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Lord Howe Island - Garden of Eden between Australia and New Zealand


Lord Howe Island - Garden of Eden between Australia and New Zealand

A place of biological superlatives with a flora and fauna that have only just begun to be researched: Lord Howe Island, between Australia and New Zealand. This is the first documentary on what may be the most isolated nature reserve on the planet.


If Lord Howe Island isn’t on your bucket list of places to see before you die then add it immediately.

Lord Howe Island is a place that immediately gets under your skin. As I flew into the tiny airport and I saw Mount Gower looming over an island surrounded by gorgeous blue and emerald reefs, I knew this would be a special place.  

They call Lord Howe Island the Galapagos of Australia. That’s partly because of its remoteness in the world, but also because of how that isolation has created a place of unrivaled outstanding beauty.

And as if that isn’t enough to hammer home how amazing this place is, Lord Howe Island has just been voted as one of the top regions to travel to for 2020 in Lonely Planet's ‘Best in Travel’ list.

From being in the shadows of places like Hamilton Island and Magnetic Island in Australia, all of a sudden Lord Howe is front of stage in the spotlight. And here’s why.

Take a look at my video showcasing some of the best things to do on Lord Howe Island and you’ll see what I mean!

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Go on a visual journey of Lord Howe Island and see all the amazing activities that are on offer for visitors to experience.

Activities for visitors to Lord Howe Island include snorkelling through the Eye of Roach, diving at Ball's Pyramid, swimming with dolphins, fishing in the lagoon, exploring the rock pools and trekking to the summit of Lord Howe's highest peak, the majestic Mt Gower.

Lord Howe Island is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage property and only 400 visitors are allowed on the island at a time.

The footage in this video was shot by Gold Coast-based photographer Gary Tresize:

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Thinking about traveling to Lord Howe Island for your next holiday? Be sure to check out this video which includes 4K cinematic footage (snorkeling, biking, hiking, etc.) from across the island filmed on my GoPro Hero 9!

If you enjoyed this video, be sure to check out my vlog below which provides additional detail on the places featured in this video.

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Azores. The green wonder of Atlantic.

Azores - an extremely green and isolated place, with a unique climate and ecstatic scenery.
In this episode we will travel to San Miguel, Faial, Flores Islands and see what the largest endemic collection of plants and birds in the world looks like.

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Exploring Lord Howe Island: What Lies Between Australia And New Zealand | TRACKS

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A place of biological superlatives with a flora and fauna that have only just begun to be researched: Lord Howe Island, between Australia and New Zealand. This is the first documentary on what may be the most isolated nature reserve on the planet.

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From Lord Howe Island- Pacific Eden

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Lord Howe Island through Stephan Kleinlein's Photography

Lord Howe Island through Stephan Kleinlein's Photography a quick preview trailer of Stephan's new Photography Book. ORDER YOUR COPY HERE:

Finally it is here, filled with high quality images taken by Stephan Kleinlein on the island, plus lots of island info facts.

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It takes you around the main island, all the way to Balls Pyramid, Admiralty Islands and back.

Top images from underwater, below the waves, amongst the sharks.
From high up, surrounded by endless numbers of sea birds gathering every year on Lord Howe Island.
Birds eye views.

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Lord Howe Island, NSW, Australia

Beach clips on LHI, selected views for those that have not visited before
Music - Adobe Premiere Rush

A wintery journey to the Arctic Circle - By Nordland railway across Norway

The Nordland Railway in Norway, travels from Trondheim through the isolated regions of Trendelag and Nordland. After Mo I Rana, it traverses the Arctic Circle and ends in the northern Norwegian town of Bodø. The railway covers a distance of some 729 kilometres, passing by dense, snow-covered forests, frozen fjords and snow-capped mountains. Temperatures of sometimes minus 30 degrees are quite normal here for months, on many days there is no more than five hours of daylight. Kindergarten teacher Kaia Aarstrand und her husband, Bjørnar, a technician for the municipality, live with their four boys in Aursletta, deep within the Vistenfjord, far away from civilization. All made possible by the Norwegian state: electricity, mobile phone connection and a speedboat that brings the family to school and to work. But when the Vistenfjord freezes up, the family is isolated for days. Tormod Schøning spends hours on end on his Saltfjellet whenever snowstorms occur and he has to clear the only road connection between North and South Norway with his snow plough. For the duration of his shifts, Tormod lives in the snow plough station.

Escape to Lord Howe Island

With only 400 visitors allowed at any one time, Lord Howe Island boasts natural beauty and is World Heritage Listed.

Contact us today to book your next holiday!


The Land Of Disappearing Islands / Siberia

Lena is the largest river in Siberia unbridled by man . At the end of its flow, it formed a giant delta, a global phenomenon beyond the Arctic Circle. No other river in the World forms a delta of a similar size in the Arctic. Every year new islands, lakes, channels die and form here, changing the landscape of fantastic beauty. But despite the fact that this ever-changing world lies among the icy northern deserts, it is filled with life and is a welcome paradise for the inhabitants of the Arctic. What kind of wondrous earth is this, which, like a magnet, attracts all living things to itself?
The Land Of Disappearing Islands is a sequel to the film A Journey to Siberia about the source of the Lena River.

The beauty of North Macedonia - Between traditional dances and a mini Navy

Northern Macedonia emerged from being a once constituent republic of the former Yugoslavia. Anyone wishing to discover unknown worlds has every chance of finding them in this young Balkan country, full of imposing mountains, lakes of crystal-clear water, original villages and centuries-old customs. Nevertheless, Northern Macedonia, which borders Serbia in the north and Greece in the south, considered to be one of the poorest countries in Europe.

Greenland - The Largest Island in the World

Fjords, glaciers and the highest mountains in the Arctic: East Greenland with its spectacular nature is one of the most sparsely populated regions on earth. The people here live in extreme isolation and depend on helicopter flights for their supplies. Despite harsh conditions, the inhabitants here lovingly maintain their traditions and enjoy their outdoor leisure time even at minus 20 degrees Celsius.

The town of Tasiilaq is the metropolis with 4,000 inhabitants and offers a very special attraction: the only ski lift on the east coast. Thomas Mikaelsen, the lift attendant, is not to be envied for his job. The only 100 meter long lift comes from Switzerland and is already 20 years old. If Thomas gets the drag lift running at all, it often only lasts for an hour. Then the ski crazy's luck depends on his repair skills. The lift is the only frosty open-air pleasure.

For Salo Kunuk his sled dogs are both pleasure and work. He is currently teaching his daughter Karla how to steer a dog sled, private driving lessons from her father, so to speak. Karla will need it, because in the eternal ice the sled is the only means of transportation.

Tobias Ignatiussen owns a motorized sled version with 100 HP. He goes, like already his ancestors, on seal hunt. Only with the help of the snowmobile he can reach ice-free places in the fjord. Despite strict hunting restrictions, the Inuit still depend on seal meat and fur to survive.

A tradition almost as important as hunting is the tupilak, small figures from Greenlandic mythology, made from whale teeth or reindeer antlers. Gideon Quqe made it to the master as a carver, and some of his tupilaks look quite spooky. Because from his ancestors, Gideon knows that the tupilak was intended by its owner to be used as an evil spirit to harm the enemy. Nowadays Gideon also carves nice looking figures, because lucky charms simply sell better.

At the Klubben, Tasiilaq's only pub, the concert of the year is on: the local combo Dubbi Band, named after the nickname of band leader Tobias Sanimuinaq, performs. They call their wild musical style Greenland Swing. Even in the middle of the white wilderness you can make your audience dance.

Lord Howe Island Timelapse

A collection of timelapse videos at Lord Howe Island.

Lord Howe Island Escape | Play by Afterpay

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Lord Howe Island Australia Scenic Flight | DA62 MSFS 2020

Today we are visiting Lord Howe Island, New South Wales, Australia. Our virtual scenic flight departs Lord Howe Island Airport. We takeoff and fly a loop of this remote island passing Lagoon Beach, Old Settlement Beach, North Head, Old Gulch, Kim's Lookout, Ned's Beach, Blinky Beach, Mount Lidgbird, Erskine Valley, Mount Gower, South Head, King Point and other beautiful beaches and forest. Landing back at the airport.

Albania's enchanting coast

In Albania, time almost seems to have stood still. For decades, the country was isolated, but now more and more people are drawn to the small state on the Adriatic. And it has a lot to offer, especially in terms of scenery: Mountain ranges that drop steeply into the sea, lagoons, lots of untouched nature. And of course the people are interesting, too, who have a lot to gain from their often simple lives.

High above the sea, Bujar Mehmeti collects coveted wild herbs. He is after the sea sage, which only grows in this form in the lonely coastal mountains of southern Albania. The buyer Pranvera Çeça in the former tobacco factory of Delvina pays him a proud price per kilo. This is because Bujar is her best collector and Pranvera exports her medicinal herbs all over the world.

On the outskirts of the port city of Vlorë (Vlora), a Roma family has set up camp. From May to July, Alexandra and Alexandri Hajdini build sunshades out of straw for the increasing number of bathers. Uncles and aunts, brothers and sisters help with the artistic and quite legal shadow economy.

Somewhat away from the hustle and bustle around Vlorë, the lagoon fishermen of Narta are fighting for their only tributary to the sea. They have to use a dredger to keep a narrow channel clear, into which the surf keeps washing tons of sand. Out in the bay of Vlorë, the Adriatic Sea merges with the Ionian Sea. And a little further on, Greece already begins.

The island of Corfu is just a 30-minute drive from the popular Albanian seaside resort of Saranda. But only if you translate with Kristi, a fast Russian hydrofoil. In the cockpit, a woman is in command: Ornela Murati is Albania's first and only female captain.

A little further south, one finds the exact opposite: an adventurously old-fashioned car ferry still crosses the Vivari Canal, thanks to the constant repair work and patience of two young men. Endrin Ismaili and Ervis Mahmut have to improvise a lot to keep the rickety mechanics of the cable ferry in working order, a real tightrope act. The steel cable can break at any time or jump out of the worn pulleys. Yet the small ferry from Endrin and Ervis is extremely popular because it is the best connection from Albania's southern border to the world-famous Butrint peninsula with its centuries-old ruined city of the same name, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and the country's magnet for visitors.

Deadly Game - Seconds from disaster

Whatever walk of life, from bug to bear, we are all under threat. Every second, somewhere, something goes wrong for an animal. There’s a fight or an attack. What decides our fate? Is it predetermined who lives or dies or do we take our chances, living our lives constantly seconds from disaster?

On the African plains millions of new babies arrive every year. Some will hardly get off the starting line before disaster strikes, but others will have near-misses and will learn how to avoid problems in the future. The lucky ones might live long and happy lives, but even they regularly find themselves seconds from disaster.

Our one wildebeest calf seems to go from one disaster to another. No sooner than he’s on his feet, and he gets them stuck – in quickly drying mud. It puts him at risk of predator attack but he’s able to wriggle free. But by the time he’s out of the mud, he’s lost his mother. Being alone at his tender age would spell disaster, but luckily he finds her. He seems to have a lucky streak and scraps past one disaster after another. But his greatest challenge comes when his herd is forced to cross a river. The river is full of huge and hungry crocodiles. Its judgement day; is he destined to meet his doom in the jaws of death, or is he one of the lucky ones, a survivor?

Lord Howe Island & Balls Pyramid

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Wildiaries VentureSome Live - Ian Hutton, Lord Howe Island Nature Tours

Today we’re meeting up with Lord Howe Island resident, author, naturalist, conservationist and tour guide Ian Hutton. Ian has lived on the island for most of his life and is heavily involved in work to preserve the island’s unique natural heritage, which includes birds and animals found nowhere else on Earth. Ian will tell us about the islanders’ efforts to combat rats and what this means for the future of this fragile ecosystem … and we’ll get to meet the island’s equivalent of the Dodo … a massive stick insect thought extinct until it was rediscovered recently. With a rat-free future, this and other unique birds and animals may be now have the chance to become as much part of the island’s future as they have been in its past.



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