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Livingston Izabal/ Puerto Barrios, Guatemala Tour


Livingston Guatemala

On arrival in Livingston Guatemala and after getting checked into our hotel the Villa Caribe we decided to take a walk around the town of Livingston.

Caribbean Playa Blanca Beach Livingston Guatemala

Caribbean Playa Blanca Beach Livingston Guatemala. A tropical paradise in Playa Blanca, Izabal. White sand, clear waters, sun and palm trees...a perfect combination por a perfect relax. Playa Blanca is a white sand beach, something different from the rest of places with black sand due to the volcanic nature of Guatemala. Guatemala is full of beauties, trust me, Playa Blanca is the place to be and is very diferent because of it's white sand.
“get a calendar and make time por traveling to Playa Blanca”. Thanks God I have met many places from Guatemala and it is imposible to create a list of the top ten or top 20, I´ve seen incomparable and wonderful landscapes, since I am not a beach and sand guy, Playa Blanca has made me think deeply about it. If you are reading this in your office, the internet café or you place, I can asure you, once you visit Playa Blanca in Izabal, you’ll experience a feeling of guiltness por those days you have spent watching tv at home, there many marvelous places in our country, nothing to envy from places around the world.
Is it located in Izabal and watching the white sand with the clear water it is amazing. If you are a beach boy or girl, and you like the sun and palm trees and you haven´t been here….you ´re missing it.

To get there you have to take the atlantic road, passing for “el rancho” keep straight until Puerto Barrios Izabal, estimated traveling time to his point from the city 3 hours and half. Once you´re there you have to take a boat, if you travel by bus, you have to walk like ten blocks from the bus station or you can take a cab, if you travel by car, there are places near the dock where you can leave the car, the rates are reasonable.

The estimated time of boat travel is 30 minutes to Livingston where you can find hotels according to your needs, there are places to eat, there is a Bar at the end of the street where you can see the locals dancing “punta” a traditional dance of the place, but there are all kind of music .
To get to playa blanca you have to take another boat, the cost per person is Q90, there is no schedule for this, there must be at least 8 people to go to Playa Blanca or if there are less persons you can arreange the price with the pilot of the boat. Usually this trips last 4-6 hours, in Playa Blanca there are not hotels, but they have one nice local restouran, and you can try delicious food!
Many people could think that this is not Guatemala, but get real, it is... The first reaction from local people when they see the pictures is “where is that?” and when they hear the answer the second one is : “for real???” and the third reaction is: “i want to go there” and of course, we advice you to do it.
If you think that the place is kinda far away... if you depart in the morning, without getting up to early , you’ll be there for lunch and there are cheap places to eat... to expensive? If you take a bus, the cost of the ticket is Q40 and the buses are comfortable, I have traveled in one of them. If you bring your car, it will depend on the performance of your car, in our case is was quite good…so instead of thinking for excuses for not going, think how to get there, and if you still don´t know how, see the pictures, something will come, it is worth it.

Bring a friend, or your future girlfriend if she still making her mind up, you will make a good impression. If it is a family trip it is more expensive the it is something the will remember, and course don´t forget your camera.

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Streets of Puerto Barrios, Guatemala GoPro 1080p

Exploring the colourful streets of Puerto Barrios, Guatemala 2019. Puerto Barrios is a city located within the Gulf of Honduras. The bay in which the harbour is located is called Bahia de Amatique. It is Guatemala's main Caribbean Sea port, together with its more modern twin port town just to the southwest, Santo Tomás de Castilla. Among the many nearby tourist attractions are the Mayan ruins of Quirigua and Castle of San Felipe de Lara. Shots were taken with GoPro Hero 7 Black 1080p HD.

Tour a playa blanca ???? y 7 altares. Izabal, Rio Dulce. Viaje maravilloso????. Guatemala ????????

Este es un tour a playa blanca y 7 altares, desde Rio dulce, hospedaje en hotel viñas del lago,es un paseo maravilloso los invitamos a todos a conecer estos maravillosos lugares.
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Top 5 Best Hotels in Livingston, Guatemala - sorted by Rating Guests

Hotel Villa Caribe
Calle Pricipal Barrio el Centro, Livingston Izabal, Livingston, Izabal, 01001, Guatemala
Beach hotel in Livingston with beach shuttle, outdoor pool
Free WiFi

Hotel Salvador Gaviota
Aldea Quehueche, Livingston, Izabal, 18002, Guatemala
Livingston beachfront hotel with restaurant
Free WiFi in the lobby

Catalina Guity Place
Barrio, Minerva, Livingston, Izabal Department, Guatemala
Livingston guestrooms with patios


Tenamit Maya
Aldea Cayo Quemado, Livingston, Izabal, 18002, Guatemala
3-star beachfront hotel in Livingston with restaurant
Free full breakfast and free WiFi in the lobby

Amatique Bay Resort & Marina
14 Calle Final, Finca Pichilingo, Puerto Barrios, Izabal, Guatemala
Puerto Barrios beachfront hotel with 2 restaurants, outdoor pool
Free parking

Guatemala vlog pt 1 | @thefinestbbw

This video includes scenery of Livingston, Izabal, Puerto Barrios, and Gaviota. Hope you enjoy ????.

Rio Dulce, Livingston, Santo Tomas Guatemala Tour - DJI Spark Drone and iPhone X / Smooth-Q Gimbal

Rio Dulce, Livingston, Santo Tomas de Castilla Guatemala Tour - DJI Spark Drone and iPhone X / Zhiyan Smooth-Q Gimbal

Izabal Tour

Gracias por considerarnos una opción para visitar el caribe Guatemalteco, como lo es Playa Blanca, Punta de Palma, Siete altares y Livingston, en donde podrás pasar un fin de semana en playas de arena blanca y visitar pozas de agua cristalina, hospedarte en un bello hotel.

Guatemala - Livingston (2012) Part 6

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Guatemala - Livingston
Livingston is the name of a town in Izabal Department, eastern Guatemala, at the mouth of the Río Dulce at the Gulf of Honduras. The town (whose name is occasionally adapted into Spanish orthography as Lívingston) serves as the municipal seat of the municipality of the same name. It was Guatemala's main port on the Caribbean Sea before the construction of nearby Puerto Barrios.
Livingston is noted for its unusual mix of Garífuna, Afro-Caribbean, Maya and Ladino people and culture. In recent decades Livingston has developed a large tourist industry.
Livingston is named after American jurist and politician Edward Livingston who wrote the Livingston Codes which were used as the basis for the laws of the liberal government of the United Provinces of Central America in the early 19th century.
Boats run several times a day from Puerto Barrios, and twice a week on Tuesdays and Fridays from Punta Gorda, Belize. Boats also run every morning from Livingston to Punta Gorda. However, due to collusion between boat owners, the fares are much higher than passage from Puerto Barrios. Another boat communicates Livingston with the town of Río Dulce, and runs every day. All access is via watercraft since there is no road link to the rest of Guatemala.
The Mayan language Q'eqchi' is spoken in Livingston, as is the Garifuna language. The school Luba Awanselula located near the cemetery gives classes in English and Garifuna.Wikipedia

Livingston Guatemala via drone

Livingston, department Izabal, is located at the Carribean coast of Guatemala. Founded 1831 it has a poblation of 61,000 people. Livingston is located at the end of the river Rio Dulce (Sweet River) with a wonderful view towards the coast and the river. It is part of the Mayan world, actually called Corazon del Mundo Maya - heart of the mayan world. The video was taken in 4K Ultra HD with a drone - DJI Phantom 3 Professional.

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TOUR CHAPIN ruta a Puerto Barrios Izabal vol.1

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Guatemágica | Livingston La Buga

Garifuna Culture - Livingston, Guatemala

Exploring the Guatemalan Port City of Livingston.
I meet up with Diana from Antojitos Los Tres Garifunas.
The Garifuna's are one of five cultural groups in Livingston.
They are the descendants of West African slaves shipwrecked on St Vincent, who interbred with the local Carib and Arawak people. When the British took over St Vincent from the French, they exiled the Garifuna. The Garifuna now populate the Belize, Guatemalan and Honduras Caribbean Coast.
I speak with Diana about Guifitti, a medicinal alcoholic tonic made up of sixteen different herbal roots. It is believed to be a 'cure all'.
I also show you the 'ghost hotel' I am staying in that is currently being renovated. As repairs are under way, I'm one of the few guests.



Guatemala Livingston Rue de Livingston Avenida principal de Livingston Livingston main street

Livingston ist eine Kleinstadt an der Karibikküste Guatemalas. Sie ist Verwaltungssitz der gleichnamigen Großgemeinde im Departamento Izabal

Livingston is the name of a town in Izabal Department, eastern Guatemala, at the mouth of the Río Dulce at the Gulf of Honduras.

Livingston es un municipio guatemalteco del departamento de Izabal, situado a 65 kilómetros de la cabecera departamental Puerto Barrios. Livingston está poblado principalmente por habitantes de la etnia garífuna, que se situaron a mediados del siglo XVIII, hoy es uno de principales atractivos turísticos del país

Livingston est une ville de l'extrême est du Guatemala située sur le bord de la mer des Caraïbes, à l'embouchure du Rio Dulce sur le golfe du Honduras.

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Tour Izabal 2018, 2da parte.

Viaje turístico a varios puntos de Izabal con los amigos.

1.- Castillo de San Felipe
2.- Finca El Paraíso
3.- El Malecon Puerto Barrios
4.- Siete Altares
5.- Playa Blanca
6.- Livingston
7.- Viaje relámpago a Semuc Champey

Con la 1ra y 2da parte, ese ☝️es el listado de los lugares que visitamos.

¡Que viva la aventura! ✌️????✌️

Camino para Livingston, Izabal en Guatemala!

El dia que llegamos a Livingston era el dia que la gente estaba descansando haha! Nos contaron que habian tenido demaciadas fiestas y que estaban reccuperando para el nuevo ano ( o sea el dia siguiente de nuestra visita!) XD haha!


Visitando puerto barrios y livingston

Hola amigos!!!
Hoy les traemos un video para que conoscas un poco de Puerto Barrios y Livingston.

Puerto Barrios es un municipio y cabecera del departamento de Izabal, en la República de Guatemala. Está ubicado a orillas de la Bahía interna de Santo Tomás, en la Bahía de Amatique en el Mar Caribe. La cabecera municipal se llama Puerto Barrios, tiene categoría de ciudad y es una de las más importantes en Guatemala, debido a sus actividades comerciales por ser el principal puerto en la costa atlántica guatemalteca.

Livingston es un municipio guatemalteco del departamento de Izabal, situado a 65 kilómetros por vía terrestre y aproximadamente 15 kilómetros por vía acuática de la cabecera departamental Puerto Barrios. Livingston está poblado principalmente por habitantes de la etnia garífuna, que se situaron a mediados del siglo xviii, y es uno de los principales atractivos turísticos del país; posee una gastronomía única de la región, sus principales platillos son el Rice and beans (arroz con frijoles que incluye coco), el tapado y el famoso pan de coco.

Livingston es diferente a cualquier otro lugar en Guatemala. Para empezar, tiene una mezcla interesante de la cultura guatemalteca y caribeña, es el centro para los lugareños garífuna y Q'eqchi maya de la región Del Río dulce. Además, como podemos ver en el video esta rodeado de agua y es accesible únicamente en barco. También podemos apreciar un poco de sus bailes y Las personas que viven en estos lugares son muy amables.

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A Day in Livingston, Guatemala

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Guatemala Livingston Hotel Villa Caribe in Livingston Rio Dulce karibisches Flair

Mit der Übernachtung im Hotel Villa Caribe in Livingston bekommt man ein Stück Karibik Feeling. Die Aussicht der Zimmer auf das Meer, sowie auf den Garten mit seinen Palmen ist wunderschön.

VILLA CARIBE cuenta con 43 habitaciones (40 habitaciones estandar y 3 junior suite), todas con baño privado, agua caliente, y balcón privado con vistas panoramicas del mar y el rio.

This is easily the most luxurious hotel in Livingston, and it almost qualifies as a resort with its hillside location and views over the Río Dulce and Caribbean Sea

Avec la nuit à l'Hôtel Villa Caribe, Livingston vous obtenez un morceau de sentiment Caraïbes. La vue de la salle à la mer, et le jardin avec ses palmiers est belle.

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