water goddess and patroness of seafarers and fishermen. Blessed with a subtropical climate and a constantly blowing cool sea breeze, this small territory shows its Portuguese influences everywhere - hardly surprising since the area was first settled by traders from Portugal as far back as the 1550s. The city's rich past is seen everywhere, in its fine architecture and well-preserved colonial buildings, and is so important that the Historic Center of Macau has been included in the list of China's most significant World Heritage Sites

1. The Ruins of St. Paul's
2. The Senate and Senado Square
3. A-Ma Temple
4. Fortaleza do Monte: Home of the Macau Museum
5. Macau Tower

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Macau, China, Asian, Top-Rated, Tourist Attraction, Holiday, Vacation, Travel, Love is Vacation


Macau Travel Tips | How Expensive Is Macau?

How expensive is Macau? In our Macau travel tips guide to Macau, China we cover arriving from the airport, accommodations, local transportation, casinos, Portuguese architecture and ruins and free attractions in the city. We explore what to see and do and local must eats including what we loved about Macau along with what we hated about Macau. Now let's explore the cost of travel in Macao, China in depth!

Official Exchange Rate = $1 USD = 7.99 Macanese Pataca (current as of February, 2017)

*Tip* Hong Kong Dollars are widely accepted in Macau so that is an option for paying for food, souvenirs and experiences. However, Macanese Pataca is not accepted in Hong Kong so be sure to spend your coins before heading back to Hong Kong.

*Check out our best things to do in Macau travel guide video =

Arriving to Macau from Hong Kong, Mainland China and elsewhere

1) TurboJET ferry from Hong Kong (takes about an hour and economy class is about $21-$24 USD - cheaper on weekdays). Frequent departures from Hong Kong Island, Kowloon and Hong Kong International Airport
2) Helicopter from Hong Kong (over $500 one way and takes less than 20 minutes)
3) Bus from mainland China (Guangzhou, Shenzhen, etc)
4) Budget flight from SE Asia or other elsewhere. Sometimes cheaper than flying into Hong Kong. Worth checking prices to confirm.
5) From the airport public buses and taxis are a cheap and efficient way to get to your hotel

Accommodations in Macau

1) Hostel in Macau - (basically non-existant)
2) 2 star or 3 star Hotel in Macau ($88 to $161 USD)
3) 3 star or 4 star Hotel in Macau ($120 to $600 USD)
4) AirBnB in Macau or apartment in Macau (rental) - (for a private room $40 to $60 USD and for your own apartment $80 to $200+)

*Note* Accommodations are expensive in Macau with essentially no budget options. Consider staying in Hong Kong and going on a day-trip or just biting the bullet and paying more than you budget elsewhere for a decent hotel.

Local Transportation around Macau

1) On foot (FREE! Great way to sightsee in Taipa and around Senado Square)
2) Casino and Hotel shuttle buses (absolutely FREE and how we got around when traveling any distance)
3) Local Bus (local price = 3.20 to 5.00 MOP)
4) Taxi (starting at 17 MOP and most rides are 50 MOP or less)
5) Cycle Rickshaw (local price = 200 MOP for a city tour)

Our prefered way to get around was by foot when distances were close and by free casino and hotel shuttles when distances were not within comfortable walking distance. We literally paid ZERO for our transportation and you can easily do this as well.

Macau Free Attractions (Free things to do in Macau)

1) Senado Square
2) Ruins of St. Paul's
3) Hotels and Casinos
4) Taipa Village
5) Free Samples of street food

Things to do in Macau (Macau must see)

1) Macau Tower (130 MOP for adults and 70 MOP for seniors and kids)
2) City of Dreams House of Dancing Water Spectacular (580 Hong Kong Dollars for adults and 406 HKD for kids)
3) Gambling (oh my gosh you could spend as much or as little as you want)

What to eat in Macau (Macau street food and local eats)

1) Eggs Tarts
2) Pork Chop Bun
3) Durian ice cream
4) Jerky
5) Almond Cookies
6) Portuguese wine

Macau Travel Tips | How Expensive Is Macau?

Things we LOVED about Macau (I love Macau)

1) Free to visit the hotels and casinos for shopping and entertainment (aside from gambling area)
2) Great street food options throughout the city
3) Cool Portuguese architecture and ruins
3) Easy as a day trip from Hong Kong
5) Free Transportation with casino and hotel shuttles

Things we HATED about Macau (I love Macau)

1) Lack of budget accommodations
2) Crowded around major attractions by midday
3) Potentially choppy ferry ride from Hong Kong

Final Thoughts

Macau is definitely worth a visit - especially if you're combining your trip with a visit to Hong Kong. Macau offers enough in terms of attractions even for non-gamblers to have a good time on a day trip from Hong Kong. For those wanting to gamble, enjoy nightlife and entertainment (shows) then a few days in Macau would be your best bet.

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This is part of our Travel in Macau video series showcasing Macau food, Macau culture and Macau cuisine.

Music in this video courtesy of Audio Network

The Laxa's Travel to Hong Kong and Macau

Video is dedicated to my relatives who have passed away...may their next travel be peaceful and tranquil....

Macau' $1.1Billion Morpheus Hotel City Of Dream:World's First Highrise Exoskeleton Building In China

Macau Insane $1.1Billion Morpheus Hotel Casino: World's First Highrise Exoskeleton Building In China

Morpheus, a new luxury mega hotel for macau’s city of dreams resort, has opened its doors to guests in June 2018. It 's designed by zaha hadid architects.
The building unique shape is made by the fluid forms found within china’s rich jade carving traditions. conceived as a vertical extrusion of its rectangular footprint, a series of voids is carved through the building’s center. this creates what the architects describe as an ‘urban window’, a void designed to connect the hotel’s interior communal spaces with the city.

located in cotai, macau, the striking building forms part of city of dreams, a resort that includes a casino, two theaters, a shopping district, 20 restaurants, and four hotels. the morpheus hotel is connected to the resort via a three-storey podium, with its upper levels containing 770 guest rooms as well as various suites and sky villas. civic spaces are also included, with meeting and event facilities, gaming rooms, and restaurants joining the spa and rooftop pool.

Semi-autonomous Macau is the only place in China where gambling is legal, bringing in revenue that easily dwarves Las Vegas.

The resort's opening comes as the enclave is undergoing something of a renaissance, with gaming revenues bouncing back after being hard hit by a corruption crackdown launched by China's President Xi Jinping in 2012.

Extravagant duplex villas with their own in-room gym and massage quarters are located on the top floors of Morpheus for VIPs, along with a gaming area exclusively for these residents.

There is also a rooftop pool, while two restaurants by Alain Ducasse, one of the chefs awarded the most Michelin stars, are part of efforts to court luxury-seeking crowds.

See China's incredible architecture at its best.

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[4K] Walking Macau: I love Taipa Village !

Walking around Macau with a GoPro in 4K. May 2020. Make some comments below, and create discussion! Let's get a community going! Make some interactions with others as well.


A day in Macau What will it cost me?

In Macau, I was doing the first time couch surfing, and I had a really good time. The Hotels are so expensive, and everything is expensive in this country. However, I managed it to stay in my budget and to have a great time at the same time.

Thank you for watching and don’t forget to subscribe my channel – great things are about to come!

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What is in Macau?? Travel Guide and Itinerary + Dad's Surprise

Last March we had our annual Family Trip to Macau, its all our first time (except for Mom and Dad). We definitely had fun walking around and exploring the different tourist attractions. It is very tourist friendly, and I am amaze on how easy their transport system is. My favorite places in Macau are 1. St. Pauls Ruins 2. Senado Square 3. Macau Tower! Definitely worth to go to these places. The Porkchop Bun was absolute heaven! This is also my first Travel Vlog Ever! so please bear with my shakey hands and narratives haha this will be a regular thing for me, posting my travel videos on my world travels.

Beautiful Macau Flyover

This video is about Beautiful Macau Flyover


MACAU 2019 ????????♥️

Finally!! After 4 months! Got a chance to visit another country. First stamp for 2019. Looking forward for more! ✈️♥️

We took a flight at Air Asia Philippines flight Z2088 MNL-MFM 14th of January, 2019. The flight is at 1525H and the ETA is 1745H and we arrived in Macau ahead of the said estimated time of arrival. Good job, Z2!

We took an airport shuttle to take us to the terminal where our accommodation is 10mins walk away. After a few hours we just changed our outfits and visit Venetian and Parisian.

After a long day, nothing beats a cold beer.

Cheers! ????

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Walking Macau: Whoa! So many Sculptures!

Walking around Macau with a GoPro7 Camera filming in 4K.



Ingin melihat dan merasakan langsung indahnya perpaduan budaya Asia dan Portugis? Macao solusinya! Rasakan pengalaman seru liburan di Macao bersama AVIATOUR!

Hubungi Head Office AVIATOUR di (021) 422 3888 atau (021) 422 3838 untuk pendaftaran, dan info selengkapnya.



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