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Ljubljana: What NOT to Do in Ljubljana, Slovenia


Ljubljana: What NOT to Do in Ljubljana, Slovenia

The don'ts of visiting Ljubljana, Slovenia. Ljubljana is the capital of the gorgeous country of Slovenia that a number of tourists miss. Here we go through what to do in Ljubljana and what NOT to do in Ljubljana. So here are the tourist mistakes and don'ts of visiting Ljubljana, Slovenia.
Filmed in Ljubljana, Slovenia
Copyright Mark Wolters 2021

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10 Things to do in Ljubljana, Slovenia Travel Guide

Join as we visit Ljubljana, Slovenia in this travel guide covering some of the best things to do in the city including highlighting the local food and restaurant scene, museums worth visiting, the old town, castle, quirky neighborhoods and more. With a week in Ljubljana, Slovenia we had plenty of time to cover the main attractions in the city along with take some day trips. If you're thinking of visiting a weekend would be enough time for a busy trip but 3-4 days or longer would be more ideal for slower exploration. Now let's explore the capital city of Slovenia together!

10 Things to do in Ljubljana City Tour | Slovenia Travel Guide:'(Slovenija)

Introduction to Ljubljana - 00:01
1) Old Town of Ljubljana at Prešeren Square (Prešernov trg) + Franciscan Church (Frančiškanska cerkev) - 00:39
2) Bridges of Ljubljana = Triple Bridge (Tromostovje) + Love Lock Bridge (Mesarski most) + Dragon Bridge (Zmajski most) - 00:46
3) Ljubljana Central Market (Osrednja ljubljanska tržnica) + Ljubljana Cathedral (ljubljanska stolnica) - 02:59
4) Slovenian Food at Allegria restaurant in Ljubljana - 03:57
5) Ljubljana Castle (Ljubljanski grad - Laibacher Schloss) on Castle Hill - 04:24
6) River Cruise on the Ljubljanica River + Ice Cream (Cacao) - 06:54
7) Metelkova for street art in Ljubljana - 09:14
8) Balkan Food sampling Bosnian Cuisine at restaurant Sarajevo 84 - 10:43
9) Galleries and Museums Ljubljana including The National Gallery of Slovenia (Narodna galerija), the Museum of Modern Art (Moderna galerija), and the National Museum of Slovenia (Narodni muzej Slovenije) - 11:12
10) Tivoli City Park Gardens (Mestni park Tivoli) - 11:39
Outro to Ljubljana- 12:01

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Our visit Ljubljana travel guide documentary covers some of the top attractions including a food guide (Slovene, Balkan and Bosnian), top sightseeing tourist attractions and the city by day including visiting castles, churches, the old town, quirky neighborhoods, museums and along the river. We also cover off-the-beaten-path outdoor activities you won't find in a typical Ljubljana tourism brochure, Ljubljana itinerary or Ljubljana, Slovenia city tour also known as Laibach.

10 Things to do in Ljubljana, Slovenia Travel Guide Video Transcript:

Prešeren Square is a central meeting spot in the heart of the Old Town, so it made sense to start our tour of Ljubljana here. You’ll find the Franciscan Church of the Annunciation, lots of gelato shops, and the baffling bridge we just mentioned.

As for the reasoning behind the Triple Bridge and the famed dragon bridge, which is guarded by four dragons.

Ljubljana’s Central Market is another spot worth checking out.

We needed to sample some Slovenian food so we went to Allegria.
Sam ordered Zlikrofi (zhlee-krofi), a Slovenian dumpling stuffed with potato + lamb goulash along with Slovenian sausage with cabbage & potatoes.

Ljubljana Castle, which sits on Castle Hill overlooking the city. Built as a medieval fortress in the 11th century, Ljubljana Castle has seen many redesigns and renovations. Climb the Outlook Tower for 360 degree views of the city.

There are departures for cruises down the Ljubljanica. We boarded a cruise directly underneath the Love Lock Bridge, which is actually called Mesarski Most. It was our favourite activity in Ljubljana and it was a super relaxed way to watch the city.

Metelkova is home to the best street art.

One place we really enjoyed was Sarajevo 84, a restaurant specializing in Balkan cuisine. The portions massive & everything we ordered was delicious.

We had a feast featuring: grilled meat with pita and onions, baked beans and sausage, roasted peppers, and a flaky pastry stuffed with cheese. It only came to 23 Euros.

Speaking of galleries and museums, a few you’ll find include: the National Gallery, the Museum of Modern Art, and the National Museum of Slovenia.

We finished off at Tivoli, which is the largest park in Ljubljana.

And that’s it for our time in Ljubljana. Our visit was short, tasty, and relaxing, and we’re really glad we made some time to visit this underrated capital.

Now you guys know the drill; if there are any other things to do in Ljubljana that we may have missed in this travel guide, feel free to share your suggestions with fellow travellers below.

This is part of our Travel in Slovenia video series showcasing Slovenian food, Slovenian culture and Slovenian cuisine.

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Things To Do In LJUBLJANA, Slovenia | TOP 10

Things To Do In LJUBLJANA, Slovenia. Ljubljana Top 10 Travel Guide. I’m Rok and I’ve spent last 8 years travelling around Europe as a tour guide and I want to show you my favourite 10 Things To Do In Ljubljana. If you think to visit Ljubljana, green and clean capital city of Slovenia, you should visit these top 10 attractions in Ljubljana.

Top 10 Things To Do In Ljubljana:
00:00 Intro
00:43 Skyscraper
02:03 Central market
03:10 Tivoli Park
04:32 Church of St. Michael
06:17 Congress Square
08:00 Dragon Bridge
09:29 Ljubljana Cathedral
10:44 Preseren Sq. & Triple Bridge
12:14 Old Town
13:24 Ljubljana Castle

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If you have any questions about Ljubljana, just leave them in the comment section. Also share your thoughts, your ideas and your experience about Ljubljana.
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Before You Go To LJUBLJANA, Watch This | Ljubljana Travel Tips

Before You Go To Ljubljana Slovenia, Watch This. Ljubljana Travel Tips. I’m Rok and I’ve spent last 9 years travelling around Europe as a tour guide. I want to share with you my Ljubljana Travel Tips to help you plan Your tip to Ljubljana, Slovenia. In this Ljubljana travel guide we will cover: when is the best time to visit Ljubljana? How many days to plan in Ljubljana? Where to Stay? How To Get Around the city? How safe is Ljubljana? And much more.

Ljubljana Trip Planner:
00:00​ INTRO

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Ljubljana Bus Lines:
Ljubljana City Bicycle Registriation:
The Official Tourism website of Ljubljana:

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P.S.: Rok is a traveler, a filmmaker and a tour guide. On this travel channel he is combining his 20 years of travelling experience, his 10 years of filmmaking experience and his 9 years of tour guiding experience.

Ljubljana: Top Things To Do & See

In this video, we are exploring Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia and one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. We also share our favourite things to do and see in Ljubljana, including visiting Ljubljana Castle and the Dragon Bridge.

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Top 20 Things to Do in LJUBLJANA, SLOVENIA + DAY TOURS (Part 1)

We got stranded in Ljubljana. But it turned out to be a great thing! In this video, we’ll show you some of the best things to do and places to visit in and around Ljubljana that made our extended stay unforgettable. We also included a few of the most popular day trip destinations that are easily accessible from the city.

This video was shot before the COVID-19 pandemic. Now may not be a good time to travel but it's always a great time to plan a trip! But note that costs, hours and availability might have changed due to the pandemic, so contact the respective establishment directly for more updated info.

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Erasmus of Lueg
© Marion Golsteijn / Wikimedia Commons / CC BY-SA 4.0 /

Footage by: Yosh Dimen, Vins Carlos
Edited by: Pycan Leynes

Ljubljana Slovenia Travel Guide | What to do in Ljubljana: Lake Bled, MetelKova, and much more

Ljubljana Slovenia Travel Guide. What to see and do in Ljubljana. From a day trip to Lake Bled, to exploring the fascinating Metelkova, there is a lot to love about Ljubljana. Here's my top things to do in the amazing and magical city!

FYI: My editing software crashed and deleted all my work and I had to rush to get this done so it's not as finished or polished as I'd like but I hope you enjoy!!
Spin the Wheel pt 2. (discusses Metelkova):
White water rafting at Lake Bled:
Loving Hut Vegan Restaurant:
Dragon Trail:

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Intro: Best Things to Do and Food in Ljubljana, Slovenia

If lush green nature is not your thing and you’d rather roam the tarmac streets of a giant city, Ljubljana is not for you.

There’s so much to see and do for people of all ages around the city and every day there’s a new alternative trend popping up where you’d least expect it. Think cat cafe’s, bars under bridges and graffiti paradise.

And if there is one thing that I completely underestimated about Slovenian culture, it’s their love of food. The best part about the food culture in Slovenia is that it’s not just their traditional mouth watering Slovenian dishes, it’s a mix of Mediterranean, the Balkan, the Alpine cuisine and many other European food frenzy countries.

There’s certainly no doubting that you could spend an entire week exploring the city of Ljubljana, Slovenia, but don’t forget about all those hidden gems just waiting to be discovered lying right in the outskirts of the city.

Ljubljana is definitely on of my favorite cities in Europe.

Slovenian Food Review - Trying traditional Slovenian dishes in Ljubljana, Slovenia

Come join us for a Slovenian Food Review as eat a delicious meal in Ljubljana, Slovenia at Allegria restaurant trying several different traditional Slovenian dishes including wine, mains and dessert. As like the Bosnian cuisine we tried at Sarajevo 84 this was our very first time to try Slovenian cuisine and we were excited and eager to dig right in. The following list is the food items we tried at the restaurant including the local names from the menu:

1) Slovenian carniolan sausage (kranjska klobasa) with sauerkraut cabbage mashed rooty potatoes
2) Slovenian stuffed pasta (Idrijski žlikrofi) with a lamb ragout (similar to goulash)
3) Slovenian dessert (prekmurska gibanica) a puffed pastry from Prekmurje made with eight different layers including raisins, apples, walnuts, seeds, poppy seeds and cottage cheese
4) Slovenian red wine (Refošk red dry - Vina Koper)

Restaurant in Ljubljana, Slovenia location, contact details & hours:

Restavracija Allegria (Slovenian Cuisine)  
Address: Nazorjeva ulica 8, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia
Hours: Mon-Fri 11AM–11PM, Sat 12–10PM & Sunday 12–5PM
Phone: +386 1 426 74 02

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Slovenian Food Review - Trying traditional Slovenian dishes in Ljubljana, Slovenia Travel Video Transcript:

Well hello hello and welcome to another food video. Today we're having lunch here in Ljubljana so we figured we need to show you what Slovenian food is all about. Now I've never had Slovenian food before ever because I don't think it is really popular outside of Europe but um Sam brought us to Allegria. He spotted this place yesterday so we are here. We've ordered our wine. We've got our basket of bread so let's get to it.

Sam and I both got the same red wine. And what is the biggest surprise with this? Yes, the local red. Biggest surprise is now that we've had two restaurant meals here in Ljubljana is that they typically serve the red wine chilled.

The food arrived pretty quickly so let me show you my dish first. I ordered the grilled Slovenian sausage (kranjska klobasa) with sauerkraut or cabbage and this kind of like purple-y potato so let's just dig right in. Look it is like a double sausage actually. It looks big. Let's divide it. Big and juicy.

It is a really nice way to be starting our Slovenian cuisine experience. Yeah, and now we're moving on to what Sam ordered.

Sam is going in for the Idrijski žlikrofi I believe it is called.

Yes. We could totally be butchering it. And inside is basically pork, herbs and onions.

And it comes with a lamb ragout. It looks so good. I'm making sure to get a bit of lamb.

This is just so good. Such hearty food. Yeah? Again not spicy at all though. It is just like kind of that comfort savory food. And I really like the pasta. It is actually quite densely stuffed.

Well dessert has arrived. It sure has. Here before us we have a traditional Slovenian dessert (prekmurska gibanica) whose name I cannot pronounce. But I can tell you the ingredients. It is basically kind of like a puffed pastry like with lots of little crispy layers and inside it has apples, cottage cheese, walnuts and sometimes it can have raisins. It also has poppyseed and it has all been dusted with a little bit of icing sugar.

Another very filling meal here in Ljubljana, Slovenia. I have to say.. And in terms of price point that came to 28 Euros so that included two glasses of red wine, two mains and a dessert to share. It is packed outside and it is packed inside so it is a great restaurant. I'd highly recommend coming here in Ljubljana.

This is part of our Travel in Slovenia video series showcasing Slovenian food, Slovenian culture and Slovenian cuisine.

This is part of our Travel in the Balkans video series showcasing Balkan food, Balkan culture and Balkan cuisine.

'Hep Cats' music in this video courtesy of 'Kevin Macleod' from ( under a creative commons license.

8 Things to Do in Ljubljana, Slovenia with Kids

8 Things to Do in Ljubljana, Slovenia with Kids

See more details on the blog:
After a month in Ljubljana, Slovenia, we feel confident in listing 8 of the many things to do with kids. There's much more that can be found to do and it is an amazingly beautiful, sedate, walkable, and friendly city. English is ubiquitous which makes the museums easy and the cakes are delicious. Take your time and enjoy the whole experience.

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Ljubljana Slovenia / Things to do in Ljubljana / Places to see in Ljubljana / Travel Slovenia

Ljubljana is the capital city of Slovenia.These are the places that you have to visit while in the city.Exploring Ljubljana the city of Dragons!

Prešeren Square = is the central square in Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia. It is part of the old town's pedestrian zone .

The Robba Fountain - known as the Fountain of the Three Carniolan Rivers, is the fountain that stands in front of Ljubljana Town Hall at Town Square in Ljubljana.

Dragon Bridge - a bridge that features famous dragon statues.

Butchers' Bridge= a footbridge crossing the river Ljubljanica in Ljubljana.

Ljubljana Castle - is located just above the city, on top of a hill. The castle can be reached on foot or by taking the tram.Here, you can have an amazing views of Ljubljana and its surroundings.

Ljubljana Cathedral

Note: This video was taken before the pandemic.Cette vidéo a été prise avant la pandémie.

Ljubljana Slovénie

Ljubljana est la capitale de la Slovénie, ce sont les endroits que vous devez visiter en ville.

Place Prešeren = est la place centrale de Ljubljana, la capitale de la Slovénie. Il fait partie de la zone piétonne de la vieille ville.

La fontaine Robba - connue sous le nom de fontaine des trois fleuves carnioliens, est la fontaine qui se trouve en face de la mairie de Ljubljana sur la place de la ville de Ljubljana.

Dragon Bridge - un pont qui comporte de célèbres statues de dragon.

Pont des bouchers = une passerelle traversant la rivière Ljubljanica à Ljubljana.

Château de Ljubljana - est situé juste au-dessus de la ville, au sommet d'une colline. Le château est accessible à pied ou en tramway, où vous aurez une vue imprenable sur Ljubljana et ses environs.

Ljubljana Slovenia
Things to do in Ljubljana
Places to see in Ljubljana
Travel Slovenia
Ljubljana Slovénie
Activités à Ljubljana
Ljubljana: les meilleures activités
Voyage en Slovénie

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5 things you HAVE to do in Ljubljana ????????

Ljubljana is surprisingly underrated when it comes to city breaks in Europe, despite Slovenia bordering popular tourists hotspots such as Italy and Croatia.

But you should definitely visit the Slovenian capital at least once in your life, and if you’re looking for inspiration, here are five things you have to do in Ljubljana.

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Ljubljana Slovenia 4K | Things to do in Ljubljana

Ljubljana is the capital of the Slovenia with about 300k inhabitants. It is one of the smallest European capitals. It is one of the cleanest and greenest cities. It has been part of the Roman, Byzantine, Austro-Hungarian empires and was also under Yogoslavia.
Since it is a small city, one day should be enough to visit the key places/highlights.
In the video we have visited the following places:
1. Tivoli park
2. Ljubljana center featuring Prešeren square, Triple bridge, Dragon bridge, the cathedral, central market, congress square.
3. Ljubljana castle

The city depicts very nice architecture and gives you a serene feeling.


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Things to do in Ljubljana, Slovenia

Once you've done Ljubljana Castle try some of the other sights of this great city in Slovenia - a river cruise for 10€ (plus a free drink), stroll through Tivoli park and continue up to the little pink church on the hill at Rožnik, relax in the botanical gardens and enjoy afternoon tea at the 'teehouse'.

Get the lowdown on other things to do in Ljubljana in my blog post:


Things to Do in Ljubljana

Ljubljana, the beautiful and interesting capital city of Slovenia is one of the hidden gems of Europe. It’s a perfect location for those seeking something new and unique.

The city has transformed in recent years and is definitely worth a visit. If it’s not already on your European city bucket list, it should be.

Ljubljana is perfect for a long weekend with great transport connections and accommodation options. In the video we'll give you some travel tips on what to see and do around the city of Ljubljana.

What to do in Ljubljana, Slovenia in one day

We love discovering hidden gems within a city and traveling to not so famous destinations. Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia, in a way is a hidden gem in Europe. 

Ljubljana to me is a mix between Venice and a Eastern European city and you can visit and have a full experience in a day, also from Ljubljana you can make several day trips, as it is in the center of this small country as well as close to other places such as Vienna, Venice, Budapest, Bratislava, and Zagreb. 

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Our Favourite Things To Do In Ljubljana, Slovenia

Had such an amazing time visiting pretty Ljubljana. Here are our favourite things to do in Ljubljana Slovenia. Read more about our trip on our blog:

Other Ljubljana and Slovenia articles:

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What to do in Ljubljana (on a budget) - 2021 - 4K Travel Ideas

Ljubljana is the capital of Slovenia and somewhere that I believe is hugely overlooked as somewhere to visit. I ended up staying a week here and it was fantastic.

1 - Presernov Square
2 - Free Walking Tours -
3 - Ljubljana Castle
4 - River and Boat Tours
5 - Ljubljana Local Market
6 - Fresh Milk Dispensers
7 - Trubarjeva Street
8 - Street Events
9 - Food
10 - Free Taxi Buggy

In this video I talk about what to do in Ljubljana and show you a glimpse at what the picturesque city looks like.

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Ljubljana Open Kitchen (Things to do in Ljubljana, Slovenia part 1)

Looking for things to do in Ljubljana, Slovenia. Ljubljana Open Kitchen is a great choice for the summer.

Every sunny Friday throughout summer, Ljubljana hosts the open kitchen (Odprta Kuhna). It’s on between 10 AM and 9 PM, and until 10 PM in the summer, Pogačarjev trg in Ljubljana’s old town.

The Ljubljana Open Kitchen is a weekly food market dedicated to showcasing the best restaurants, the best chefs and the best food & drink from all over Slovenia. All food is freshly prepared there and then.

The event has been running since 2013 and every year gets more and more popular.
The food is not limited to Slovenian cuisine though; you’ll find culinary delights from all around the world, served up by some the best international restaurants in Slovenia.
There is something for everyone, from meat lovers to vegans and organic food.

Check out some of the great wines, spirits and craft beers also on offer.

Located here:

More info on their website:

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Ljubljana, Slovenia, tourist attraction and things to do

Ljubljana is the capital and largest city of Slovenia. The landmarks of the city are Prešeren Square (where the Franciscan Church of the Annunciation is located), the Ljubljana Castle, the Town Hall and the Ljubljana Cathedral. Also you must see the Dragon statue, on the Dragon Bridge.

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