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Ljubljana Vacation Travel Guide | Expedia


Ljubljana Vacation Travel Guide | Expedia

Step into the narrow streets of the town center, where instead of traffic you’ll hear bicycle bells, and instead of gridlock you’ll find riverbanks lined with cafes, pubs and historic architecture.

Ride the funicular to Ljubljana Castle, a beloved landmark that has been standing above the city for more than 900 years.Then head toPreseren Square, named after France Preseren, whose poem “A Toast” became the country’s national anthem.

Stroll to nearbyCongress Squareand Park Zvezda. From here, you can see theUniversity of Ljubljana, one of the largest places of learning in Europe.

Visit the Slovene Philharmonic Orchestra building, one of the world’s oldest musical institutions with famous connections to composers such as Beethoven and Brahms.

Cross the Dragon Bridge, famous for its fearsome dragon statues, who’s tails are said to twitch when a pure and untouched maiden is nearby.

Pick up a free bicycle rental and follow the Jokopic Promenade to the Tivoli Castle and check out the print collection at the International Centre of Graphic Arts.

Immerse yourself in art of a different kind in the Metelkova Mesto, a funky cultural zone, which hosts more than 1500 events each year.

Ljubljana may have taken a dragon as its symbol but unlike that mythical beast, this city is welcoming, warm and delighted to share its treasures with visitors.

For now, we hope you enjoy watching this #travel #guide as much as we enjoyed making it.

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1:26 - Ljubljana
1:50 - Museum of Puppetry
2:08 - Ljubljana River
2:27 - Triple Bridge
2:51 - Preseren Square
3:30 - Franciscan Church
3:48 - Congress Square
4:00 - University of Ljubljana
4:17 - Slovene Philharmonic Orchestra
4:37 - Dragon Bridge
4:55 - Ljubljana Central Market
5:00 - Town Square
5:10 - Tivoli Park
5:27 - Tivoli Castle
5:41 - Metelkova Mesto
6:05 - Cobblers’ Bridge

Ljubljana (Slovenia) Vacation Travel Video Guide

Ljubljana is the capital of the young republic of Slovenia, a city of culture and history, elegance and charm. It is Slovenia’s ‘Florence’ situated between the Alps and the Balkans, the Adriatic and Lake Balaton. The Old Place, with a monument of national poet, Prešeren, is the gateway to the Old Town. With its pink marble façade, the Early Baroque Franciscan Church Of Mary dominates the square. The Dom Church Stolnica was built according to the design of Venetian, Andrea Pozzo in the 17th century. The interior of this Baroque church is quite overwhelming and with great attention to detail. Situated on the four hundred metre high Castle Hill, the Slovenian Acropolis was once inhabited by the Illyrians and Celts. The Roman watchtower later became both a strategic fortress and castle. A triumphal arch marks the entrance to the Žale Cemetery on the northeast edge of the city with a number of fine, richly decorated chapels. Here Jože Plečnik created a masterpiece that represented the transition from the world of the living, to the world of the dead. Columns flank the main path up to Tivoli Castle that was built by the Jesuits in the seventeenth century and soon became a summer residence of the bishops. Romantic lakes with water fowl and pretty flowers embellish the park, once the home of Field Marshal Radetzky. Ljubljana is a city of joie de vivre and pleasure where the Middle Ages, Baroque and Art Nouveau meet with the relaxed lifestyle of the south!

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10 Things to do in Ljubljana, Slovenia Travel Guide

Join as we visit Ljubljana, Slovenia in this travel guide covering some of the best things to do in the city including highlighting the local food and restaurant scene, museums worth visiting, the old town, castle, quirky neighborhoods and more. With a week in Ljubljana, Slovenia we had plenty of time to cover the main attractions in the city along with take some day trips. If you're thinking of visiting a weekend would be enough time for a busy trip but 3-4 days or longer would be more ideal for slower exploration. Now let's explore the capital city of Slovenia together!

10 Things to do in Ljubljana City Tour | Slovenia Travel Guide:'(Slovenija)

Introduction to Ljubljana - 00:01
1) Old Town of Ljubljana at Prešeren Square (Prešernov trg) + Franciscan Church (Frančiškanska cerkev) - 00:39
2) Bridges of Ljubljana = Triple Bridge (Tromostovje) + Love Lock Bridge (Mesarski most) + Dragon Bridge (Zmajski most) - 00:46
3) Ljubljana Central Market (Osrednja ljubljanska tržnica) + Ljubljana Cathedral (ljubljanska stolnica) - 02:59
4) Slovenian Food at Allegria restaurant in Ljubljana - 03:57
5) Ljubljana Castle (Ljubljanski grad - Laibacher Schloss) on Castle Hill - 04:24
6) River Cruise on the Ljubljanica River + Ice Cream (Cacao) - 06:54
7) Metelkova for street art in Ljubljana - 09:14
8) Balkan Food sampling Bosnian Cuisine at restaurant Sarajevo 84 - 10:43
9) Galleries and Museums Ljubljana including The National Gallery of Slovenia (Narodna galerija), the Museum of Modern Art (Moderna galerija), and the National Museum of Slovenia (Narodni muzej Slovenije) - 11:12
10) Tivoli City Park Gardens (Mestni park Tivoli) - 11:39
Outro to Ljubljana- 12:01

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Our visit Ljubljana travel guide documentary covers some of the top attractions including a food guide (Slovene, Balkan and Bosnian), top sightseeing tourist attractions and the city by day including visiting castles, churches, the old town, quirky neighborhoods, museums and along the river. We also cover off-the-beaten-path outdoor activities you won't find in a typical Ljubljana tourism brochure, Ljubljana itinerary or Ljubljana, Slovenia city tour also known as Laibach.

10 Things to do in Ljubljana, Slovenia Travel Guide Video Transcript:

Prešeren Square is a central meeting spot in the heart of the Old Town, so it made sense to start our tour of Ljubljana here. You’ll find the Franciscan Church of the Annunciation, lots of gelato shops, and the baffling bridge we just mentioned.

As for the reasoning behind the Triple Bridge and the famed dragon bridge, which is guarded by four dragons.

Ljubljana’s Central Market is another spot worth checking out.

We needed to sample some Slovenian food so we went to Allegria.
Sam ordered Zlikrofi (zhlee-krofi), a Slovenian dumpling stuffed with potato + lamb goulash along with Slovenian sausage with cabbage & potatoes.

Ljubljana Castle, which sits on Castle Hill overlooking the city. Built as a medieval fortress in the 11th century, Ljubljana Castle has seen many redesigns and renovations. Climb the Outlook Tower for 360 degree views of the city.

There are departures for cruises down the Ljubljanica. We boarded a cruise directly underneath the Love Lock Bridge, which is actually called Mesarski Most. It was our favourite activity in Ljubljana and it was a super relaxed way to watch the city.

Metelkova is home to the best street art.

One place we really enjoyed was Sarajevo 84, a restaurant specializing in Balkan cuisine. The portions massive & everything we ordered was delicious.

We had a feast featuring: grilled meat with pita and onions, baked beans and sausage, roasted peppers, and a flaky pastry stuffed with cheese. It only came to 23 Euros.

Speaking of galleries and museums, a few you’ll find include: the National Gallery, the Museum of Modern Art, and the National Museum of Slovenia.

We finished off at Tivoli, which is the largest park in Ljubljana.

And that’s it for our time in Ljubljana. Our visit was short, tasty, and relaxing, and we’re really glad we made some time to visit this underrated capital.

Now you guys know the drill; if there are any other things to do in Ljubljana that we may have missed in this travel guide, feel free to share your suggestions with fellow travellers below.

This is part of our Travel in Slovenia video series showcasing Slovenian food, Slovenian culture and Slovenian cuisine.

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Things To Do In LJUBLJANA Slovenia | Ljubljana Travel Guide

Things To Do In LJUBLJANA Slovenia. Ljubljana Travel Guide. I’m Rok and I’ve spent last 8 years travelling around Europe as a tour guide and I want to show you my favourite 10 Things To Do In Ljubljana. If you think to visit Ljubljana, green and clean capital city of Slovenia, you should visit these top 10 attractions in Ljubljana.

Ljubljana 2021 My Top 10 Things To Do:
00:00 Intro
00:43 Skyscraper
02:03 Central market
03:10 Tivoli Park
04:32 Church of St. Michael
06:17 Congress Square
08:00 Dragon Bridge
09:29 Ljubljana Cathedral
10:44 Preseren Sq. & Triple Bridge
12:14 Old Town
13:24 Ljubljana Castle

My Other Ljubljana videos:
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Can You Afford LJUBLJANA?! - Ljubljana Prices & Travel Costs -

If you have any questions about Ljubljana, just leave them in the comment section. Also share your thoughts, your ideas and your experience about Ljubljana.
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Ljubljana (Slovenia) Vacation Travel Video Guide

Travel Video about Destination Ljubljana in Slovenia.

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Ljubljana, Slovenia: Happy Hodgepodge - Rick Steves Europe Travel Guide - Travel Bite

Watch the full episode: Being the midpoint between the Slavic, Germanic, and Italian worlds gives Ljubljana a special spice. This tiny town has only about a quarter-million people, but it's by far the country's largest city, cultural capital, and a charming place to kick off any Slovenian trip. More info about travel to Ljubljana: #ricksteves #ricksteveseurope #ljubljana

Visit for more information about this destination and other destinations in Europe.

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Ljubljana, Slovenia - Travel Guide

Welcome to Ljubljana, Slovenia for Day 2, of my Travel in Europe by Train adventure. Today, we explore this beautiful city, and visit the Triple Bridge, Ljubljana Castle and Central Market. Hope you enjoy the video as much as I did creating it.

Thank you for watching my travel vlogs and your support.




Lake Bled Travel Guide | Day Trip from Ljubljana, Slovenia

Join us as we visit Lake Bled in this travel guide as a day trip from Ljubljana, Slovenia where we cover the top things to do in Lake Bled including visiting the castle by foot and island by boat trip. Just slightly over an hour by bus and roughly 45 minutes by car Lake Bled is easily accessible from Ljubljana.

With most attractions clustered around the lake a perfect way to spend a day visiting Lake Bled is to walk around the lake, visit Bled Castle, eat local cake and have a leisurely lunch along with taking a boat trip out to the island. All of this can be done in a day allowing you to return to Ljubljana in the early evening.

Let's find out what makes Lake Bled one of the most popular day trips for visitors traveling in Slovenia.

Lake Bled in other languages:

Slovenian: blejsko jezero - blejski grad - blejski otok
German: bleder see - veldeser see - burg veldes

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Lake Bled Travel Guide | Day Trip from Ljubljana, Slovenia Video Transcript:

Lake Bled is probably the most popular day trip you can take from Ljubljana. This is a lake that sits on the Julian Alps, and in the middle of the lake you have a small island with a church - it’s about as picturesque as it gets and it draws massive crowds, but first, the journey there.

Bled Castle is a medieval castle that was built on a cliff rising 130 meters over Lake Bled. According to written sources, this is the oldest castle in Slovenia, first being mentioned in a document from the year 1011. The castle is set up around two courtyards which are connected with a staircase. Once you’re there, you can visit the chapel, check out some of the exhibits, watch a demonstration at the castle forge, or eat at the castle coffee shop or restaurant.

After the castle visit, we hiked back down and started our walk along Lake Bled because we were still feeling pretty stuffed from lunch. Little did we know this would take us several hours to complete.

After eating our slice of Bled Cream Cake, or Kremsnita, it was finally time to arrange a boat ride to Bled Island. While you can rent your own row boat to take out on the island, we chose to pay the 14 Euros per person to have someone else do the hard work. However, if you’re with a group of friends or travelling with family, it’s definitely cheaper to just rent a boat and row it yourself.

Bled Island is very small and it got pretty crowded even though it was low season. Forty minutes turned out to be plenty of time to climb up, have a look around, and enjoy some ice cream.

Now one last piece of advice: we visited in the off-season and at the end of the day, we found out there were not enough buses to transport everyone from Lake Bled back to Ljubljana.

We weren’t able to get on one bus because it was full, so we waited an hour and a half for the next one. By then, more day-trippers like us had gathered, and once again, not everyone could get on the bus, leaving a lot of people stranded, having to find a taxi or other alternative.

There was a lot of pushing and shoving, and many visitors with prepaid tickets were visibly upset.

Because our bus was full, this also meant that even though there were several scheduled stops on the way back to Ljubljana, we couldn’t pick up any passengers along the way, many of them who had been waiting for hours.

Lake Bled has experienced a boom in tourism, but the infrastructure to transport people hasn’t quite caught up yet. After a nice day visiting Bled, getting out of there proved to be very chaotic and stressful. Hopefully things will change in the future, but until then, know that leaving at the end can be tricky.

This is part of our Travel in Slovenia video series showcasing Slovenian food, Slovenian culture and Slovenian cuisine.

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Ljubljana, Slovenia travel guide

Ljubljana Slovenia travel guide, Ljubljana Slovenia travel vlog, Ljubljana Slovenia tourism & vacations
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A local’s guide to Ljubljana, Slovenia: top 10 tips
In one of Europe’s greenest cities, visitors stroll pedestrianised streets or hop into electric taxis to discover modernist and medieval architecture, fantastic food and microbreweries

Toast the Alps

Though it’s modest by modern standards (13 storeys and 70 metres tall), Nebotičnik was the first “skyscraper” in Yugoslavia, and the ninth-tallest building in Europe when it opened in 1933. Architect Vladimir Šubic was inspired by the art deco skyscrapers of New York, though more conservative residents dismissed it as a “freak”. Today, the wraparound rooftop terrace cafe offers impressive views of the Alps to the north and Ljubljana Castle, just a few blocks away. Access is via a lobby clad in black marble and a spiral staircase. At the top, you can enjoy Slovenian wines – try Rebula, a buttery white, still or sparkling.

Hipster heaven

Ljubljana is no stranger to topiaried beards and artful tattoos, and you can explore its alternative side by strolling down Trubarjeva ulica, where Trubarjeva Antikvariat sells pieces of Yugo-nostalgia, such as busts and portraits of Tito, or industrial-design classics like the sleek, Lamborghini-red ETA 85 rotary telephone designed in 1979 by Davorin Savnik and made by Iskra. Reminiscent of a race car, this phone was produced in the millions and was a staple on the walls of Yugoslav homes – today one is on display at New York’s Museum of Modern Art.

Countercultural haven

For clubbing, the Metelkova district is graffiti-laden but entirely safe and welcoming. Once a complex of barracks for the Austro-Hungarian and, later, Yugoslav armies, it is now home to bars, nightclubs and a former prison-turned-hostel. Its new life began as a squatters’ settlement on 25 June 1991, the day Slovenia declared independence from Yugoslavia. In 2005, Metelkova became part of a national cultural heritage list, but it remains on the edge of the law – raising its own funds, largely through concerts – and is the best place to go for friendly, alternative nightlife.

World-class cuisine

JB, a restaurant on the ground floor of a Plečnik building (see below) that resembles a modernised Greek temple, has been the epitome of fine dining in the region since the 1990s. World renowned chef Janez Bratovž was the first to introduce dishes such as fish carpaccio and rare steak to a culinary culture that was used to well-done cutlets in cream sauce. Not long ago, he served his signature ravioli with pistachio, chestnut, pear and foie gras to Ferran Adrià and the pope (though not at the same event). Michelin does not yet have a guide to Slovenia, though it’s rumoured to be in the pipeline – and JB will surely be up for a star. It is reasonably priced for a restaurant of that level: the six-course fish or meat menu is €60 and the vegetarian version €50; the 12-course tasting menu is €95.

Street food

On Fridays from March until the end of October, the central market features a huge outdoor food fair called Odprta Kuhna (Open Kitchen), which can draw as many as 25,000 people. Founded by Israeli expat Lior Kochavy, it is the best way to sample a wide variety of specialities, as dozens of restaurants, from fancy to down-home, set up stands and offer food truck-style dishes. This is where you can try JB’s take on a burger made with dry-aged brisket (€6); a pulled duck and red cabbage sandwich – a street twist on a popular St Martin’s Day meal; and šmorn, an Austro-Hungarian shredded pancake topped with compôte (€3). For the most Slovenian of snacks, try Klobasarna, behind the cathedral, which offers only Carniolian sausage, a geographically protected local pork sausage served with a pot of mustard and a warm roll (half €3.50, whole €5.90). This is probably the only speciality sausage to have been consumed in space, as an American astronaut with Slovenian roots, Sunita Williams, took some to the International Space Station.

A Kanye-inspired tour
In November 2018, Kanye West tweeted to his 29 million followers about a rather obscure Slovenian modernist architect called Jože Plečnik (1872-1957).

Surreal shopping
A stroll through Tržnice, the central market, designed by Plečnik, should begin at Marjetka’s sauerkraut stand. She’s the only sauerkraut seller with a queue, and locals will tell you that it’s because her family is among the last in the country to cultivate indigenous Ljubljana cabbage, which makes the best sauerkraut. You can also pick up a bottle of – wait for it –sauerkraut juice, which is good for stomach complaints, and is also surprisingly refreshing. Follow the gently curved colonnade to visit stalls featuring pumpkinseed oil, made from an indigenous pumpkin type, Styriaca, that’s good in salads and even vanilla ice-cream.

Ljubljana in 5 minutes ???????? a secret top destination in Europe

Ljubljana is one of the secret top destinations in Europe. The city Ljubljana is the green capital of Slovenia. Beautiful parks, a historic cityscape and youthful energy - we take you on a short trip.

The old town of Ljubljana is clearly arranged and very beautiful. Here you will find an interesting mix of Mediterranean and German influences, since the city has belonged to Germany, Italy, and the former Yugoslavia. Prešeren Square is the heart of the historic city center. The pink facade of the Franciscan Church is very striking and unusual, and is probably the most famous image of Ljubljana.

Ljubljana is the city of dragons. There is even a Dragon Carnival every winter. The Dragon Bridge is well known. A few meters away are the Three Bridges. The Ljubljana Castle is one of the highlights. It takes only three minutes by funicular, but we recommend a walk. Metelkova is the alternative cultural center of Ljubljana.

By the way, the city has love already written in its name. The Slovenian word ljubljena means the beloved in English.

Slovenia has much more to offer than Ljubljana. On a round trip you can discover many highlights in the whole country in just one week. Watch our video: Slovenia in 5 minutes.

On our website you will find many articles about places worth seeing all over the world. For Ljubljana click here:

#theTravellers #slovenia #ljubljana

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LJUBLJANA, SLOVENIA | First Impressions of this beautiful city!

Join us today as we discover Ljubljana, Slovenia!

In this video we explore the magical old town of Ljubljana in Slovenia. The pedestrian only old town is full of charming squares, great restaurants, and beautiful architecture. We enjoyed walking up to the castle to take in the views, having a drink by the river, and went to the Druga Violina for dinner.

Thanks for watching!

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Ljubljana: Top Things To Do & See

In this video, we are exploring Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia and one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. We also share our favourite things to do and see in Ljubljana, including visiting Ljubljana Castle and the Dragon Bridge.

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Ljubljana | Europe's Most Underrated City! Slovenia Vlog

Today we explore one of Europe's most underrated cities - Ljubljana in Slovenia! Here is things you need to do during a visit to Ljubljana.

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We visited Ljubljana, the MOST UNDERRATED capital in Europe!

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We spent 2 days exploring in and around Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia. In this video we will show you why Ljubljana is probably the most underrated capital in Europe and why you should travel there!

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LJUBLJANA, the Capital of Slovenia: Is It Worth Visiting?

Exploring the lovely little city of Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia.
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LJUBLJANA, the Capital of Slovenia: Is It Worth Visiting?

Ljubljana: What NOT to Do in Ljubljana, Slovenia

The don'ts of visiting Ljubljana, Slovenia. Ljubljana is the capital of the gorgeous country of Slovenia that a number of tourists miss. Here we go through what to do in Ljubljana and what NOT to do in Ljubljana. So here are the tourist mistakes and don'ts of visiting Ljubljana, Slovenia.
Filmed in Ljubljana, Slovenia
Copyright Mark Wolters 2021

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Before You Go To LJUBLJANA, Watch This | Post Lockdown Ljubljana Tips!

Before You Go To Ljubljana Slovenia, Watch This. Post Lockdown Ljubljana Travel Tips. I’m Rok and I’ve spent last 9 years travelling around Europe as a tour guide. I want to share with you my Ljubljana Travel Tips to help you plan Your tip to Ljubljana, Slovenia. In this Ljubljana travel guide we will cover: when is the best time to visit Ljubljana? How many days to plan in Ljubljana? Where to Stay? How To Get Around the city? How safe is Ljubljana? And much more.

Ljubljana Trip Planner:
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Come Taste Ljubljana - Travel Guide (Slovenia)

This video will give you a glimpse of the culture and beauty that Ljubljana, Slovenia has to offer.

For more information on Ljubljana please checkout the Visit Ljubljana website

Locations/Activities in film
Barka Ljubljanica (river boat tour)
Špajza Restaurant
Preseren Square
Triple Bridge (Tromostovje)
Franciscan Church (Franciskanska Cerkev)
Tivoli Park
Open Kitchen Food Market
Ljubljana Central Market
Dragon Bridge (Zmajski Most)
Vodnik Square (Vodnikov trg)
Ljubljana Castle (Castello di Lubiana)
Town Hall (Magistrat)
Ljubljana Castle Funicular
Cankerjevo Nabrezje
Shoemaker's Bridge (Cevljarski Most)
Fountain of Three Carniolan Rivers (Vodnjak treh kranjskih rek)
Dancers of Zidana Marela's Traditional Slovenian Evening Tour

Visit Ljubljana, the capital city of Slovenia, and explore the places in its surroundings.

Besides having everything that all the other modern capitals have, Ljubljana succeeded in maintaining the relaxed atmosphere of a small city. This picturesque and very vibrant city is full of surprises. The region that besides Ljubljana comprises 25 other municipalities is noted for its traditional hospitality, diverse nature, nice towns, castles, quality traditional restaurants and village churches with their rich artistic legacy.

The Central Slovenia is the place where the alpine and karst landscapes meet. Thus, various unique natural and cultural particularities were created. Some of these are the Ljubljana Marshes, an area of wetlands and peat bogs known for its prehistoric pile dwellers and for its rare animal and vegetal species, the high mountain plateau Velika planina situated in the Kamnik Alps, noted for its ski centre and for being the oldest dairy herdsmen’s settlement in Europe, interesting subterranean caves, karstic fields and the mysterious forests of the Polhov Gradec and Posavje hills that abound with tourist farms.

You will definitely not be bored. The various cultural events are marked by the richness of the tradition as well as by the modern creativity. Forests, rivers and lakes offer great possibilities of an active holiday in the open air. You can choose between hiking, cycling, exploring the nature, hunting, fishing and during the winter, also between skiing and cross-country skiing. There are also some well-maintained golf courses.

Ljubljana and the Central Slovenia region are a perfect destination for relaxed and active holidays.


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Slovenija (Europe) Vacation Travel Video Guide

Travel video about destination Slovenija.
Slovenia is a Central European country at the geographical intersection of three worlds, the Alps, the Mediterranean and the Pannonian Basin. Ljubljana is the capital of this young republic. The Old Place is considered to be the gateway to the Old Town which possesses grace, soul and charm. The Early Baroque Franciscan Church Of Mary was built in the middle of the seventeenth century and boasts a monumental main altar. In this area of the city, the Middle Ages meet with both Baroque and Art Nouveau. Our journey through the Triglav National Park begins on the northern edge of the triangular border of Slovenia, Italy and Austria, in Kranjska Gora, the best known and most well equipped ski resort in Slovenia. The Slap Peričnik in Sava Valley is one of the area’s many waterfalls and clearly demonstrates the mighty power of water. Where the foothills of the Alps descend to the Pannonian Basin, the longest underground cave railway in the world leads to the largest show cave in Slovenia. Postojnska Jama, a wonderworld of nature. For millions of years, large masses of water and the composition of the rock, have created this remarkable system of caves. Further south below the village of Škocjan is one of the most important cave systems in the world, the Škocjan Caves into which the Reka River has dug deep into the limestone. Here, nature has created a mysterious underground world: a labyrinth of caves, corridors and halls, decorated with stalactites of various shapes and sizes. In the middle of the barren karst landscape near Trieste is a wonderful forest and the world famous Lipica Horse Stud, since 1580 the original home of the Lipizzaner, and a sprawling estate where the famous white horses are bred, raised and trained. Romantic towns and mediaeval fortresses, mountains, caves, waterfalls and lakes, Slovenia is a secret treasure situated in the heart of Europe!

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Ljubljana Vacation Travel Guide

Ljubljana. It’s a city with more J’s in the name than we think it should have and home to the coolest water fountain we’ve ever seen. It’s history is impressive, and spans back to prehistoric times.

The castle is the main landmark. It's been built and rebuilt several times over the centuries. It has been used for everything from royal residences to military barracks to a prison. For the first part of the 20th century, it fell into disrepair and was used mainly as housing for the poor. In the 1960’s, extensive renovation work began and it is now an impressive tourist attraction. Not only are the views the best you’ll find in the city, but the main courtyard is used for cultural events like evening concerts and the interior rooms house various museums. While we visited they also had an impressive exhibition by Slovenian costume designer Alan Hranitelj.

And that vine at the end of the video - It’s the “daughter” of the oldest vine in the world that still produces grapes. It was grown from a cutting that was given to the City of Ljubljana by the City of Maribor in 1990, where the record-breaking vine, now more than 400 years old, can be found.

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