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Macau 2018: Thriving economy and high housing demand

Macau’s economic performance has been steadily improving in 2018, with gaming revenue and number of residential unit transactions exceeding the previous year. Looking at the supply and demand, Wilson Chung, Marketing Director of Sky Oasis THE LUX MANSIONS, believes Macau’s property market still has a lot of potential in the future.

Houses of Worship in Macau

Video by Tripfilms filmmaker LostFoundT. Watch this video on Tripfilms:

We take a peek at 3 different styles of worship that happen in the amazing port city of Macau.

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Welcome to Ambiente Properties 奧比安物業

Ambiente Properties Ltd is a Macau based company offering property related services. Our consultants are long-term Macau residents with local expertise, providing friendly, practical advice and guidance.

We advise local & international clients seeking investment opportunities in residential & commercial properties in Macau.

Our sister company, Ambiente Properties International Ltd handles a portfolio of select investment properties for purchase in Hong Kong.

From purchase & rentals, to design, renovation & fit-out, tenanting & property management, the Ambiente team provides a personalised service to suit individual, specific needs.

Ambiente’s orientation packages cover all areas of concern for the newly arriving expatriate. From advice on health care, schooling and pets, to sourcing the best food and wine, buying a car, purchasing furniture and household goods, arranging handyman and cleaning services – we are here to help!

Coloane Village ~ Macau

Explore the quieter side of Macau is your one-stop shop for all Macau travel deals, events, attractions, and hotels - Visit: & our Facebook page:

A-MA Temple Coloane Macau

The A-Ma Cultural Village comprises a large temple complex (Tin Hau temple) and statue to A-Ma which both stand together on a hill top in Coloane.

Amazon rainforest adventure travel in Peru at Jungle Treehouse Lodge

Come join us for an epic travel adventure in the Peruvian Amazon. While staying at the Treehouse Lodge in the Amazon rain forest we had the opportunity to experience what it was like to live in a treehouse for the first time in our lives and partake a series of adventure travel excursions including fishing for piranhas, meeting friendly sloths, spotting all kinds of jungle wildlife native to the Amazon and feeding monkeys. We show you the entire experience from Amazon river cruise to feasting on ceviche to sleeping overnight in the tree house lodge.

A special thanks to Rainforest Cruises for hosting our trip!

Olympus OM-D E-M5 II:
Canon G7X:
Olympus 14-150mm II Lens:
Rode Video Mic GO:
Joby Gorilla Pod:
SanDisk 16GB Extreme Pro:




Amazon rainforest adventure travel in Peru at Jungle Treehouse Lodge Travel Video Transcript:

So we are staying in the coolest place ever. We have just arrived at the Treehouse Lodge in the middle of the Amazon jungle. And we're going to be living in a tree house for the next few days. So come along and I'm going to show you our personal private tree house. And we're living in a tree house! We're living in a treehouse!
Every kids dream.

Okay, well we want to show you more of the property but right now we're about to head out on a jungle walk. We're going to be looking for medicinal plants and learning about their uses. It also just started pouring rain. So it is time for our jungle expedition.

So Sam, you look like you're ready for a jungle excursion.
Show us your footwear. And here is the leaf that is used to make the Juane. The traditional food from the Amazon jungle here in Peru.

So we are back from the jungle excursion. Yeah, that jungle walk was awesome. We learned so much about all of the different local plants and what they are used for in terms of different medicinal properties and also for food. And now we're off on a cool boat trip. We're just going to be cruising down the Amazon and looking for pink dolphins. Yes and maybe we'll stick around for sunset too.

Macau look! So we just spotted a sloth up in the tree. We wouldn't have seen it if it wasn't for our guide though. And this is sunset on the Amazon river. So that is the end of day one. How are you feeling about sleeping in this tree house? Awesome. A lot of adventure.

Well, good morning it is the start of day two and it was sure raining last night. Like thunderstorms, the whole deal.

We're going to try and spot some wildlife. We went out for a little excursion this morning and we've been traveling upstream and now we've arrived at a prime location to fish piranhas. So Sam, how are you feeling about that? Feeling good because you're going to stick your fingers in and they're going to bite them, right?

So we've going to use this small fish. Oh! To feed the piranha.
You want to try to splash the water. That is the way how to attract the piraña. Splashing the water. Calling the piranha. Okay, so I'm going try my hand at fishing for piranhas. I've got the bait here. Right here. Let's do this. Our first piraña.

Look at the teeth on that sucker. Oh my gosh I would not want to be bitten by one of those. That is scary.

You got one! Show it to us. I finally caught one. It was a big one too.

There you go. Sam's first piranha. Look at that. Probably my 20th attempt and I was not going to give up until I got one.

Now it is time for lunch. We are having ceviche. Our favorite as an appetizer. Wow, look at that.

So we are about to go on one more excursion this evening but before we head out we want to show you the rest of the property. So let's go in search of some tree houses.

We are now entering the bamboo forest.

Oh! Are they fighting? Yeah. Squack. Alright, so Sam is going to feed a monkey. Yes, I've got my chunk of banana. Now time to throw it.

So right now we are trekking through the mud in search of giant lily pads.

So we are meeting a sloth that was apparently rescued by a family when it was really young. So it lives with them in the house and it is very sleepy and slow. So oh, but it has woken up. It is eating. Pablito? Pablito is having lunch.

Okay so this morning we went fishing for piranha and now we are having it for dinner.

This is part of our Travel in Peru video series showcasing Peruvian food, Peruvian culture and Peruvian cuisine.

Music in this video courtesy of Audio Network

A local view of Macau

Another perspective of the city from a local.

Music: About Me - BAYNK

印象澳門 Coloane 路環 - Macau One Minute (00090)

Coloane is one of the two main islands of the Macau Special Administrative Region, located directly south of Macau's other main island, Taipa (氹仔, Dàngzǎi), and east of Hengqin Island of Zhuhai in Guangdong province.

Coloane was known in Cantonese as Gau Ou Saan (九澳山, lit. Nine-inlet Mountain, transcribed in Portuguese as Ká-Hó) and Yim Zou Waan (鹽灶灣, lit. Salt-stove Bay). The Portuguese name Coloane is derived from the Cantonese pronunciation of Gwo Lou Waan (過路環, lit. Passing-road Ring).




Source: Wikipedia
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【Hong Kong Walk Tour】walking with Frank from TST Star Ferry to Mong Kok (2018-11-12)

Frank last day in Hong Kong with me, I hope everyone will enjoy this walking trip with him !!
1. This video is made by (1) Gopro 7 Black and (2) Hehom iSteady Pro 3-Axis gimbal
2. Please support me, PayPal a/c : or where your name and amount will appear on the Live Streaming.
My name is Dennis. In 2009, I opened this channel to record or document this city. I know something is being changed in next decade(s), or I felt the change have began since 2003, no later in 2046. I want to, at least, save some kind of city life in video form instead of taken photo or written in words. I strongly believe that motion picture and sound recording are much better way to preserve and present in the future when young generation want to get know of Hong Kong.

In May of 2018, I wrote the following statement in below:
Hi everyone, thank you for supporting me in fulfilling my childhood dream of making videos.
My parents had always taken a tolerant attitude toward my “capricious”: whether my work is feasible and sustainable... and they never complained about it.
As my father just passed away in May, I am left with no choice but to give up my video making venture.
In Hong Kong where the cost of living is sky high, youtube video making is simply not sustainable by google adsense alone. The revenue produced is way too insufficient for affording a domestic helper, and I must look after my mom all by myself - this is why I must stay very close to her at all times.
Unless my revenue is closed to market rate, or my income can cover a domestic helper, otherwise I can hardly justify any video-related works.
Therefore, from now on everything video will be postponed in terms of year(s).
Thank you, and hope to see you all again in the future.

Because I am the only son of my mother in Hong Kong, and I have to take care of her at home. I almost give up this channel because of high consumption of time and living cost. But I found some extra time.
I live in Fanling, north part of New Territory, so it will include my showtime of traveling back and forth. Because of home care to my old mother, there will be no time other than 9:00 to 16:00 because my mother is staying at the senior daycare center, so before and after that, I will NOT able to do filming.
I understand most of you are looking for high quality of video, e.g. 4K or 8K. But hardware is so important at this post-production, that is, the higher quality video, the higher powerful computer to render video. Financial is my biggest issue, I can't afford to buy an expensive hardware right now. Even previous old 2K recorded video, it wasn't easy at all, one hour video = 1.5 hours of rendering time, plus uploading time. How about 1 hour 4K ? = 15 hour up......under my old computer. (please check )

I will continue to run this channel as long as the time is fit-on-me or I don't see any kind of video job could fit me.

I hope this is clear to everyone.

Colorful Public Housing: Choi Hung & Ping Shek Estate - Hong Kong Photo Spot

Travel Guide to the frequently photographed colorful Choi Hung Estate (彩虹邨) and the iconic Ping Shek Estate (坪石邨) in Ngau Chi Wan (牛池灣), Kowloon, Hong Kong.

Despite having a simple design, older public housing estate in Hong Kong is a very popular photo spot. In Ngau Chi Wan, you could get two of the most iconic views at once, including the colorful facade of Choi Hung Estate and the look up view from the courtyard of Ping Shek Estate. Find out more!

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George Street Shuffle Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License

Hong Kong & Macau Travel Guide - The Travel Intern Life Ep.2

Check out our Hong Kong Travel Guides:

Everyone knows Hong Kong for the food and shopping, and Macau for the casinos. Ever wondered what else is there to do? Follow our guide and uncover more things to do in Hong Kong and Macau!

1:08 - Madera Hollywood
Super spacious and chic boutique hotel along Hollywood Road.

1:26 - Ser Wong Fun Snake Soup
Michelin Guide recommended restaurant. Try their snake soup and duck liver sausage.

1:32 - Hollywood Road Area
Back alley hipster area with lots of street art, contemporary art, antique shops and Hong Kong flavour.

2:00 - Dragon's Back Hike
Rated the best urban hike in the entire Hong Kong. Fairly easy and incredibly scenic.

2:15 - Ding Dim 1968 Dim Sum (Central)
Local hipster dim sum chain restaurant. The black truffle siew mai is amazing.

2:20 - Mongkok Area
Shop till you drop or walk around the Goldfish and Flower markets.

2:29 - Ya Yu Tau Fu Fa 亞玉豆腐花
Silk smooth tau fu fa. Highly recommended to try the Yin Yueng bowl.

2:34 - Hotel Sav
Modern boutique hotel in the heart of Hong Kong.

2:39 - Ngong Ping 360 Cable Car
360 degree view cable car ride. The bottom is transparent so you get a really good view!

3:10 - Ngong Ping Village on Lantau Island
Cultural village and starting point o most visits to Lantau Island

3:34 - Big Buddha on Lantau Island
2nd biggest Buddha statue in the world. Climb all 268 steps for an awesome view of the surroundings.

4:01 - Wisdom Path on Lantau Island
Find serenity amongst the 38 wooden columns that were inspired by the Heart Sutra.

4:10 - Tai O Fishing Village
One of the largest traditional fishing village in Hong Kong. Check out the stilt houses and definitely the seafood.

4:35 - Cotai Ferry to Macau
Best way to get from Hong Kong to Macau

4:38 - Galaxy Macau
Insanely luxurious hotel. The suites have an extremely nice regal decor and are huge.

4:58 - Ruins of St. Paul
What's left of the iconic St. Paul's Church in Macau

5:25 - Macau Tower AJ Hackett Sky Walk
Walk around the highest point in Macau.

6:09 - Macau Tower AJ Hackett Bungee
Highest commercial bungee in the world. Take that leap of faith

6:50 - Ngao Kei Ka Lei Chon 牛记咖喱美食
Epic crab porridge. The curry noodles were pretty good too. Michelin Guide recommended.

6:56 - San Hou Lei 新好利美食餅店
The best egg tarts around. The original egg and Portuguese versions are the best.

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Hendric Tay -

Harish Pal Singh -
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Hendric Tay -
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100 Tahun Pentadbiran Tanah


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A Day Trip to Macau from Hong Kong

I took a day trip to Macau from Hong Kong and I saw a bunch of stuff. The Venetian Macao, Coloane, the Macau Tower, the Lisboa Hotel, and Central Macau.

Starting your own Business - Duck Farm most Successful Business Possible to Earn Extra Money at Home

Home Business Ideas Baby Duck and Duck Farm. Business Ideas with Low Investment and High Profit Raising Ducks for Eggs. Numerous countries in the world, many people have seen ducks farming in rural areas. Duck Farm business is low cost and trouble free. Ducks farming is addition to fulfilling the food needs of the family; opportunities for additional income are created. Duck farm has been developed on commercial basis in the present city, sub-city and village. A simple and profitable business to cultivate duck in the house. Housewives and boys and girls of the house can set up duck farms in small areas with little capital. Know Detail Subscribe this Channel:

Keeping baby ducks:
Ducklings will always be kept in a dry place. If the duckling baby is placed on a basket or on a clay, the rice straw or cut straw should be given for 1-2 weeks. If it is slightly larger, sand and ash on the floor. The new baby will have to first refined tiny rice. After a few days, other food such as small corsets, snail meat cut and vegetable leaves etc. should be given. To guard against cats, dogs, chickpeas, beggars and cack attack, the fence or the jeeps should be kept confined by polo. If you are 6-8 weeks old then you will not have to stop.

Food and water arrangements:
Food and water containers must be made of plastic and aluminum. Equipped with balanced and quality food, such as piles or powdered foods. Rotten, basil and chhathdhara cannot be eaten. Sprinkle the food in the bowl or on the floor. Duck the child will have to clean water in the water container.

Blessings of duck farming:
There are numerous blessings of beginning duck farming commercial enterprise. In many countries, geese rank next to bird for meat and egg production. You can raise ducks in each commercial and small scale meat or egg production motive. Even, you may boost a few geese in your personal outdoor with other birds or animals.
Ducks want less highly-priced, easy and non-tricky housing centers. As a end result housing expenses are very much less for putting in place commercial duck farming commercial enterprise.
Geese are very hardy bird and that they want much less care or control. They can undertake themselves with almost all forms of environmental situations.
They lay eggs either at night or inside the morning. So that you can acquire their sparkling eggs each morning :). And you could do your other work all through relaxation of the day and also you don’t need to spend time for caring your geese. Geese are quite proof against the commonplace avian sicknesses.
You may additionally use your geese for controlling apple snails or some different dangerous bugs out of your garden.
Geese have much less mortality fee and usually they stay longer than chickens. In case of egg manufacturing, ducks lay eggs for a long term period.

Duck housing:
The main benefits of duck farming are their easy lodging. Making a duck residence is very smooth. You may maintain your ducks in low, high, moist, dry and any other places. Aside from a brooder, you may go for a simple housing shape. It wishes a partially enclosed shed, inexpensive fencing, a feed hopper or trough fabricated from wood and a sincerely built watering tool. In addition, you need to establish the ducker on a high, properly-tired location of the backyard. Typically every duck would require 2 to a few rectangular toes flooring space. Hold them loose from all types of harmful animals or predators, mainly from fox and canine.

Duck’s feed:
Geese commonly consume nearly all types of meals they discover suitable for eating. You may feed your geese with a extensive style of ingredients. A duck’s regular food consists of cassava, copra, corn, rice, culmination and any other low price and effortlessly to be had meals. They also have the herbal tendency of foraging on aquatic weeds, algae, inexperienced legumes, fungi, earthworms, maggots, snails, various kinds of insects etc. Which at once reduce feeding price?

Ducks are water chook and very keen on water. But, you may perform duck farm without supplying water for swimming. This is not important. But, offer sufficiently deep drinkers to permit the immersion in their heads and no longer themselves.

Sex dedication:
It isn't so hard to determine the intercourse of newly born duckling. Rise up the tail of the duckling and press on its ass. If you be aware there is a penis like thorn, then it is going to be male. And if no longer then it will truly be a girl duck. The easiest manner to determine male ducks is, the tail feathers of male geese are curled up.

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Greece Budget Guide — 9D Athens, Santorini, Meteora under S$1.5K (All-In!) | The Travel Intern

From scaling the Great Saint Rock (Meteora) to get to the top of the tallest rock in Meteora, to catching the Acropolis (Athens) in real life, to strolling along the streets of Oia (Santorini) and catching that classic sunset shot, here is our 9-day budget guide through Athens, Santorini and Meteora:

We spent under S$1.5K in total, including flights and accommodation. Greece doesn't have to be all that expensive!

00:08 - Scoot
Scoot flies direct from Singapore to Athens and back. We recommend getting the long-haul meal bundle from them.

00:19 - Acropolis
It's that feeling you get when you see your history textbooks come to life. You'll be able to spot the famous Parthenon columns on top of a large flat rock from almost anywhere in the city.

00:22 - Athena temple
Look out for the remains of the Theatre of Dionysus and a fully reconstructed Odeon of Herodes Atticus — a functioning stone theatre that hosts Greek as well as international performances between May – October.

00:23 - Ancient Agora
Here, you'll see the Stoa of Attalos and the Temple of Hephaestus. They are both reconstructed ancient buildings.

00:29 - Syntagma Square
Catch the guard changing ceremony that happens hourly at Syntagma Square. It is quite an interesting ceremony to catch!

00:30 - Psyri/Omonia Area
Find as many street art/murals in the Psyri area as you can!
00:34 - Food in Omonia Area
Check this restaurant out for super yummy food, it's name in Google Maps is Secret Underground Restaurant.
We downed 1.5L of wine straight out of barrels, a side of grilled fish, and a basket of bread, for only €20!

00:38 - Temple of Zeus
Today, less than 15 columns are standing, but it is believed that there used to be 104 columns in the past. We'll leave it up to your imagination!

00:42 - Monastiraki Area
We visited the Monastiraki Flea Market to get some souvenirs.

00:53 - Oia Area
Explore the streets of Oia, and search for the ruins of an old Byzantine Castle in Oia!

00:59 - Red Beach
Take a dip in Red Beach, but to reach clearer waters, you will have to swim out quite a bit. It's crowded at all times of the day though.

01:02 - Oia Castle Sunset Point
It's also in Oia that everyone hopes to catch the perfect sunset shot of Santorini's classic whitewashed houses carved into clifftops overlooking the caldera filled with water.

01:11 - Amoudi Bay
For adrenaline junkies, be sure to go cliff jumping at Amoudi Bay! Super fun.

01:21 - Fira
Get around Fira on an ATV/scooter.

01:23 - Santo Wines
Head for a winery tour at Santo Wines. Book in advance though (only available online). You can also order a set of 6, 12, or 18 tasters along with the “Santorini” platter of Greek cheese, olives and breadsticks.

01:27 Skaros Rock
This place is our favourite sunset spot, over the Oia sunset spot ;-)

01:35 - Sunset Tour with Visit Meteora
We found taking the Sunset Tour with Visit Meteora to be very informative and interesting. It starts from 4:30pm and ends around 9:30pm depending on when the sun sets.

01:42 - Restaurant Meteora
Have some local cuisine here at Restaurant Meteora, slightly pricier but yummy, yummy food! We had two meals here. It's that good :-)

01:50 - Scrambling Tour with Visit Meteora
We scaled the Great Saint Rock, the tallest rock in Meteora, during our Scrambling Tour with Visit Meteora. Again, for all the adrenaline junkies out there! You also get to marvel at the pro rock climbers along the way as well.

Apart from Singapore to Athens, Scoot now also flies direct to Berlin from Singapore! Check our Berlin videos out as well! :-)


Edited by:
Hendric Tay -

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Cyclesport is bike rental shop at Tai Wai, with various types of bike. They open till 11pm. You also can return the bike Tai Po or Tai Mei Tuk.

A lot of other shops will ask you to return the bike before 7pm at HK$80 for the whole day.

Take Exit A Tai Wai MTR station, cross the street, turn right, and start walking.

There are bicycle rental shops all along Tsuen Nam Road.




love jasmine xx

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Traveling Galle, Sri Lanka

Colombo, Sri Lanka, Arriving, accommodation, tips, attractions

Kandy, Sri Lanka, cultural attractions, buying a sari, accommodation, trains

Cairns to Mossman Gorge/Daintree Rainforest Road Trip in Australia - including Trinity Beach, Palm Cove and Port Douglas.

Moving to Australia - steps, websites, finding housing and job information:

My Komodo National Park trip - Komodo Island, Rinca Island and Flores Island - Meeting real life man eating dragons in Indonesia

Exploring Vienna

Bratislava, Slovakia

Visiting Prague

Berlin on a budget travel guide

Backpacking southeast Asia

Southeast Asia Highlights - must see

Life as an expat in Hong Kong one year review and tips

Hong Kong Daily expenses - v's Melbourne (a cost break down)

Save money while on road trips and backpacking in Australia

Hong Kong Attractions -

Lantau Island Hong Kong -

Cheung Chau Island Hong Kong -

Backpacking Asia -

vietnam travel itinerary

Jalan-Jalan ke Macau dan HongKong (Sekilas)

Sekilas tempat turis di Macau dan Hong Kong.
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#redlightdistrict #hongkong #jordan #templestreet
Welcome to the Hong Kong Red Light District Jordan, in Kowloon. There are a few Red Light District areas in Hong Kong and Jordan is one of them. Hong Kong's Red light districts are more discreet than other countries as it is legal. Our video is shot in Ultra HD 4K, crystal clear quality, as if you are actually here.

'Jordan (Chinese: 佐敦) is an area in the Yau Tsim Mong District of Hong Kong. It is named after a road of the same name in the district. Jordan is located in the central part of the Yau Tsim Mong District. The western portion is officially known as Kwun Chung (官涌), especially before the MTR metro system went into service in 1979.

Jordan is considered as the area surrounded by Kansu Street to the north, Gascoigne Road and Jordan Path to the east, Austin Road to the south and Ferry Street to the west. This would make Jordan approximately 1-square-kilometre (0.39 sq mi) in size with a population of about 150,000.

Like most of southern Kowloon, Jordan is entirely developed and urbanised other than a few small parks. Motor and pedestrian traffic throughout most of the day is very dense.

Jordan is a microcosm of working-class Hong Kong. Like nearby districts of Mong Kok and Tsim Sha Tsui, large sections of Jordan hosts a mix of older residential high-rises, office buildings, street markets, hotels, eateries and an almost infinite variety of small shops. There are also seedy sections containing karaoke, hostess bars and massage parlours although the seediness is mild compared to nearby Mong Kok. Jordan is also home to a large collection of Indians, Pakistanis, Nepalese and other ethnic minorities.

Although Jordan lacks the sights and comforts to support mass mainstream tourism, it still attracts a small cadre of adventurous tourists interested in experiencing authentic working-class life in Hong Kong. For locals, many live in Jordan for its relatively affordable housing, its centralised location on the spine of Hong Kong's transportation network and its diverse cultural flavour.

The following noteworthy places are located in Jordan:

Southern segment of the Temple Street Market
Jade Market
Several prominent hotels including Novotel Nathan Road Kowloon Hong Kong, Eaton Hotel Hong Kong, Nathan Hotel, and the Mayfair Garden Hotel
Kwun Chung Street Market
King George V Park
Northern entrance to Kowloon Park
Diocesan Girls' School.'

The above excerpt is from Wikipedia.


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China: World Factory and next football country?

China is the world´s factory. Now China sets up new industries and dreams of a football World Cup final. Is China, the world´s factory also the next football country? And what kind of industry is the world´s factory next big bang? A matter of fact China invests more than any other country in its football national league. Is this the beginning of a new area in football history?

Photographer Ruben Terlou travels with his camera through the heart of China, from north to south. On his journey he tries to find out what it´s like to live and work in today´s China. What is the future of China? What do ordinary people see as valuable in their life and what is important to them?

In the sixth episode Ruben travels to the area where thirty years ago China´s rise as the 'Factory of the World' has begun. This is where 35 years ago a political U-turn was made in state policy. The Chinese were able to make money and they lost no time doing so. Everything that has a plug contains a part that comes from China. And everything that´s marketable is made her.

With the same explosive drive, China also wants to reach the World Cup before 2050. At least, that is the mission of President Xi Jinping. But is it realistic that China is reaching the World Cup final? Although Ruben is not yet impressed by the football talent of China, he is full of enthusiasm with 60,000 fans in the stadium as Evergrande for the seventh time in a row become champions. He also manages to visits the gigantic training complex for young talents.

Original title: de fabriek van de wereld (6/7)
Maaik Krijgsman
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This channel offers some of the best travel series from the Dutch broadcaster VPRO. Our series explore cultures from all over the world. VPRO storytellers have lived abroad for years with an open mind and endless curiosity, allowing them to become one with their new country. Thanks to these qualities, they are the perfect guides to let you experience a place and culture through the eyes of a local. Uncovering the soul of a country, through an intrinsic and honest connection, is what VPRO and its presenters do best.

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